10 Great Christmas Gifts For Reptile Lovers

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10 Great Christmas Gifts For Reptile Lovers

Bioactive habitats imitate natural surroundings. Naturalistic habitats aid in alleviating stress, as per research. Photo credit Zoo Med…

Is there a more perfect present than a fresh habitat for your herp enthusiast? If your reptile caretaker is just starting out, there’s a good chance they purchased a beginner’s kit from a top reptile brand. Now, it’s likely time to level up and get a bigger enclosure as their reptile has grown. Snakes, in particular, can thrive in a larger space. Plus, once your reptile aficionado relocates their scaly friend into the new digs, they’ll have an empty enclosure, opening up the possibility of adding another creature to their ever-growing collection!

Snake kits (Corn snakes, kingsnakes, milksnakes, hognose snakes, and other small serpents).

40G ReptiHabitat Snake Kit by Zoo Med…

Exo Terra. Natural Terrarium Medium/Low is a suitable choice.

Zilla. Deluxe 40G CritterCage.

The Meridian PVC Reptile Enclosure from Zen Habitats, measuring 48″x24″x16″, is a suitable option for housing reptiles.

9. UVB Lights

It is recommended to replace UVB bulbs every 6 to 12 months. Keeping spare bulbs and a convenient journal can help you track when you last replaced them. Alongside a UVB meter, UVB bulbs can make delightful additions to your holiday stockings. Explore the below suppliers for the perfect UVB bulb that suits your needs. However, ensure you are aware of the brand, as certain bulbs are designed exclusively for specific lamp manufacturers.

Zoo Med..








Bean Farm..


8. Reptile Hides

A fantastic hide would be an exquisite addition to the Christmas wishlist of any reptile enthusiast. Hides serve as the perfect complement to your reptile’s habitat, offering a sense of security to the animal. They often become the cozy sleeping spot for our scaly friends. The market is brimming with both commercial and non-commercial hides that would suit the reptile enclosure of your gift recipient splendidly. Consider options like hollowed out logs, coconut shells, driftwood, or even commercial hides resembling animal skulls, bridges, caves, and other decor with a hide-like element. Reptiles embrace their natural instinct to hide and will wholeheartedly utilize these hiding spots.

Reptile Hides

Hides assist in guaranteeing the health of your reptiles.

Zoo Med.. Habba Hut


Zilla. Hides


Exo Terra. Concealment Dens.


Bean Farm.. Collections/Hides

Hideouts, Caves, and Shelters

Galapagos Hides.


7. Feeder Foods Gift Certificates

Give the gift of perpetual delight with a gift certificate from RodentPro.Com, ReptileFood.Com, or TimberlineFresh.Com. Delivered right to the doorstep, these certificates are a reptile and amphibian keeper’s dream come true. No more searching for feeder insects or frozen rodents, as they can now be conveniently shipped!





Timberline Fresh.


6. Substrate

Surprise your reptile and amphibian enthusiast with a delightful present – a pair of brand new substrate bags! As they diligently maintain and revitalize their beloved pets’ habitats all year round, the significance of quality substrate cannot be overstated. With a plethora of options to choose from, simply inquire about their preferred choice from your herp aficionado.

Bean Farm.. Bedding and Cage

Bedding & Substrates

Exo Terra. Substrates.




Bean Farm..


Zilla. Bedding


Zoo Med.. Cage Substrates


5. Reptile Vitamins

Enhance the health and vitality of your lizards, turtles, and frogs with the inclusion of reptile vitamins and calcium in their diets. These essential supplements guarantee a well-rounded and nourishing meal plan for your beloved herps. Moreover, these remarkable products also serve as delightful presents!

Bean Farm.. Health Care

Health Care

Exo Terra.


Rep-Cal Research laboratories.


Zoo Med..


4. Temperature Gauge/Gun

Reptiles, fascinating creatures with their cold-blooded nature, rely on external heat sources for their survival. The provision of proper heat is of utmost importance when caring for these magnificent beings. To ensure their well-being, it is crucial to possess a top-notch temperature gauge or even a heat gun. For those venturing into the world of reptile keeping, this is the perfect opportunity to bestow upon them such essential tools. With a plethora of options available in the market, ranging from specialized reptile stores to local home improvement shops, finding the perfect thermometer and humidity monitor combo becomes effortless. Let us gift them a thermometer and temperature gun of the highest quality, empowering them to monitor temperature and humidity levels with a mere glance.

3. Membership to USARK

The Reptilian Guardians of America battle against unjust laws that restrict our freedom to care for reptiles. For a mere $20 annually, students can join, while others pay $40 per year, entailing a complimentary USARK T-Shirt as well. Discover more at https://usark.Org/memberships/.

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