10 Must Have Gifts for Little Ballerinas

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10 Must Have Gifts for Little BallerinasIf you’ve ever popped by my instagram feed you know that my girls are OBSESSED with being ballerinas. It’s really my 3 and a half year old and then it trickles down to my 2 year old. Regardless of who is leading who, these little girls love to be ballerinas, wear tutus and dance their little hearts out. It’s kind of the best. I don’t know what I’d do if I had two boys obsessed with trucks or something. Ballet is something I can totally get into too and I do. I’m a sucker for little ballerina gifts and have bought way too many tutus over the years. I figure, if nothing else, I can pass on my ballerina knowledge to you. Here are my best pics for must have gifts for little ballerinas.

10 Must Have Gifts for Little Ballerinas*This post contains affiliate links.

My girls and I have watched “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker” countless times. They are absolutely enchanted by these ballets. I find it incredibly gratifying that they are being introduced to such exquisite music that ignites their imagination. To enhance the experience, we’ve transformed our living room into a dance stage where we unleash these magnificent symphonies, and my girls simply lose themselves in the music. Last year, I had the pleasure of taking Gigi to see “The Nutcracker,” and I am thrilled to have secured tickets for this year’s performance. The anticipation is overwhelming!

2. Dance Delights – Naturally, every graceful dancer deserves a dainty pair of rose-hued ballet slippers. We simply adore these exquisite shoes. They securely hug the feet, endure the test of time, and offer unparalleled comfort.

3. The exquisite tutu – The world is brimming with countless tutus. While I hold a deep affection for the timeless classics, my heart is equally captivated by this resplendent tutu.

The Ballerina Handbag is a favorite among my daughters, who have taken it on countless adventures. Its well-worn appearance bears testament to their affection for it, as they proudly sling it over their shoulders like messengers. Memories of my own childhood come flooding back, as I reminisce about the joy I experienced while using a similar bag.

5. Leotards – I’m absolutely captivated by the timeless elegance of this classic leotard, and oh, don’t even get me started on this one! However, brace yourself for an enchanting array of dazzling ballerinatastic leotards, just like this ravishing ballet party dress.

10 Must Have Gifts for Little Ballerinas6. A Ballerina Cosutme – Because even though I would be ecstatic if they wore plain leotards everyday with tights and leg warmers, little girls love the fluffy, taffeta, ruffly stuff, so here you go girls.

7. Cozy Leg Warmers – My talented grandma lovingly handcrafted adorable leg warmers for my little girls, and it never fails to bring me immense joy whenever they slip them on. Allow me to share a delightful tutorial that teaches you how to create your own, and also present an irresistibly cute pair available for purchase.

8. A Captivating Ballet Poster and Enchanting Ballerina Wall Decals – I’ve been longing to acquire a ballet poster for Gigi. However, the task of selecting one is quite challenging. I must find a moment to sit with her and present all the delightful options. In the interim, the mesmerizing decals are truly exceptional.

10 Must Have Gifts for Little Ballerinas9. Ballerina Books – Here are a few we love

Angelina Ballerina.

Olivia, the ballet dancer.

Ella Bella Ballerina and Swan Lake.

10. A Ballet-inspired Jewelry Chest or Melody Chest – My daughters are absolutely enchanted by their jewelry and music chest. We already have the music chest, and they are absolutely smitten with it. They delight in filling it with all sorts of treasures, not just limited to jewelry. Just the other day, I stumbled upon D’s pacifier collection tucked away in her chest. Oh dear, what a surprise!

10 Must Have Gifts for Little BallerinasThese next four things we don’t have but I am highly considering getting at least one of them. I think they’d all be a pretty big hit for any little ballerina, don’t you?

11. Night Light in the form of Ballet Slippers.

12. Ballet Tea Set.

13. Degas Greeting Cards.

14. Ballet Calendar – I must acquire this!

Here is my list of absolute essentials for the aspiring ballerinas in your life. Have I overlooked any noteworthy items? I am open to fantastic suggestions! Admittedly, I may have a slight addiction to shopping. However, with Black Friday just around the corner, I anticipate some incredible bargains waiting to be discovered. Wishing you joyful and fruitful shopping endeavors. Warm regards, Meri.

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