10 Water-Themed Birthday Parties for Kids

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Luau Land

Luau Land

With the enchanting glow of tiki torches, the swaying of grass skirts, the adornment of leis, and the vibrant presence of drink umbrellas, an extraordinary hula hangout is brought to life in the mesmerizing realm of a luau. Infused with the captivating melodies of island music, intensified by a thrilling hula competition, and complemented by refreshing poolside piña coladas (blissfully alcohol-free, naturally), attendees will bid farewell to the festivities with joyful aloha on their lips.

Pretty in Pink Flamingo Party

Pretty in Pink Flamingo Party is a delightful and whimsical event that celebrates the beauty and elegance of these magnificent birds, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere with its vibrant pink decorations and lively entertainment.

Plastic, pink flamingos can be more than just a mere yard decoration! Embrace their versatility by appointing them as the gracious greeters at your doorstep. Enhance the ambiance by introducing a couple of colossal flamingo floats into the pool and adorning the surroundings with an abundance of pink balloons, creating an idyllic setting for your friends to come together and mingle. Engage in some playful amusement by fashioning a homemade ring toss using diving rings and those very same plastic flamingos that typically reside in the front yard. To add a touch of delectability, embellish flamingo-shaped cookies with an array of pink icing shades, leaving no hue unexplored. And of course, don’t neglect the delightful addition of sprinkles!

It’s Da Bomb Water Balloon Party

It's Da Bomb Water Balloon Party is an exciting event where participants engage in water balloon fights and enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere with music, games, and refreshments.

Leave behind the conventional balloon-blowing practice and embrace the exhilaration of water-filled balloons for a truly explosive aquatic celebration. Let’s explore some thrilling water balloon games that will leave you soaked in excitement!

  • The Classic–Take shelter! It’s a water balloon battle!
  • The Toss–Arrange buckets and observe who can successfully land the highest number of water balloons without bursting them.
  • Water Pinata – For each balloon burst, the child who is up to “bat” receives a sweet indulgence!
  • Balloon Dash – Inflate the balloons to the size of a delicate egg, carefully balance them on a spoon, and navigate a challenging backyard obstacle course without allowing your precious balloon to touch the ground.
  • Hot Potato/Balloon–Who will be the final child grasping the water balloon when the music ceases?
  • Aqua Dodgeball – Attempt to avoid being struck in this exhilarating variation of the traditional dodgeball game, filled with water-related excitement.
  • Race of the Opposites – Find a teammate and face opposite directions. Insert a delicate water balloon between you both and let’s discover which duo can successfully reach the end point while safeguarding their precious balloon.
  • Fish Friendly Fiesta

    The Fish Friendly Fiesta is an annual event that promotes the conservation and protection of aquatic ecosystems, while also celebrating the importance of fish and their habitats.

    It’s time for the ultimate aquatic extravaganza! No matter what age you’re commemorating, this party centered around water is officially extraordinary! Transform an inflatable pool into a serene lake retreat where young anglers can utilize magnetized plastic fishing poles to reel in as many plastic fish as they can. Make it even more thrilling by assigning each catch a number on a marker, with the chance to win a prize or goodie bag. Looking for snack ideas? Hang a fishing net filled with bags of chips and goldfish crackers for a delectable “fish and chips” experience. Don’t forget to display a bucket overflowing with gummy worms and a pitcher offering a choice between blue and green beverages – one resembling sea water, the other resembling lake water. And if adults are partaking in the festivities, why not serve them delicious fish tacos fresh off the grill? Lastly, conclude the merriment with a fish-face photo contest or set up a captivating photo booth adorned with whimsical fish-themed props.

    Poppin’ Bubble Blowout

    Poppin' Bubble Blowout is a fun-filled event where participants can enjoy blowing and popping colorful bubbles, creating a lively and cheerful atmosphere.

    Let’s provide them with an unforgettable experience! Aquatic celebrations are never truly fulfilled without the presence of BUBBLES! Arrange a bubble generator to saturate the atmosphere with mesmerizing shimmer, while adorning the party area with an assortment of white and transparent balloons, varying in shapes and sizes, strung together on a fishing line. Transform a play pool into a haven of soapy water and grant children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchantment using an enormous bubble wand. As the young ones depart, bid them farewell with delightful treats such as cake pops, bubble gum, and soap for a luxurious bubble bath.

    Under the Sea Mermaid Mania

    Under the Sea Mermaid Mania is an immersive underwater experience that showcases the enchanting world of mermaids, filled with vibrant marine life and mesmerizing displays.

    Adorn the walls with swirling emerald ribbons and scatter seashells to create a mesmerizing undersea extravaganza. Extend a warm invitation to merfolk, encouraging them to embrace their inner mermaids and mermen. Engage in an afternoon of creativity by fashioning regal sea crowns adorned with shells and an enchanting array of pastel hues, including shades of lavender, blush pink, tranquil aqua, and serene sea green.

    Sports-Themed Pool Party

    The Sports-Themed Pool Party is a fun and energetic event where guests can enjoy various water activities and games inspired by different sports. The pool area will be decorated with sports-themed decorations and there will be music playing to create a lively atmosphere. Guests are encouraged to dress up in their favorite sports attire and participate in friendly competitions and challenges. The party will also offer delicious food and refreshing beverages to keep everyone energized throughout the day. It's the perfect opportunity to have a great time with friends and family while celebrating the love for sports and enjoying the summer vibes by the pool.

    Older children can enjoy a blast at a pool party with a sports theme. Pool birthday party concepts can involve engaging in pool volleyball, basketball, or capture the flag. Enhance the ambiance with a creative arrangement of beach balls forming an archway above the rear entrance. Looking for some added excitement? Coordinate the celebration with a major sporting event and relish watching it outdoors while comfortably lounging in the pool.

    Swim-In Movie Night

    Swim-In Movie Night is an exciting event where you can enjoy your favorite films while floating in a pool or lounging by the water's edge. Grab your inflatable rafts or lounge chairs and get ready for a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience under the stars. Whether you prefer classic movies or the latest blockbusters, this unique setting adds a whole new level of fun and relaxation to your movie-watching experience. So gather your friends and family, pack some snacks, and dive into an unforgettable evening of movies and entertainment.

    As the sun bids farewell, the excitement awakens! Embellish the poolside with extraordinary aquatic treats and arrange an outdoor cinema setup. Serenade to the enchanting melodies of The Little Mermaid, accompany Nemo’s underwater adventures, or feel the thrill of Jaws as you glide through the night.

    Slip, Slide & Celebrate Non-Pool Party

    Slip, Slide & Celebrate Non-Pool Party is a fun and exciting event where participants can enjoy various water-based activities and celebrate without the need for a pool.

    No pool in your backyard? No worries! Get creative with backyard water extravaganza suggestions, like embracing the timeless slip-n-slide. Take the slippery excitement up a notch by inflating multiple individual pools, scattering them across the grassy area (keeping the dry section intact), and turning them into cozy havens with sleeping bags and fluffy pillows for a unique twist on a water-free slumber party.

    DIY Pool Party Snacks and Party Favors

    Do It Yourself Pool Gathering Refreshments and Gathering Souvenirs

    If you’re seeking a break from the conventional themed pool parties and desire to organize a community swim gathering that stands out, here are some innovative snack and giveaway concepts that will create a memorable experience!

    Swim Snacks

  • Submarine Sandwiches–Satisfy appetites with all the traditional sandwich ingredients.
  • Teddy Graham Delights—Immerse each cup with a mesmerizing blue jello concoction. After it solidifies, grace it with a charming teddy graham cracker adorned with a gummy peach ring encircling its waist. Behold, a whimsical sensation of floating upon a sugary ocean!
  • Diving into Deliciousness – Craft an extraordinary pool-themed cake by hollowing out the center, draping it with aluminum foil, and filling it with shimmering blue gelatin. Embellish with crushed graham crackers to mimic sandy shores, adorable teddy grahams as swimmers, delightful gummy lifesavers as floating pool rings, and mini umbrellas to add a touch of poolside charm.
  • PB Flip Flops.–Use a thin stream of icing to draw the straps of flip flops on the end of Nutter Butter cookies.
  • Giveaways

  • Goggles.
  • Beach Towels.
  • Flip Flops.
  • Bubbles.
  • Beach Balls.
  • Pool Noodles.
  • Bathtub Toys.
  • Water Squirters.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Lifesavers.
  • Goldfish.
  • Diving Rings.
  • Sand Pails.
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