10 Ways to Show Vet Tech Appreciation

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From October 16-22, the United States embraces National Veterinary Technician Week, a cherished tradition that has been upheld since 1993 by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). This exceptional week serves as a radiant beacon, illuminating the profound worth of Vet Tech professionals within the veterinary domain and recognizing their indispensable contributions to daily clinical endeavors. Without further ado, let us explore a plethora of remarkable methods to commemorate and express gratitude towards the remarkable Vet Techs in your esteemed clinic.

1. Fun and Practical Gifts

Reward your hardworking staff with unique presents that reflect their accomplishments. Explore the option of personalizing enjoyable items such as a trendy tote or a handy to-go mug with veterinary-inspired designs (e.G., Adorable paw prints, their beloved animal, “We ♥️ Vet Techs”, and more). Get creative by crafting playful decals or stickers that can be placed on water bottles or car bumpers. Astonish your team with customized stethoscope tags. For an extra special touch, consider presenting them with Nurse Pro Packs, a beloved choice among Vet Techs, or engraved bandage scissors to truly impress.

2. Catered Lunches

Veterinary technicians are frequently pressed for time and have a tendency to consume food whenever and wherever possible. While bagels, pizza, sweets, and other indulgences may be convenient, they lack nutritional value. It is crucial for vet techs to have balanced meals that they genuinely appreciate and require. Consider arranging catered lunches for either a day or the entire week, depending on your financial resources. Allow your team members to select their preferred options. If organizing a meal for the entire team proves to be too difficult, consider stocking a snack fridge or cabinet with nourishing foods such as healthy beverages, protein bars, fresh fruits, and snack cups to provide sustenance.

3. Branded Apparel

Elevate the style of your Vet Techs by bestowing upon them exclusive scrub sets, trendy T-shirts, or fashionable jackets. These jackets, with their versatility, serve as remarkable presents that can be flaunted both within the clinic’s walls or in the great outdoors throughout the year. To add a touch of individuality, consider customizing the jackets with your hospital’s emblem and the names of your esteemed team members.

4. Comped License Renewal Fees

Demonstrate your appreciation for Vet Techs and those striving to earn credentials by generously covering their license renewal fees. It is equally important to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of veterinary assistants and offer to pay for their Veterinary Assistant Controlled Substances Permit (VACSP) fees.

5. Mental Health Resources

Burnout poses a significant challenge within the healthcare industry, particularly affecting Vet Techs who are more susceptible due to compassion fatigue, the demanding physical nature of their job, inadequate compensation, and various factors that impact their morale. In order to address this issue, it is crucial to provide a means of support for your employees. Consider offering them a subscription to innovative platforms such as Talkspace, Headspace, or the serene mental health and wellbeing app known as Calm.

6. Coffee

Healthcare professionals have an insatiable love for coffee–sometimes to an excessive extent! As a delightful treat for your hardworking staff, why not indulge them with a week of top-notch, single-origin brew or a delectable selection from a nearby coffee haven? And let’s not overlook the non-coffee enthusiasts; be sure to provide them with decaf options or an assortment of teas. If your clinic happens to be more compact in size, consider gifting your employees with coffee shop gift cards instead.

7. Team-Building Activities

Embrace the power of team-building endeavors, as they serve as an exceptional means to recognize and appreciate your esteemed team members. Engaging in collective activities not only fosters a stronger bond among teams but also aids in relieving stress. Consider organizing a delightful half-day wellness retreat, capturing captivating professional pet portraits, embarking on a culinary adventure through a cooking class, immersing yourselves in an exhilarating escape-room challenge, testing your knowledge with intriguing trivia games, embarking on an adventurous scavenger hunt, or indulging in various other enjoyable endeavors. And if all of this seems overwhelming, why not arrange for a skilled in-clinic masseuse to offer rejuvenating 15-minute chair massages throughout the day?

8. Paid Time Off

Offering paid time off is a surefire way to bring immense joy to your employees. Although you may have reservations about providing extra PTO due to budget constraints, granting bonus time off can have miraculous effects on your team (and we are well aware of their diligent efforts!). Even a mere half-day of paid leave can assist your employees in rejuvenating and replenishing their energy. This gesture is truly marvelous and beneficial for all parties involved.

9. Public Recognition

Vet Techs are eager to showcase their incredible work! Utilize the power of your social media platforms to generate awareness regarding this profession and give your team members the recognition they deserve. To join in on the initiative, share a captivating selfie along with their first name, years of experience in veterinary medicine, educational background, beloved pets, an interesting tidbit about themselves, and feel free to unleash your creativity!

10. Comped CE Class or Membership Fees

Credentialed Veterinary Technicians must excel in their profession while keeping up with ongoing education mandates, fees for license renewal, and membership dues. Continuing education courses can be quite costly, and annual memberships entail additional expenses, such as NAVTA or CaRVTA memberships. Show your support for Veterinary Technicians by covering the costs of their continuing education courses or paying for their annual membership fees. Additionally, encourage your Vet Tech staff to explore the multitude of on-demand veterinary CE courses available through PetDesk CE University. By signing up now, they can enjoy a complimentary CE course as well.

Step into the realm of creativity and honor the remarkable Vet Techs with a myriad of delightful gestures. Brace yourself, for the National Vet Tech Week is eagerly awaiting its grand entrance.

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