12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking

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On the weekends, my spouse is a passionate woodworker and has gathered a considerable assortment of woodworking tools and machinery.

The entire process brings him a sense of tranquility, as it helps him declutter his mind. Furthermore, he takes immense pleasure in creating superior quality items for our family at a fraction of the cost. His craftsmanship knows no bounds, ranging from intricate wooden placeholders to a charming farmhouse-style kitchen table, and even an entire structure designated for our horse farm’s manure pit.

You can explore some of his carpentry projects here:.

12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking
12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking
12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking
12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking
12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking
12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking

With his wealth of knowledge as a weekend woodworker, he has generously contributed to the compilation of this article, offering a plethora of remarkable gift suggestions. Rest assured, this list includes options for every budget, spanning from a humble $13.69 to a more extravagant $855.

So, if you find yourself wondering: what can you give someone who enjoys woodworking? Look no more!

12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking

1. Branding Iron for Custom Woodworking

Price at the time of writing: $36.59.

Imagine the awe-inspiring idea of preserving the legacy of custom furniture or woodworking skills within your family. The only obstacle that lies ahead is the necessity to leave a distinctive mark on the wood, ensuring that future generations acknowledge the skilled hands behind its creation!

Amazon offers an incredibly easy and budget-friendly branding iron that allows for limitless creativity. Choose from a variety of designs and effortlessly personalize it with your dad or husband’s name, or take it a step further by designing your very own unique logo.

In any case, this is a truly enjoyable, distinctive gift concept for the woodworker in your existence.

2. Expert Knife Kit from Man Crates

Price as of the time of writing: $139.99.

If your father enjoys woodworking, I’m sure he would adore this professional knife set from Man Crates.

Unleash your man’s creative prowess with a marvelous kit encompassing an array of disassembled knife bits. This astonishing assemblage boasts a remarkable stainless steel hunter blade, exquisite birchbark washers, sturdy screw rivets, a majestic walnut guard, and a meticulously threaded pommel. Harnessing the power of these magnificent components, your man can fashion his very own bespoke Scandinavian knife handle!

The Expert Knife Kit from Man Crates is the ultimate set for any knife enthusiast, featuring high-quality blades, precision tools, and everything you need to elevate your culinary skills to the next level.
The Expert Knife Kit from Man Crates is the ultimate set for any knife enthusiast, featuring high-quality blades, precision tools, and everything you need to elevate your culinary skills to the next level.

I must admit, this gift is absolutely remarkable. I have previously made purchases from Man Crates, and this particular one was centered around the theme of whiskey, which happens to be one of my husband’s passions. The quality of the gift was truly exceptional.

3. Craftsman Jointer

Current price: $322 at the time of writing.

My husband was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of this jointer, and it truly transformed his furniture-making endeavors for our beloved family. With its ability to effortlessly straighten boards on one side, precision in construction has reached new heights.

Despite his futile attempts to explain its inner workings, I must confess that I remain perplexed. However, one thing that I managed to glean is that this enigmatic contraption has revolutionized his furniture-making endeavors.

Unsure of whether your significant other possesses one? Attempt an inconspicuous inquiry. By the way, the cost remains consistent at both Lowe’s and Amazon!

4. Measure Once Cuss Twice Woodshop Sign

Current price: $24.99.

This hilarious twist on the classic saying, “measure twice, cut once,” is bound to tickle your funny bone. Instantly relatable to woodworking enthusiasts, whether they be your husband or father, it’s sure to elicit a chuckle and perhaps even prompt them to share some entertaining anecdotes!

It’s perfect for his carpentry workshop or the garage.

5. The Handbuilt Home Book

Price as of the time of writing: $13.69.

If the father you’re searching for resembles my spouse in any way, he perpetually seeks innovative methods to construct his own luxurious furnishings or repurpose leftover timber.

Despite my husband’s vivid imagination, it’s truly delightful to seek out fresh inspiration. Ana White’s remarkable book, The Handbuilt Home, offers an array of over 30 uncomplicated woodworking ventures that cater to every nook and cranny of your abode.

From bunk beds to picnic tables, this book offers numerous ideas and suggestions on how to build it.

6. Milwaukee Modular Toolbox Storage System

Current price at the time of writing: $279.

When considering storage solutions, my spouse immediately mentioned that the Milwaukee containers are the best option.

Ordering this item from Amazon may incur a significant markup, so I suggest opting for Home Depot to secure the most cost-effective deal.

The Milwaukee Modular Toolbox Storage System is a versatile and efficient solution for organizing and storing tools, providing easy access and increasing productivity in any workshop or job site.

7. Rockler Bow Tie Inlay System

Current price: $49.99.

For the fathers who engage in the art of working with vintage timber or take pleasure in restoring damaged objects, the Rockler Bow Tie Inlay System would undoubtedly captivate their hearts.

The Rockler Bow Tie Inlay System is a versatile tool that allows woodworkers to create intricate and decorative bow tie inlays in their projects, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to their craftsmanship.

With a colossal chunk of oak, my spouse dedicated his efforts to fashioning a one-of-a-kind canine dish stand for our majestic German Shepherd. Despite encountering a crack in the wood, he skillfully resolved the issue and even managed to infuse it with a plethora of captivating features, all thanks to the ingenious Rockler Bow Tie system.

Bow tie templates can easily be sourced from Amazon, but the gentleman advised that a suitable router bit is essential. It seems that Rocker is the ultimate destination for such items, hence my wholehearted endorsement of it!

8. Membership to Woodworking Guild of America (WWGOA)

Current price: $22.

Unlock a world of boundless knowledge and inspiration with a Woodworking Guild of America (WWGOA) membership – the perfect gift for the curious minds of your father, grandfather, or husband. Delve into a treasure trove of invaluable how-to videos, immersive instructional classes, expert tips, and masterful techniques that will ignite their passion for learning.

The Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA) generously provides a remarkable 60% discount using the promotional code WGAPREM60, reducing the annual membership fee to only $22!

Enrolment in Woodworking Guild of America (WWGOA)

Discover a treasure trove of captivating instructional videos that showcase unconventional ways to preserve wood using fire, transform a vinyl record into a stunning clock, and indulge in mesmerizing product showcases.

Enrolment in Woodworking Guild of America (WWGOA)

In addition to that, becoming a member grants you exclusive entry to an extensive collection of expertly crafted woodworking blueprints. I’m well aware that my better half would absolutely revel in this opportunity, and it happens to be one of the most reasonably priced presents on our meticulously curated wishlist, all thanks to that irresistible promotional code.

9. Woodpeckers 6” Carpenters Square – Red with Inch Graduations

Price at the time of writing: $89.

If the father you are shopping for happens to be an avid woodworker, chances are he possesses a carpenter’s square; although, it might be of a lesser quality.

My spouse has a couple, and they’re all simple $10 or less choices from the nearby Lowe’s or Home Depot store.

However, if you aspire to truly awe the father or husband figure in your existence, consider gifting him a Woodpeckers carpenters square ($89+). Rest assured, his discerning nature will immediately recognize its significance.

Woodpeckers 6” Carpenters Square – Crimson with Inch Graduations

My woodworking husband, well-versed in his craft, was quick to suggest this gift idea as his top choice. Renowned among YouTubers, this brand of exceptional quality is deemed worthy of the occasional indulgence.

10. A Good Set of Chisels

Current price range: $16.99-$159.99.

In the realm of woodworking, my husband once confessed that acquiring a splendid collection of chisels was not exactly on his immediate shopping list. However, he acknowledged that the dire need for such a tool would inevitably strike him in the midst of an engrossing project.

Personally, I cannot speak for everyone, but I have a tendency to bookmark links to items that I find appealing, yet lack the desire to purchase for my own use. Allow me to present to you the ultimate treat for woodworking enthusiasts!

The Stanley Sweetheart 750 Series 8-piece Chisel Set stands out as a top-tier choice in terms of superior craftsmanship, albeit with a slightly higher price tag of $159.99 at The Home Depot.

A good set of chisels is an essential tool for any woodworker or sculptor, allowing for precise and intricate carving and shaping of wood or other materials.

If your budget is a bit lower, there are some great reviews on the GREBSTK brand ($16.99 at the time of writing):.

11. Woodworking T-Shirt

Price as of writing: $21.99.

Explore a delightful collection of t-shirts that serve as splendid presents for woodworking enthusiasts! Should the recipient happen to be a father who appreciates stylish tees, be sure to peruse this particular shirt bearing the inscription “Woodworking Dad – I Possess the Power to Construct.”

If you desire any alterations to the design, simply get in touch with the mastermind behind this petite enterprise who is adept at catering to your customization requirements.

You can also utilize the discount code papabear10 for a 10% discount!

12. Dewalt 734 Planer

Price at the time of writing: $450-$855.

Last but not least… If money is not a significant concern, my spouse claims that his Dewalt 734 Planer ($450) is undoubtedly the most thrilling and indispensable woodworking implement he has ever acquired. And the cherry on top is the Shelix head ($405) that he obtained to complement it, making the planer truly remarkable.

For those who dabble in the art of woodworking, the 734 with its standard blades will suffice. However, my husband, who dedicated his weekends to smoothing out weathered fence boards, found that the blades wore out rapidly. Once he made the leap to the Shelix head, he experienced uninterrupted planing of fence boards and effortlessly handled the rugged charm of rough-cut cedar.

Additionally, the planer ensures that the wood you utilize possesses a uniform thickness, a rarity when working with commercially purchased lumber. This perfectionist craftsman guarantees that individuals who share his meticulous nature will truly appreciate the benefits of owning this planer.


Searching for the perfect present for the woodworking enthusiast in your life may seem like a daunting task – finding one-of-a-kind gifts always presents a challenge! However, fear not! With the assistance of my woodworking husband and myself, this carefully curated compilation is bound to provide you with some much-needed inspiration!

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