Gifts for Cub Scout leaders

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Show your gratitude for the dedicated endeavors of Cub Scout leaders by pleasantly surprising them with one of these charming presents.

gifts for cub scout leaders

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~Cynthia Ozick

Cub Scout leaders often find themselves in this particular category. We truly value the remarkable contributions they make for our children, but have we, along with our Scouts, truly expressed our gratitude for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts? A gift tailored for a Cub Scout leader serves as a flawless gesture to convey our heartfelt appreciation!

boy with thank you note small

Leaders selflessly dedicate themselves to creating extraordinary Scouting adventures for our children, driven not by the desire for recognition, but by their genuine passion. Nonetheless, it is important to express our gratitude and admiration for their invaluable contributions occasionally.

Whether you’re joining forces with the other den clans or selecting a present exclusively from your own kin, this guide for gifts to the Cub Scout leader is brimming with marvelous suggestions.

The ideal present for den leaders is My Ultimate Cub Scout Planner! You can choose between a printable and fillable edition or a digital variant.

With 8 comprehensive sections, this multifunctional planner encompasses a perfect blend of organization, tracking, and creativity, catering to the needs of every leader. Packed with an abundance of information and customizable templates, it ensures a phenomenal year for the Cub Scouts.

personalized hatchet

Take a glimpse at these one-of-a-kind customized axes. Embrace the freedom to select from an array of captivating symbols and have your very own text etched flawlessly with the name of your esteemed den leader.

This is a completely operational hatchet, so it is not appropriate for Scouts – only for grown-ups.

Your leader will enjoy having this handy tool during his or her upcoming camping trip.

key hanger
Image copyright of Fat Cat Design Studio

Your den leader will always think of the Scouts whenever they hang up their keys using this customized key hanger.

It is laser etched on uncompleted cherry timber.

Outdoor Gear Leader Gifts

hammock gift

For the days when your Cub Scout leader gets to relax on a campout, he or she will appreciate this Eno hammock.

It is lightweight and can be packed into the included stuff sack, which is about the size of a softball.

The hammock is available in various colors – my preference would be the purple and teal! 🙂.

hot dog fork gift

Behold! Witness the true artistry of a Cub Scout leader as they expertly roast hot dogs and marshmallows! Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable Rolla Roaster Marshmallow and Hot Dog Roasting Fork Set.

When it’s time to roast, the forks transform from a compact 12″ size to an impressive 42″ length, ensuring the utmost safety of those adventurous Cub Scouts around the crackling fire.

Have you ever noticed that tiny ebony knob on the handles? It grants you the power to effortlessly spin the fork, ensuring that your S’mores marshmallows are toasted to perfection, creating a symphony of delightful flavors. 😄

flex lite chair

Upon discovering that Elizabeth’s spouse and sons possessed a Flex Lite chair while she did not, her den of friends unitedly pooled their resources to procure one for her!

Weighing just over a pound and half, the chair is easy to carry whether you’re backpacking or heading to the soccer field.

The comfort is unparalleled. During our visit to the Philmont Training Center a few years ago, I had the pleasure of sitting in Elizabeth’s Flex Lite chair, and truth be told, I was reluctant to part with it.


I don’t know many Scout leaders who don’t desire coffee first thing on a campout!

This AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press is ideal for assisting them in beginning their day with a steaming cup of coffee.

Backyard Fun Leader Gifts

This Ladderball Game is a perfect choice for Cub Scout leaders who appreciate quality family time in their own backyard. It comes with a set of 2 goal uprights, 3 red bolas, 3 blue bolas, and a handy carrying and storage bag, along with detailed instructions.

Bring it along to your upcoming den gathering for an enjoyable and engaging activity. Moreover, it proves to be an excellent addition to any Cub Scout campout, providing entertainment for both the young scouts and their parents.

Wow, this seems like an absolute blast! Kan Jam is an exhilarating game involving a flying disc (also known as a Frisbee!). The objective is to skillfully maneuver the disc into the can alongside your partner.

At either end of the playing field, partners take their positions. The disc is thrown by one partner towards the can, while the other partner skillfully endeavors to redirect its trajectory, aiming for a collision or a successful entry into the can.

I believe that our Cub Scouts would also enjoy Kan Jam.

I purchased Flickin’ Chicken for myself! We had a great time playing it during our Campsgiving gathering.

As I indulged in the joyous spectacle of a family engrossed in a game of Flickin’ Chicken, a vivid image of Nana’s determined attempt to skillfully toss the chicken beneath her own leg materialized before my eyes! 🙂

With the game, you’re prompted to invent your own set of guidelines on how to propel the chicken. Considering the boundless imagination possessed by our Cub Scouts, I anticipate an array of eccentric and unconventional rules.

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Subscription Box Leader Gifts

HP Sprocket

Thank You Notes

Leader presents need not be expensive to be cherished. Let the children in your den compose heartfelt thank you letters to their leader, and inspire them to share the valuable lessons they have learned from their time in Cub Scouts. I assure you, these gestures will bring tears of joy to your Scouter’s eyes.

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