15 popular wedding gifts to register for at Bed Bath & Beyond

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Let’s face it: the task of choosing items for your wedding registry can be quite daunting. The sheer number of options, from household appliances to kitchen gizmos, can be overwhelming for a couple embarking on their journey to matrimony. Determining what is truly essential to include in your registry, or what would make a suitable wedding gift, can prove to be quite a challenge.

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The Bed Bath and Beyond gift registry serves as a convenient avenue for engaged couples to register their desired wedding gifts, while providing guests with a seamless shopping experience. In order to assist you in curating your registry, we have meticulously selected and tested 15 highly sought-after wedding gifts available exclusively at Bed Bath and Beyond. From the renowned KitchenAid stand mixer to the versatile Dutch oven, these registry treasures promise both functionality and adoration, ensuring they become cherished assets in your daily life.

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1. An easy-to-use coffee and espresso machine

For the aficionados of coffee, a luxurious coffee contraption is an absolute must-have in their fresh abode. Apart from being a financial savior for newlyweds (as purchasing coffee cups can genuinely accumulate expenses), the Nespresso VertuoPlus encompasses the ability to concoct delectable coffee and espresso, accompanied by an extensive array of flavors to tantalize the taste buds. This remarkable single-serving coffee apparatus has earned the title of our personal favorite, owing to its sleek compactness (allowing it to effortlessly blend into diminutive countertops) and its rapid brewing capabilities.

Purchase the Nespresso VertuoPlus from Bed Bath and Beyond for $177.99.

2. The iconic KitchenAid stand mixer

The sensational KitchenAid stand mixer is practically a must-have on every couple’s wedding wishlist. Despite facing tough competition, the KitchenAid mixer remains unrivaled in our tests due to its exceptional durability, effortless setup and operation, and impressively silent motor. Furthermore, you have the option to expand its capabilities with a multitude of attachments, such as a pasta maker, meat grinder, and vegetable spiralizer, elevating the mixer to new heights. Moreover, it is available in a stunning variety of colors, ensuring a perfect match for any style of interior design.

Purchase the KitchenAid Artisan 5 qt. Stand Mixer from Bed Bath and Beyond for $399.99.

3. A stainless steel set of pots and pans

An essential requirement for newlyweds is a splendid and superior collection of cooking utensils that will endure the test of time. Our ultimate choice is this remarkable Cuisinart cookware set, crafted meticulously from resilient stainless steel, ensuring even heat distribution with its innovative triple-ply structure, and boasting effortless handling without excessive weight. Additionally, this set encompasses all the essential components for culinary endeavors, including two saucepans, a stockpot, a medium-sized sauté pan, two skillets, and a convenient steamer insert.

Purchase the Cuisinart Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set from Bed Bath and Beyond for $159.99.

4. The cult-favorite Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a phenomenon that captivates countless individuals, including ourselves, for a multitude of compelling reasons. This remarkable kitchen appliance possesses unparalleled culinary prowess, effortlessly crafting a complete feast in a mere 20 minutes – an invaluable asset for the time-strapped newlyweds. Furthermore, its versatility knows no bounds, seamlessly transitioning between steaming, slow cooking, pressure cooking, and sautéing, consolidating various functionalities into one masterful gadget. Amongst the plethora of pressure cookers we have encountered, the Duo Plus model reigns supreme, serving as the ultimate companion for aspiring home chefs.

Purchase the Instant Pot 9-in-1 Duo Plus 6 qt. Pressure Cooker from Bed Bath and Beyond for the price of $119.99.

5. A versatile Dutch oven

The options for culinary creations that the newlyweds can explore with this Dutch oven are boundless–imagine succulent meat being braised, vegetables being cooked to perfection, a hearty stew simmering, and countless other delectable dishes. It is an indispensable item for any newly established kitchen as it ensures even cooking and offers a spacious pan for oven cooking or stove-top sautéing. With its effortless cleaning, flawless round shape, and robust construction, this exceptional Staub Dutch oven triumphed in all our tests, earning the well-deserved title of our favorite Dutch oven.

Purchase the Staub Cast Iron 5.5-Quart Round Cocotte from Bed Bath and Beyond for a total of $339.99.

6. A timeless knife set

When pondering wedding registries, knives may not be the initial item that springs to mind, as most individuals already possess some form of cutlery. However, a splendid set is imperative for a newlywed couple to establish their very own culinary haven. Consider this: knives are indispensable in nearly every kitchen undertaking, whether it be slicing vegetables or performing the intricate art of spatchcocking a chicken. Consequently, it is crucial to possess tools that can efficiently accomplish these tasks. Here at Reviewed, we wholeheartedly endorse this Zwilling knife set for its unparalleled comfort, razor-sharp blades, and inclusion of an impressive array of 19 distinct knives that would surely be treasured by any novice cook.

Purchase the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 19-Piece Knife Block Set from Bed Bath and Beyond at a price of $369.99.

7. A cordless vacuum cleaner to easily clean up messes

The ultimate necessity for a fresh abode is undoubtedly a cordless vacuum cleaner. With its portability and user-friendly design, the Dyson vacuum reigns supreme as our top choice, boasting remarkable suction power and an impressive battery lifespan. Furthermore, its convenient LCD display positioned at the rear ensures you’ll always be aware of the remaining battery capacity, eliminating any concern of untimely power depletion during usage.

Purchase the Dyson V11 Torque Drive from Bed Bath and Beyond for a price of $599.99.

8. An air fryer to make the crispiest vegetables

Air fryers have skyrocketed in popularity for countless reasons. They possess the remarkable ability to swiftly cook meals, producing the most delectably crisp dishes imaginable whilst mitigating the need for excessive fat or oil. Amongst the cornucopia of air fryers available, our preferred choice is the Phillips model. Its user-friendly interface and generous capacity make it ideal for feeding an entire family, effortlessly conjuring up unparalleled levels of crispness and crunchiness.

Purchase the Philips Airfryer XXL from Bed Bath and Beyond at a price of $259.99.

9. A durable cast-iron skillet

Affordably priced and remarkably resilient, cast-iron skillets make for a marvelous addition to the culinary arsenal of any newlywed duo. Bestowed with the power to achieve flawlessly crispy dishes, sans any pesky sticking, these skillets possess the ability to swiftly and delectably cook a wide variety of delectable meals, while leaving behind minimal mess. Having subjected numerous cast-iron skillets to rigorous trials, we have discovered that our hearts truly belong to the splendid enameled offering from Staub. Boasting a stunning enamel finish available in a plethora of captivating hues, this skillet effortlessly pours out succulent drippings and can be effortlessly cleaned in the dishwasher, ensuring convenience in tidying up after a scrumptious feast.

Purchase the Staub Cast Iron 12-Inch Fry Pan in Graphite from Bed Bath and Beyond for a price of $209.99.

10. A large food processor to make chopping easier

Food processors revolutionize mundane kitchen duties, transforming them into swift and hassle-free endeavors. For those who revel in hosting gatherings, a food processor becomes an indispensable time-saving ally, effortlessly tackling arduous assignments such as onion dicing, vegetable slicing, and dough kneading. Among the plethora of options available, our preferred choice is this remarkable Cuisinart model. Not only does it excel in executing all these tasks with utmost ease, but its compact dimensions enable convenient storage in virtually any space (standing at a mere 16 inches tall, it can even fit snugly beneath a cabinet). Additionally, its lightweight nature allows for effortless maneuvering.

Purchase the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY from Bed Bath and Beyond for $229.99.

11. An aesthetically pleasing kitchen garbage can

I can sense your thoughts: A trash bin on a wedding wish list? However, the reality is that most couples require it for their culinary domain. This particular one, with its elegant structure and stainless steel exterior, holds the top spot as our preferred kitchen garbage can since it effortlessly slots into narrow areas while deterring unsightly smudges. Additionally, it boasts a remarkable 10-year guarantee, sparing them the need to invest in a replacement bin anytime soon.

Purchase the Simplehuman 45L Rectangular Step Can with Liner Pocket from Bed Bath and Beyond for $129.99.

12. A space-saving waffle maker

Amidst the vast array of waffle makers available for inclusion in a wedding registry, discovering the finest one proves to be quite a formidable task. However, after subjecting numerous contenders to rigorous testing, we have come to the conclusion that this particular Cuisinart waffle maker reigns supreme. Its ability to produce delectable waffles, prevent any messy overflow, and facilitate the effortless scooping of the ideal quantity of batter are just a few of its impressive qualities. Moreover, its compact design makes it ideal for confined spaces, as it can be conveniently stored in an upright position, either on the rear or side of your countertop.

Purchase the Cuisinart WAF-V100 Vertical Waffle Maker from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $59.99.

13. A bread machine to make a warm, crunchy loaf

Store-bought bread suffices, but there’s an unparalleled delight in the taste of homemade bread. Those who ventured into bread-making during quarantine can attest to this. Even those with no prior baking experience, like newlyweds, can savor the pleasure of a freshly baked, crispy loaf by simply pressing a button on a bread maker. Among the many options available, the Breville bread maker stands out as our top choice. With its user-friendly display, effective kneading paddle, and ability to achieve the perfect crust color—whether a radiant gold or a deep brown—it truly reigns supreme.

Purchase the Breville Custom Loaf BBM800XL from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a price of $299.99.

14. A robot vacuum that’s always cleaning

Maintaining a pristine household is said to be the secret to a blissful matrimony, as the popular saying goes, “a contented wife ensures a delightful existence.” Our team has discovered that the iRobot Roomba i7+ surpasses all other robotic vacuums in terms of its exceptional prowess in eliminating dirt and its versatility in cleaning various flooring surfaces. Moreover, this remarkable device boasts an array of impressive functionalities, such as the option to designate specific rooms for cleaning or excluding from the cleaning routine, as well as its ingenious ability to autonomously empty its dirt compartment into the charging dock.

Purchase the iRobot Roomba i7+ from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a price of $799.99.

15. A non-stick cookware set

If you’re not a fan of stainless steel, consider choosing a non-stick cookware set instead. We absolutely adore this 12-piece T-fal set as it rapidly heats up, ensures even cooking, and can be used in the oven. And the cherry on top? All the cookware comes with ergonomically designed handles that are not only a breeze to grip but also incredibly comfortable to use.

Purchase the T-Fal Titanium Advanced Nonstick Aluminum 12-Piece Cookware Set from Bed Bath & Beyond for $99.99.

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