17 Year Old Gifts: 30 Stellar 17th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Whether you’re rejoicing a comrade’s seventeenth milestone or a beloved member of your own kinship, behold an extraordinary compilation of seventeenth birthday surprises (or even Yuletide surprises!) For your perusal.

Explore an endless array of desires or unearth the most exquisite presents available online for your loved ones. So indulge yourself in a delightful journey of browsing, selecting, and purchasing the ideal gift.

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1. Large Bean Bags

Celebrate someone’s special day with a whimsical and vintage-inspired bean bag chair that guarantees ultimate comfort. This delightful seating option is perfect for immersing oneself in thrilling video games, enjoying captivating movies, and indulging in countless other delightful activities.

Packed with luxurious memory foam, this chair offers unparalleled support and comfort, surpassing that of a conventional bean bag. Take your pick from a vibrant selection of six captivating colors that effortlessly blend in with any interior design scheme.

2. Books They’ll Love

A book for adolescents, concerning adolescents.

Spanning the duration of a school year, Eleanor & Park delves into the lives of two unconventional outcasts who find themselves intertwined. Despite their awareness that young love often fades, their audacity and yearning drive them to take a chance.

When Eleanor encounters Park, you will reminisce about your own initial romance – and the intensity of your feelings.

Here are some additional books that we know they will love:

  • To Eliminate a Mockingbird.
  • The Giver.
  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
  • The Outsiders.
  • Box Set of Miss Peregrine’s Unusual Kids.
  • (Additional presents for enthusiasts of books available here).
  • 3. Crack Me! Birthday Card

    Select your birthday greeting to be placed inside this cute birthday egg.

    Each exquisite quail egg is meticulously hollowed, purified, and immaculately prepared. Encased within this delicate shell, lies your chosen message, awaiting the thrill of discovery. The enigmatic process behind this marvel remains a mystery, yet an irresistible desire to possess one engulfs us.

    It’s a delightful surprise that will be cherished for years by your teenager!

    4. Astronaut Phone Holder

    Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive an exquisite resin cellphone holder? Your teenager can proudly display it on their desk, bookcase, or nightstand.

    The astronaut phone holder is designed to effortlessly accommodate a wide range of mobile phones and tablets. With its exceptional durability and delightful charm, it promises to bring endless amusement while ensuring uninterrupted usage.

    5. Light Up Jacket

    Celebrate the arrival of a brand new seventeen-year-old with a flawless and incredibly trendy birthday present! This illuminating jacket promises endless excitement, whether it’s donned for a high school soirée, a sensational concert, or a romantic rendezvous.

    You can select from five distinct light hues, and your birthday girl or boy will be the center of attention at the celebration.

    6. Personalized Turkish Towel

    These 100% Turkish beach towels are the perfect accessory for a day at the beach or by the pool for your teen!

    Express your unique style and flair with a personalized touch – select from a vibrant array of colors and captivating designs. Add a touch of individuality by having your name or initials elegantly embroidered in a font and color of your preference. This delightful gesture is an exceptional way to send heartfelt birthday wishes their way!

    7. Exploding Birthday Card

    Joyful birthdays call for a delightful delight. These incredibly amusing cards and presents surpass expectations by bursting with a shower of sparkling glitter upon being opened. Such merriment is bound to induce uncontrollable laughter!

    8. Bluetooth Record Player

    A vintage-inspired record player infused with cutting-edge features – a surefire hit among teenagers! Equipped with built-in Bluetooth, your adolescent can effortlessly link it to their array of gadgets. Moreover, this turntable boasts the ability to transform their vinyl collection into digital MP3 files, allowing seamless playback on their computer.

    A present with a contemporary-yet-vintage atmosphere that any seventeen-year-old is bound to value.

    9. Engraved Cereal Bowl & Spoon

    This customized bowl is the ideal present for any teenager who enjoys indulging in generous servings of cereal or ice cream.

    Say goodbye to disputes over ownership as their names elegantly adorn the bowl’s surface. A perfect solution that pleases both parents! Take your pick from a delightful array of four sizes, all designed to ensure the bowl is precisely suited to your needs.

    Why not purchase them a customized spoon while you’re there?

    10. Join the Candy Club!

    Surprise and thrill the birthday child with the Candy Club.

    Delight in the wide array of delectable treats available at The Candy Club, featuring an assortment of vintage, tangy, cocoa-infused, and delightful sweet flavors. Indulge in an abundance of mouthwatering delights, ranging from chewy gummies to delectably coated chocolate nuts and beyond. This considerate gift is sure to bring immense joy to any confectionery enthusiast.

    5 Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Boyfriend

    11. Personalized Journal

    If your beau possesses a penchant for sketching, crafting verses, or weaving lyrical masterpieces, this bespoke journal shall undoubtedly reign supreme as an extraordinary token of affection. Adorned with his name delicately etched upon its faux leather cover, he shall be forever reminded of your fondness with every stroke of his pen upon its sacred pages.

    12. DIY Skate Board Sling

    If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, especially if he’s a skateboard enthusiast, look no further. This delightful DIY skate board sling is a fantastic project that you can assist him with or surprise him by creating it yourself!

    He will acquire a fresh skateboard strap within a few hours, and it is a venture that both of you will relish.

    13. Personalized Game Room Sign

    The personalized antique mirror adorning his game room will surely capture his heart, especially when it’s a gift from his beloved. It will seamlessly blend in with his collection of gaming memorabilia, adding a touch of nostalgia.

    His gaming room mirror showcases a sturdy timber frame and is ready to be hung. Whiskey is excluded!

    14. Magnetic Couple’s Bracelet

    A delightful method to demonstrate to him your deep affection!

    Embracing a magnetic buckle design, this enchanting couples’ bracelet intertwines two souls as they draw near, symbolizing an unbreakable bond forged between kindred spirits.

    This is also one of our preferred presents for long-distance relationships.

    15. Custom Couple’s Bobblehead

    For the boyfriend who possesses everything, how about a handmade bobblehead crafted to resemble the two of you?

    Crafted from durable polyresin, this custom bobblehead is destined to endure for eternity. With pride, he will showcase this heartfelt present, cherishing it as a constant reminder of you. How utterly enchanting!

    5 Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Girlfriend

    16. We Go Together Like.. Tumblers

    Celebrate the beautiful bond with a truly unique gift – Our connection is as delightful as cupcakes and frosting, as comforting as cookies and milk, or as perfect as tacos and Tuesdays. (Discover a plethora of ‘we go together like’ quotes here.)

    Indulge in the delight of our tumblers, available in sleek stainless steel and an array of six vibrant hues. Experience the sheer bliss of your girlfriend’s soda remaining refreshingly icy cold, while her coffee retains its irresistible piping hotness. All she needs to do is savor every moment!

    If you are seeking additional endearing presents for your adorable girlfriend, take a look at this article!

    17. Custom QR Playlist

    Embrace the retro vibes – well, sort of. This unique golden cassette comes with a QR code to scan, making it somewhat high-tech.

    She scans the code and immerses herself in the melodies you yearned to bestow upon her. Infuse it with personalized sentiments to elevate its significance. This present shall serenade her time and time again, an exquisite means to impart “your” symphony.

    18. Combined Birth Month Flower Necklace

    Adorn this exquisite necklace by intertwining your birth flower with hers, and don’t forget to add a touch of intimacy by engraving a personal message on the charm’s reverse side!

    Indulge in the exquisite allure of a design that effortlessly combines simplicity and elegance. Delight in the opulent options of gold, stainless steel, or the romantic allure of rose gold. Rest assured, this delightful act of sweetness is certain to be cherished by her.

    19. Portrait Keychain

    Behold, a delightfully imaginative present awaits you. It could be a charming portrait capturing your inseparable bond, her and her dearest companion, or even her beloved furry companion. This gift is destined to be cherished forever.

    She will cherish this beautiful memory by keeping a personalized portrait keychain nearby.

    20. Personalized Lamp

    Enhance her bedroom with a personalized 3D night light that emanates a flawless radiance, striking the ideal balance between subtle and dazzling. Prepare for your girlfriend to be captivated by its mesmerizing allure, indulging in hours of enchantment.

    This gift will surely bring her delight, as it features a magnificent 3D portrait capturing the essence of your bond, accompanied by a heartfelt message adorning its base.

    5 Creative 17th Birthday Gifts for Him

    21. Personalized Guitar Strap

    The ultimate embellishment for any guitar enthusiast is a meticulously crafted, bespoke leather guitar strap. Behold the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication, embodied in the artistry and individualization of this handcrafted masterpiece.

    This is a gift he will utilize for many years in the future!

    Additional gift suggestions: 21 Incredible Presents for Music Artists.

    22. Personalized Leather Bag

    For his journeys, a custom-made leather toiletry pouch is the perfect companion. The impeccable craftsmanship of this exquisite bag will surely be admired as it holds his grooming essentials and personal care items.

    You can purchase the set in two various sizes and four different colors.

    23. Custom Made Swords

    Swords of Northshire presents a splendid array of genuine swords, imbued with remarkable functionality. An extraordinary offering that is bound to captivate his heart, particularly if he indulges in the art of cosplaying or embraces the allure of nerdy pursuits.

    With an extensive selection of blades and styles at your disposal, selecting just one for him might prove to be quite a challenge! Alternatively, why not indulge in the luxury of customization, allowing you to personalize every aspect, from the vibrant hues of the wrap to the intricate patterns adorning the guard, and beyond.

    Select from a variety of swords and knives. Whether it’s carbon steel or Damascus steel, each piece is a masterpiece!

    24. Manual to Manhood

    The Manual to Manhood serves as a survival guide for young men. Every man should acquire the knowledge and skills outlined in this book.

    The Manual to Manhood will be his go-to resource. He will use it and thank you for it again and again. Output: The Guide to Manhood will be his primary source. He will utilize it and express gratitude for it repeatedly.

    25. Key & Hat Holder

    Embrace the allure of walnut, oak, or mahogany as you select the perfect holder, an exquisite addition to any room. A versatile accessory that graciously accommodates coats, hats, keys, or towels, this remarkable piece offers a delightful solution for those seeking additional hanging space.

    The charming beauty of this handmade rack makes it appropriate in any style of decoration.

    5 Thoughtful 17th Birthday Gifts for Her

    26. Felt Letter Board

    Enhance the ambiance of any space with the delightful addition of a felt letter board. Showcase an inspiring quote, a meaningful scripture, or perhaps a witty joke or enigmatic riddle. The joy lies in the act of constantly refreshing and devising fresh and captivating messages.

    27. Large Makeup Storage Box

    Now she can arrange her beauty products and accessories with this stylish versatile storage cabinet.

    Elevate the towering fragrance vials gracefully on the highest tier, ensuring effortless reach. It allows her to maintain impeccable orderliness, consolidating all essentials within a singular space. The compact cupboard is perfectly dimensioned to perch atop a vanity or lavatory countertop.

    28. #Seventeen

    The ultimate addition to any collection of clothing, this cozy cotton T-shirt effortlessly enhances any ensemble. Whether she’s seeking solace in a leisurely day indoors or embarking on a shopping adventure, this trendy “seventeen” top is sure to captivate her heart.

    Select from a variety of twelve colors – you are sure to discover her preferred shade.

    29. Monogrammed Wallet

    These beautiful imitation leather handbags make a fantastic yet affordable present.

    Personalize the clutch by adding your daughter’s initials or name, while enhancing the overall experience with a sincere message hidden inside.

    30. Personalized Book Page Holder

    An amazing concept for avid readers! An exquisite wooden page holder designed to protect your book’s spine. Skillfully crafted using beech, walnut, or padouk wood, each possessing its unique allure.

    Customize this special treasure with the name of your dearest, their initials, or a brief message. Presenting a heartfelt token that will be cherished endlessly and utilized frequently.

    17th Birthday Party Ideas

    Paint and Sip – Employ a painting instructor, offer non-alcoholic beverages, and let their creative side sparkle.

    Sports Day – Engage in paintball, indulge in rock climbing, participate in go-karting, or organize a spikeball competition.

    Film Night – Organize a gathering at your residence with your teenager’s preferred films and movie treats.

    Spa Day – Manicures and Pedicures are always popular. Serve sparkling juice to give it a more mature ambiance.

    Cupcake Decorating Party – Allow the attendees to personalize their own cupcake. Ensure there is an abundance of frosting and materials available!

    Nestled between two momentous milestones, their seventeenth birthday often goes unnoticed. This special day marks the final step towards adulthood, a time to revel in joy and create lasting memories!

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