18 clever and affordable White Elephant gift ideas for kids

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Selecting White Elephant gifts requires finesse, as you navigate the delicate task of satisfying a multitude of personalities and preferences, all while adhering to a budget. The challenge intensifies when these gifts must also be suitable for a child’s celebration, adding another layer of complexity.

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Fear not, as we have taken on the arduous task on your behalf. Our extensive range encompasses both amusing and practical presents, all of which can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep before the weekend arrives. With a simple click of the “buy” button, you can effortlessly cross off another item on your holiday checklist. These delightful gifts are not only enjoyable but also reasonably priced, to the extent that you may be enticed to purchase a duplicate or two, allowing you to discreetly place a couple inside your child’s Christmas stocking.

1. A mystery Squishmallow

Explore the world of delightful surprises with these scented Squishmallow mystery bags, perfect for those who crave sweetness and coziness. Squishmallows have captured the hearts of people of all generations, and their mini versions continue to remain fashionably irresistible. Moreover, the unboxing craze is still going strong, making this an ultimate trifecta of trendy presents that are sure to dazzle at any White Elephant gathering you partake in.

Purchase the Fragrant Squishmallow Enigma Bundle from Amazon for $17.99.

2. A mini karaoke mic

Thanks to the rising fame of TikTok influencers Tinx and Minji, this amazing gadget has become a must-have for young aspiring artists who love to express themselves through singing or sharing their thoughts on society. With its adorable design and entertaining features, it effortlessly connects to the headphone port of any mobile device or tablet. Therefore, the lucky recipient of this unique gift can carry their own personal recording studio wherever they roam, ready to capture their creativity at any given moment.

Purchase the Mini Karaoke Microphone from Amazon for $16.99.

3. DIY printable face masks

Admit it, wearing masks has become quite tiresome. But fear not, these customizable masks are here to inject some excitement into the mix for our little ones. Whether your child despises wearing masks or simply wants to showcase their unique style, this amazing kit has got it all covered. With just a simple click, they can effortlessly create personalized, disposable face masks. All they need to do is utilize the phone app to upload their favorite photos or funky designs, print them out using an inkjet printer, and finally apply the heat-activated adhesive for a seamless, no-sew fashion statement.

Purchase the SnapStyle DIY 4-pack face mask kit on Amazon for $5.99.

4. Fuzzy slipper socks

Who wouldn’t appreciate a set of fuzzy socks to snuggle up with? These socks combine the comfort of slippers with the warmth of fleece, creating a delightful and snug experience. Additionally, we adore the playful animal face patterns that these socks come in.

Purchase the Children’s Cozy Slipper Socks from Amazon for $9.99.

5. A hilarious pencil case

A bonus pencil case is something that anyone can benefit from. These zip-up pencil cases, with their amusing and fierce designs, captivate children of every age. These peculiar creatures secure all items with their tooth-like zippers, but once you unzip their mouths, they unleash a mighty roar. These designs are bursting with vibrant colors, eccentricity, humor, and uniqueness—and they are even machine washable. These pencil cases are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces, and they might just be the sole reason why they eagerly await the return to school after the winter holiday.

Purchase Zip-it Pencil Cases from Amazon, with prices beginning at $8.99.

6. Touch screen gloves

Despite the chilling weather, your tween’s determination to text their friends remains unyielding, even at the risk of freezing their fingertips. These delightful gloves not only offer warmth but also boast advanced technology, ensuring their fingers stay cozy as they blissfully ignore your presence and endlessly browse through the world of Instagram.

Purchase the 3-pack of Winter Touch Screen Cat Gloves at Amazon for $13.99.

7. All-natural bath bombs

It’s a real challenge to come across a child who isn’t obsessed with bath bombs. These delightful creations are made with essential oils and coconut oil that are completely safe for kids, ensuring a moisturizing and enjoyable bath experience. Moreover, each of these beautifully crafted bombs holds a delightful secret just waiting to be discovered.

Purchase the pack of six Sky Organics bath bombs on Amazon for $22.49.

8. An upgraded game of Uno

It’s highly likely that you’ve indulged in this game countless times during your childhood. The immensely popular card game, renowned for its presence during camping trips and family get-togethers, has undergone a remarkable transformation – in fact, it has undergone numerous transformations. Whether it’s Super Mario, Minecraft, or Space Jam, there exists an Uno game tailored for every child. Nevertheless, if you seek a game with broader appeal, our preference lies with this captivating emoji deck.

Purchase the Uno Emoji card deck from Amazon for $8.39.

9. A slime-making kit

Calling out all aspiring slime enthusiasts! How about diving into the mesmerizing realm of color-changing slime with our incredible kit? Packed with two extraordinary glues that magically shift their shades under the enchanting UV light, along with a duo of activators, this innovative chemistry set is a gateway to a world of trendy compounds for endless experimentation and playful exploration.

Purchase the Elmer’s Glue Color Changing Slime Kit from Amazon for $12.49.

10. A headlamp to illuminate things

One does not necessarily have to be a camper in order to derive pleasure from a headlamp. This ingenious present serves multiple purposes such as aiding in nocturnal reading, acting as a convenient source of light for locating the bathroom, and undoubtedly becoming an object of affection during their upcoming camping expedition.

With its adjustable face, this innovative headlamp offers kids the freedom to direct the light precisely as they desire. Additionally, it boasts an impressive array of seven distinct lighting modes, even featuring a vibrant strobe option that can effortlessly transform any gathering into a lively dance extravaganza.

Purchase the Blitzu 7-Mode Headlamp from Amazon for a price of $15.49.

11. Bravery bandages in a fun design

Welly’s bandages possess an enchanting quality that magically alleviates the pain of any boo boo. Dubbed as “Bravery Bandages,” they showcase an exhilarating assortment of prints that exude a trendy vibe, ensuring that even tweens won’t roll their eyes when receiving them as a White Elephant gift. Furthermore, these bandages exhibit remarkable durability, withstanding vigorous play and even showers. Additionally, their hypo-allergenic nature renders them ideal for children with heightened sensitivity.

Purchase the Welly Courage Bandage kit on Amazon for $6.95.

12. A pretty prank gift

White Elephant gifts offer a delightful opportunity to bestow upon children presents that might otherwise be frowned upon. This particular gift is bound to captivate the mischief-makers. Although it may appear aesthetically pleasing, its true nature is far from innocent. Unleash the vibrant butterflies from within and watch as they gracefully emerge from books, cards, or any other unsuspecting object, leaving friends and family astounded. The young ones will relish in endless hours of mischievous fun, all while keeping their parents blissfully unaware of your mischievous contribution. Just remember to divert your own child’s attention from this intriguing gift.

Purchase the Heytech Magic Flying Butterfly Surprise for $8.99.

13. Fairy lights

The enchanting glow of these bendable copper LED string lights will captivate young children, while older kids will delight in the opportunity to enhance their room decor with a touch of ambiance. Not only do these lights boast impressive longevity, but they are also remarkably flexible, allowing them to be bent into whimsical shapes or effortlessly display a collection of cherished photos.

Purchase the Starry Fairy Lights on Amazon for $11.99.

14. A fun hat that spells out their vices

Who wouldn’t benefit from a fresh beanie to kick off the upcoming year? Coal stands as an exceptional brand deeply rooted in the world of snow and skateboarding enthusiasts. We adore this particular hat for its delightful and fanciful expression of self-gratification. Regardless of whether your child leans towards the allure of pizza or the sweetness of candy, this meticulously crafted headwear will ensure their warmth and comfort.

Purchase the Coal Vice Beanie at REI for $22.

15. Pop Its

The Pop Its​​ craze continues to thrive, showcasing an unstoppable momentum. This extraordinary collection encompasses a plethora of trendy shapes and styles that captivate the masses. Featuring an enchanting dinosaur, a majestic unicorn, a delightful pineapple, and a vibrant apple, there is undoubtedly a shape that will elate every recipient.

Purchase the 4-pack of Pop It Sensory Toys on Amazon for $14.99.

16. A super-sized Slinky

Just remember, if it doesn’t boast the name Slinky, it’s simply a regular spring. Behold this colossal rendition of the original, a delightful twist on a timeless favorite. This oversized Slinky effortlessly extends its reach, launches higher into the air, and gracefully descends larger staircases, all while exuding that quintessential Slinky charm.

Purchase the Giant Slinky on Amazon for $11.98.

17. A game for people who talk good

Beware of the No Stick! Prepare for a hilarious and amusing game that dares players to make their teammates guess words and phrases using only one-syllable words. Watch out! If you accidentally utter a word with more than one syllable, you’ll be smacked with the inflatable club, also known as the No Stick. Young children revel in their newfound authority, while older kids can’t contain their laughter as they struggle to triumph using the most basic of words.

Purchase Poetry for Neanderthals on Amazon for $13.99.

18. A trendy octopus plushie

The TeeTurtle octopus plushie goes beyond being a trendy toy on TikTok. With its reversible design showcasing both a sad and a happy side, this adorable plushie allows kids to express their current mood while enjoying its cuddly nature. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and comes in a variety of 21 color combinations, all of which can be reversed for twice the enjoyment.

Purchase the TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus Plushie from Amazon at a cost of $15.

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