20 Gift Ideas for Mentor Teachers

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Are you a student teacher struggling to come up with the perfect thank you gift for your mentor teacher? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 20 amazing ideas that are guaranteed to impress. Take a look at these budget-friendly and highly useful gift recommendations straight from experienced educators who know exactly what your mentor will love.

1. Classroom Clean-out

Rebecca Harrison expressed, “I prepared a delightful dinner for my loved one, surprised her with a spa gift certificate, and presented her with a coupon for classroom clean-out assistance once the year comes to a close. I made sure to reach out to her personally to inquire about the ideal time for me to return and lend a hand with the clean-out process.”

2. Substitute for Her

“Enlist yourself as a stand-in within her educational domain, thus ensuring her with a companion well-versed in the intricate workings of her classroom!” Proposed Bill Niederer.

3. Meaningful Word Cloud

Kristen Miller suggested an innovative yet cost-effective idea: creating a word cloud encompassing all the valuable lessons and ideas imparted by her. This word cloud can then be placed on the front cover of a folder or notebook equipped with a front insert page, resulting in a meaningful and personalized touch.

4. Gift Basket

Jane Dlugos proposed the idea of assembling a delightful assortment. “Consider including the amusing book, Tales From the Teacher’s Lounge, along with a selection of K cups, coffee, tea, delectable chocolates, and a pair of exceptionally luxurious socks. This combination is sure to be a triumphant choice!”

5. Words of Thanks

“College students, typically lacking in funds,” Sherry Fender Grove explained, “can still find meaningful ways to express gratitude. A heartfelt note, highlighting the positive impact of working together, would make a wonderful gift. As teachers, we often yearn for words of encouragement. For an added touch, consider including some indulgences like chocolate, coffee, tea, cocoa, or a small treat.” Debra White agreed, stating, “A carefully crafted or homemade ‘Thank You’ card is more than sufficient! We teachers understand that student teachers are not usually financially stable, so a warm message and a sincere ‘Thank You’ is more than enough to show appreciation!”

6. Pinterest-Inspired Gifts

Former student teacher, Alisha Davidson, enthusiastically shared, “I crafted a delightful frame adorned with their family’s last name, using vibrant crayons!” The recipient cherished this heartfelt gift, which not only brought joy but also proved to be an affordable creation. Additionally, I embarked on a creative endeavor by painting a flower pot and adorning it with the words “Thanks for helping me grow.” These ingenious ideas were discovered on the ever-inspiring platform, Pinterest.

7. Massage

Leisha Cowart knows precisely what she desires. “[A] gift voucher for a massage. The ultimate present. Ever.”

8. Gift Subscription to a Website

“According to Chris M’Baker, a fantastic present could be a gift voucher or membership to a website that he/she frequently utilizes.”

9. Gift Card

Pat Melvin, Kristen Elizabeth, and Deborah Huff Hayes, esteemed educators, affirm that a gift card, be it for a cherished coffee shop, bookstore, teacher supply store, restaurant, or even a convenient gas station, is the ultimate present.

10. Organizing Tote

Educators have an adoration for ThirtyOne, often citing it as their go-to for arranging tote bags. April Booker-Green enthusiastically proposed the idea of acquiring a custom-made utility tote from ThirtyOne, complete with her name or initials gracefully adorning it. In the event that this specific brand proves to be unattainable, there exist a myriad of alternative bags that could potentially serve the same purpose with equal efficacy.

11. Class Recipe Box

Marjorie Speaker received a delightful surprise from one of her student teachers – a recipe box brimming with culinary treasures from the students and their families. As she fondly reminisced about this thoughtful gesture, Marjorie shared, “I possess a treasured collection of recipes lovingly contributed by my students, carefully preserved within a recipe box gifted to me by my wonderful cooperating teacher. These handwritten gems are not only precious but also hold a special place in my heart, particularly the ones shared by Amish children. The memories they evoke will forever be cherished.”

12. Know Your Mentor

Jessica Brockway shared, “The student teacher of my colleague embarked on a delightful endeavor, crafting a handful of captivating pages within a scrapbook. These pages showcased a medley of diverse projects that they had undertaken together. In addition to this heartfelt gesture, the student teacher bestowed upon her mentor a generous assortment of her favorite confections and a bottle of Tylenol, while I was graciously presented with a cube of refreshing Pepsi. Let us not forget, it is the sentiment behind these gestures that truly matters!”

13. Inspiration

“Suzanne Ackerman suggested putting her favorite inspirational quote in a frame,” she recommended.

14. Tea and Paper

Lynn Becker Donohue, the student teacher I was fortunate to have, was well aware of my daily tea consumption. As a thoughtful gesture, she presented me with a generous box of tea along with an exquisite mug. Furthermore, I believe that my mentor teacher would greatly appreciate a selection of vibrant colored copy paper.

15. Babysitting

“If she has children, a mother’s day/night out,” suggested Anna Benavides Bennett. “You offer the childcare while she goes out!”.

16. Manicures & Pedicures

Multiple exceptionally skilled educators emphasized the idea of manicure and pedicure gift vouchers. Susan Martin Arnold and Virginia Dare Morris concurred that a gift certificate for a luxurious spa treatment accompanied by a heartfelt expression of gratitude would make for the perfect present.

17. Laminator

Absolutely! Kimberly Bowlsbey swears by the incredible usefulness of a laminator. “I surprised my mentor teacher with a top-notch laminator and a stack of lamination sheets! [She] was absolutely thrilled!”.

18. Books

“I gave [my mentor teacher] several books from her favorite series plus some Shel Silverstein books [for the classroom],” said Rebecca Johnson.

19. Teaching Supplies

According to a few of the Truly Amazing Educators, school essentials such as adhesive notes, decorative stickers, adorable notepads, and vibrant Sharpies never fail to captivate students’ attention.

“Danielle O exclaimed, ‘Give me wine, and make it a colossal glass!’ As a teacher with interns, I embrace it wholeheartedly! However, if presenting your cooperating teacher with wine makes you uneasy, consider a versatile gift card that grants her the freedom to indulge in any store of her choosing, be it a grocery or a liquor haven.”

Remember, do not bring the alcohol to school with you! It is a present best given outside school premises!

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