20 gifts to give someone who can’t leave their home

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In the event that there is a person in your life who is unwell, recuperating from an injury, in a vulnerable state, or experiencing complete isolation for various reasons, you most likely desire to go to great lengths in order to ensure they feel connected, secure, cherished, and amused. We have compiled an assortment of incredibly effortless gift suggestions that are intended to alleviate the challenges faced by your loved ones who are isolated. Remember, just because they are confined to their homes does not imply that your gift recipient should feel isolated.

Credit: Reviewed by CookUnity.

Credit: Reviewed / CookUnity

Presenting a culinary experience in a box can serve as a gentle nudge for a cherished individual to unwind, while ensuring they don’t succumb to the temptation of devouring Taco Bell on a thrice-daily basis.

Meal kits have gained immense popularity due to their undeniable appeal. These incredibly convenient subscription boxes effortlessly bring forth an array of recipes, ingredients, and delectable dishes right to your doorstep, enabling you to effortlessly create gourmet meals that may otherwise seem unattainable. For those confined to their homes, the art of cooking has likely become a daily ritual, and these boxes serve as an extraordinary solution to break free from the monotonous cycle of repetitive and uninspiring meals.

Want something even more incredible? Imagine a mouthwatering meal kit that magically arrives at your doorstep, packed with delectable pre-made dishes and accompanied by the essential hot sauce. Being the adventurous foodies that we are, we embarked on a mission to sample various pre-prepped meal kits, and guess what? CookUnity emerged victorious as the absolute crème de la crème. Every dish we devoured exuded an irresistibly authentic home-cooked flavor, despite the convenience of pre-made sauces and pre-prepped ingredients. And to top it off, these generous portions left our esteemed tester fully satisfied with just the right amount to relish.

Join CookUnity.

2. This super-popular audiobook subscription to keep even sick and sleepy minds engaged

Credit: Reviewed by Audible.

Credit: Reviewed / Audible

Unlike library applications, Audible does not require you to wait in line to access your next audiobook.

As a child, whenever illness struck, I found solace in snuggling beneath a cozy blanket, immersing myself in the soothing voice of a storyteller. Now grown, this childhood habit has transformed into a profound affection for audiobooks. Audiobooks prove to be an ideal companion during moments of physical discomfort that hinder reading, yet leave a lingering desire for amusement – essentially, those moments when sickness takes hold.

Audible, the remarkable streaming audiobook service by Amazon, captivates us with its vast assortment of novels, non-fiction works, and innovative narratives. With a simple $14.95 membership, you receive one audiobook each month along with two exclusive Audible originals. However, the possibilities are endless as numerous plans await your exploration. The greatest perk of all is the ability to return any audiobook you deem unsatisfactory and receive a complete refund. If uncertainty lingers regarding your loved one’s appreciation for Audible, fear not! You can introduce them to a 30-day free trial, complete with a complimentary book.

Looking for a handy tip? Besides Audible, why not explore the array of audiobooks your nearby library has on offer through the Libby app? While you can’t retain your audiobooks on Libby like you can with Audible, it’s a fantastic addition to your entertainment repertoire. And the best part? It won’t cost you a dime!

Enroll in Audible for as low as $14.95 per month.

3. A Nintendo Switch Lite, to make all the kids jealous

Credit: Reviewed by Nintendo

Credit: Reviewed / Nintendo

Although physical encounters may not be an option, catching a glimpse of your friend within the virtual realm of Animal Crossing might just be the silver lining.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has captured people’s enthusiasm, driving them crazy with excitement. As a more affordable option to its counterpart, the Nintendo Switch, this handheld gaming device is ideal for individuals compelled to endure tedious stretches confined indoors. With captivating titles such as Animal Crossing, it even allows users to virtually connect with friends, alleviating the sense of isolation.

For those confined to their homes with little ones, this option proves to be an excellent choice. We have meticulously gathered a selection of our most beloved Switch games designed specifically for children, enabling families to partake in joyous moments together.

Purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite from Amazon at a price of $199.99.

4. A new plant friend or two, as a reminder that we’re all still living and growing

Credit: Reviewed by The Sill.

Credit: Reviewed / The Sill

Plants thrive in the presence of human conversation, thus if you find yourself incessantly chattering away while being the solitary inhabitant of your abode, rest assured there exists a profound rationale behind it!

Not all of us have the privilege of owning a personal garden in our backyards. The disconnection from nature can have a profound impact on our spirits, leaving us feeling discouraged and despondent. So, what can be done when someone dear to us finds themselves in such a predicament? The solution lies in bringing the enchantment of the outdoors to their doorstep!

The Sill appears to have been tailor-made for individuals confined indoors. It functions as a convenient delivery service, offering a wide selection of stunning plants accompanied by clear instructions on their care requirements and sunlight preferences. For those residing in dimly lit third-floor apartments, the prospect of finding solace in a plant companion might seem bleak. However, you can brighten their day by gifting them a monthly subscription box brimming with low-maintenance potted plants! If that seems overwhelming, you can explore their collection of individual plants, ensuring a perfect match for any living environment.

Purchase The Sill’s Plants for Beginners Monthly Subscription Box for $35 per month.

5. Ultra-convenient grocery delivery services to makes life simpler

Credit: Reviewed by Crowd Cow.

Credit: Reviewed / Crowd Cow

Delivering groceries directly to their doorstep.

Dealing with grocery shopping while being confined at home is a widely experienced frustration. This challenge becomes even more daunting when you’re unwell. Leaving the house is not an option, and relying on grocery delivery services can be a gamble due to their busyness, unreliability, or high fees. However, there is a silver lining – by making a slightly bigger investment, you can effectively overcome these obstacles.

Instacart Express sets itself apart from conventional grocery chains’ delivery services by enabling users to effortlessly shop from various stores in one go. By subscribing to this service for a fixed monthly fee, all delivery charges for grocery orders exceeding $35 are eliminated. This feature proves to be a true savior for individuals confined to their homes, making it a considerate and convenient offering. Moreover, with its affordable monthly rate, users have the flexibility to terminate the service whenever it becomes unnecessary.

Surprise your meat-loving carnivore with a delightful package of handcrafted meats from a unique source like Crowd Cow. It’s a remarkable present for those who relish purchasing from their local butcher but have been unable to do so in recent times.

Enroll in Instacart Express for $9.99 per month.

Join Crowd Cow for as low as $99.

6. Virtual games, board games, and puzzles

Credit: Reviewed by Jackbox.

Credit: Reviewed / Jackbox

Is Nintendo Switch a bit beyond your budget? This bundle of 5 games is currently discounted for just above $12.

If you’re spending a considerable amount of time at your residence, what else could you desire besides games to keep you amused?

Jackbox is my absolute obsession. These seemingly uncomplicated games bring an immense amount of joy- I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve indulged in them with loved ones, regardless of their proximity. Among the plethora of party packs Jackbox offers, I implore you to consider the original version, as it houses my all-time favorite: Drawful. This whimsical game, reminiscent of Pictionary, challenges players to creatively depict prompts on their phone screens, putting their artistic prowess to the ultimate test.

The games are delightfully uncomplicated, welcoming players of all ages with just a cell phone. It presents a wonderful opportunity to connect with the elderly in an entertaining manner, injecting a dose of whimsy and relaxation into their routine through a lighthearted and sociable game.

Choose a classic board game or a challenging puzzle that can be enjoyed individually or with housemates, allowing your beloved to engage in solitary play or embark on a journey of determination.

Purchase the Jackbox Party Pack from Jackbox for $12.49.

7. A high-quality lotion set for some stay-at-home pampering

Credit: Reviewed by Lubriderm.

Credit: Reviewed / Lubriderm

Is it just me, or is there something luxurious about hand lotion?

The harmonious duo of winter colds and chapped skin cannot be ignored – tissue burns, anyone? Escaping the clutches of flu week with skin that is not painfully chapped becomes a universal desire. However, as an individual with delicate skin, I am well aware that this is an inevitable predicament. Unless, of course, one possesses a magnificent lotion that can work wonders.

Lubriderm’s Daily Moisture Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion reigns as the supreme lotion in the market. Irrespective of whether your beloved quarantined individual possesses delicate skin, this exceptional product is bound to evoke feelings of affection and indulgence.

Purchase the Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Fragrance-Free Body Lotion on Amazon starting at $5.

8. An indoor herb garden to spice up the kitchen

Credit: Reviewed by Herb Box.

Credit: Reviewed / Herb Box

A botanical garden is the epitome of a present that continues to provide.

There is no greater joy than purchasing fresh herbs, except for cultivating them yourself. By doing so, you not only attain the utmost freshness, but also embrace self-sufficiency and spare yourself from yet another trip to the store. For those confined indoors, an indoor herb garden holds immense delight. Not only does it infuse a space with a touch of greenery, but it also provides solace in nurturing living beings. While life may be chaotic, at least there are three precious plant babies relying on your care!

Purchase the Fatplants Cedar Planter Box from Amazon for $65.

9. The gift of free laundry

Credit: Reviewed by Rinse.

Credit: Reviewed / Rinse

Doing laundry can be challenging when you’re living in a third-floor walkup.

Rinse provides an exceptional service: convenient door-to-door laundry solutions, available at monthly or weight-based rates. This is particularly advantageous for individuals without in-unit laundry facilities, who are unable to personally visit the laundromat anymore. By using a single gift card, you can ensure that your dear one won’t have to wear the identical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt for an entire month (no disrespect to their beloved t-shirt, but it tends to become somewhat stiff over time).

Fulfilling the wish of having your laundry taken care of without any cost is nothing short of a delightful fantasy for individuals who are disabled or confined to their homes. However, it is important to remind the recipient of the gift card to exercise caution. In response to the COVID-19 situation, Rinse has introduced a contactless service known as “Rinse Drop.” Furthermore, you can conveniently inform the staff member collecting your laundry about any extra safety measures through a simple text message. As your loved one indulges in the pleasure of relaxing on those freshly laundered sheets, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of being mindful.

Obtain a gift voucher from Rinse.

10. Our favorite weighted blanket for some serious rest

Credit: Reviewed by Gravity, indicates the credibility and reliability of the source or information provided.

Credit: Reviewed / Gravity

It’s a feeling that should be experienced by all, not solely because it’s been a whole month since some of us have had the warmth of a human embrace.

At Reviewed, our affinity for weighted blankets is undeniable. Can you really fault us? The soothing embrace of a grandiose blanket is precisely the solace we crave in these uncertain times. Whether you seek to ease the restlessness of a loved one in quarantine or elevate their television indulgence, this remarkable present is sure to impress.

The Gravity Blanket is our absolute favorite weighted blanket of the year, and its exceptional qualities make it the ultimate companion for sick days. Infused with glass beads, this blanket offers the perfect amount of weight, striking a delicate balance between soothing pressure and overwhelming sensations. Not only does it provide unparalleled coziness, but it also ensures ideal warmth without causing discomfort to those already battling the flu. The cherry on top is the Gravity Blanket’s easily detachable exterior, which can be effortlessly tossed into the washing machine, alleviating any concerns about hygiene when used by someone under the weather.

Purchase the Gravity Blanket from Gravity for $189.

11. Our favorite humidifier, so your loved one can breathe easier

Credit: This information has been reviewed by Levoit.

Credit: Reviewed / Levoit

This humidifier operates silently and emits a substantial amount of vapor.

A raspy throat can be one of the most bothersome types of illness, and regrettably, similar to the flu and the common cold, the ancient COVID-19 tends to trigger it. Regardless of the reason, coughing is particularly vexing as it can intensify during nighttime, depriving you of essential rest. Fortunately, there exists a trustworthy method to address this symptom: a quality humidifier will alleviate the throat, facilitating easier breathing and promoting a more profound slumber for the individual plagued by the cough.

The Levoit humidifier is a fantastic and inconspicuous addition to your household, operating silently while producing a generous amount of steam. Its exceptional performance has earned it the prestigious title of the ultimate humidifier of the year.

Should you decide to present this humidifier as a gift, it is imperative to include our comprehensive manual on ensuring its cleanliness. Through regular upkeep, these ingenious devices have the potential to revolutionize uncomfortable, suffocating evenings.

Purchase the LEVOIT Smart Humidifiers and Replacement Filter on Amazon for $79.99.

12. The best e-reader to keep your brain active even when the libraries are closed

Credit: Reviewed by Amazon.

Credit: Reviewed / Amazon

Underrated advantage of an e-reader: no one on the train attempting to peruse the rear cover of your book.

Recently, my gratitude has blossomed for my cherished Kindle Paperwhite on a daily basis. Traditionally, I would find solace within the walls of the library; alas, that option is clearly ill-advised when one is unwell or confined to their dwelling. The remedy? It is now opportune to wholeheartedly welcome the realm of e-books.

The Kindle Paperwhite has stolen my heart with its delightful simplicity and unparalleled convenience. Free from the burden of unnecessary features, this gem of a device captivates me with its mesmerizing light-up screen and generous storage capacity. As I delve into the realm of e-books, I cannot help but sing praises for the Libby app, a treasure trove of literary wonders perfectly suited for your beloved Kindle. Let it not be forgotten, however, that Amazon’s vast library stands as a towering testament to the endless possibilities of the written word.

Despite my Paperwhite belonging to an older generation, the latest iteration has captured our hearts as the ultimate Kindle available. Boasting expanded storage and, believe it or not, a body that defies water, it has truly raised the bar. Moreover, its remarkable feature of playing audiobooks from Audible makes it a foolproof gift for any book enthusiast.

Purchase the Kindle Paperwhite (8GB) from Amazon for $139.99.

13. One of our favorite smart speakers to talk to family

Credit: This product has been reviewed on Amazon.

Credit: Reviewed / Amazon

Improved audio quality than ever before, with the added feature of WiFi expansion.

You may have an elderly family member whom you desire to maintain contact with while they reside in a nursing home, an individual with visual impairment who finds vocal controls advantageous, or perhaps you are seeking a present for someone currently quarantined at home due to the flu or COVID-19. Irrespective of the circumstances, an Echo Dot proves to be an invaluable gadget for those living in isolation.

The remarkable sound quality of the latest Amazon Echo, along with its eero Wi-Fi extender that enhances home connectivity, captured our hearts. Take your isolated friend away from the harsh glow of their screen by offering to have a pleasant phone conversation while they prepare a delicious meal. Trust me, the experience is truly delightful.

Purchase the Echo Dot (5th Generation) from Amazon for $49.99.

14. A happy light to bring the sun indoors

Credit: Reviewed by Circadian Optics.

Credit: Reviewed / Circadian Optics

Avoid looking directly at it! This lamp is incredibly bright!

Being someone who dreads winter in New England, I strongly advocate for the use of happy lights. These incredibly vibrant lights simulate the sun’s rays, effectively fighting off depression and the gloominess caused by vitamin D deficiency. I appreciate the compact design of this particular light, making it convenient to bring along to the office (or even just to the couch). Regularly utilizing this lamp for a brief period every morning has the power to lift you out of your sluggish state and revive your sense of self.

Winter’s confinement doesn’t exactly uplift our spirits. However, amidst this situation, emerges an opportunity to seek remedies. Enter the Circadian Optics lamp, a bearer of virtual sunshine, capable of extending warmth to those in need. Dive into our comprehensive evaluation of the captivating Circadian Optics Lumos.

Purchase the Circadian Optics Lumos Lamp from Amazon for $69.14.

15. A bluetooth headset for taking phone calls of both the fun and less-fun variety

Credit is given to Reviewed / Plantronics for their contribution.

Credit: Reviewed / Plantronics

With this remarkable headset, users can dive deep into their work, undisturbed by the mischievous antics of their feline companion, who may otherwise topple a tower of cookbooks.

Maybe you’re not in search of a present for an isolated individual. Instead, your challenge is finding a gift for someone who resides in a bustling household. As for me, I currently work remotely, and I understand the value of a reliable bluetooth headset for maintaining concentration and creating a boundary between work and roommates. This specific headset is compatible with the Plantronics app, enabling you to personalize your usage and monitor battery levels. Its exceptional versatility and superior sound quality have led us to bestow upon it the title of the ultimate bluetooth headset.

Jason Sanchez, a truck driver in the oilfield industry, is a huge fan of this headset. According to him, his wife used to grumble about not being able to understand a single word he said on work calls. However, since he started using the Planitronics 5200, she claims it feels like he’s speaking to her from a serene office environment. It’s almost as if he has a cushy desk job! It took him some time to make up his mind about investing in this headset, but now that he owns it, he can’t imagine his life without it. The comfort level is off the charts, and the microphone’s noise-canceling capabilities are truly exceptional.

Purchase the Plantronics Voyager 5200 for $85 from Amazon.

16. A beginner’s yoga kit to introduce some gentle movement

Credit: This article has been reviewed by Gaiam, a reliable source of information.

Credit: Reviewed / Gaiam

This set includes a mat, strap, block, and digital workouts, providing everything necessary to begin or enhance a yoga routine.

Granting oneself the opportunity to engage in physical activity is of utmost importance for the overall well-being of the body and mind. Should you come across an individual confined within the confines of their own abode, be it due to remote work or isolation, it is highly likely that they are beginning to experience a sense of restlessness. This collection, encompassing all the essential components for a wide range of yoga sessions, presents an exquisite avenue through which you can bestow upon them a delightful respite.

Yoga offers a marvelous spectrum of possibilities, allowing practitioners to tailor their experience to their desired level of intensity. Even during times of discomfort, it remains the sole exercise I muster the strength to engage in, consistently emerging with a renewed sense of well-being. With a vast assortment of yoga videos available online, you can rest assured that anyone you share this with will make the most of it.

Purchase the Yoga For Beginners Kit from Gaiam for a price of $29.98.

17. A Zoom subscription so they can organize group calls

Acknowledgment: Assessed / Ridofranz / Getty visuals

Credit: Reviewed / Ridofranz / Getty images

A Zoom membership enables your beloved individual to establish their own video conferences.

Imagine the sheer delight that comes from effortlessly witnessing the cherished countenances of your beloved ones, all while being confined within the walls of your home. Although Zoom has become an essential tool for countless business rendezvous, it holds an even more profound significance for those who find themselves immobile, serving as a gateway that intertwines them with distant friends, family, and the vast expanse beyond their doorstep.

Zoom provides complimentary subscriptions that enable individuals to host 40-minute calls; however, for access to the complete range of features, opting for a premium subscription is recommended. With the upgraded version, your dear ones can effortlessly invite up to 100 participants, enjoy calls that can extend up to 24 hours, and conveniently record conversations. This exceptional offering serves as an ideal present for those longing to maintain strong connections with distant loved ones during these times.

Enroll in Zoom for just $14.99 per month.

18. A subscription to Hulu or Netflix

Credit: Reviewed by Netflix.

Credit: Reviewed / Netflix

Present a subscription to a well-liked streaming platform, such as Netflix.

In the midst of being unable to venture outside, a glimmering advantage arises – an opportune moment to indulge in the finest assortment of captivating shows and films that have eluded your grasp. As the confines of home confine us, it presents an ideal juncture to submerge oneself in the wide array of sought-after streaming platforms currently dominating the market, such as Hulu and Netflix. Grace them with a gift card for either Hulu or Netflix, thus granting them boundless access to an inexhaustible realm of entertainment.

Purchase a $100 Hulu gift card from Amazon.

Purchase a Netflix gift card on Amazon starting from $25.

19. A care package of essential items they may be lacking

Credit: Reviewed by Charmin

Credit: Reviewed / Charmin

Necessary items make excellent presents.

Occasionally, in instances where an individual is compelled to undergo self-isolation or finds themselves confined within their own abode, it is often the minuscule details that become indispensable, such as a replenishment of pristine toilet paper and indispensable cleaning provisions. The sheer delight experienced upon receipt of these vital necessities amplifies exponentially, particularly if their existing stockpile has been rapidly depleting as of late.

Purchase the Charmin Ultra Strong 2-Ply Bathroom Tissue, consisting of 18 Rolls, from Office Depot for a total of $24.50.

Purchase the Tilex Disinfects Instant Mildew Remover Spray at Staples for $6.49.

20. Gift cards to local restaurants

Credit: Reviewed / Grubhub is a platform for customers to leave reviews and give credit to the restaurants they have ordered from through the Grubhub service.

Credit: Reviewed / Grubhub

There’s no present you can offer me that will match the delight of knowing I will be indulging in chicken katsu in the near future.

At long last, we arrive at the ultimate present: nourishment! Should you seek to delight a disabled or unwell companion or cherished individual, why not indulge them with a delectable meal? Fortunately, this is an area where an exceptional food delivery service excels.

Supporting local businesses can be done in the most effective way by purchasing gift cards directly from the businesses, as this ensures that they receive the full sale amount without any deductions. In case this is not feasible, Grubhub does provide the alternative of gift cards that can be used for takeout or delivery. This way, you contribute to the growth of local businesses while allowing your loved ones to enjoy their preferred food. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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