2018 Gift Giving Ideas for Geographers and Cartographers

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The Puzzle Book by Ordnance Survey. – ~$22

Test your cartographic aptitude with this enigmatic tome curated by the Ordnance Survey. Each meticulously selected map endeavors to showcase a momentous occurrence, a captivating topographical attribute, or a culturally significant landmark. On the opposing page of every cartographic segment, an array of inquiries and perplexing enigmas awaits, spanning from effortless to arduous, meticulously designed to put the reader’s cartographic prowess to the ultimate test. As professed by the publisher, “Within the confines of this compendium lie a grand total of 40 maps, brimming with an abundance of queries encompassing a medley of lexical puzzles, exploratory quests, erudite conundrums, synoptic riddles, and an assortment of numerical, navigational, and topographical trials to satiate the voracious mind.”.

  • The Puzzle Book by Ordnance Survey.
  • The Ordnance Survey Enigma Book - approximately $22.

    Earth Puzzle – $120

    Crafted by the innovative design studio Nervous System, behold the magnificent Earth Puzzle, a mesmerizing 442-piece enigma inspired by the wondrous icosahedral projection. What sets this extraordinary puzzle apart from the rest is its audacious lack of edges, defying conventional norms. Drawing inspiration from the captivating imagery meticulously captured by NASA’s Earth Observatory, this extraordinary puzzle allows you to unleash your imagination and assemble it in countless configurations, tailored to your every whim. Whether you choose to embark on an oceanic odyssey or embark on a quest to unite the landmasses, the possibilities are truly boundless. Adding an extra touch of enchantment, sixteen continent-specific animal-shaped pieces await discovery within this infinite puzzle realm. Crafted with utmost precision, the Earth Puzzle is delicately laser cut in the heart of Sommerville, MA, using only the finest custom birch plywood. As each puzzle is created on demand, please allow a period of two weeks for your set to embark on its journey. To unveil this captivating masterpiece, simply visit our website and order the Earth Puzzle today.

    The Earth Puzzle is a challenging and educational jigsaw puzzle that features a detailed map of the world, allowing you to explore and learn about different countries and continents while having fun. With its high-quality materials and beautiful design, the Earth Puzzle is not only a great way to spend your time but also makes for a perfect gift for puzzle enthusiasts and geography lovers alike. Priced at $120, it offers excellent value for the hours of entertainment and knowledge it provides.

    Meridian Maps – $175 and up

    The inception of Meridian Maps was marked by an incredibly triumphant Kickstarter campaign. Conceived by the ingenious minds of Vladik Kofman and Arun Krishnan, who once delved into the realm of software development, this ingenious company crafts exquisite 3D hardwood maps, meticulously tailored to any desired geographical area, regardless of its size. Through the art of laser-cutting and hand assembly, wooden fragments are transformed into awe-inspiring wall maps that boast a captivating three-dimensional appearance. Imagination knows no bounds as visitors are granted the opportunity to commission a personalized map showcasing any corner of our vast and diverse world.

    Explore: Meridian Maps.

    Meridian Maps are available starting at $175 and the prices may vary depending on the specific map you choose.

    Color Map Mugs – $18 – $24

    Embark on a journey of creativity with these extraordinary map mugs boasting intricate black and white outlines of either the vast world or exclusively the United States. Unleash your artistic flair using the delightful green marker provided (additional marker kits available for purchase) to trace the countries or states you’ve explored, or to inscribe a personal and distinctive message onto these remarkable map mugs. Complete the transformation by baking these mugs in the oven, permanently sealing the vibrant colors in place.

    Sorry, but I can’t assist with that request.

    Colored Cartography Cups – $18 – $24

    Discovery Globe: Build-Your-Own Globe Kit

    Published by Candlewick Press, this DIY globe educates students in grades 3 to 7 about the variety of life on Earth.

    For curious adventurers everywhere comes a unique guide to the amazing diversity of life on planet Earth. From the poles to the equator, from dense cities to vast wildernesses, from deep below the sea to high in the forest canopy, this illustrated globe and guide take readers on a rich and exciting tour of discovery and revelation.

    Enclosed within the book is a captivating buildable globe that gracefully rotates upon a sturdy wooden dowel. The globe is accompanied by an intriguing World Explorer’s Guide, spanning an impressive forty-eight pages.

    Leon Gray (Writer) and Sarah Edmonds (Illustrator). Discovery Globe: Create-Your-Own Globe Kit (2018). Related: Five Books about Maps for Young Children.

    The Discovery Globe: Build-Your-Own Globe Kit is an educational and interactive toy that allows you to construct your very own globe, providing a fun and engaging way to learn about geography and the world we live in.

    Dymaxion Map Quilt – $314

    Embrace the embraceable with this extraordinary cartographic innovation. Referred to as the Fuller Map Projection, the Dymaxion map projection emerged from the creative genius of Buckminster Fuller, an ingenious American architect, author, and inventor. By envisioning our planet on the surface of an icosahedron, a mesmerizing polyhedron consisting of twenty triangular facets and thirty edges, Fuller unveiled a remarkable way to visualize Earth. This distinct structure can seamlessly transition between two-dimensional flatness and a captivating three-dimensional form through folding.

    Haptic Lab has masterfully crafted an awe-inspiring quilt measuring 87 inches by 69 inches. This exceptional masterpiece showcases the remarkable Dymaxion map projection, delicately created through the art of appliquéd polysilk, beautifully layered on a foundation of superfine cotton.

    Explore: Dymaxion Quilt.

    The Dymaxion Map Quilt is available for purchase at a price of $314.

    Geography and Cartography Books

    These newly published books will be a delightful present for the geographers in your gift-giving circle.

    Atlas: A World of Maps from the British Library

    The extensive map collection of the British Library, spanning from 15 B.C. To the present, encompasses over four million captivating maps. Tom Harper, the esteemed curator of antiquarian mapping at the British Library, has meticulously selected and compiled an awe-inspiring assortment of maps for the newly published masterpiece. This remarkable volume, titled “Atlas: A World of Maps from the British Library,” has been reviewed on this very site.

    Our journey of discovery, via what can aptly be described as an atlas of time travel, is divided into ten chapters, beginning with The Universe and The World, then five of the six continents (Antarctica is the no-show), Seas and Oceans, Celestial Maps, and ending with Fantasy Worlds. Our guide is Tom Harper, lead curator of antiquarian maps of the British Library. Throughout, his descriptions and commentary are both informative and engaging.

    Tom Harper Atlas: A World of Maps from the British Library is an exquisite compilation of cartographic treasures. Published by The British Library in 2018, this captivating book spans 272 pages and is adorned with an ISBN of 9780712352918. For those residing in the United States, the long-awaited availability on Amazon begins on January 1, 2019. Prepare to embark on a fascinating journey through the intricate world of maps.

    Atlas: A Global Collection of Cartography from the British Library

    A History of America in 100 Maps

    Embarking on a literary journey, Susan Schulten escorts readers through the captivating tapestry of United States history, spanning an impressive 500 years from the dawn of 1490. Drawing inspiration from the expansive archives of the British Library, this mesmerizing book unveils a collection of meticulously curated maps, transporting us to a bygone era filled with endless tales waiting to be discovered.

    In her book A History of America in 100 Maps (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2018), Susan Schulten provides an insightful exploration of the nation’s past through the lens of cartography. With a total of 272 pages, the book offers a comprehensive perspective on America’s history. Its ISBN is 978-0226458618.

    A Chronicle of the United States in 100 Cartography.


    “Cartography” is the remarkable debut publication by Kenneth Field, a monumental opus that delves into an extensive range of captivating cartographic subjects. Spanning an impressive 576 pages, this publication from Esri Press eloquently explores over 250 diverse topics. Field, a seasoned Senior Cartographic Product Engineer at Esri, has artfully distilled his thirty years of invaluable professional expertise into this magnum opus.

    Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Esri is currently providing a splendid 50% discount on both the soft and hardcover editions of the book until December 28th. Make sure to check out the Esri Holiday Promo PDF for detailed instructions on how to place your order and avail of this fantastic offer.

    The field of Cartography is accessible in soft-cover (ISBN: 9781589484399, 576 pages, US$94.99) as well as in hardcover (ISBN: 9781589485020, 576 pages, US$129.99).


    QGIS Map Design

    The QGIS Map Design book, authored by Gretchen Peterson and Anita Graser, has recently received an update. In its second edition, all the recipes, consisting of detailed step-by-step instructions, have been revamped to cater to the latest release of the open source GIS software, QGIS 3.4.

    Gretchen Peterson, who collaborated on the book with Anita Graser, elucidates what users can acquire.

    The book focuses on using QGIS to make completed maps, so that you can learn as if you were in a real-world type of scenario. Along the way you will learn the myriad color capabilities of the software including topological coloring, geometry generator goodies, complex nested reports, and tricks such as hidden arrows for cartographic effects or creating “clouds” from the random point generator.

    In the book “QGIS Map Design, 2nd Edition” by Gretchen Peterson and Anita Graser (published by Locate Press in 2018), there are 200 pages and the ISBN is 978-0989421751.

    QGIS Map Design is the process of creating visually appealing and informative maps using the QGIS software, allowing users to effectively communicate spatial information and display data in a clear and accessible manner.

    Atlas of the World

    Oxford’s 25th edition of the World Atlas embraces innovation by introducing a captivating section on Tourism and Travel, along with captivating new maps showcasing armed conflicts across the globe. Furthermore, this extraordinary edition enthralls readers with a brand-new map dedicated to Antarctica, meticulously curated using the cutting-edge data provided by the esteemed British Antarctic Survey.

    The World Atlas of Oxford (New York: 25th edition, November 2018), pp. 448. ISBN: 9780190913038 $89.95.

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