24th Anniversary Gifts: Best Ideas (Traditional & Modern)

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What are the classic gifts for celebrating a 24th anniversary? Join us on this delightful journey as we unveil an enchanting assortment of imaginative present suggestions, blending these cherished traditions with a touch of novelty and allure.

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This is a segment of our series on Anniversary Presents based on the year.

24th Anniversary Themes

What is the traditional 24 year anniversary gift?


Why is the opal the traditional 24th anniversary gift?

Opals symbolize a flourishing bond of love, blossoming into hope, unwavering loyalty, boundless joy, and unwavering self-assurance throughout a remarkable 24-year journey together.

What is the modern 24 year anniversary gift?

Musical instruments.

Why are musical instruments the modern 24th anniversary gift?

Music inspires passion, sentiment, and delightful melodies blending together to create something innovative and novel.

What is the 24 year anniversary gemstone?


Why is tanzanite the twenty-fourth anniversary stone?

The mesmerizing shade of blue mirrors the ethereal sky, evoking a profound sense of vitality and the profound bond that intertwines you and your partner.

What is the 24th anniversary flower?

Lavender bouquet.

What is the 24 year anniversary color?


10 Best Twenty-Fourth Anniversary Gifts

Let’s get to the gifts! Here are ten of our very favorite things to give in celebration of your 24th year together.

1. Opal & Gold Necklace

Celebrate your 24th anniversary in style with the exquisite opal and gold necklace, a timeless piece of jewelry that never fails to impress!

She’ll adore matching this adorable necklace with her finest evening ensemble and venturing out in the city.

2. Sound Wave Wall Art

Select from a variety of six captivating starry night color schemes and infuse it with your own unique touch by including a heartfelt voice message or your all-time favorite tune! Witness the extraordinary as these talented artists bring your selected audio to life through the mesmerizing visualization of sound waves.

Commemorate your 24th anniversary with a truly unique manifestation of affection, encompassing the enchanting realm of musical devices.

3. Opal Dipped Rose

Real roses wilt and perish, but not this exquisite rose coated in opal. It shall endure just as your love does! An exquisite embellishment for the coffee table, nightstand, or gracefully nestled amidst the books on your bookshelf.

4. Lovely Lavender Medley

The mesmerizing bouquet of lavender is sure to captivate her heart and bring a radiant smile to her face! We believe its enchanting scent matches its breathtaking appearance.

5. Silver Anniversary Picture Frame

Embrace the infallible charm of a cherished photograph, encased within a timeless silver frame such as this! The addition of personalization only amplifies its innate sweetness.

6. Couple’s Opal Bands

Prepare to be mesmerized by the exquisite beauty of these meticulously crafted matching rings that will adorn your fingers with sheer elegance. As your hands lovingly intertwine, a sense of enchantment will be evoked by the captivating opal hues, radiating a dazzling brilliance that is bound to leave you spellbound.

Your original wedding bands can be adorned with these precious gems, interchanged, or adorning other fingers, leaving your couple friends envious of the heartfelt exhibition of your love.

7. Musician Bobblehead

No matter which musical instrument they fancy, unleash your creativity by personalizing this charming bobblehead with a cherished photograph! Witness their laughter and cherish this enchanting keepsake for many years to come.

8. Best. Musician. Ever. Custom Tumbler

Ensure there is absolutely no uncertainty regarding the unrivaled talent of the supreme drummer (guitarist, singer, pianist, etc) with the aid of this adorable personalized tumbler! Delight in the unending hydration during an exhilarating nocturnal jamming extravaganza alongside the musical ensemble, courtesy of these entirely tailored tumblers.

9. Put Together a Custom Map Puzzle

What an enchanting concept! Select the address of your current whereabouts, the inaugural address of your very first shared abode, or the spot where your dream house resides, and witness the culmination of it all within a completely one-of-a-kind puzzle!

10. Custom Engraved Wooden Guitar Pick

Crafted from fine wood, these exquisite guitar picks boast a unique touch, radiating charm and elegance. Your beloved strummer will experience pure delight as they pluck enchanting melodies, fueled by the sheer inspiration these picks provide.

Traditional 24th Anniversary Gifts (Opal)

11. Opal Coasters

Forget your mama’s coasters, these opal coasters redefine tradition! As a stunning homage to the 24th anniversary, each coaster stands as a unique masterpiece. Bid farewell to unsightly water rings with these exquisite works of art!

12. Opal Essence Artwork

Adorn your wall with this exquisite opal essence masterpiece! Its iridescent hues and mesmerizing light play render it the epitome of tranquility and elegance within the room.

13. Opal Glass Hearts

These exquisite opal glass hearts serve as delightful tokens of affection, allowing you to express the depth of your love. Arrange them in a charming dish or transform them into exquisite jewelry pieces.

14. Light Green Opal & Gold Necklace

Exquisitely crafted, this necklace made of light green opal and gold possesses an unparalleled charm that effortlessly complements an array of her ensembles. Whether she chooses to adorn it with her cherished blouse and skirt, or simply pairs it with a casual tee and jeans, it is bound to become her beloved accessory.

15. Opal Tumblers

Here’s to the joyful couple! They’ll adore the gratifying sound as you raise a glass with these luminescent opal tumblers.

Modern 24th Anniversary Gifts (Musical Instruments)

16. Music Jewelry Boxes

Let your imagination soar as you craft a truly unique music box! Prepare to leave them in awe with the profound sentiment behind this extraordinary present. From the captivating visuals to the heartfelt message engraved, and the carefully selected melody, this gift truly embodies your deep understanding and affection for your cherished one.

17. Personalized Music Lounge Sign

The personalized charm of this delightful sign extends to every detail, from the musical instrument of their choice to the custom name engraving! Its vintage allure will captivate them, whether it’s hung next to the piano or displayed proudly on the guitar showcase wall.

18. 7 String Pentatonic Harp

For those musicians who appear to possess everything, we’re willing to wager that one item they lack is a 7-string pentatonic harp, more commonly referred to as a lyre! Prepare to witness their astonishment and sheer delight as they serenade their hearts out with this enchanting and delightful present.

19. Custom Photo Guitar Picks

Choose a delightful picture or choose a playful one! The only thing certain is that once you’ve made your selection, your choice will be absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Customize both sides to your heart’s desire. Whether you opt for dual photos or a charming love note on one side and a captivating image on the other, make sure to declare “I choose you.” After all, nothing exudes allure like a clever pun.

20. Metal Guitar Capo

The guitar player’s best friend, a capo, grants them effortless key changes! This remarkable accessory elevates the experience by incorporating personalized names or a heartfelt message. Undoubtedly, a gift idea worth cherishing!

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24 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

21. 14k Solid Gold Tanzanite Flower Ring

Once she adorns herself with this delicate 14k gold tanzanite flower ring, she will be yearning for a luxurious manicure. Your dearest one will be captivated by the charming trinket, and will frequently be asked about its origin: You!

22. Sonoma Lavender Bath Set

She has remained your spouse for a remarkable span of 24 years! We firmly believe she is entitled to a lavish and indulgent bubble bath experience. She will undoubtedly revel in the sheer bliss of immersing herself up to her very chin in this opulent blend.

23. Custom Wine Glass

Let your own personal touch shine through: whether it be filled with sentiment and romance, or filled with playful and joyful vibes! This unique wine glass is destined to become a cherished favorite, always within arm’s reach.

24. Angel of Harmony

Surprise her with a delightful Willow Tree figurine! To complement the musical ambiance, she will adore the enchanting angel of harmony, gracefully playing her petite flute.

25. Opal Oval Earrings

Brace yourself for a burst of brilliance with these mesmerizing opal earrings! Their resplendent range of hues effortlessly harmonizes with any ensemble, illuminating her lovely countenance and enhancing her innate allure.

24 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

26. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Brace yourself for his ecstatic response to this customized whiskey barrel, as well as the overwhelming excitement from his companions! This exquisite masterpiece transcends mere aesthetics, effortlessly blending into any living space or culinary domain, while simultaneously serving a practical purpose and providing endless amusement! (And its versatile nature extends beyond the confinement of whiskey storage).

27. Blue Opal Money Clip

Safeguard his precious “folding fortune” with the exquisite blue opal money clip, ensuring not a single bill escapes his pocket or wallet. Regardless of the modest amount, he’ll exude a sense of opulence akin to a millionaire!

28. Custom Sound Wave Bracelet

Indulge in the allure of this exquisite leather sound wave bracelet, perfect for the adventurous and understated gentlemen! Effortlessly capture a heartfelt message and embellish it with a personalized engraving (if desired), creating an unparalleled and unparalleled gift.

29. 14K Tanzanite Earrings

Indulge your man with a touch of enigma and elegance by adorning him with these captivating tanzanite earrings. As he adorns those adorable ears you adore nibbling on, watch him exude a confident aura, feeling like a true embodiment of opulence.

30. Luxury Wool & Cashmere Clothing

Should he devote the majority of his earnings to you and the little ones, it’s high time to reverse the roles and allow him the pleasure of selecting exquisite designer attire for his own indulgence! Plus, as an added bonus, he’ll be impeccably dressed for your special evening together!

24 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

31. Custom Spotify Code Bookmarks

Celebrate your cherished moments with these adorable bookmarks that make for a unique anniversary surprise. With just a scan, your beloved reader can dive into the melodious world of their treasured Spotify playlist. This ingenious and contemporary twist on the timeless mixtape is a delightful way for both of you to revel in shared musical experiences.

Envision the tranquil evenings spent indulging in a captivating novel, accompanied by a velvety glass of wine and the dulcet melodies of love, as you embrace the company of your most cherished individual. This petite anniversary present exudes profound significance despite its diminutive size!

32. Romantic Anniversary Trip

Explore the vast array of enchanting destinations and thrilling activities across the USA (and beyond), and discover a myriad of extraordinary experiences to embark on together, whether in close proximity or in far-flung corners of the globe.

33. Couple’s Blanket

Experience pure joy with this adorable blanket! Personalized with your cherished memories (including your beloved pets or precious children), both of you will delight in cuddling beneath this cozy throw while reliving the nostalgic 24-year-old wedding footage.

34. 3D Crystal Photo

Prepare to be captivated by this extraordinary 3D crystal masterpiece! Delight your cherished loved one as they witness their treasured wedding or engagement photograph come to life amidst a dazzling symphony of radiant illumination and glistening enchantment.

35. Door Harp

Crafted in sunny California using a delightful medley of walnut, cherry, canary, and maple woods, this exquisite miniature door harp imparts a warm and inviting ambiance with its gentle melodic chimes. Bid farewell to bothersome, clamorous bells!

Unique Twenty-Fourth Anniversary Gifts

36. Learn How to Play Instruments Together

Bestow upon them the precious present of bonding through the melodious art of music! Handpick an enticing course or grant them the freedom to choose, and embark on a harmonious journey of creating exquisite melodies together.

37. Nothing But Good Music Here – Custom Bottle Opener

This ingenious custom bottle opener is a true champion, tailored to perfection. The admiration for its exquisite appearance and frequent usage knows no bounds. One cannot help but ponder how they managed without it in the past.

38. Opal Yoga Mat

This opal yoga mat is an absolute essential for those devoted to fitness! Enthusiasts will be enthralled as they gracefully execute their downward dogs, lotus positions, and Warrior 1 stances on this enchanting and radiant mat.

39. Too Cute Face Pillow

Transform any object into a cozy cushion, even a cherished snapshot capturing your beautiful bond! Whether you opt for a heartfelt and adorable design or choose the most hilarious selfie ever, this extraordinary present will surely captivate your partner’s heart on your special 24th anniversary.

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