30 Top Gifts for a Senior Dog

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#30 – The Perfect “Toy” for an Anxious Pup ($9.99)

If your furry companion is separated from you during the day, chances are they yearn for your scent. Interestingly, studies have shown that your aroma possesses a soothing impact on your canine companion. Introducing the Comfort Cuddler, a unique toy that enables you to leave a tiny piece of clothing or your pillowcase with your beloved dog.


#29 – Joint relief for older dogs: Contains joint lubricating glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and turmeric

#28 – Skin & allergy chews for relief of itchy dogs with dry skin

#28 - Dermis & allergy morsels for alleviation of pruritic canines with dehydrated dermis.

#27 – This genius wand that practically erases your dog’s fur! ($14.99)

#27 - This brilliant wand that practically eliminates your dog's fur! ($14.99)

#26 – 4-in-1 Probiotic + Prebiotic + Digestive Enzymes to soothe troubled tummies

#26 - Quadruple Probiotic + Prebiotic + Digestive Enzymes to calm distressed stomachs

#25 – Dear Santa, I’ve Been A Good Dog Customizable Bandana ($19.99)

#25 – Beloved Santa, I've Behaved Admirably Canine Personalizable Bandana ($19.99)

#24 – Sniff Diggy™ Fun Mental Stimulation Nose Work Mat ($24.99)

#24 – Sniff Diggy™ Enjoyable Cognitive Stimulation Nose Work Mat ($24.99)

#23 – Good Dog Christmas Treat Advent Calendar ($14.99)

#23 – Fine Canine Christmas Treat Countdown Calendar ($14.99)

#22 – A tasty senior multi-vitamin – make up for nutritional deficiencies

Senior Multi Vitamin for Dogs 7

#21 – This Sterling Silver Necklace or Bracelet with Story Card

Our furry companions never fail to bring us daily delights. Adorned with a meticulously designed poem card, this exquisite jewelry piece is an embodiment of perfection, making it an ideal present. Caution: there is an extremely high chance of it being sold out. Acquire the bracelet for $41.00 or the necklace for $42.

#21 – This Silver Necklace or Bracelet made of Sterling with Narrative Card.

#21 – This Silver Necklace or Bracelet made of Sterling with Narrative Card.

#20 – These awesome “invisible toothbrushes” for dogs. Free, just pay shipping.

IMG 8155

#19 – Hemp Holiday Stocking Starter Gift Set – $50 Value, Only $39.00)

#19 - Cannabis Christmas Stocking Initiation Gift Set - $50 Worth, Solely $39.00.

#18 – A Piece Of My Heart Picture Frame ($14.99)

#18 – A Fragment Of My Soul Photo Frame ($14.99)

#17 – The fun & mentally stimulating Portoballo – put kibble inside and watch your dog try and get it out! ($3.99)

#17 - The enjoyable & intellectually challenging Portoballo - place dry food inside and observe your canine attempt to retrieve it! ($3.99)

#16 – Soothe those calloused senior elbows with this all-natural elbow balm ($14.99)

#16 – Ease those rough senior elbows with this organic elbow ointment ($14.99)

#15 – Customizable Deluxe Nylon Collar. Eliminates need for dangerous and breakable dangling ID tags! ($14.99)

#15 – Personalizable Premium Nylon Collar. Removes necessity for hazardous and fragile hanging identification tags! ($14.99)

#14 – Hide & Hunt Raccoon Toys ($12.99)

#14 – Conceal & Pursue Raccoon Toys ($12.99)

#13 – Santa Paws Customizable Christmas Stocking ($24.99)

#13 – Santa Paws Personalizable Festive Stocking ($24.99)

#12 – A Delicious (and healthy) Bone Broth Food Additive for Senior Dogs – great for boosting appetite! ($24.99)

#12 – A Tasty (and nutritious) Bone Broth Food Supplement for Elderly Dogs – excellent for enhancing hunger! ($24.99)

#11 – Every Dog’s Favorite High-Protein Treat… Bully Sticks ($14.99)

#11 - Each Canine's Beloved High-Protein Delicacy... Bully Sticks ($14.99)

#10 – Snout Balm for Those Dry, Crusty Noses Our Pups Get ($14.99)

Number 10 - Balm for the Dry, Rough Noses Our Dogs Obtain ($14.99)

#9 – One of These Ultra Warm Blankets You Can Share with Your Dog (bonus: for each one purchased, one is donated to a shelter!) $29.99

#9 - One of These Extremely Cozy Blankets You Can Share with Your Canine Companion (extra: for every purchase, one is given to a shelter!) $29.99

#8 – These Irresistible Yak Cheese Chews Dogs Go Crazy For

#8 - These Tempting Yak Cheese Treats Canines Are Wild About

#7 – Brain Ball by Project Play™ – Treat Dispensing Teaser & Thinker Toy ($12.99)

Number 7 – Mind Sphere by Project Play™ – Snack Dispensing Puzzle & Ponder Toy ($12.99)

#6 – Slow Feeder Interactive Blue Maze Bowl ($9.99)

#6 – Sluggish Feeder Engaging Azure Labyrinth Dish ($9.99)

#5 – Teach Your Dog to Brush Their Own Teeth with This Rubber Brushing Stick!

#5 – Educate Your Canine to Clean Their Own Teeth with This Rubber Dental Stick!

#4 – Our Most Popular Treats Ever – Grain Free Dental Sticks!

#4 - Our Bestselling Snacks to Date - Gluten-Free Oral Staves!

#3- Dog Carrier Slings with Aromatherapy – Great for seniors or anxious pups!

#3- Canine Transport Slings with Fragrance Therapy - Ideal for elderly individuals or nervous puppies!

#2 – The Super Popular Sniff Diggy Mat + Treat Pack – Hide treat inside and watch your senior exercise their nose & brain getting them out ($19.99)


30 Top Gifts for a Senior Dog

#1 – Senior Dog Complete Hemp Joint & Dental Health System ($59.99, a $100 value)

#1 – Elderly Canine Total Hemp Joint & Dental Health System ($59.99, a $100 worth)

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