37 tested gift ideas for your favorite beekeeper 2022

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Having personally tested and utilized every single item on this curated list, I can vouch for their exceptional quality. As every beekeeper possesses unique aspirations and preferences, it is advisable to explore and uncover what would truly delight your beloved bee enthusiast.

I categorized the gift suggestions for beekeepers to simplify the search process. Every item on this list is personally endorsed by me and has earned my seal of approval. There are budget-friendly options that make great “stocking stuffers,” as well as higher-priced items that offer lasting value for beekeepers.

  • Immerse yourself in the captivating world of swarms and their enigmatic behavior with Thomas D. Seeley’s remarkable literary creation, Honeybee Democracy. Delve into the intricately orchestrated phenomenon of colony reproduction, which may appear chaotic at a glance but is astutely elucidated within the pages of this enlightening book. For those beekeepers who seemingly possess everything, books make an ideal and thoughtful gift choice.
  • Jurgen Tautz’s captivating book, The Buzz About Bees, invites readers into the enchanting world of the beehive, unraveling the intricate workings and fascinating dynamics of the bee colony. Contrary to its seemingly playful title, this remarkable piece of literature transcends the realm of children’s books. The pages are adorned with breathtaking photographs that effortlessly capture the essence of these remarkable creatures.
  • Traynor & Traynor’s Simple, Smart Beekeeping: A fantastic introductory book adorned with exquisite visuals. For those seeking the perfect present for a budding beekeeper, look no further than Simple, Smart Beekeeping.
  • Wilson & Carril’s “The Enigmatic World of Backyard Bees”: Once individuals venture into the realm of honey beekeeping, a newfound awareness of the bustling bee community in their very own backyard ensues. Providing a comprehensive guide, “The Enigmatic World of Backyard Bees” not only addresses curious inquiries but also aids in the identification of myriad bee species dwelling amidst this vibrant ecosystem.
  • The American Bee Journal: I may not have a strong bias, but every beekeeper should definitely have a subscription to the American Bee Journal. Stay updated with the latest buzz in the captivating world of beekeeping.
  • The Beehive Valet: Behold this ingenious creation, a plastic marvel crafted to cradle frames in their upright stance as you transport or stow them away. Behold its versatility, for the Beehive Valet serves a multitude of purposes – from facilitating hive divisions and frame transfers, to gathering frames for extraction, melding colonies, capturing swarms, and safeguarding frames in storage. Its lid boasts integrated ventilation, while the container itself offers effortless cleaning. This is the missing link I yearned for, the coveted tool that eluded me. Rest assured, your cherished apiarist will be forever grateful.
  • Delicate Bee Brushes: These brushes are designed with utmost gentleness to ensure the safety of your precious bees. Master the art of using them with finesse, brushing upwards instead of downwards, for a delightful beekeeping experience.
  • The hive tool included in beginner kits fails to impress me. My utmost reliance is on the hive tool equipped with a remarkable J-hook at its end. It has become an indispensable tool for my beekeeping endeavors.
  • Swarm Commander: The ultimate summoner of swarms, this is my trusted secret weapon. While its initial cost may raise eyebrows, capturing even a single swarm will effortlessly justify the investment. Spritzing the enchanting elixir of Swarm Commander into a trap or tempting hive sets the stage of anticipation. With spellbinding efficacy, my inaugural bottle magically enticed a grand total of eight captivating swarms.
  • Explore the captivating realm of essential oils! Amazon unveils an incredible variety of these precious elixirs, perfect as bee supplements and enchanting attractants. My personal experience with them has been seamless, as I’ve made numerous purchases without encountering any hiccups. Among the plethora of options, anise oil reigns as my cherished bee enticer.
  • Everclear: A stark contrast to isopropyl alcohol, pure grain alcohol boasts non-toxic properties. When it comes to eliminating propolis from unnecessary surfaces, even my own skin, I opt for this harmless alternative. Everclear can easily be obtained from a multitude of liquor stores and, depending on your location, is offered in either 151 or 190 proof variants. Additionally, it can be utilized to craft personalized swarm lures using deceased queens.
  • Beekeepers rely on sugar for multiple purposes, such as crafting candy boards, preparing syrup, sealing queen corks, and creating fondant. Whenever there’s a sale on sugar, I make sure to accumulate ample supply of fifty-pound sacks of pure, refined white sugar. Although it may seem unconventional, presenting a few hefty bags of sugar would undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.
  • Utilizing a ratcheting tie-down comes in handy for securing my beehives, surpassing the conventional usage of bricks or stones. These versatile tools prove invaluable when transporting hives via a hand truck or a pickup truck. Surprisingly, I even employ them to fasten my ladder securely to a tree during swarm trap inspections. My personal inclination lies towards the hookless variation, known as endless loop tie-downs, although they do present a challenge to procure.
  • The Propane Torch: My absolute favorite tool for igniting a smoker is undoubtedly the propane torch, primarily due to its remarkable speed and unparalleled efficiency. Remember to include a canister of propane to complement this exceptional device.
  • With KwikStart Smoker Pellets at your disposal, igniting your smoker becomes a breeze, irrespective of whether you wield a torch or not. Brace yourself for a generous emission of mesmerizing, frosty smoke.
  • Seeking a natural alternative, individuals frequently seek organic beeswax as a coating for their plastic foundation, aiming to reduce pesticide levels within the hive. Additionally, this unadulterated beeswax holds potential for cosmetic applications.
  • Essential for honey extraction, the uncapping knife is an invaluable tool. Crafted from stainless steel, this version boasts a razor-sharp edge and exudes a satisfying tactile sensation.
  • Honey Strainer: To remove wax residues and bee fragments from your extracted honey, this dual stainless steel strainer works effectively.
  • Electronic monitoring equipment for the scientific types

  • The IR Camera is the ultimate essential tool for beekeepers, revolutionizing their experience. With attachment cameras like the Flir compatible with iPhones and Androids, beekeepers can now explore a whole new world. Throughout the winter season, the mesmerizing infra-red photos provide a glimpse into the hidden secrets of the colony – revealing its size, location, and even uncovering any unexpected inhabitants, such as mischievous mice. Dive into my exclusive interview with the innovative FLIR company to learn more about this game-changing technology.
  • The Broodminder-W, a brilliant innovation, measures the weight of your beehive every hour for a span of six months, eliminating the need for frequent button battery replacements. The data is seamlessly transmitted to your smartphone.
  • Unleashing the potential of a microscope with a camera opened my eyes to the extraordinary possibilities in the world of beekeeping. With a mere magnification of 400x, a whole new realm of Nosema testing awaits, allowing for an intimate examination of bee anatomy. Moreover, the microscope grants a front-row seat to the mesmerizing intricacies of pollen grains’ architectural masterpieces. Embracing modern technology, these microscopes are equipped with cameras that effortlessly connect to your computer, enabling the preservation and effortless sharing of your captivating images.
  • Beeswax crafting supplies: gift ideas for making gifts

  • Paint Strainers: Available in two convenient sizes – one gallon and five gallons – these nifty tools are specially crafted to perfectly fit inside plastic buckets. Their versatile functionality extends beyond just filtering honey, liquid wax, or paint. Seek out these invaluable paint strainers at reputable retailers such as Home Depot or the popular online marketplace, Amazon.Com.
  • The Double Boiler: A handy tool for wax melting. Avoid splurging on a pricey version as it tends to lose its utility beyond the initial melting stage.
  • Crock Pot: An exceptional method for transforming beeswax. However, just like the double boiler, it is advisable to use a dedicated one exclusively for melting wax. These tend to become quite messy in a rapid manner.
  • Explore the enchanting world of beeswax candle molds and unleash your creativity to fashion exquisite candles in an array of captivating shapes and sizes. Crafting these delightful creations is not only an enjoyable endeavor but also a practical one. Discover an abundance of options and inspiration on the Dadant website.
  • Protective Clothing for the whole family

  • When it comes to bee suits, my heart belongs to the Natural Apiary collection. With a variety of weights to choose from, I’ve found that the most budget-friendly option has truly exceeded my expectations. However, my personal preference lies with the captivating camouflage print. Surprisingly enough, I’ve experienced fewer stinging mishaps when donning this peculiar pattern (although the reason remains a mystery). The greatest advantage, though, is the impeccable ability of these suits to conceal any traces of wax, propolis, bee droppings, or honey stains. For those who prefer a more traditional look, worry not, as white and other colors are also offered in this remarkable collection.
  • The Bug Baffler, a two-piece suit crafted from delicate mesh known as “no-see-em” netting, offers a lightweight alternative. While not as sturdy as a cotton suit, I find the Bug Baffler perfect for swift tasks in the apiary, particularly during sweltering or muggy weather. Remarkably, I have never experienced a single sting while wearing this suit. Perhaps the bees become perplexed by the netting’s presence.
  • Velcro ankle straps: I like to use these when I’m wearing jeans. They keep the little angels from crawling up your legs.
  • Workshop/honey house must-haves

  • Hardware Cloth: Embracing the versatility of hardware cloth is paramount within an apiary. My personal preference lies with #8, boasting eight holes per inch, which proves to be an indispensable resource for crafting bottom boards, inner covers, ventilation ports, robbing screens, and queen cages. Rest assured, ten-foot rolls are readily accessible for your convenience.
  • In the realm of beekeeping, possessing an electric or pneumatic drill alongside a diverse array of drill bits and attachments, which encompass screwdrivers and hole saws, is an indispensable requirement. Engaging in the construction of structures dedicated to the bees is undeniably one of the most gratifying aspects of beekeeping.
  • Discover the wonders of Fluorescent Green Spray Paint, an ingenious solution for beekeepers seeking to capture drones and combat mite infestation. This remarkable technique allows for effortless identification and swift removal of frames. Uncover this remarkable tool at Home Depot or other esteemed hardware emporiums.
  • Gardening for pollinators of all types

  • Discover the ultimate solution for capturing yellowjackets with remarkable traps infused with specially formulated pheromone lures. These ingenious contraptions effortlessly entice wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets, while ensuring bees remain uninterested. Personally, I find the classic Rescue! Trap to be the epitome of excellence. Invest in high-quality pheromone lures to guarantee the longevity of your traps, providing years of unwavering protection.
  • Fluttering Capture: The enchanting tool of a butterfly net aids me in the identification of bees, ensnaring and neutralizing their hive adversaries like wasps, and even delicately extracting honey bees from the confines of a dwelling. With its elongated handle, it effortlessly retrieves bees ensnared in skylights. Butterfly nets embrace a vast array of sizes and prices, and a treasure trove for these coveted tools can be found at the Educational Science Online Store.
  • Beekeepers have an unwavering affection for seeds and are perpetually in search of the perfect plantings for their beloved bees. Whether it’s the enchanting cosmos or the delightful borage, there is an array of individual varieties to choose from. Alternatively, one can opt for a customized seed mixture tailored specifically to their local surroundings. Personally, I find Wildseed Farms to be an excellent source for exceptional regional blends.
  • Looking to satisfy the buzzing appetite of a bee brigade? Embark on a delightful journey by planting a buzzing bee-approved flowering tree or shrub like the majestic cherry laurel, the elegant black locust, or the vibrant California lilac (Ceanothus). Be sure to select trees that harmonize with the surrounding habitat. These arboreal wonders not only bless us with their beauty, but also play a vital role in nourishing pollinators and reducing atmospheric CO2.
  • Captivated by the enchantment of honey bees? Every bee holds its own allure. Observing a humble mason bee condo is a captivating experience and adds a distinctive touch to any garden, regardless of its size.
  • Hopefully, this compilation will spark inspiration for either yourself or your beloved beekeeper. While these suggestions may not be essential for beekeeping, they add a touch of enjoyment and convenience to your beekeeping journey.

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