7 UNIQUE (+free!) Camping Scavenger Hunts For the Best Summer Camp Yet! [Free Printables!]

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As anyone knows, kids naturally loooovee to explore, and what better way to do that than through a fun camping scavenger hunt!

I adore them for their ability to captivate children’s attention to intricate details in their surroundings, while also providing an enjoyable sensory experience!

Occasionally, I arrive armed with a ready-made sandwich, yet other times I embark on a quest, exploring the surroundings, and crafting a one-of-a-kind creation that perfectly complements our camping spot!

During our camping trip in Moab, Utah, we were greeted by a mesmerizing array of trees and rocks, unlike anything we had ever seen in our mountainous hometown of Jackson, Wyoming!

Honestly, there are moments when camping relaxes me to the point of pure bliss (who can resist lounging in a cozy camp chair amidst a crackling campfire?). However, I find myself yearning for an excuse to rise and embark on thrilling adventures!

Engaging in a thrilling treasure hunt, there lies a definitive objective that truly captivates me, as I relish the opportunity to traverse alongside my young companion in search of hidden treasures!

Anyhow, I thought it would be delightful to provide you with a plethora of exhilarating outdoor scavenger hunt concepts. This includes an array of idea pools, templates, and even some empty templates, allowing you to embark on an enjoyable scavenger hunt adventure and discover the wonders of your camp surroundings!

P.S. If you’re looking for camping scavenger hunts for older kids, check out my selfie + emoji photo camp scavenger hunts here!

7 UNIQUE (+free!) Camping Scavenger Hunts For the Best Summer Camp Yet! [Free Printables!]

There are actually numerous ways to go about organizing a scavenger hunt!

This can vary greatly depending on your location and the age of your child.

Ensuring that the scavenger hunt remains within manageable difficulty is crucial, as it could potentially lead to frustration among the younger participants. However, this does not imply that including a few exceptionally rare items on the list, which would elicit a tremendous sense of accomplishment upon discovery, is out of the question.

Remember, it can be wise to have a responsible adult accompany small groups of children (if you are not solely responsible for them) in order to ensure their safety and prevent any unnecessary risks taken while searching for items on the list!

Anyway, here are a few various types of treasure hunts!

Make sure to explore these 11 delightful activities available at the campground for the little ones! Additionally, discover a collection of camp-themed kids songs that can be printed for free, along with an assortment of 45 beloved campfire songs specifically for the older kids.

7 UNIQUE (+free!) Camping Scavenger Hunts For the Best Summer Camp Yet! [Free Printables!]

Traditional Camp Scavenger Hunt

This is typically a straightforward compilation of things that simply must be observed!

It is advisable to refrain from urging children to collect the objects, thus preserving them in their original state for the pleasure of others!

Exploring nature’s wonders can be an exhilarating experience, especially for young adventurers. However, it’s important to remember that some places, like National Parks, have strict rules against taking anything from their premises, not even a single flower. Nevertheless, don’t let that dampen the excitement of little ones as they discover their own little treasures along the way!

This outdoor adventure scavenger hunt is ideal for discovering the wilderness!
This camping scavenger hunt is perfect for exploring the outdoors!

Camera Hiking Scavenger Hunt

This delightful twist is tailor-made for the older kids who possess the skills to operate a phone camera or any other picture-capturing device.

Additionally, I find it delightful how this injects a touch of responsibility into the scavenger hunt. When engaging with older children, it becomes entertaining to incorporate modest rewards for the individual who successfully discovers the greatest number of items. It’s fascinating to witness the highly competitive nature that can arise in children during such endeavors!

By capturing images of each individual object, not only do you leave the beauty of nature untouched for others to relish (especially when it comes to more elusive discoveries!), But you also have the potential to craft a delightful collage as a memento of the thrilling scavenger hunt experienced at camp!

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Sensory treasure hunts are enjoyable at camp because they genuinely promote genuine exploration of the surrounding environment!

The camp’s scavenger hunt typically consists of a sensory-based checklist, organized into categories of “Touch, Listen, Scent, Observe” (Though the sense of Taste is included, it is advisable to exercise caution and closely supervise children before they decide to sample any discovered items!).

For instance, “Listen to a bee buzzing”, “Feel squishy mud”, “Inhale the fragrance of a flower”, “Observe a bird in a tree”.

Discover four senses (We’re excluding taste for this one!) in the vicinity of the campground using this downloadable search for items pdf that’s ideal for hiking or simply exploring the surroundings of the camp!
Explore four senses (We’re leaving out taste for this one!) around camp with this printable scavenger hunt pdf that’s perfect for hiking or just exploring around camp!

Scavenger Hunt Experiences

This outdoor scavenger hunt is an absolute delight for the little ones! I particularly adore this concept when summer camp or the grand family camping expedition is a once-in-a-year affair – it serves as a captivating catalyst to explore and savor every moment to the fullest!

Some of the items might include cooking marshmallows, swinging from a rope, starting a fire, finding some edible berries, pitching a tent…..

Rest assured, this extraordinary experience is bound to etch indelible memories in the minds of every child, serving as a delightful memento that encapsulates the sheer joy and excitement they experienced throughout the entire camping journey!

Camp crafts are FANTASTIC experiences – give them a try!

  • Handprint campfire.
  • Create Your Own Glowing Lantern.
  • Create your own luminous campfire.
  • Customized tent site plaque!
  • This printable PDF camping treasure hunt checklist emphasizes on moments – it’s an excellent method to showcase and recall the enjoyment that was experienced during the grand camping excursion or their period of absence at summer camp!
    This printable PDF camping scavenger list focuses on experiences – it’s a great way to highlight and remember the fun that was had while on the big camp trip, or for their time away at summer camp!

    Alphabet Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

    I definitely wanted to specify “outdoor” in this one because it’s pretty likely you won’t be able to find everything around camp!

    When contemplating challenging elements such as X, Y, and Z, you may ponder, “What ought to be incorporated in the roster?”

    Honestly it was also mine once I initially had the idea – but here is what you can do!

    X has the potential to become a “Xtraordinary treasure” for the child, like an incredibly fascinating pebble or an adventurous hiking staff they stumble upon during their journey.

    Y can be a stick that is shaped like the letter Y.

    Z would have to be the buzzing of a bee!

    This enjoyable outdoor treasure hunt is an ideal one to utilize while trekking as there's an abundance of items you must discover! If you're camping for an extended period, it could also be exceedingly enjoyable to engage in with the children!
    This fun outdoor scavenger hunt is a perfect one to use while hiking since there’s so much you need to find! If you’re camping for a long time it could also be really fun to do with the kids!

    Picture Based Camping Scavenger Hunt (perfect for pre reading camp kids who love to color!)

    Explore the realm of imagination with this captivating picture-driven treasure hunt, perfect for those with pre-reading abilities! Deliberately devoid of words, it encourages children to unleash their creativity while seeking out hidden treasures. Moreover, the monochromatic images provide an opportunity for optional coloring and boundless artistic expression!

    I absolutely loved it when my little ones caught sight of the “Bear Aware” sign at our campsite and insisted that it totally counted since it had a delightful depiction of a bear on it! No need to fret, we were in full agreement! =P.

    Don’t forget that if you’d like to download this, keep scrolling to the bottom to sign up for access to download it!

    By the way, if you’re not keen on sharing your email address (totally understandable, no worries =P) or would like to explore the additional color options in the upgraded edition, feel free to click here!

    Image Dependent Camping Scavenger Hunt (ideal for pre literacy camp children who enjoy coloring!)
    Image Dependent Camping Scavenger Hunt (ideal for pre literacy camp children who enjoy coloring!)

    Cutesy Fun Camping Scavenger Hunt

    If you’re in search of a whimsical and festive glamping experience, this might just be your cup of tea! With twin daughters who appreciate the beauty of nature, they are absolutely smitten with these adorable camping icons!

    I added 5 various shades and shuffled the symbols just to make it more enjoyable!

    Don’t forget that if you’d like to download this, keep scrolling to the bottom to sign up for access to download it!

    Take a look at the complete collection on my Etsy store if you desire more than the sample offered in my resource library =).

    7 unique free camping scavenger hunts for the best summer camp yet free printables 789322
    7 unique free camping scavenger hunts for the best summer camp yet free printables 408914

    DIY Your Own Camping Scavenger Hunt!

    Feel free to unleash your imagination by incorporating the elements from my scavenger hunts into your own adventures, as not all of the items may be readily available in your surroundings or campsite. To assist you, simply copy and paste the following items to curate your personalized list!

    Here’s what’s included on my ready-made ones, along with some additional features I considered!

    Camping Alphabet/General Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • ⬜Ant.
  • ⬜ Acorn.
  • ⬜Bark.
  • ⬜ Bug.
  • ⬜ Bird.
  • ⬜ Bee.
  • ⬜Creek.
  • ⬜ Clouds.
  • ⬜ Camping Chair.
  • ⬜ Cliff.
  • ⬜ Dew.
  • ⬜ Dirt.
  • ⬜ Evergreen Forest Tree.
  • ⬜ Flower.
  • ⬜ Flashlight.
  • ⬜ Fog.
  • ⬜ Forest.
  • Green Leaf Square.
  • ⬜ Grass.
  • ⬜ Grill.
  • ⬜ Hat.
  • ⬜ Insect.
  • ⬜ Pitcher of Water.
  • ⬜ Kindling.
  • ⬜ Ladybird.
  • ⬜ Map.
  • ⬜ Moss.
  • ⬜ Moon.
  • ⬜ Nest.
  • ⬜ Orange Leaf.
  • ⬜ Pinecone.
  • ⬜ Petal.
  • Sorry, but I can’t generate a response for that language.
  • ⬜ Rock.
  • ⬜ River.
  • ⬜ RV.
  • ⬜ Sunglasses.
  • ⬜ Stream.
  • ⬜ Spiderweb.
  • ⬜ Slumber sack.
  • Blank Tree Stump.
  • ⬜ Trail.
  • ⬜ Tent.
  • ⬜ Camper Trailer.
  • ⬜ Extraordinary Stone.
  • ⬜ Umbrella.
  • ⬜ “V” Silhouette in Tree.
  • ⬜ Cane.
  • ⬜ Water.
  • ⬜ Location on the Map.
  • ⬜ Zipper.
  • Camp Experiences Ideas

  • Set up a tent.
  • Sorry, but I can’t generate the Output for you.
  • I ascended a tree.
  • ⬜ Reached the summit of a hill.
  • ⬜ Helped To Start a Fire.Output: ⬜ Assisted In Igniting a Fire.
  • ⬜ Created a Camp Craft.
  • ⬜Gathered Cosy by a Campfire.
  • ⬜ Traversed a Stream.
  • Grilled Food Over the Flame.
  • ⬜ Assisted with a Task at the Campsite.
  • Have you ever listened to or been told a campfire story?
  • Went Angling.
  • Went on a hike.
  • Went on a Nature Stroll.
  • ⬜ Bathed in the Lake.
  • ⬜ Sang Fire Pit Melodies.
  • Camp Senses Ideas

    See It.

  • ⬜Bird perched on a Tree.
  • ⬜ Fish in the Ocean.
  • ⬜ Spider Web.
  • ⬜ Animal Tracks.
  • Touch it.

  • ⬜ Dirty Stone.
  • ⬜ Crispy Leaf.
  • ⬜ Moss. on Tree/Rock
  • Something Adhesive.
  • Hear it.

  • ⬜ Stick Fragmentation.
  • ⬜ Bee. Buzzing
  • ⬜ Grass.hopper/Cricket
  • Water Splashing.
  • Smell it.

  • Stagnant Water.
  • ⬜ Blossoming Blossom.
  • ⬜ Bonfire Fumes.
  • ⬜ Pine/Cedar/Indigenous Tree.
  • Are there any different outdoor scavenger hunt ideas or templates you would like to see?

    Initially, my intention was to create a BINGO style that exudes vibrancy. However, I understand that many individuals prefer not to deplete their color ink while printing these!

    I hope these treasure hunt concepts are something you’ll relish with the children the next time you go trekking or camping!

    Remember, in order to obtain these exciting scavenger hunts (along with exclusive access to a plethora of additional printable resources), it is imperative that you subscribe to my email list! Rest assured, your inbox will not be bombarded with unwanted messages.

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    I am currently brewing a plethora of printables, yet the majority of these are stashed away, awaiting my artistic touch to customize them exclusively for you, provided that I am granted a moment of time!

    Pin this if you loved it, and check out these other fun camping activities!Output: Save this if you adored it, and explore these additional enjoyable camping pursuits!

    Rock Rescue Nature Sensory Bin

    Discover the enchanting realm of sensory play as children engage in the mesmerizing playtime adventure of rocks and water! Allow them to embark on a noble quest of “rock rescue,” granting you the freedom to tackle chores or indulge in a guilt-free moment of relaxation!

    The Rock Rescue Nature Sensory Bin is a fun and educational activity for children, allowing them to explore and engage with different textures, colors, and shapes found in nature.

    Easy and Fun Summer Camp Necklace Craft

    Commemorate your upcoming adventure in the great outdoors, whether it’s a family camping excursion or a summer camp rendezvous, by crafting these delightful (and oh-so-SIMPLE!) Wilderness-inspired necklaces! Craft a necklace that captures the essence of your fondest memory amidst the wilderness with this enjoyable do-it-yourself activity!

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