50+ Experience Gift Ideas for Teens

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Get ready to surprise the teenager who seems to possess it all or is drowning in clutter. Explore this treasure trove of over 50 unique experience gift ideas tailored specifically for teens.

Being a mother to three teenagers myself, giving holiday gifts can be quite a difficult task.

Whether it’s their outrageously lavish presents (May I lay my hands on the latest iPhone 47?) Or their utterly nonsensical choices (I flatly rejected the idea of a hoverboard), or simply their indifferent response when I inquire about their desires or necessities this year, it seems like my family’s gift preferences are quite unpredictable.

Additionally, considering my strong aversion towards any additional items cluttering their bedroom floor, the idea of purchasing an excessive amount of presents solely for the purpose of placing them beneath the Christmas tree appears rather absurd.

Deep down, my heart yearns to witness the sheer delight that illuminates my children’s faces as they unravel the mysteries held within that extraordinary gift. It fills me with immense joy to present them with something that truly captivates their souls, and an extraordinary bonus would be if it entwines us in a shared adventure.

Explore the world of Experience Gifts.

Buying an activity for your teenager to engage in rather than giving them material possessions can rekindle the holiday spirit.

Embark on a journey of acquiring fresh abilities, exploring uncharted territories, or if fortune favors you, create an unforgettable moment alongside your teenager.

It can reduce the mess in their already untidy rooms.

The awesomeness of an experience gift can be enhanced by the involvement of grandparents or other cherished individuals in your family. Alternatively, they have the option to complement the experience by adding something tangible to make it even more enjoyable.

Unsure about where to begin? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

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Below, we present a collection of innovative and imaginative ideas that may ignite your creativity, offering experience gifts that will forge indelible and everlasting memories, surpassing the fleeting enchantment of mere toys.

Although the relevance of some of these might vary based on your location, there are numerous virtual or remote experience gifts available.

For Teens Who Want to Learn Something New

Who wouldn’t envision themselves as a teenage rockstar, jamming with their very own band? In case you’re unable to locate a music instructor nearby, fret not! There exist fantastic virtual alternatives to learn guitar or other instruments. Moreover, there are numerous pocket-friendly starter guitars that could serve as a delightful surprise when unwrapped beneath the twinkling Christmas tree.

Cooking lessons: Do you have a teenager who enjoys cooking? Discover some nearby classes and place a charming apron as a gift.

Sewing/Fashion: Many crafting/hobby stores often offer sewing or clothes making classes. Don’t have a machine? We like this Singer travel sewing maching.

Acting/voice/dance lessons.

Photography classes. We’ve even heard of an excellent course for mastering the art of capturing stunning images with your iPhone.

Yoga or alternative fitness sessions. A fresh mat or some resistance bands would be an excellent accompanying present!

Personal fitness instructor sessions.

Cake embellishing or other pastry making courses. And ensure you have the opportunity to participate in the flavor sampling.

Sports classes such as tennis or golf.

Embarking on a language learning journey for an enriching study abroad experience? Look no further than Rosetta Stone—a remarkable present that promises speedy language acquisition for aspiring learners.

Gaming/Coding courses such as those provided at Code Academy.

Classes in pottery or painting.

For Adolescents Who Desire to Acquire Fresh Knowledge

Gift Ideas for Teens Who Love the Outdoors or Adventures

Canoe or kayak trips.

Zipline adventures.

Fishing trips.

Whitewater rafting or tubing.

Explore these 10 incredible day hikes in U.S. National Parks and discover the beauty of local parks for hiking.

Surfing lessons.

Experience jet skiing or parasailing on your upcoming beach excursion.

Summer beach or pool access: perhaps consider giving some new swimming equipment as a complementary gift.

Scuba certification (must be ten years or older).

Skiing/snowboarding tickets to your nearby mountain. Naturally, new equipment would always be welcomed.

Ropes course gift voucher: Go Ape, one of our preferred spots, has branches all over the nation.

Indoor or outdoor rock climbing.

Indoor Skydiving.

Go-kart excursion.

Axe throwing: this is a novel, enjoyable method to throw axes at a target in a secure environment.

Horseback riding.

Unlock the wonders of Masterclass Membership! Unsure of your teen’s passions? Grant them the power to explore and embrace a plethora of captivating disciplines, tailored to their whims and schedules. Immerse them in a world of limitless possibilities, from the culinary arts alongside the esteemed Gordon Ramsey to the finesse of basketball skills under the tutelage of the legendary Steph Curry. Or perhaps, ignite their thespian spirit through enchanting acting lessons guided by the illustrious Natalie Portman.

Additionally, make sure to explore our Gift Suggestions for Outdoor-loving Teenagers.

Experience Gifts for Teens Who Like to Do Stuff

Tickets to concerts featuring their beloved musicians. Extra points if you share the same musical taste as your teenager!

Sports events.

Broadway or other theatrical performances: consider creating a playlist of their preferred melodies to help ignite their enthusiasm.

Passes for either a Water Park or an Amusement Park.

Gift vouchers to their preferred dining establishments (extra points if you allow them to bring along their companions).

Funds for summer camp.

Cinema gift vouchers.

Gift cards for Top Golf or batting cage facilities.

Passes for the Trampoline Park.

Laser Tag/Paintball: We also adore this laser tag kit for teenagers and grown-ups.

Escape Rooms: An escape room is an engaging, 60-minute, real-life adventure activity. Individuals who have a passion for escape rooms, truly adore escape rooms.

Bowling is a great activity to enjoy on a rainy day.

Experience Gift Ideas for Teens Who Like to Travel

There are so many great reasons you should travel with your teen. You’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

VRBO/AirBnB or hotel vouchers.

Funds designated for airfare or various travel costs. Additionally, explore FlightGift, an ingenious gift card that boasts universal acceptance across a wide range of global airlines.

The Tinggly experience box is an intriguing concept as it allows you to select the desired price, while giving the gift recipient the freedom to choose an experience that perfectly matches their preferences and location.

Airbnb’s repertoire extends beyond mere accommodation provision, as they also curate a plethora of immersive and enlightening experiences led by local experts. Among their offerings, virtual tours stand out as an exceptional choice for those seeking to bestow a meaningful gift upon someone residing in a different country, while also embarking on the adventure together.

Membership Pass to museums, art galleries, planetariums, zoos, or other points of interest.

EcoAdventures: Embarking on an ecoadventure entails conscientious exploration of natural realms, aiming to safeguard the environment and uphold the welfare of indigenous communities. Engaging in ethical whale or dolphin tours, traversing scenic trails, delving into mysterious caves, and gliding through serene waters with a reputable tour group all contribute to eco-friendliness.

CityPass offers a delightful opportunity for wanderers to explore America’s most renowned landmarks, allowing them to save both precious time and valuable money through a convenient pay-one-price package deal. Surprise your loved ones with a CityPass gift, effortlessly sending it to their email address.

Fun and Practical Experience Gift Ideas for Teens

Occasionally, the finest presents are the ones that somebody genuinely desires or requires.

Capturing Moments. Many adolescents cherish the idea of immortalizing their experiences, and a chance to engage in a professional photo session can offer them a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

Catering to the insatiable appetite of teenagers for captivating content, gifting them an extra dose of entertainment with coveted streaming services like Amazon Prime video, Netflix, or Disney+ would undoubtedly be a universally adored present.

Charitable Contribution: For the generous teenager, a contribution in their name to a charity of their preference could warm hearts.

Gym memberships.

Who would have thought that gift cards could be so captivating? Although they may not be the epitome of excitement, teenagers absolutely adore the freedom of choosing their own purchases. Imagine the joy they would experience with gift cards to trendy coffee shops, popular music streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon Music, and even gaming gift cards. And let’s not forget about the convenience of Audible, DoorDash, and Uber gift cards, which are especially cherished by college students.

With a flicker of hope, may these concepts ignite the embers of your creativity, prompting contemplation towards bestowing everlasting recollections through experiential presents. And if your teenager permits shared involvement, the outcome shall be magnified beyond measure.

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