8 Ways to Celebrate During Dental Assistants Recognition Week

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Dental Assistants Recognition Week kicks off on March 5th, and the AADOM Tribe has come up with a plethora of fantastic ideas to honor these invaluable team members in your practice. A huge round of applause and heartfelt gratitude go to Savanah Carlson, MAADOM, the esteemed president of the local AADOM Boston Chapter, for sharing some exciting and profound methods to acknowledge your amazing DAs.

8 Ways to Celebrate Dental Assistants

Heartfelt Conversations

Expressing genuine gratitude and offering heartfelt compliments to your team members is effortlessly rewarding. While presenting gifts may bring satisfaction, it is the heartfelt words of appreciation and encouragement from the leaders within your workplace that truly ignite motivation. Take the time to acknowledge their specific strengths and the valuable contributions they make to improve the overall patient experience in your practice.

Handwritten Notes

In addition to expressing gratitude, the timeless practice of penning a personal note holds great value. The forgotten tradition of crafting handwritten messages embodies both dedication and mindfulness, serving as yet another heartfelt gesture of appreciation.

Yummy Treats

To truly commemorate the occasion, why not surprise the team with a delightful selection of breakfast, lunch, or delectable delights? Discover the preferred snacks or restaurants of your dental assistant and present them with a delightful treat! However, it is essential to bear in mind the importance of providing them with a generous break to fully relish in the celebration.

Self-Care Gifts

Who doesn’t know the phrase “burn out”? Unleash the magic of self-care to demonstrate your genuine concern for their overall welfare. Treat them to a luxurious pedicure, summon a skilled masseuse for a blissful session, indulge in rejuvenating 10-minute neck and shoulder massages, or perhaps gift them a mesmerizing salt lamp and exquisite body lotions. This gesture goes beyond mere work ethic and productivity within the confines of the office; it showcases your heartfelt care for them as cherished companions.

Career Advancements

When was the most recent occasion you engaged in a conversation with your assistants regarding their professional paths? Extend the gesture of financing their advanced certifications and courses. Are they interested in attending a conference? Send them without hesitation! By providing them with opportunities to expand their expertise in dentistry, not only do you acknowledge their valuable role as dental assistants, but you also amplify the quality of patient care within your practice.

Share the Celebration

Join the SOCIALS sensation! Embrace the joy and spread the word across your social media platforms. Capture the lively festivities, share captivating pictures and intriguing bios of your dental assistants, and kindly request your patients to express their cherished moments with a dental assistant through a gleaming google review.

Give a Plant

Flowers perish. Vegetation can endure for a considerable duration when nurtured. Just like your squad!

Gift Cards

Everyone loves receiving money as a gift, but why not add a personal touch to it? Have you ever wondered about their favorite shopping destinations? Perhaps there’s a restaurant or coffee shop they absolutely adore. Or maybe there’s an exciting experience they’ve been longing to try, like a paint night, ax throwing, or even a wreck-it-room session. And don’t forget to accompany the gift with a heartfelt handwritten note!

Take some time this week and have some fun making sure your DAs know just how valued they are on your team!

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