Appropriate High School Graduation Gift From Grandparents (2023)

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In this article, I’ll share a few of my preferred suitable high school graduation presents from grandparents.

I was recently requested for some suggestions of suitable high school graduation presents from grandparents.

I understand that for many grandparents, this can be a difficult task depending on your bond with your grandchildren.

Seeking the assistance of wise neighbors and experienced friends who proudly hold the title of grandparents and have witnessed the triumph of high school graduations, I eagerly collected their insightful thoughts, valuable ideas, and generous contributions.

As I delve into the plethora of ideas, cash emerges as the undisputed champion of high school graduation gifts bestowed upon by grandparents. With an acute awareness of the graduate’s necessities and the sheer convenience it offers, cash reigns supreme.

Personally, I find that giving cash as a gift lacks a certain personal touch. Therefore, I always suggest pairing it with a small token to enhance the overall sentiment.

Explore my article on unique and imaginative ways to bestow cash for graduation if you’re looking to offer a monetary gift. Discover a plethora of delightful and innovative ideas to make gifting cash a truly memorable experience. Don’t forget to also peruse my post on the finest high school graduation gifts for additional inspiration.

Now, let’s move on to my compilation of suitable gifts that grandparents can give for high school graduation.

How Much Should Grandparents Spend on a High School Graduation Gift?

I have come across several websites stating that an ideal amount for grandparents to spend on a high school graduation is between $20 and $50.

To be truthful, I have no clue who came up with that figure.

Someone likely fabricated it and all these websites simply continue to regurgitate the identical information.

How Much Should Grandparents Spend on a High School Graduation Gift?Output: What is the appropriate amount for grandparents to expend on a high school commencement present?

The decision of how much money to allocate is entirely in your hands, tailored to your unique circumstances. Many retired grandparents rely on a fixed income, which can sometimes be limiting. In such cases, contribute what you deem appropriate without jeopardizing your own financial stability. It’s important to avoid accruing any debt while purchasing a gift for a high school graduate.

While some grandparents may remain employed or possess a touch more financial leeway, it’s prudent to consult with the parents before splurging on a significant purchase. It’s conceivable that the notion of a grandparent bestowing a lavish present may not sit well with them.

Consider the abundance of grandchildren in your life. In the instance where the first grandchild is about to embark on their high school graduation, it might be wise to avoid establishing a costly gift tradition that cannot be upheld for each subsequent grandchild.

No matter where you stand, refuse to succumb to the influence of an online article dictating the exact amount of money you should spend (and indeed, I acknowledge the irony in this assertion). Among the most valuable and treasured presents I received from my grandparents were the homemade ones, which I still possess to this day, and yet they required minimal expense to give.

Buying a Gift Together

Exploring alternative possibilities, one could consider engaging in a conversation with the parents of the graduates or other kinfolk, with the aim of collectively pooling their resources to acquire a lavish graduation present, such as a cutting-edge computer, or extend a helping hand towards alleviating the financial burden of the first semester.

This can be an excellent method to provide the high school graduate with something they genuinely require but are unable to purchase.

On numerous occasions, my very own kin has engaged in this practice to present a slightly pricier offering, ensuring that the burden of expense is not solely shouldered by a single individual.

High School Graduation Gifts from Grandparents by Budget

Below, I shall divulge a collection of my most cherished gift suggestions categorized by various budget ranges. I encourage you to peruse the entire compilation, allowing the captivating concepts to ignite your imagination. However, should you prefer to explore a specific category, feel free to utilize the convenient links provided below.

Homemade to $10

One of my grandfathers had a knack for woodworking, and as a token of my high school graduation, he crafted a set of exquisite bookends exclusively for me. These masterpieces accompanied me throughout my college years and now proudly adorn the highest shelf of my bookcase. They hold immense sentimental value and will forever remain a cherished gift in my heart.

Perhaps you possess a hidden passion or unique prowess that can be transformed into a delightful present. It might entail stitching, crafting, sculpting, portraying, inventing, sketching, penning, and so much more.

Each person possesses a distinct essence that they can contribute, so never disregard the exceptional tapestry of your own life encounters. Indeed, you may have navigated the corridors of academia in a different era, yet deep down, you encountered comparable bouts of uncertainty and concerns that mirror their present experiences.


Reflect upon the moments that shaped your life and express your insights gained and actions taken as a result. Delve into the process of choosing your career path, cherished experiences, and even the missed opportunities that you may have regretted.

All of these elements can be enclosed in a remarkable letter that individuals can grasp and revisit throughout the years.

Family Heirlooms and Keepsakes

Your cherished mementos possess the potential to become extraordinary presents. Sharing a beloved piece of your jewelry presents an exquisitely intimate gift. A fragment of your coin collection, a treasured painting, and more can serve as keepsakes or family heirlooms. However, it is crucial to select something petite, considering their nomadic lifestyle during this phase of life. Best to avoid gifting them a colossal chest or a grand armoire, as it may not be the most practical notion.


Consider gifting books as another delightful option that won’t break the bank. Delve into your personal collection and present one that resonates with them. For an extra touch of intimacy, include a heartfelt note adorned with cherished passages from the pages.

In addition, you have the option to purchase a brand-new book that frequently falls within this price range. Here are a few exceptional book choices to present to high school students.

Looking for suggestions? Take a look at my article on the top books to gift to high school graduates.

Graduation Lei

A candy lei can be a splendid homemade graduation present. I’ve crafted numerous of these delightful creations throughout my existence and was fortunate enough to receive a handful when I completed high school.

Check out my essential guide to crafting a delightful candy lei. Additionally, I offer a captivating tutorial on fashioning a mesmerizing money lei, perfect for incorporating a touch of monetary charm into your candy lei creation.

Graduation Lei

$10-50 Gifts from Grandparents

There are tons of great gift ideas in this price range that they’ll love to receive and still carry that personal touch.

Immersion Blender

I understand, I understand. This appears to be an unusual present.

Let’s be real, chances are you’re not even bothering to read this paragraph. The moment you spotted “immersion blender,” you swiftly dismissed it and moved on to the next item without a second thought.

However, here’s the reason why this is such a fantastic, unforeseen present:.

  • Space in a dormitory or flat is limited. Therefore, they require tools that can perform multiple tasks efficiently.
  • Immersion blenders have the magical ability to conjure up a plethora of delectable concoctions, ranging from refreshing smoothies and protein shakes to velvety soups and luscious cake batter. If I were to indulge in a moment of culinary bliss, a post-class smoothie would be the perfect treat to savor.
  • They are simpler to clean than a blender.
  • Their roommates won’t know how to use it so they won’t steal it and leave it dirty in the sink.Output: Their housemates won’t be familiar with its operation, therefore they will refrain from taking it and leaving it unclean in the basin.
  • They truly make for an ideal present for a high school graduate from their grandparents.

    Immersion Blender

    Packing Organizers

    Help out college students by providing these ingenious packing organizers, which are essential for maintaining order in their cramped dormitories and apartments.

    While on their travels, these versatile items can be utilized to neatly stow away belongings in their suitcases, and later, in their dormitories or apartments, they can serve the purpose of storing off-season garments or maintaining a well-organized drawer space.

    There are various sizes to choose from, but I would suggest this particular size as it is compact enough to fit into the majority of dresser drawers.

    Desk Supplies

    Upon reaching the school premises, I found myself embarking on numerous store excursions due to my forgetfulness regarding essential desk supplies. Surprisingly, items like a three-hole punch and a stapler had never crossed my mind for purchase.

    Here are the must-haves I suggest acquiring for them. Feel free to blend and combine to curate your very own desk ensemble to present as a thoughtful present:

  • Scotch Tape.
  • 3M command strips (alright, not actually a desk provision but it matches the theme).
  • Set of markers.
  • Post-it notes (but in a small bundle, not the large 24+ bundles).
  • This incredible stapler.
  • Three-hole punch.
  • Some beautiful pens.
  • Laptop Lap Desk (Further details on this topic).
  • Exploring the aisles of your neighborhood office supply store, you have the opportunity to craft a personalized box to send to those distant from you. Don’t forget to infuse it with delightful surprises.

    Desk Supplies

    Laptop Lap Desk

    This is a gift that is not given enough credit.

    I used mine constantly in college and my roommates were always jealous (read, stealing it when I was out of the apartment).

    Here’s what to consider when searching for a high-quality laptop lap desk:

  • Ample room for a computer with a screen size of up to 17 inches.
  • Room for a mouse.
  • A comfortable, padded wrist support for those lengthy documents.
  • A compartment for their phone (not essential but a pleasant extra).
  • A cushion on the back so it doesn’t dig into their legs.
  • This specific portable desk for laptops is my preferred choice.

    However, this particular destination is relatively uncomplicated and affordable.

    A laptop lap desk is a portable workstation that provides a comfortable and convenient surface for using a laptop computer on your lap. It helps to improve ergonomics and prevent discomfort or overheating.

    $50-125 Gift Range

    Within this particular price bracket, one can delve into an exquisite array of high school graduation presents that grandparents may present. Let us not undermine the sheer magnificence of the aforementioned gifts; however, these particular ones possess the potential to feature prominently on the graduates’ coveted list of desires.

    Wireless Headphones

    A present that will receive heartfelt phone calls of gratitude, especially when the neighbors suddenly form a band (or when their living companion decides to unleash their inner trombone virtuoso, just like my former roommate).

    Over the past few years, the prices of these headphones have plummeted significantly, allowing you to acquire top-notch noise cancelling headphones for a mere $100 or even less.

    These Wyze headphones have claimed their spot as my ultimate favorites, residing on my desk and adorning my head for nearly twelve months without a single hiccup. I cannot stress enough how strongly I endorse them.

  • They eliminate most external noise.
  • The audio quality is excellent.
  • They are comfortable to put on for several hours.
  • I’m amazed at the duration of the battery.
  • These Sony headphones are occasionally discounted, so if you find them priced below $100, seize the opportunity to purchase them.

    Otherwise, I would opt for the one mentioned earlier or this particular model crafted by Anker. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to personally test them, their outstanding reviews and my positive experiences with other Anker items lead me to anticipate that these would be equally exceptional.

    Wireless Headphones

    Portable Hard Drive

    Boring? Yes.

    Incredibly useful? Definitely.

    Provide them with a colossal terabyte of additional storage capacity, and their concerns about space scarcity shall vanish into thin air. I highly endorse this remarkable present for individuals engaged in, or aspiring to engage in, the realm of visual arts or video production. These mammoth files tend to consume an exorbitant amount of space, and transferring them to the cloud can be an agonizingly sluggish process, particularly on the internet connections found at educational institutions.

    SanDisk has designed an exceptional 1 TB SSD that effortlessly caters to every requirement. The remarkable swiftness of SSD drives adds to their appeal.

    Explore this Western Digital option if you’re seeking a wallet-friendly choice. With a generous storage capacity of 4 TB, be prepared for slightly reduced performance and extended download durations owing to its HDD nature.

    A portable hard drive is a compact and convenient storage device that allows you to easily transfer and store your digital files, such as documents, photos, and videos.

    Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

    Should she embark on her educational journey adorned with an abundance of exquisite jewelry, this extraordinary offering from beloved grandparents would undeniably serve as a fitting tribute to her high school achievement. A sophisticated looking glass, replete with ample compartments to house her precious adornments, is encompassed within this remarkable piece.

  • 98 circular openings.
  • 80 slots for earrings.
  • 24 hooks for necklaces.
  • Various cosmetic racks and brush organizers.
  • The Mirror Jewelry Cabinet is a stylish and practical storage solution for all your precious accessories, featuring a full-length mirror and multiple compartments to keep your jewelry organized and easily accessible.

    Jewelry Cabinet with a Mirror.

    This multi-functional jewelry cabinet can conveniently be mounted on the wall or door, precisely what a university student requires.

    Buy Now.

    We receive a commission if you buy something, without any extra charges to you.

    August 20, 2023, at 03:23 pm Greenwich Mean Time.

    It can be hung on the rear side of a door to maximize the available area or be mounted directly onto the wall.

    Additionally, a substantial perk tailored for university students is the inclusion of a secure key, ensuring that any prying roommates are unable to lay their hands on that highly sought-after necklace.

    Looking to make this present even more extraordinary?

    Include some of your personal jewelry in the present for them to uncover upon opening.

    Echo Show 8

    It’s similar to a compact television that they can attach to their desktop to enjoy YouTube instead of doing homework.

    The Echo Show, my beloved companion, is an absolute delight to possess. It serves as an entertaining present for any high school graduate, offering a plethora of features. From playing melodious tunes to seamlessly connecting with all renowned video streaming platforms, it never fails to impress. Besides, it keeps me updated on weather forecasts, ensures I rise on time, and even assists me in unraveling the mysteries of my homework. Alexa, please enlighten me with the year when Frank Lloyd Wright fashioned the magnificent Waterfall house.

    There’s an alternative called the Echo Show 5, although the screen size is slightly inadequate. Hence, I suggest opting for the Echo Show 8 to prevent straining their eyes while trying to read the screen.

    HP Portable Photo Printer

    I adore these compact photo printers. It’s similar to a polaroid camera but with a much higher quality, 100 times better.

    The HP printer mentioned here allows you to effortlessly print 2×3 photos on adhesive paper, enabling you to conveniently stick your pictures on walls or include them in your personal scrapbook. If you’re willing to splurge a little, there’s also an option to go for the 4×6 print size.

    With its seamless bluetooth connectivity and a user-friendly app for effortless photo editing, this device bridges the gap between technology and creativity. Not only can multiple individuals indulge in the joy of printing, but it also allows roommates to capture their exhilarating escapades in vibrant snapshots.


    Assist them in submitting that document without worrying about locating a functional printer on campus.

    Purchasing a printer can often be an arduous endeavor, as it seems that no one possesses the ability to manufacture a printer that meets even the most basic standards of quality. Nevertheless, after utilizing this particular printer for an extended period of time, I must admit that it has performed admirably, and its conveniently compact dimensions make it an ideal choice for a dormitory or apartment setting.

    With its wireless connectivity, there’s no need for cumbersome wires to print. Moreover, this versatile printer effortlessly handles a wide range of printing tasks, be it small photos or lengthy multi-page documents. Notably, it even supports double-sided printing, a feature often lacking in compact printers. Undoubtedly, this thoughtful gift from grandparents is perfectly suited for high school graduates.


    $150+ Gift Range

    If you’re willing to splurge a little, there are numerous phenomenal gifts you could consider. Allow me to present a handful of my most cherished presents within this particular price bracket.

    Computer Monitor

    One of the greatest efficiency shortcuts ever is having dual monitors. It genuinely saves a significant amount of time.

    As you delve into the depths of a lengthy research paper, you’ll soon realize that constantly toggling between applications becomes an incessant task.

    Introduce two screens and suddenly with a simple turn of your head, you have a clear view of everything you require.

    Giving them this gift is the ultimate way to boost their productivity, and it’s something they would never think of purchasing on their own.

    The monitor I currently employ is quite commendable, yet with a slight increase in budget, one can acquire a splendid 32″ curved monitor. These exquisite displays offer an expanded screen expanse, enabling the user to effortlessly manage multiple windows simultaneously.

    Computer Monitor

    iPad Air

    Presently, this tablet stands out as an exceptionally potent device, rivaling the performance of numerous laptops. I dare say it ranks prominently on the wishlists of high school students, a coveted gift from their beloved grandparents.

    Carrying it discreetly in their backpack, students can effortlessly jot down notes during class – a function I frequently relied on. Moreover, this versatile device effortlessly tackles demanding tasks like graphic design and video editing, while also excelling at everyday web browsing and various computer assignments.

    The iPad Air also supports the use of the Apple pencil, allowing users to jot down notes manually if that suits their preference.

    Opting for the 256 GB variant allows for an expanded video library, while the 64 GB version generally suffices for basic requirements.

    iPad Air


    I was blessed with the privilege of being the roommate who possessed a television, and quite frankly, I became quite popular among everyone (gives oneself a congratulatory pat).

    In case you aspire to surprise your loved ones with a present they won’t splurge on anytime soon, a splendid television unquestionably reigns supreme. Personally, I am an avid enthusiast of Samsung’s remarkable televisions renowned for their everlasting durability, crystal-clear visuals, and captivatingly vibrant hues.

    This basic 40 inch television is the perfect size for most dormitory or apartment uses and I highly suggest it.



    When young graduates step out of their homes, it’s highly likely they’ll require a comfortable mattress to ensure a restful sleep. Rather than settling for the worn-out and dust-laden mattresses commonly found in dormitories, assist them in acquiring a high-quality mattress that will truly satisfy their sleep needs.

    Once they have finally settled in their new location, this is a message you might consider sending, as relocating across the state or country can be an immense hassle.

    Present them with a beautifully crafted card and express your desire to treat them to a luxurious mattress once they have secured their new abode.

    Final Suggestions for High School Graduation Gifts from the Grandparents

    Selecting the perfect gift to celebrate your grandchild’s high school graduation can often be a challenging task, filled with a blend of excitement and uncertainty. As a grandparent, it’s normal to occasionally feel a slight disconnect from your beloved grandkids, making it even more daunting to choose a truly meaningful present that will make them beam with joy.

    It would be wise to engage in a conversation with the parents of the youngsters to gauge their perspectives. Alternatively, you could reach out to your grandchild and inquire about their preferences for a graduation present. It is possible that certain children will readily provide suggestions, whereas others might resort to the classic excuse of “you don’t have to gift me anything.”

    No matter the occasion, I highly suggest accompanying your gift with a heartfelt message, expressing your sincere appreciation and sending well wishes for their future endeavors.

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