As you grow older, your Christmas list gets smaller; the things you really want for the holidays can’t be bought

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As you grow older, your Christmas list gets smaller; the things you really want for the holidays can’t be bought

Throughout the years, I have noticed a fascinating occurrence regarding Christmas.

In the realm of childhood, Santa’s enchanting ability to accomplish the unimaginable permeates every aspect of our lives, instilling in us the belief that during the festive season, miracles are bound to unfold.

Back in my tennis-playing days, my teammates and I were captivated by a curious myth. According to this belief, if we set up a tempting spread of milk and cookies alongside a miniature bed, an enchanting elf would materialize overnight and tidy our rooms. Believe it or not, these imaginative youngsters even brought their elves along to our practice sessions.

Intrigued by the notion of a mystical tidying sprite, I eagerly prepared a feast and a cozy sanctuary, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my enchanting sprite. It occurred to me that this whimsical custom may have originated from a nearby establishment, thriving on the understanding that parents were privy to the existence of these mischievous elves, dutifully tending to their children’s chambers.

My parents, though, were completely unaware of my ramblings, resulting in me being deprived of my cherished elf. It was a profound blow to my faith in the enchantment of Santa and his mystical abilities.

In those days, appeasing me was a breeze with just a handful of thoughtfully selected gifts. Bring me a sleek scooter and I would remain satisfied for weeks. Oh, the irresistible charm of Kim Possible walkie-talkies! I was completely won over.

During my time in junior high, it became customary for us all to indulge in the delightful tradition of exchanging small tokens of appreciation. It was customary to present our esteemed teachers with delectable baked treats and heartfelt cards, while our dear friends were bestowed with cherished trinkets and delightful mementos. A particular memory that stands out is when I wholeheartedly embraced this tradition by gifting each person with miniature lotions from the renowned BBW and delectable chocolate bars, spreading joy and warmth to all.

During our time in junior high, the act of giving held as much significance as receiving. Each gift we bestowed carried a hint of materialistic longing, in hopes of being reciprocated with something equally remarkable.

Nestled beneath the majestic tree, what treasures awaited our eager eyes? Perhaps a sleek smartphone or a bountiful array of iTunes gift cards? Our youthful hearts yearned for it all, convinced that our benevolent parents possessed the power to grant our every desire.

In my high school days, I stumbled upon the beauty of practicality. No longer did I indulge in pointless gifts. Although there are instances where I still present gifts to my teachers, my focus has shifted towards the heartfelt cards I craft rather than the delectable treats I offer. By personalizing generic holiday cards with cherished memories and sincere gratitude, I find it effortless and delightful to establish a stronger connection with my educators.

Although my desire for clothes, money, and expensive phones remains, it no longer consumes me with the same urgency. Presenting others with mere lotions, gift cards, or earrings no longer suffices, as I have begun to invest much more contemplation into the gifts I give. It is no longer a rivalry within my family to outspend one another on presents; rather, it has evolved into a pursuit of sentimentality and profound reflection when selecting the perfect gift.

As individuals grow older, their Christmas wishlists often become smaller, as their genuine desires for the holiday season surpass material belongings.

As we navigate the intricate web of human connections, as we mature and relinquish our faith in Santa while embracing the truths of life, as we explore uncharted territories in the realm of existence, our ultimate yearning is for genuine comprehension from our fellow beings. Material possessions no longer satiate us as they once did. Bliss cannot be contained within wrapping paper; its essence eludes monetary transactions and the barter of goods. It deserves to transcend the boundaries of commerce.

Being on the brink of college life, this festive season holds a special place in my heart as I reminisce about the warmth of being enveloped by my loved ones. Although I may make a temporary visit to Atlanta next year, it cannot compare to the incomparable joy of residing in the comfort of my current home and the anticipation that comes with dropping subtle hints about our wishes and necessities during the holiday season.

During the holiday season, sentimentality and materialism can beautifully coexist in my world. There’s something enchanting about a grand, majestic tree gracing the corner of our living room, its shimmering and glowing captivating my peripheral vision. The snugness of my pants, resulting from our ceaseless indulgence in Ferrero Rocher chocolates, adds an extra layer of delight to this time of year. Additionally, I find immense joy in the freedom to flaunt clashing red and green attire or joyfully sing and dance along to a festive Christmas playlist while showering.

Although my family is predominantly Christian, my personal beliefs lean towards being non-religious. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly embrace the festivities of Christmas and faithfully adhere to cherished customs; the joyous time of year holds immense sentimental significance in my heart.

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