Cute Beauty and the Beast Gifts

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Beauty and the Beast Gifts

Beauty and the Beast Gifts are perfect for fans of the classic fairytale, featuring enchanting merchandise inspired by the iconic love story and its beloved characters.

Step into our magical world and explore our enchanting collection of Beauty and the Beast treasures! Delight your loved ones by presenting them with a captivating Mrs. Potts ceramic teapot, ensuring their happily ever after. This extraordinary gift is bound to mesmerize any tea enthusiast, as well as every devoted Disney admirer. Brace yourself for the most extraordinary tea parties, infused with the vibrant spirit of Mrs. Potts herself, who never fails to bring the juiciest rumors to the table! For those who prefer the invigorating embrace of a morning coffee, prepare to be smitten by our breathtaking Beauty and the Beast chalice. With its exquisite stained glass artwork, every sip will transport you to a realm of wonder, where fairytales come alive in every drop.

Searching for the perfect presents for kids? Explore our collection of officially licensed Beauty and the Beast merchandise, including toys and clothing, designed for both girls and boys who love to transform into their beloved characters from the enchanting tale. Emulating the iconic appearances of their cherished Beauty and the Beast personalities is a delightful pastime for any young enthusiast of dress-up. Whether you’re searching for gifts for your spouse, child, mother, father, daughter, son, sibling, colleague, or closest companion, each gift is as precious as a mystical, one-of-a-kind rose.

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

The gift of transformation is truly a treasure for any fan of Beauty and the Beast, granting them the opportunity to embody their beloved characters from the enchanting castle. Our collection of officially licensed Beauty and the Beast costumes provides exquisite replicas of iconic movie appearances. Young princesses will delight in the choice between Belle’s iconic golden ball gown or her timeless blue village dress. Together with their friends, they can unite as a captivating Beauty and the Beast ensemble during their next playdate.

Fear not, mature individuals, for there exists a bountiful selection of Halloween ensembles inspired by Beauty and the Beast catered specifically to adults, allowing them to relish in the nostalgia of their youthful aspirations. It is imperative to caution others against venturing into the forbidden West Wing by adorning oneself in a meticulously crafted Beast attire, thus concealing one’s true identity. For an utterly charming display, one can curate a delightful Disney-themed ensemble for couples, uniting a Belle costume with a Beast costume, and elegantly waltzing hand in hand across a resplendent ballroom. (How enchanting!) Naturally, no compilation of costumes would be complete without the inclusion of a genuine antagonist, hence the necessity of a Gaston disguise to complete the array of Beauty and the Beast character ensembles.

Beast Costume

Beast Costume

Embrace the thrill of transforming into a creature through the enchantment of a spell, leaving behind the mundane existence of a stifled prince. Should you concur, this mesmerizing Beast ensemble awaits your arrival. Captivating all with its untamed façade, this 5-piece disguise effortlessly transports you into a world of grandeur. The combination of a regal jacket and vest conjures a sense of theatricality and nobility, while the plastic mask adds a subtle touch of intimidation. Kindly take note, furry gloves accompany this costume. Now, all that remains is to persuade your companions to don Lumiere and Cogsworth attire, thus crafting a Beauty and the Beast group ensemble. Together, revel in the delight of portraying the infamous crew of inquisitive characters from the ill-fated castle.

Belle Costume

Belle Costume

Belle, with her kind heart, unwavering bravery, profound contemplation, and remarkable intellect, defies the traditional image of a helpless maiden in need of rescue. Her incredible spirit serves as a beacon of inspiration for girls and women across the globe, which is why countless individuals aspire to emulate her during Halloween festivities. This specific Belle ensemble beautifully captures the essence of the empowering female protagonist from the live-action adaptation of the film. Fashion-forward ladies will undoubtedly adore the glistening gold embellishments adorning the layered tulle and elegant high neckline. Complete the costume with a stunning wig and a pair of sophisticated high heels to achieve the ultimate transformation.

Girl’s Belle Costume

The Girl's Belle Costume is inspired by the iconic yellow ball gown worn by the beloved Disney princess, Belle, in the animated film, Beauty and the Beast. It features intricate detailing, a flowing skirt, and elegant accessories, making it perfect for dress-up or Halloween parties.

The girl’s Belle costume is a delightful choice for young ones, who will joyfully prance around the house, belting out the tune of “Provincial Life.” Not only will she indulge in singing, but she will also immerse herself in the enchanting world of books while adorned in this charming attire. (Yes, you read it right, a costume that encourages reading!) Explore our captivating collection of children’s books that perfectly complement the iconic Disney aesthetic she embodies. This costume is an absolute must-have for aspiring bookworms with a penchant for dress-up!

Gaston Costume

Gaston Costume

Alright, we must admit that Gaston is quite insufferable (well, extremely insufferable), but his unwavering persistence is undeniably admirable. He relentlessly pursues his desires (cough, Belle, cough), and despite being a villain, his sharp wit and unwavering determination make him somewhat likable, in a twisted way. Embrace your inner muscular village gentleman with an unwavering fixation on Belle by donning a Gaston outfit. It is undoubtedly one of the finest Beauty and the Beast movie costumes you can find!

Beauty and the Beast Toys

Children will delight in animating their cherished illustrated personas by engaging with any of the enchanting array of Beauty and the Beast playthings. Little ones will relish the joyous experience of squeezing the Beauty and the Beast plush toys, while grown-ups can amass a collection of Beauty and the Beast figurine treasures to reconnect with their youthful spirit. Peruse the extensive selection of Disney Beauty and the Beast collectibles, and discover the ideal present that awaits!

Beauty and the Beast Puzzle

The Beauty and the Beast Puzzle is a fun and challenging activity that allows you to piece together a beautiful image of the beloved Disney characters.

Embrace the pitter-patter of raindrops by immersing yourself in an indoor pursuit, such as solving a puzzle. The captivating Beauty and the Beast puzzle, embellished with 100 intricately crafted pieces, unveils a mesmerizing tableau of Belle gracefully twirling with the Beast, captivating the attention of their enchanted comrades. Once the puzzle is skillfully pieced together, encase it within a frame and proudly display it as a captivating wall adornment. Don’t forget to explore our extensive collection of puzzles, ensuring you are well-equipped for the downpours that lie ahead!

Beauty and the Beast Figure Set

The Beauty and the Beast Figure Set features intricately designed figures of the beloved characters from the classic Disney tale, allowing fans to recreate their favorite moments from the enchanting story.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Beauty and the Beast as Belle prepares herself for a captivating evening with her charming captor. Unleash your imagination with this extraordinary Beauty and the Beast figure set, complete with a grand piano, exquisite wardrobe, elegant candelabra, graceful feather duster, enchanting Belle figure, and the Beast figure. Relive the magic of this unforgettable cinematic moment in all its splendor.

Disney Princess Cosmetic Set

The Disney Princess Cosmetic Set includes various beauty products inspired by beloved characters such as Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Snow White, allowing children to indulge in imaginative play and enhance their creativity.

Transform into a glamorous Disney princess with the enchanting Disney princess cosmetic set. Ideal for complementing Beauty and the Beast themed outfits, this set includes 2 lip balms, 2 nail polishes, 2 lip glosses, a magical mirror, and 4 charming hair bows.

Beast Sunglasses

Beast Sunglasses

The brilliance of your destiny as the Beast radiates, demanding a pair of sunglasses befitting your regal transformation. These extraordinary shades not only possess mirrored lenses but also double as a captivating half-mask. With their aid, you shall effortlessly embody the essence of the enchanted prince, exuding an unrivaled aura of unparalleled coolness.

Beauty and the Beast Collectibles

As a young girl, you loved Belle and now as an adult, your obsession with Beauty and the Beast has intensified. With the revival of the live-action film, it’s effortless to infuse vitality into your collection of Beauty and the Beast memorabilia. The ensuing array of collectibles inspired by Beauty and the Beast exudes elegance when showcased in a glass enclosure or proudly exhibited on a professional workstation. Whether you seek a personal indulgence or a cherished present for a fellow enthusiast of Beauty and the Beast, take your pick from this captivating selection!

Belle POP Vinyl

Belle POP Vinyl is a collectible figurine that features the beloved Disney princess from the animated film

The Belle POP vinyl stands out as one of the most enchanting Beauty and the Beast collectibles. Captured in a graceful twirl, this figure portrays Belle in her mesmerizing golden gown, exuding elegance. Discerning collectors will surely admire the meticulously crafted intricacies such as her perfectly coordinated gloves and dainty earrings. For an exquisite display, position her alongside the Beast POP vinyl or any other beloved Disney princess POP, just like the captivating Little Mermaid.

Beast POP Vinyl

Beast POP Vinyl is a collectible figure inspired by the character Beast from various pop culture franchises, such as movies, TV shows, and comics. It is made of vinyl material and is known for its detailed design and vibrant colors. Collectors and fans enjoy displaying these figures as part of their collection or as decorative pieces.

The Mighty Beast loses its intimidation factor as it shrinks down to a mere 4 inches, crafted from durable plastic. Enthusiastic collectors will be captivated by its adorable underbite and tiny tightly clenched fists. This delightful miniature creature serves as a perfect companion for any Belle figurine, adding a touch of charm to the collection. Moreover, it becomes an ideal present for devoted Funko enthusiasts, ensuring their joy knows no bounds.

Beauty and the Beast Collectible Figures

The Beauty and the Beast Collectible Figures are exquisite pieces that capture the enchanting tale of love and transformation, showcasing the iconic characters in intricate detail and superb craftsmanship.

Imagine a world where every lifeless object in your humble abode possessed the gift of gab, just like the enchanting furnishings within Beast’s majestic castle. Alas, we cannot conjure such sorcery with a flick of a wand, but fear not! We have the perfect solution to satisfy your whimsical desires – a collection of figurines featuring the notorious talking household appliances from the timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast. Embrace the enchantment with Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Chip by your side, as they transport your living space into the very heart of the spellbound fortress.

Disney Showcase Belle Figure

Disney Showcase Belle Figure is a beautifully crafted figurine that captures the elegance and charm of the beloved character from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Belle enthusiasts within the series collector community will undoubtedly be captivated by the enchanting Disney showcase Belle figurine. This exquisite Couture de Force Collectible boasts meticulous brushstrokes that bring to life a plethora of elaborate and delicate details adorning the gown. With a gaze that exudes a profound depth of emotion, Belle’s visage invites a sense of curiosity as she casts a glance over her delicate shoulder. Painstakingly crafted from premium resin, this collectible masterpiece stands as a testament to opulence, making it a truly exceptional and lavish gift for any aficionado of Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast Apparel

Enhancing your collection of Beauty and the Beast merchandise is a splendid means to subtly convey your unwavering devotion as an ardent admirer. Ideal for relaxing at home or accomplishing daily tasks, this collection presents the beloved Disney duo on an array of apparel, ranging from comfy tees to stylish handbags. Moreover, this assortment also highlights amusing side characters such as the charming Chip and the formidable Gaston. Undoubtedly, these items serve as impeccable presents for those who possess an intimate familiarity with the enchanting melodies of Beauty and the Beast (just like ourselves!).

Men’s Gaston T-Shirt

The Men's Gaston T-Shirt is a stylish and comfortable clothing item designed for casual wear, perfect for any occasion.

Fulfill your friend’s Disney fantasies by surprising them with a Gaston t-shirt designed exclusively for men. Adorned with Gaston’s muscular physique and his iconic catchphrase “this is the day your dreams come true!” (How truly motivating.) Ladies, this can also serve as a humorous Valentine’s Day present for your beloved partner. Moreover, do not overlook our extensive range of men’s Gaston costumes that are worth exploring.

Beauty and the Beast T-Shirt

The Beauty and the Beast T-Shirt is a fashionable and trendy clothing item that features iconic characters from the beloved Disney film, making it a perfect choice for fans of the classic tale.

This Beauty and the Beast t-shirt is a delightful treat for fans of the iconic 1991 animated film, as it showcases the beloved characters that captured our hearts. Instantly evoking memories of childhood, this image is reminiscent of the cherished VHS cassette tape. Enhancing your style, it pairs perfectly with your favorite jacket or cozy hoodie.

Danielle Nicole Beast Backpack

The Danielle Nicole Beast Backpack is a stylish and functional accessory, perfect for all your everyday needs.

Searching for a method to tame the Wild One? Look no further, simply hoist him upon your shoulders! The Beast backpack by Danielle Nicole grants its users this extraordinary ability! This exquisitely crafted backpack, crafted with top-notch faux leather, boasts an interior pocket and a whimsical fringe beard. It possesses an official license and is an absolute must-have for fashion-forward Disney enthusiasts who relish in making bold sartorial statements.

Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast Coin Purse

Disney Queen Beauty and the Beast Currency Bag

Imagine the delightful scenario of having the adorable and spirited little Chip as your faithful companion on your daily journey to school or work. This dream can now become a reality with the enchanting Disney princess Beauty and the Beast coin purse. With this magical accessory, not only will your precious coins be safeguarded, but you will also be accompanied by the lively teacup. This coin purse, authorized by Disney, boasts an alluring interior adorned with shimmering metallic fabric, while the front proudly displays a meticulously crafted applique featuring the endearing image of Chip.

Beauty and the Beast Gifts for Her

Show your loved one how they bring magic into your life with enchanting presents inspired by Beauty and the Beast. These delightful adornments and keepsakes are perfect for ladies of every generation. Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or simply to express your affection, surprise your princess with one of these extraordinary Beauty and the Beast gifts.

Beauty and the Beast Jewelry Box

The Beauty and the Beast Jewelry Box is a stunning and enchanting piece that captures the essence of the beloved fairytale, featuring intricate details and a magical music box that plays the iconic theme song.

Does your significant other have a profound fondness for dazzling gems? If she possesses an assortment of necklaces, bracelets, and rings, then the Beauty and the Box jewelry box serves as an impeccable present to commemorate the forthcoming extraordinary event. Whenever this jewelry box unveils its secrets, a crimson rose illuminates, harmonizing with the enchanting melody from the beloved tale of Beauty and the Beast. Its exquisite presence gracefully enhances any dresser or nightstand.

Beauty and the Beast Handbag

The Beauty and the Beast Handbag is a stylish accessory that captures the enchantment of the classic fairytale, featuring intricate detailing and a touch of whimsical charm.

You possess the qualities of a girl who warrants utmost regality. Should you find solace in retail therapy, accompany Belle on your next shopping spree, whenever the urge to shop excessively strikes. This exquisite handbag, inspired by the enchanting tale of Beauty and the Beast, is meticulously crafted by the esteemed brand Loungefly. Adorned with images of Belle amidst a sea of resplendent roses, this purse boasts adjustable straps and a user-friendly dual zipper. Donning this accessory, alongside a crown, will transport you into the realm of true princesshood, evoking the spirit of Belle herself.

Beauty and the Beast Watch

The Beauty and the Beast Watch is a timeless timepiece that captures the enchanting love story between Belle and the Beast, featuring intricate details and elegant design.

The lyrical charm of the Beast’s ballad, “a tale as ancient as the heavens, resonating with utmost truth,” remains profoundly moving. This poetic expression is heightened every time you adorn yourself with this enchanting timepiece inspired by Beauty and the Beast. The faux-leather metallic strap and the intricate crystal embellishments marking each passing hour exude a captivating allure. A truly exquisite present, this watch encapsulates the essence of Beauty and the Beast, making it a delightful gift for any woman.

Disney Belle Travel Tumbler

The Disney Belle Travel Tumbler is a stylish and practical item for those who love both Disney and Belle, featuring a beautiful design and perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages on the go.

Quench your thirst while on the move with Belle as your companion. Embrace the enchantment of Disney with the elegantly designed Belle travel tumbler, adorned with a captivating monochromatic artwork and delicately enveloped by a bouquet of vibrant pink and purple blossoms. Carry this enchanting tumbler as you embark on your daily adventures, be it a journey to the office, educational pursuits, or a delightful escapade exploring the magical world of Disney.

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