30 Best Baby Shower Prizes for Games (That Your Party Guests Will Love)

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Whether you’re organizing a virtual baby shower or a traditional in-person gathering, this delightful compilation of prizes for guests will surely captivate your imagination.

Discover this thrilling collection of entertaining baby shower activities that perfectly complement your amazing rewards.

30 Best Baby Shower Prizes for Games (That Your Party Guests Will Love)Pin

Your baby shower attendees are not anticipating you to spend a fortune on prizes for games.

Basic presents like lip balm, gift vouchers, and other effortless suggestions are more than sufficient for the majority of attendees. I prefer to believe that a range of $5 to $10 is more than adequate for the victor of a game.

Should you opt for hosting a diaper raffle or generously offering a grand door prize, you may consider allocating approximately $20 towards an exciting reward while curating an enjoyable gift basket.

Don’t forget, although offering prizes at a baby shower is a fantastic way to show appreciation to your guests, the true essence of the event lies in honoring the expectant mother, the new parents, and the impending arrival of their bundle of joy. Therefore, if your baby shower budget doesn’t allow for prizes, there’s no need to worry – it’s completely acceptable.

Which Baby Shower Games Do You Give Prizes For?

The choice is entirely yours, but the simplest option would be to declare a sole victor amongst all the games. However, if it happens to be a baby sprinkle for a mom on her second or subsequent pregnancies, you could opt for fewer winners. Nevertheless, even small tokens of appreciation can add an element of enjoyment to the festivities!

Here are some popular baby shower party games for which you can give out prizes and their respective timings:

  • The Frozen Baby Challenge: Encase tiny plastic infants in icy cubes. The ultimate victor shall be bestowed upon the one whose frozen fortress shatters last, claiming a magnificent reward!
  • Blindfolded Diaper Challenge: Embrace the whimsy of blindfolded diapering by taking on the task of changing a baby doll’s “soiled diaper” in record time. For an added twist, gather a group of enthusiastic participants and transform it into a thrilling relay race – the first team to complete the challenge emerges as the victorious conqueror!
  • Baby Bottle Number Estimation: Let the guests take a shot at guessing the quantity of M&M candies inside a baby bottle and jot it down on a piece of paper. The most accurate guess takes the prize!
  • “Silence the Newborn Talk: Embark on an incredibly effortless game where the participants who possess the highest number of clothespins (also known as diaper pins) shall be bestowed upon with a marvelous prize.”
  • Name the Baby Animals: Compile a roster of diverse creatures and instruct each attendee to compose the juvenile denomination for said creature – the individual who swiftly garners the greatest number of accurate responses shall emerge victorious.
  • Let the fun commence with Baby BINGO! Distribute a set of empty BINGO cards and let the excitement unfold. As the moment arrives to unveil the presents, the victorious players of this baby shower game shall be those who achieve BINGO first, based on the gifts revealed by the new mom.
  • Make your baby shower more memorable by requesting the guest list and both parents to share their adorable baby photos beforehand. Engage everyone in a fun guessing game to determine who’s who!
  • Baby Gear Challenge: Unveil a diaper bag bursting with a treasure trove of brand new baby essentials. Allow guests a brief glimpse before whisking it away. Distribute sheets of paper to each participant, and the one who swiftly recollects the highest number of items will be crowned the victor and rewarded with a delightful prize.
  • How Many Baby Shower Prizes Do I Need

    To accurately gauge the number of baby shower prizes required, jot down a comprehensive list of the games you intend to organize, alongside a diaper raffle and a door prize if you decide to incorporate them.

    It is strongly advised to prepare a singular reward that encompasses all the triumphant participants of the baby shower activities, including games, raffles, and door prizes. Additionally, it would be prudent to include a few additional surprises in the event of a tie (lest you find yourself in need of an entertaining game or concept to settle any deadlocks).

    # Games + # Raffle Winner + # Door Prizes + 2 (if giving gifts for ties) = total number of gifts.

    Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes

    If you’re planning to have a large number of games, selecting affordable baby shower presents is likely a fantastic concept.

    These can be smaller rewards, typically under $10 baby shower presents.

    It always amuses me that despite the affordability of these baby shower prizes, they continue to be outstanding and useful gifts.

    If you’re searching for a more upscale alternative at a higher cost, I’ll also incorporate those.

    1. Lip Balm / Lip Gloss

    Lip balm, a versatile choice, works wonders both as a standalone item or as a delightful addition to a gift ensemble. Who wouldn’t appreciate a little pick-me-up for that elusive lip balm that always seems to disappear in one’s handbag?

    Ultimate Edition: This is my utmost beloved deluxe version. Provides you with stunning looking lips that combat dryness.

    2. Coffee Mug

    An adored and timeless coffee mug is an excellent choice. Consider adding a delightful hot chocolate bomb or aromatic coffee beans too!

    Deluxe Edition: Either a Yeti Insulated Travel Mug or the Stanley Water Cup (often out of stock!).

    3. Sugar Scrub

    This Shea Sugar Scrub has more than 100,000 ratings on Amazon and is priced below $10.

    Deluxe Edition: This sugar exfoliant features a fantastic fragrance and receives enthusiastic reviews.

    4. Coffee Beans

    Whether it’s Starbucks Coffee Beans or the Amazon coffee brand, the majority of adults adore coffee for their morning ritual.

    5. Kitchen Towels

    I understand, kitchen towels may seem incredibly boring. HOWEVER, they possess practicality and there are individuals who have a genuine affinity for them. In all honesty, I could potentially be convinced to embrace the idea of acquiring exceptional dish towels that dry rapidly.

    6. Picture Frames

    It’s about time we embrace the idea of printing more pictures. Owning a charming picture frame enhances the likelihood of cherishing those precious moments even further.

    7. Nail File / Kit

    The nail file and kit are incredibly handy, and it’s likely something you wouldn’t splurge on – making it an excellent, budget-friendly reward.

    8. Cookie/Brownie Mix in a Jar

    Indulge in the joy of crafting your very own delectable cookies or brownies in a jar, or simply surrender to the delightful convenience of these adorable pre-made mixes curated by talented artisans on Etsy.

    9. Chocolate

    Indulgent chocolate treats like decadent truffles, scrumptious Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, and colorful M&M’s are ideal options to serve as delightful and effortlessly easy rewards for a baby shower game.

    10. Knotted Headband

    Lately, there has been a soaring trend in knotted headbands. However, the ones that are currently in high demand deviate from the traditional knotting style, yet possess an undeniable charm. By incorporating a unique twist, they effortlessly exude a heightened sense of fashion.

    11. Bath Bomb

    A soothing bath fizzy is a straightforward present that individuals adore. And who knew you could discover such a wide variety!

    Take a look at these:.

  • Enjoyable and affordable bath bombs from Target.
  • The most adorable donut bath bombs I have ever witnessed (ideal for a Baby Sprinkle!).
  • These adorable heart-shaped bath bombs with a customized message (these would be perfect as party favors for all attendees).
  • 12. Adult Coloring Book

    Adults coloring books can be a relaxing and fun activity. Add some fun pens or pencils to spruce up this winner’s prize.

    13. Candle

    Get a deliciously fragrant candle or an extremely comfortable scent.

    Luxury: Pura Scents are extremely popular at the moment. They contain pure ingredients and are safe for pets and families.

    14. Bath Salts

    Bath salts make for a wonderful present for attendees at social gatherings.

    Luxury Version.

    15. Fresh Flowers

    Who doesn’t adore blooming blossoms? This is an excellent choice if flowers are in their prime where you reside!

    Additionally, were you aware that you have the option to purchase fresh blooms from Amazon? You certainly can! 😉.

    Virtual Baby Shower Prize Ideas

    Whether it’s because of illness or geographical separation, virtual baby showers are occasionally required.

    However, is it possible to still award prizes for virtual baby shower games?

    Absolutely, you are able to!

    You have the option to select one of the other fabulous prizes available (plus, enjoy complimentary shipping!) Or opt for a delightful gift card that can be swiftly delivered to their inbox or mailbox.

    16. Gift cards

    Gift cards offer an excellent choice for any occasion of celebration. Though they may appear effortlessly chosen (and rightfully so!), They possess immense practicality and garner heartfelt appreciation from every attendee.

    Amazon and Target are among the most favored options for gift cards.

    Good Prizes for Baby Shower Games

    Occasionally, there arises a desire for grandeur, a longing for opulent rewards amidst a limited number of games. Enter the realm of exclusive and lavish prizes.

    17. Photo Frames

    Digital picture frames are still a popular option to effectively view and distribute all the photographs you capture on your smartphone.

    18. Bottles of Wine

    Wine bottles are a traditional option for a recipient of a prize.

    19. Plants

    Indoor plants have become extremely popular. Offering a low-maintenance or aesthetically pleasing plant is a fantastic gift for a baby shower.

    20. Movie Basket

    When aiming for grander rewards, it often proves advantageous to assemble prize bundles that revolve around a particular theme. In the case of a cinematic motif, one could intertwine movie tickets, popcorn, delectable candies, and more.

    21. Spa Basket

    Indulge in the allure of a spa basket, a highly sought-after treasure at your baby shower. Explore a realm of possibilities as you curate a tranquil oasis, filled with luscious loofahs, enchanting bath bombs, soothing lotions, and even a delightful gift card to a nearby sanctuary of serenity.

    22. Wine Glasses & A Bottle of Wine

    Enhance your wine experience by adding some exquisite wine glasses to accompany the bottle of wine.

    Coed Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    The trend of hosting co-ed baby showers is on the rise, prompting the need for innovative baby shower prizes that cater to both genders.

    Here are some fantastic suggestions for party favors for the gentlemen who attend your baby shower.

    23. Lottery Tickets

    Lottery tickets are an extremely enjoyable option for both males and females. There’s an excitement that they might emerge as the grand champion.

    24. Tumblers

    Get some gender-neutral cups that everyone is guaranteed to adore.

    25. Tile Slim

    The tile slim, a petite square, effortlessly fits into a wallet, fastens onto a phone or laptop, or adheres to any other item you wish to monitor.

    26. Tech Key Chain Bottle Opener

    Discover the epitome of shower party prizes – an extraordinary gift suitable for both gentlemen and ladies! Behold a multifunctional keychain that combines the power of a phone charger and the utility of a bottle opener into a single, magnificent device.

    Diaper Raffle Prizes

    At a diaper raffle, eager participants bring bundles of diapers to join the fun. In exchange for each generous contribution, they receive a coveted raffle ticket, holding the promise of a delightful prize.

    The grand prize for the diaper raffle tends to be the highlight of the event, often valued at a minimum of $25-$50. For larger baby showers with numerous attendees, you may consider including additional smaller prizes to increase the number of lucky winners.

    Curious about what types of diaper raffle presents you could provide? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Gift Voucher to a renowned eatery or wellness center.
  • Movie tickets.
  • Air Fryer.
  • Assortment of Coffee Beans.
  • The Best Gifts for Baby Shower Games

    Consider the finest baby shower game rewards as delightful tokens of gratitude. While you could forgo them entirely, they serve as an enjoyable means to express your appreciation towards the attendees of the shower.

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