The Best Couples in League of Legends

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Are you familiar with the backstory of these pairs?

League of Legends – June 29th, 2022, 16:40 GMT+2.

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Twisted Fate and Graves

<p>Okay, okay… this isn’t an official couple, but Riot did have them come out. Twisted Fate is officially bisexual and harbouring some feelings for his best mate Graves. We love ourselves some unrequited love… but Graves seems to have some pretty bad taste in men, so hopefully TF will be able to shoot his shot at some point. | © Riot Games</p>

Queen Ashe and King Tryndamere Wild Rift

Ashe and Tryndamere

<p>Ashe and Tryndamere started out as nothing more than a political marriage, but feelings have developed between the pair. What was once a marriage of convenience – Tryndamere looking to the Avarosans to strengthen his clan, while Ashe was looking to gain a bloodsworn – turned into true affection for one another as they spent more time together. | © Riot Games</p>

Crystal Rose Ezreal Lux Jarvan Sona Wild Rift

Ezreal and Lux

<p>Okay, in canon, this couple ain’t my cup of tea. Ezreal chasing – you could almost say stalking – Lux while she states that she’s never even met the guy or had a conversation with him. But Riot has been pushing the Lux and Ezreal agenda quite heavily, bringing out matching skins in Wild Rift, and hinting at their relationship in the Porcelain trailer as well. We get it Riot, Lux and Ezreal are a thing. Now, will they ever actually talk in canon lore? | © Riot Games<br /></p>

Rumble Tristana Couple

Rumble and Tristana

<p>Sadly, this couple doesn’t get a lot of attention lore-wise, so not a lot of people know about it. In the Pentakill music video in 2017, we got a short romantic scene between the two, and you’ve probably already seen the note in the loading screen about Rumble naming his mech after his Yordle-girlfriend ‘Tristy’. Pretty cute, eh? In 2016, during the “Mechs vs. Minions” mission, we also got a clearer picture of the couple thanks to some dialogue in which Tristana kisses Rumble and states that she’s happy he’s doing well. | © Riot Games</p>

Garen Katarina Enemy of Enemy

Garen and Katarina

<p>This love story isn’t just a made-up fanfic at this point. Multiple in-game voice lines point at the blossoming romance between the two. In a cinematic which was never officially published, we see the Noxian Katarina as a prisoner of the Demacian Garen. She can free herself, but due to the time spent together, she has developed feelings for him and saves Garen from a monster – sounds a lot like Stockholm syndrom to me, but ok. Then she runs away, knowing that their love cannot come to fruition due to the war between Noxus and Demacia. </p> <p>But their love story doesn’t end there, even Lux wants this couple to happen<strong> </strong>and when she encounters Kat in-game, she wishes for them to be a couple. </p> <p>Oh, and of course, friendly river king Tahm Kench is the ultimate wingman with his in-game voice lines. | © Riot Games</p>

Diana Leona

Diana and Leona

<p>This is the friends to lovers to enemies and back to lovers trope we’ve needed in League of Legends all along. Diana and Leona grew up together, got along well, became friends. Even though Diana feels a pull towards the moon and doesn’t fit in with the Solari’s faith, she continues to make an effort for Leona. </p> <p>Leona, even though she also feels an attraction towards Diana, doesn’t want to give up her Solari faith. It’s a tug-of-war of emotions for the two, as Diana eventually becomes part of the Lunari. A love-hate relationship brews between the pair, but Diana holds out hope to one day unite the Solari and Lunari and to be together with Leona once more. | © Riot Games<br /></p>

Sett and Aphelios Pool Party

Sett and Aphelios

<p>Okay… we know, this isn’t a real couple in the League of Legends universe, but we do have our suspicions that these two are pretty good friends in other universes that Riot has created. There has to be a reason why Aphelios is in the splash art for the 2022 Firecracker Sett skin, right? So even though this isn’t a canon couple, we still think they’d look cute together. Giant himbo and moody goth, what a combination. Of course, we cannot forget this lovely fan art by <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”><strong>Kenji Uchima on Twitter</strong></a>. Pool Party Aphelios, when Riot? | © <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”><strong>Kenji Uchima via Twitter</strong></a></p>

Lucian Senna Couple

Lucian and Senna

<p>Lucian met Senna when she brought the bitter news of his father’s passing – who was also her mentor. Since Lucian had always wanted to follow in his fathers’ footsteps, he decided to join Senna and fight alongside her. Through their adventures together, the pair developed feelings for one another. This love was pulled apart when Senna’s soul fell into the clutches of Thresh – leaving behind her empty shell of a body. Lucian was broken and wandered the world searching for a way to find Thresh and get Senna back. The love between Lucian and Senna is a bind that cannot be broken, and eventually, the two found one another again. | © Riot Games</p>

Sweetheart Xayah

Xayah and Rakan

<p>This is the ride-or-die couple in the bot lane. The pair were<strong> </strong>released together by Riot Games because they just can’t be apart for more than a few seconds. Rakan can’t exist on Summoner’s Rift without mentioning Xayah at least once. Xayah, on the other hand, is a bit more extreme with her love, stating that she will destroy the world if anything were to ever happen to Rakan. Obsessive? Maybe, but they’re an extremely fun duo to play in the bot lane and have an incredible love lore in League of Legends. | © Riot Games<br /></p>


In the expansive realm of League of Legends mythology, love stories unfold in various forms, not all destined for eternal bliss. Amongst the tapestry of romantic entanglements, some endure unrequited passion, while others are tragically torn asunder. However, our focus today is to delve into the enchanting realm of the most captivating pairs in the intricate tapestry of League of Legends lore.

In our quest, we pondered: Who among the LoL duos reign supreme? Whose chemistry as a duo is unparalleled? And naturally, which champions would form a breathtaking alliance?

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