The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Boat Dads, From Dive Watches to Drones

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The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Boat Dads, From Dive Watches to Drones Courtesy Fliteboard

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With the arrival of summer, a world of boundless sunshine awaits, along with thrilling adventures on the shimmering waves. And as we embrace the first week of this enchanting season, we also celebrate the special occasion of Father’s Day on June 18. Whether your dad finds joy in exploring the depths of aquatic realms teeming with creatures or simply prefers a leisurely day aboard a boat, it’s time to find the perfect present that will enhance his aquatic experiences.

From stylish angler’s sunglasses with a technical edge to a water-loving contraption akin to a floating bike, this list showcases an array of extraordinary gifts. Dive into the depths with underwater drones and zoom around underwater with diving scooters. Delight in hand-embroidered swimwear or engage in a captivating game of marine backgammon. For those who seek adventure, a set of waterproof playing cards promises endless entertainment.

Introducing the pinnacle offering for Father’s Day: Ulysse Nardin’s newest marvel, the Diver X Skeleton Azure. Unveiled in honor of World Oceans Day, this cutting-edge wristwatch not only boasts the customary excellence associated with the Swiss watchmaker, but its true allure lies in its intricate skeletonized face adorned with a captivating X, granting a glimpse into the very essence of its mechanism.

Here are the top 10 presents for the maritime paternal figure in your life.

  • Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton Azure

    The image credit for this goes to Ulysse Nardin.
    Image Credit: Ulysse Nardin

    Ulysse Nardin’s celebration of World Oceans Day last week included the release of two wristwatches in azure blue. The Diver X Skeleton Azure, with its titanium DLC case, is water resistant to 200 meters (656 feet). It also has a UN-372 Manufacture for reliability and accuracy, along with an extra-large oscillator and silicon escapement wheel, anchor, and balance-spring, all produced in house—a rarity even in the top echelons of the watch world. But the real wow factor of this tech-heavy timepiece is its skeletonized face/dial, marked with an X, that lets you look into the heart of the mechanism as it beats. But it’s still a dive watch: Carbonium composite tops the barrel cover and unidirectional rotating bezel is made for measuring your time below the surface.

    Buy Now on Ulysse Nardin: $26,400

  • Aurosi Lacquered Backgammon Set

    The image credit for this content goes to Aurosi.
    Image Credit: Courtesy Aurosi

    What spells superyacht better than a nautical-themed blue-and-white lacquered backgammon set? This set from luxury home-decor label Aurosi includes 16 marble pieces, four dice, and a doubler to while away a pleasant summer afternoon. The acrylic game pieces are waterproof, and the stylish box is display-worthy on any craft, allowing the best of both worlds.

    Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $625

  • Sublue Navbow+ Underwater Scooter

    The image credit for this goes to Sublue, who captured this stunning visual.
    Image Credit: Sublue

    This three-speed underwater scooter takes your deep dives to the next level with a digital compass and controls for depth and other metrics. Its waterproof batteries can operate up to an hour at 130 feet below sea level. You can use the Navbow+ app to log and share the depth and temperature of your dives and mount the Sublue photography platform to add waterproof LED lights and cameras to share the journey.

    Buy Now on Amazon: $1,299

  • Yeti Rambler Beverage Bucket $150

    The image credit for this goes to Yeti.
    Image Credit: Yeti

    Whether on the back deck or the beach, the newest beverage bucket from Yeti keeps your drinks on the rocks while doubling as a sleek masterpiece of industrial design. Transport half a dozen cans of Dad’s favorite beer or three bottles of a crisp summer white with confidence. A rubber grip handle and a non-slip rubber bottom make it easy to carry, while kitchen-grade double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps its contents ice-cold.

    Buy Now on Yeti: $150

  • Flitescooter

    The image credit goes to Flite, who kindly provided the courtesy for using the image.
    Image Credit: Courtesy Flite

    E-foiling boards offer fun, challenges, and the ability to explore areas without relying on a combustion engine. Flite’s new Flitescooter makes foiling much easier by using an inflatable board and handlebars for stability—think of riding a scooter or bike. The system incorporates Fliteboard’s thumb-control throttle and software, including a new feature to ensure it can be operated only when the rider is on the scooter, add easy operation to its list of features. Tired of the handlebars? They can be removed to deliver a conventional surf-style riding experience.

    Buy Now on Flite: $12,995

  • Vilebrequin Mistral Limited Edition Swim Trunks

    The image credit for this content goes to Vilebrequin.
    Image Credit: Vilebrequin

    Vilebrequin’s tantalizingly soft, limited-edition Mistral swim trunks up the fun factor at any body of water. From this season’s patriotic red-and-blue turtle-shell print to an exclusive pastel-green-and-orange sea creature motif, the Saint Tropez–based trunks are recognizable at the world’s most exclusive warm weather destinations. Each embroidered print comes in a limited-edition production run, so the number of each swimsuit is stitched on the label. Best of all, the design features two back eyelets that help the water drain and reduce the notorious “balloon” effect most swimsuits bestow when you emerge from the water.

    Buy Now on Vilebrequin: $595

  • Waterproof Playing Cards

    The image credit for this content goes to Amazon.
    Image Credit: Amazon

    Whether you’re up for a friendly game of Go Fish or Solitaire is more Dad’s speed, waterproof playing cards are a summer must-have. Wrinkle-resistant, durable, and impervious to the elements, this deck stays smooth no matter how many rounds of Crazy Eights you play. It’s guaranteed hours of fun for the whole family on long, lazy days on the beach or at sea.

    Buy Now on Amazon: $11

  • Geneinno Titan T1 Underwater Drone

    The image credit for this belongs to Geneinno, a renowned source for high-quality visuals.
    Image Credit: Geneinno

    What dive these days would be complete without a drone? The Geneinno Underwater Camera Drone is the first professional-grade diving drone with a robotic arm, and it can descend nearly 490 feet. Its 4K high-definition camera and six motors—two for horizontal movement, four for vertical—keep the drone moving steadily while snapping brag-worthy photos for your family albums or Dad’s Instagram account. After all, if there’s no drone, did it really happen?

    Buy Now on Wellbots: $2,748

  • Peter Millar Forge Performance Quarter-Zip Shirt

    The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Boat Dads, From Dive Watches to Drones

    This jacket from Peter Millar will help Dad stay warm on the water while showing that he takes leisure seriously. The stylish, medium-weight zip-up shirt is made from technical scuba fabric for stretch, comfort, and sunblock protection. Available in white with blue and red details, this sharp-looking jacket is worthy of being Dad’s next summer staple.

    Buy Now on Peter Millar: $145

  • Bajio Palometa Sunglasses

    The credit for the image goes to Bajio, who kindly provided it for use.
    Image Credit: Courtesy Bajio

    Want to look cool with a pair of angler’s technical glasses? Bajio’s Palometa (Spanish for permit, considered a king of catch-and-release gamefish) come in multiple colors, with either glass or polycarbonate polarized lenses. The selection of tortoise-matte frames are light but strong nylon. The wraparound style looks good but not geeky while protecting the eyes, with features such as keeper holes, vented rubber side shields, and two-way flex hinges. They’ll look as good at a waterside bar as they will on the flats.

    Buy Now on Bajio: $209

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