44 Best gifts for brothers 2023: Beerwulf, Nike, Xbox and more

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We carefully select the finest presents for brothers, as finding the perfect gift for your older or younger sibling can be quite challenging. Below, you will discover GQ’s innovative suggestions that cater to the geeks, thrill-seekers, gamers, trendsetters, and many others.

There is an unparalleled experience when it comes to having a male sibling who constantly pushes your buttons. And when the topic of finding the perfect gift for your brother arises, it becomes a complex matter. What can you possibly purchase for someone who made it their mission to annoy you for the first 17 years of your life? As it turns out, similar to selecting gifts for your father or choosing a present for your mother, there are numerous options available that may surprise you. Ranging from reasonably priced yet desirable items to extravagant, show-stopping presents, rest assured that there is a gift out there for your brother, regardless of how particular he may be.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, welcoming someone to their new home, or simply looking to surprise someone out of the blue, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Similar to our expert recommendations for the finest presents tailored for women, men, and teenagers, we’ll help you find the perfect gift.

What are the best gifts for brothers?

Taking a risk to avoid clichés, we’ve discovered that gifting a BeerWulf home brew machine for a brother’s birthday is quite a hit. While anyone would be thrilled to receive the ability to brew their own lager at home, brothers seem to have an extra level of excitement for such gadgets. If they’re not a fan of hops, consider opting for champagne instead: we personally recommend Veuve Cliquot, and it’s exciting to see that they’re offering a personalized box again this year (shaped like a cassette tape, of course). Timeless classics like a stylish leather billfold wallet, a luxurious scarf that will withstand the test of time, and a quirky fashion tee are always excellent gift choices. For a more unique option, you could also consider a Japanese snack subscription box or a robot lawnmower for your obligatory best friend.

Take a quick look at GQ’s top gifts for brothers at the shop…

  • The ideal present for brothers is the Tom Ford leather wallet, priced at £380 on mrporter.Com.
  • Perfect present for active brothers: Nike sports bag, priced at £32.95 on nike.Com.
  • The ideal present for gaming siblings: LG curved gaming monitor, priced at £1,222 on amazon.Co.Uk.
  • Perfect present for fashionable siblings: Reiss polo shirt, priced at £78 on reiss.Com.
  • Ideal for daring siblings: GoPro Hero10, priced at £447.99 £397.99 on amazon.Co.Uk.
  • Ideal for geeky siblings: Hyundai Robot Lawnmower, £452.21 £416.13 on amazon.Co.Uk.
  • The BeerWulf Blade Beer Dispenser allows him to pour the ideal glass of beer in the comfort of his own home, which could potentially be the most thoughtful gesture you could make for him. Numerous excellent beer dispensers can be found, but we prefer the stainless steel BeerHawk edition due to its stylishly cold appearance and 8-liter volume. Consider it as an adult alternative to him consuming warm cans illegally in the park. Price: £569. Available at: beerwulf.com.

    BeerWulf Blade Beer Dispenser

    Giving him the ability to pull the perfect pint at home may well be the nicest thing you ever do for him. There are a bunch of great beer dispensers available, but we like the stainless steel BeerHawk edition for its ice-cold chicness and 8-litre capacity. Think of it as a grown-up version of him drinking warm cans underage in the park.

  • Price: £569
  • Available at: beerwulf.com
  • Percival Old Football Boots Socks

    Percival’s T-shirts and socks hold an untapped reservoir of captivating designs, just waiting to be discovered. Each new release brings forth an irresistible item that instantly becomes a must-have in every man’s collection. And this season, it’s the remarkable socks adorned with football boot motifs. These socks have always made for a reliable gift option, but now they have transformed into the ultimate birthday MVP for your beloved brother.

  • Price: £12
  • Available at: percivalclo.com
  • G-Shock B2100D Watch

    While we can’t assure you that he won’t scold you for not purchasing him a Grandmaster Chime, this G-Shock could potentially be the ideal and budget-friendly holy grail present for you. Among our top picks is G-Shock’s B2100D, admired for its solid metal build, making it a timepiece that would seamlessly blend with Jason Bourne’s stylish ensemble.

  • Price: £449
  • Available at: g-shock.co.uk
  • Resident Evil 4

    Inquiring about your brother’s age in 2005? If his age fell within the range of seven to 21, it is highly probable that he indulged in the captivating world of Resident Evil 4. Should that be the case, we have the perfect brotherly present for you: a pristine edition of this remarkable remake, hailed as one of GQ’s most cherished video game launches of 2023 thus far.

  • Price: £59.99 £46.95
  • Available at: amazon.co.uk
  • Philips 9000 Beard Trimmer

    In a world filled with countless beard trimmers, the Philips 9000 stands out as a favorite among our readers. If his facial hair is in need of some attention, surprise him with one of the most stylish grooming instruments ever created.

  • Price: £129.99 £109.99
  • Available at: amazon.co.uk
  • Our Place cast iron Always pan

    Give your brother a gentle push into the present by surprising him with a new cookware, if he’s still holding onto the pans he brought to university when he was 18. Aptly named “Always,” Our Place’s versatile cast iron pan is designed to stand the test of time, ensuring a lifetime of culinary adventures… Or until his children inherit it and unintentionally leave a mark on it during their own university days.

  • Price: £135
  • Available at: fromourplace.co.uk
  • Spreadable Whisky

    Once he has triumphed over every type of Scotch available, possesses a whisky bottle of such exorbitant value that witnessing him pour it brings tears to your eyes, and possesses a pipette solely for the purpose of precisely diluting his drams, it becomes evident that he must explore new horizons. Spreadable whisky has emerged as a highly sought-after middle ground between authenticity and novelty, making it an effortless choice for gifting whisky enthusiasts this year.

  • Price: £10
  • Available at:oliverbonas.com
  • TheraBody Massage Gun

    In this moment, a renaissance of massage guns is unfolding, and we are truly grateful for it. The Theragun Pro, a remarkable addition to Therabody’s lineup, surpasses all expectations: not only is it 20 percent quieter than its predecessors, but it also delivers the same exceptional relief to weary muscles. For the fitness enthusiast in your life, this gift would undoubtedly be a welcomed treasure.

  • Price: £469
  • Available at: therabody.com
  • Nuggets & Fries Oodie

    Sometimes, even the most sophisticated GQ readers deserve to indulge in laziness, and there is no better way to do so than with an Oodie. This wearable blanket is perfect for your brother, especially during a winter without heating. We suggest getting him the nuggets and fries edition to amplify the hilariously accurate nature of this gift.

  • Price: £89 £54
  • Available at: theoodie.co.uk
  • Nothing Ear 2

    Introducing the sensational Nothing Ear 2, the latest wireless headphones from the up-and-coming tech brand. Prepare to be amazed by their remarkable battery life, impressive noise cancellation capabilities, and the ability to create tailored sound experiences. All this greatness comes at an unbeatable price, making Apple’s AirPods Pro pale in comparison.

  • Price: £129
  • Availale at: nothing.tech
  • Fortnum & Mason Fortmason Hamper

    Level up your gift-giving game by opting for an extravagant hamper, which will effortlessly diminish your brainstorming time, while simultaneously skyrocketing your brother’s gratitude. Within Fortnum & Mason’s timeless “Fortmason” wicker basket, you’ll discover an exquisite assortment of delights such as red wine, pâté, chutney, biscuits, and an array of other delectable treats, representing a magnificent curation from the esteemed department store’s epicurean haven.

  • Price: £125
  • Available at: fortnumandmason.com
  • Gymshark Crest Joggers

    Gymshark, the mastermind behind our beloved affordable workout attire, is currently hosting an extraordinary Black Friday extravaganza on the world wide web. Among their remarkable selection, one standout item reigns supreme: the Crest joggers. These stylish sweatpants are not only an ideal present for your dear sibling, but they also boast an irresistible price tag after receiving a generous discount.

  • Price: £35
  • Available at: uk.gymshark.com
  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

    Similar to deodorant, skincare can appear more like a subtle gesture rather than a present, yet when it concerns your sibling, do you truly mind if you potentially offend them? Regardless, bestow upon them a Kiehl’s eye treatment that is both soothing and highly desired, ensuring their appreciation without any hesitation.

  • Price: £45
  • Available at: kiehls.co.uk
  • Personalised Dog Bandana

    Every canine owner desires an abundance of personalized merchandise. Once your sibling’s furry friend is already equipped with a collar, the subsequent move involves acquiring a bandana: Yappy’s budget-friendly option enables you to select a cartoon depiction of their dog, incorporate a name, and even choose a hue. Because encouraging their canine infatuation can never yield negative consequences…

  • Price: £9.99
  • Available at: yappy.com
  • Chrome Dumbbells

    To ensure the essence of the home gym remains intact while upgrading from worn-out pandemic Amazon weights, venture towards Techno Gym and acquire a set of exquisite chrome dumbbells. Available in 1kg increments ranging from one to ten, these luxurious dumbbells serve as a sophisticated substitute for the lighter weights, assisting him in maintaining his fitness regime.

  • Price: from £55 each
  • Available at: technogym.com
  • Odeon Limitless

    Not every individual who loves movies is a sibling, but it appears that every sibling is a passionate movie enthusiast. Consequently, bestowing upon him an unlimited pass to his nearby Odeon cinema is the ultimate gift you can offer. Enhance the gesture with a personalized popcorn box, and you’ll undoubtedly become the favored sibling…At least until the arrival of Christmas.

  • Price: £170
  • Available at: odeon.co.uk
  • Cuisinart Overstuffed Toasted Sandwich Maker

    Indulge in your brother’s insatiable craving for grilled cheese, a truly relatable aspect of his personality. Satisfy this desire with the Cuisinart toasted sandwich maker, designed with an impressive height to accommodate generously filled toasties and sandwiches that rival those enjoyed by Scooby Doo.

  • Price: £79.99
  • Available at: lakeland.co.uk
  • Comme Des Garçons Converse Sneakers

    With its enduring coolness, the Comme Des Garçons x Converse collaboration yields an ideal present for a fashion-forward sibling in need of a style refresh or someone so effortlessly trendy that opting for something bolder would be a grave error.

  • Price: £140
  • Available at: selfridges.com
  • Masterclass Subscription

    Let’s unleash a plethora of jokes about your brother’s lack of talent and his dire need to acquire some; however, I trust your comedic skills to handle that task. But on a serious note, it’s high time he engaged in activities beyond lounging around in his boxers, chugging Monster energy drinks. Why not introduce him to Masterclass? By doing so, you have the potential to be the sole catalyst in providing your brother with a meaningful direction in life.

  • Price: From £14/month
  • Available at: masterclass.com
  • The London Pub Book

    Enhance your coffee table’s essence by adorning it with a flickering candle, an assortment of stylish coasters, and a delightful pile of captivating books. Elevate your literary selection with this captivating anthology from Hoxton Mini Press, showcasing the captivating transformation of the unassuming London pub. Immerse yourself in a compendium of truly splendid vintage photographs that exude sheer magnificence.

  • Price: £18.95
  • Available at: hoxtonminipress.com
  • Sonos One Smart Speaker

    In search of a tech present that exudes innovation? Our top pick is the Sonos bluetooth smart speaker, renowned for its exceptional audio quality and the option to connect it with either Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s AI assistant. When it comes to a combination of affordability and outstanding performance, both your finances and your sibling will be hard-pressed to find a better option.

  • Price: from £159
  • Available at: johnlewis.com, richersounds.com & currys.co.uk
  • Fortnum & Mason Single Malt Scotch Whisky Chocolate Truffles

    Brace yourselves for the arrival of whisky-infused chocolate truffles! Prepare to be dazzled by these delectable orbs of indulgence, as they effortlessly fulfill multiple desires: the craving for chocolate, the allure of alcohol, and the pursuit of luxurious delights. While we hesitate to label this as a mere shortcut, it undeniably presents a convenient choice for a brother who adores all things sweet.

  • Price: £17.95
  • Available at: fortnumandmason.com
  • Diptyque Wood Fire Candle

    Diptyque offers an abundance of reasons to adore it, surpassing the multitude of scents available for sampling. However, embarking on the quest to test every product on the shelf would undeniably consume a substantial amount of time. Trust our recommendation: opt for the remarkable Wood Fire candle, which would make an excellent choice for a brother. Notably, its captivating Feu de Bois container will continue to grace your surroundings long after the candle has been completely consumed.

  • Price: £77
  • Available at: diptyqueparis.com, johnlewis.com & net-a-porter.com
  • Xbox Game Pass

    Treat them with the ultimate Game Pass, granting unlimited access to an ever-evolving collection of Xbox games. For the avid gamers who immerse themselves in virtual realms alongside their friends, this delightful subscription gift is available at just £11 per month. Moreover, the introductory offer allows you to surprise them with the first month at a mere quid.

  • Price: £10.99/month
  • Available at: xbox.com
  • HyperX Gaming Headset

    Forgot to give him a gift last year? Make it up by enticing him with an irresistible offer in 2023: a pair of coveted HyperX gaming headphones. These cutting-edge headphones boast noise cancellation and an immersive virtual surround sound experience, thanks to their over-ear design. Whether he’s a PC, PS4, or PS5 gamer, these headphones are the ultimate upgrade.

  • Price: £189 £129
  • Available at: currys.co.uk & argos.co.uk
  • Bokksu Japanese Snack Subscription Box

    Our admiration for a captivating subscription box knows no bounds, and BokksuBox stands out as a remarkable specimen within its realm. Positioned at the intersection of the extraordinary and the immensely enjoyable orange category, this delightful monthly culinary package showcases delectable Japanese treats artfully curated by small, family-owned enterprises. With its genuine allure unburdened by exorbitant Japan-UK shipping charges, it presents itself as a unique and enticing gift concept for epicureans, cultural enthusiasts, and individuals seeking to stand apart from the crowd.

  • Price: $45.99/3 months
  • Available at: bokksu.com
  • Lorenzo Milano Shaving Kit

    If he isn’t on a quest to grow a beard of extraordinary beekeeping dimensions, then giving him shaving essentials can be an incredibly practical gift. However, this Lorenzi Milano set exceeds mere practicality; it embodies the epitome of luxurious shaving experiences. Crafted from carbon fiber and adorned with badger hair, this set comprises a stand, brush, and razor that will compel even your brother to meticulously tidy his bathroom, all in anticipation of creating the perfect atmosphere for this exceptional gift.

  • Price: £805
  • Available at: mrporter.com
  • London Sock Company Three Lions Socks

    Under the moonlight, three majestic lions grace a shirt, while under the sunlight, three proud lions adorn a sock. The London Sock Company has ingeniously crafted a collection of vibrant red, white, and blue socks, capturing the essence of the 2022 World Cup. These socks are perfect for the devoted sibling who wishes to showcase their unwavering commitment by pairing them with an England shirt, or for the discreet supporter who wants to rally behind Gareth and the team while going about their daily duties.

  • Price: £88
  • Available at: londonsockcompany.com
  • GoPro Hero10

    Is he a thrill-seeker addicted to adrenaline rushes? Perhaps he’s simply captivated by the mesmerizing visage of the train conductor captured on a headcam. Regardless, a GoPro makes an exceptional present for those seeking to immortalize their escapades, and the latest Hero10 holds a special place in our hearts due to its remarkable capacity to capture astonishingly high-resolution footage, even amidst the most untamed and audacious circumstances.

  • Price: £429 £399
  • Available at: amazon.co.uk
  • Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy Coffee Machine

    The pervasive presence of coffee seeps into our everyday routines, while we eagerly embrace its allure with increasingly sophisticated contraptions. Indulge your sibling’s addiction by gifting them the Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy coffee machine, a top contender among the realm of intelligent coffee makers.

  • Price: £299 £99
  • Available at: lavazza.co.uk
  • Tom Ford Leather Wallet

    A leather billfold wallet is an investment that lasts a lifetime. If you’ve ever witnessed him carrying a tacky wallet with plastic coatings or, heaven forbid, velcro, then perhaps it’s time to surprise him with something more sophisticated. When it comes to elegance, nothing beats Tom Ford, as their menswear essentials exude a captivating aura.

  • Price: £380
  • Available at: mrporter.com
  • Paul Smith Dressing Gown

    Is your younger sibling harboring grandiose aspirations? Or could they truly possess some form of brilliance (though that seems improbable)? Irrespective, this exquisite Paul Smith robe exists to either complement or elevate their self-importance through its sophisticated design. Drawing inspiration from the leisurely moments of an artist, it presents a cubist interpretation of the renowned brand’s iconic stripe, eagerly awaiting a deserving individual to claim it.

  • Price: £235
  • Available at: paulsmith.com
  • Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky

    Amidst the vast realm of whiskies, where distinctions blur, emerges an exceptional breed. Unraveling their essence can prove arduous. However, fear not, for in the realm of choices, stands the Nikka Coffey variation, a captivating embodiment of Japan’s flourishing whiskey tradition. Regardless of one’s dedication or occasional indulgence, this exquisite creation guarantees an unparalleled triumph for all whiskey enthusiasts.

  • Price: £58.95
  • Available at: thewhiskyexchange.com
  • Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion

    Individuals adorned with facial hair perpetually seek a calming balm after their shaving endeavors, and Aesop proudly presents one of our utmost preferred options with their Moroccan Neroli creation. Emitting an aroma of unparalleled magnificence, as anticipated from this esteemed Australian beauty brand, the timeless black-and-white packaging of this vessel will effortlessly elevate the appearance of your sibling’s washbasin, just as it enhances his meticulously groomed facial growth.

  • Price: £42.18
  • Available at: feelunique.com
  • Jaws by Peter Benchley (Folio Society)

    Following the exhilaration of Spielberg’s cinematic marvel, Jaws, delving into the sensationalist drivel of Peter Benchley’s novel that served as its inspiration can be quite jarring. However, after traversing the passionate romance and the unforeseen demise that failed to grace the silver screen, one discovers a truly remarkable narrative in its peculiar essence. The Folio Society edition of this work is particularly remarkable, adorned with sinister illustrations and enriched by an enlightening introduction penned by the esteemed Wendy, the late author’s beloved spouse.

  • Price: £39.95
  • Available at: foliosociety.com
  • Uniqlo Cashmere Jumper

    Brace yourself for a remarkable find when Uniqlo tags a price of £100 or more on one of its items. This exquisite creation boasts a flawless 100% cashmere composition, making it an essential addition to your collection—a timeless treasure that comes at an unbeatable value.

  • Price: £129.90 £99.90
  • Available at: uniqlo.com
  • Nikon Z30

    Nikon has recently unveiled its most impressive vlogging camera to date. Regardless of whether your brother is a YouTube sensation or not, he will find great use in this ingenious companion to capture all his thrilling escapades for years to follow. With unparalleled audio clarity and an incredibly lightweight design, it is the perfect tool for capturing stunning visuals and pristine sound in the great outdoors. Secure one for your adventurous brother who is about to embark on his gap year.

  • Price: £699 £599
  • Available at: jessops.com
  • Moutai Chun 1998 Baijiu Liqueur

    Is his home bar already abundantly supplied? Why not amaze him by selecting something unique to add to his cocktails? The Moutai Chun 1998 Baijiu might appear intricate, but in essence, it’s a Chinese liqueur that combines flavors of peanut butter, chocolate, velvety yogurt, and soy sauce. Doesn’t that sound absolutely delectable?

  • Price: £55
  • Available at: harveynichols.com
  • Hyundai Robot Lawnmower

    Taking a bold leap, we dare to claim that receiving a robotic companion as a birthday gift would bring joy to anyone’s heart. And if this robotic marvel not only possesses a charming and stylish appearance but also serves a practical purpose, then it becomes an even more delightful surprise. The Robot Mower perfectly embodies this ideal combination of charm and functionality, owing to its robust engine and efficient automatic drive that fearlessly conquers any lawn.

  • Price: 599.95
  • Available at: amazon.co.uk
  • Crème de la Mer Moisturiser

    At a certain point in a man’s life, the importance of moisturizing becomes undeniable. While ideally this should have been embraced at the ripe age of 18, it’s never too late to begin. For those who have yet to embark on the skincare journey, why not introduce them to something truly exceptional? La Mer guarantees that once they experience its luxurious effects, they won’t easily abandon the habit even when the container is empty.

  • Price: £275
  • Available at: harveynichols.com
  • LG Curved Gaming Monitor

    If your friend is a dedicated gamer, there’s no better gesture than surprising them with the LG curved gaming monitor. Considered the pinnacle of game-enhancing technology, this monitor will revolutionize their gaming experience. Its lightning-fast response time will transport them to a whole new level of immersion, surpassing any gaming encounters they’ve had before.

  • Price: £1,351
  • Available at: amazon.co.uk
  • Rat Betty Heart Ring

    In the heart of London, Rat Betty crafts one-of-a-kind rings that possess a peculiar charm, exuding an unconventional beauty. Their silversmith emporium serves as the birthplace of these extraordinary creations. Among them, the iconic ‘Rat’ ring reigns supreme, catering to those who embrace grunge as an integral part of their personal style. However, Rat Betty’s chubby heart design offers a more laid-back, effortlessly cool aesthetic, subtly capturing the essence of a carefree attitude.

  • Price: £140
  • Available at: ratbetty.com
  • Hades David Bowie Jumper

    Embracing the essence of Scottish knitwear, Hades emerges as a distinctive brand that seamlessly merges Highland fashion with beloved cult music icons. With each passing year, their designs become increasingly desirable, and their fame soared to new heights after their viral creation, paying homage to The Smiths through knitted masterpieces. As the brand enters its seventh year, Hades turns its attention towards the rebellious spirit of the Sex Pistols and the enigmatic allure of David Bowie. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Bowie, they present the Rebel Rebel jumper crafted entirely from luxurious wool, a true embodiment of artistic expression.

  • Price: £225
  • Available at: hades-shop.co.uk
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