Best gifts for DJs 2023: treats for the home studio to the DJ booth

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Look beyond for the ultimate gift guide catering to DJs, whether it’s your own passion or you’re seeking presents for a mixing maestro in your life. Discover a curated selection of the top 20 gift ideas, ranging from budget-friendly $/£5 stocking fillers to high-end DJ controllers and professional headphones. Uncover novelty items alongside essential gifts designed to protect a DJ’s hearing and enhance their live performances while on tour. Additionally, find gifts that assist in maintaining their equipment and ensuring everything is in perfect order.

Discover an array of enticing presents, carefully categorized according to their price range. Begin your journey with pocket-friendly yet practical stocking fillers, then explore a selection of moderately-priced options. Finally, delve into the realm of professional DJing with extravagant gifts tailored for the true enthusiasts. Concluding this exceptional lineup is a gift that promises to shine brightly not only this year but also in the years to come.

Keep reading, then, for the top presents for DJs, regardless of your financial plan…

Best gifts for DJs: Budget gifts

(Image credit: Amazon)

1. DJ Themed Socks

For the DJ in your life deserving of a modest single-digit gift.


Reasons to buy

There is a wide variety of DJ socks to choose from.

Superior to typical socks. Merely.

Can be concealed under pants.

Let’s spice up Christmas with a must-have item for everyone – socks! Although they often bring disappointment, fear not, for a new era of socks has arrived. Now, socks can boast a variety of DJ themes, such as this slightly rebellious phrase: ‘If You Can Read This I’d Rather Be Playing Records’. While they may only induce a single burst of laughter, the options are vast, ranging from the silly to the scandalous. Moreover, these socks serve as a testament to your thoughtfulness as the gift giver, even if it’s just a smidgen.

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2. DJ themed mugs

Affordable, functional, and occasionally entertaining, a mug is not only suitable for the holiday season.


Reasons to buy

There are a wide range of excellent mug choices available.

Can accommodate beverages.

And convey ironic messages.

As with socks, there are a lot of DJ-themed mugs around and these obviously make the ideal stocking filler gift. However, unlike socks which wear out, fade or can be hidden, you’ll want to make sure the DJ message here is suitable. So be careful – the one we’ve highlighted, for example, might be challenged, especially if it’s next to you while you’re mixing. And then, of course, mugs can be useful. We’re not sure that drinking from one during that ultra cool 2am DJ slot is entirely an image you’ll want to foster, but at 7am when the coffee is required, a mug will be a godsend.Output: Just like socks, there is an abundance of DJ-themed mugs available, making them the perfect little surprise to stuff in your stockings. However, unlike socks that eventually wear out, fade, or disappear, it is crucial to ensure that the DJ message displayed on the mug is appropriate. So tread lightly – the one we’ve pointed out could potentially cause some controversy, especially if it’s sitting next to you while you’re busy mixing tracks. And let’s not forget, mugs have their practical uses too. We’re not entirely convinced that sipping from one during your ultra-cool 2am DJ set

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3. KASSAE LED Glasses

For the DJ that needs a representation – but not necessarily sight.


Reasons to buy

The most affordable method to obtain a DJ light display.

One of the more uncommon gifts to put in a stocking.

Some can groove to your rhythms.

Daft Punk had helmets, Orbital have double torch glasses and your DJ friend might need a similar on-stage ‘look’. Luckily, you now have lots of options for a gift solution! Luminous LED glasses are many and varied and, honestly, completely impractical, if DJs want to see through them and, you know, DJ. However, between mixes, many of these will light up, make different patterns and change colour. More expensive options can also be programmed with apps or play along with music. We’ve chosen these wraparound beauties from KASSAE which are one of the top-ranked (and cheapest) on Amazon.Output: Daft Punk, renowned for their iconic helmets, and Orbital, known for their double torch glasses, have set the stage for unique on-stage appearances. Inspired by this, your DJ friend might be in need of a similar eye-catching aesthetic. Fortunately, there are now countless options available for a gift that fits the bill! The market offers a wide array of luminous LED glasses, each with their own distinct style and design. While admittedly impractical for DJs who need clear vision to perform, these glasses come alive between mixes, illuminating with dazzling patterns and an array of colors. For those willing to splurge, there are even more advanced models that can be programmed with

(Image credit: Reloop)

4. Reloop Fader and Knob Caps

Personalize your equipment with these vibrant controls.


Price: starting at $14/£12 per pack.

Reasons to buy

Gives your equipment a new appearance.

Safeguards the initial commands.

All controls are taken care of.

Surprise your DJ buddy with a vibrant collection of knobs or faders that they never knew they needed. These sets of replacement controls, available in a spectrum of dazzling colors (and even some that glow in the dark, like those from DJ TechTools), are the perfect addition or upgrade to their existing DJ equipment. Not only do these eye-catching controls make it easier to navigate in dimly lit club settings, they also enhance the resale value of their gear by preserving or replacing the original controls. Keep in mind that the price mentioned is for each pack, so be sure to determine your desired control type before making a purchase.

(Image credit: Alpine)

5. Alpine Party Plugs

Maintain the excellent condition of your hearing with these highly rated protectors.


Reasons to buy

Provide the present of auditory perception.

Highest rated ear protectors.

Includes case and cleanser.

DJs must also consider the serious matter of their hearing. While we don’t want to dampen the mood, it’s important to acknowledge that spending time in noisy venues can have long-term effects on a DJ’s ability to hear. Hence, a thoughtful and essential gift for any dedicated DJ would be a reliable pair of ear defenders. The Alpine Party Plugs, complete with a convenient case and some added features, come highly recommended. Considering the invaluable role that ears play in a DJ’s profession, the asking price for these plugs is a small investment to ensure their auditory well-being. By safeguarding their hearing, DJs can prolong their career and keep their musical journey alive for years to come.

(Image credit: Magma)

6. Headphone case

Safeguard those crucial cans from the challenges of traveling.


Reasons to buy

Provides protection for the majority of headphones.

Rugged box.

Still relatively lightweight.

It’s unfortunate, but not all headphones are accompanied by decent carry cases; in fact, some are only equipped with flimsy pouches. Therefore, if a DJ possesses a pair of pricey DJ headphones – which we will suggest later in this guide – they will require some form of safeguard for them. It is essential to verify that the headphones you intend to purchase will fit appropriately, although many DJ sets have the capability to fold, so this may not pose a problem. The Magma Hardcase excels in terms of durability and is suitable for a wide variety of standard-sized headphones, providing reliable protection throughout.

(Image credit: Amazon)

7. Vinyl cleaning kit

Thorough cleaning for the dedicated vinyl DJ.


Reasons to buy

Beautiful present for vinyl enthusiasts.

All the maintenance you will require.

For maintaining vinyl records and stylus.

Attention all DJs who have a penchant for collecting vinyl! Feast your eyes on this remarkable offering designed exclusively for you. Enclosed within a single, aesthetically pleasing case, you will discover an assortment of essential tools dedicated to preserving your beloved vinyl records in impeccable condition. Included in this exceptional set are carbon fibre and velvet brushes, an LP cleaner, and even a specialized gel to pamper your stylus. If this highly acclaimed collection fails to ignite the excitement within your vinyl-obsessed DJ soul, we are at a loss as to what will. Prepare to bestow an extraordinary present upon those with stocking sizes of epic proportions.

Best gifts for DJs: Mid-priced gifts

(Image credit: Decksaver)

8. Decksaver covers

An excellent method to safeguard DJ equipment from dust and other harm.


Cost: Starting from approximately $35/£30.

Reasons to buy

Safeguards DJ equipment from dust and other potential damage.

Look incredibly awesome.

Can frequently also safeguard equipment packed and on the move.

There exists a vast array of bags to safeguard DJ equipment during travels to performances. Nevertheless, when at home, both DJ and production gear face a significant threat from dust and accidental spills. Enter Decksaver: transparent plastic cases tailored for specific gear items. These cases snugly envelop a DJ’s gear, serving as remarkable gifts. Discover what gear your DJ friend possesses and embark on a quest to find the perfect Decksaver product that fits their equipment (pictured here is one designed for a Denon DJ Prime). Prices for DJ gear cases range from $35/£30 to approximately $70/£60, depending on the size of the equipment.

(Image credit: Trunab)

9. Trunab Vinyl bag

Highly acclaimed DJ bag for enthusiasts of vinyl.


Reasons to buy

Sturdy bag.

Numerous additional compartments.

A shoulder harness will definitely be beneficial.

As vinyl experiences a remarkable resurgence, DJs are constantly seeking ways to bring their collections along on their journeys. Yet, the challenges involved in doing so are widely recognized – opting for a memory stick filled with MP3s is undeniably more convenient. Nevertheless, the innovative Trunab Vinyl bag offers a secure storage solution for up to 60 12-inch records, complete with additional compartments for 7-inches and headphones. This bag is not only resistant to water splashes and dust, but also comes with a shoulder strap to ensure ease of transportation, especially when fully stocked. An exceptional means of showcasing your classic skills and records while on the go.

(Image credit: SanDisk)

10. SanDisk Extreme PRO USB Drive

Back up and safeguard the essential items you require and ensure their security.


Reasons to buy

Highly acclaimed USB storage device.

Small, robust, and easily transportable.

Quick and long-lasting.

DJs often have a plethora of data in tow, ranging from tunes and mixes to performances and emails. However, safeguarding these files becomes crucial, particularly during live sets. Among the various options available, USB drives stand out as the top choice due to their portability and versatility in terms of shapes and sizes. Our selection, the SanDisk Extreme PRO, is renowned for its robust construction and extensive range of options. While the 256GB version is featured here, it is worth noting that a staggering 1TB option is also available, albeit at a higher price of $226/£195. Either way, DJs can rest assured that their valuable data will remain secure.

(Image credit: Numark)

11. Numark DJ2GO2

Compact in size, this mobile DJ controller offers a plethora of features.


Reasons to buy

Small yet well-furnished.

Packs in jog wheels, pads and additional features.

Great price.

The Numark DJ2GO2 revolutionizes DJ control for apps, offering a compact and portable solution that is tailor-made for on-the-go use, making it the ultimate choice for laptop DJs. Surpassing expectations, this diminutive device packs a punch with its impressive features, including jog wheels, a crossfader, a built-in interface with outputs for seamless mixing and headphone connectivity, as well as four performance pads for every deck. With Serato DJ Intro included, this controller is ready to rock straight out of the box. While it may not be considered as professional-grade as other controllers, it injects a delightful dose of excitement into the DJing experience.

(Image credit: LoDrid)

12. LoDrid DJ Bag

For the disc jockey who possesses a plethora of equipment!


Reasons to buy

Sturdy build.

There are three methods to transport it.

Simply observe all of those sections.

We adore a splendid utility bag with abundant compartments, and this one takes the cake in that aspect. Designed for professional DJs or those who fancy tool-set utility belts, this beastly bag can accommodate everything from cables to DJ lights. In fact, DJs can even create room for controllers and larger equipment with the detachable dividers, while the smaller compartments can hold mobile phones and the aforementioned DJ socks. It’s simply elegant! This bag has the power to bring tears of joy to certain individuals who revel in the opportunity to fill each and every compartment. People like ourselves, to be completely candid…

(Image credit: EverMix)

13. EvermixBox4

Easily capture and broadcast your DJ mixes.


Reasons to buy

Your high-quality recorded mixes.

Small, robust, and easily transportable.

User-friendly application.

The EvermixBox4 is a nifty gadget that conveniently connects your smartphone or tablet to capture and share your DJ sets on popular streaming platforms such as Soundcloud or Mixcloud. With the help of the Evermix app, you can effortlessly record your performances in impeccable quality. This sleek and lightweight device, weighing only 85 grams, is the perfect companion for DJs on the go. While it may not be visually striking, it is an ingenious tool that enables you to effortlessly live stream your mixes using your trusty smartphone. Consider it a game-changer that has the potential to elevate your DJing skills to new heights and reach a wider audience.

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

14. Sennheiser HD 25

High-quality headphones commonly used in the industry and a classic DJ model.


Reasons to buy

Dependable and durable.

Specifically designed for use by DJs.

Portable and customizable.

Welcome to the realm of three-figure price range, where these exquisite headphones have solidified their status as an iconic masterpiece within their genre. When it comes to DJ headphones, one must not only deliver exceptional sound quality amidst chaotic environments, but also possess the convenience of a swiveling capsule for single-ear indulgence. Fortunately, these headphones possess both of these traits and boast several other delightful features. The ability to isolate oneself from the boisterous uproar of the crowd or the pulsating beats of the club is truly remarkable. Moreover, their lightweight nature and remarkably durable modular design, allowing for the replacement of all components (including ear pads, cable, clamp, and headband padding), contribute to their undeniable appeal. In essence, there are countless compelling reasons why these headphones continue to reign as the premier choice among DJs.

(Image credit: Pioneer)

15. Pioneer DJ HDJ Cue1

Some of the top affordable DJ headphones you will discover.


Reasons to buy

Excellent audio quality considering the cost.

Look more professional than their price suggests.

Removable cords and customizable ear cushions.

Are you in need of excellent headphones for DJs? Perhaps you require more than one pair, but don’t want to spend a fortune. In that case, the Pioneer DJ HDJ Cue1 is the ideal choice, as we consider it to be the best value for your money. These headphones boast a sleek and professional design, which can be further personalized with optional colored ear pads and cables. However, it’s the impressive sound quality that truly astonishes, although it may not be on par with the pricier Pioneer models, it is still exceptionally good.

Best gifts for DJs: Pro end gifts

(Image credit: Millenium)

16. Flexible and adjustable DJ gear stand

Practice disc jockeying at home with the ideal workstation.


Reasons to buy

Adjustable height.

Main hub for additional DJ equipment.

Sturdy finish.

DJ stands come in a multitude of options, each unique in their own way. While placing your turntables and controllers on a table is a possibility, opting for something more versatile and adaptable is a preferable solution. With the Millennium DJ Table, you have the advantage of adjusting the height to perfection, eliminating the need to lean uncomfortably. Not only is this table robust and customizable, but it also boasts a central bracket designed to accommodate your laptop or controller. The abundance of choices offered by this stand makes it a worthwhile investment without breaking the bank.

(Image credit: Pioneer DJ)

17. Pioneer DDJ-200

An excellent, user-friendly DJ controller for novice DJs.


Reasons to buy

Well priced.

The WeDJ application can assist you in acquiring the skills of mixing.

It also functions with rekordbox.

The DDJ-200, a Pioneer creation, introduces a hands-on and traditional performance style control to your phone, tablet, or computer. Despite being an entry-level model, it offers a reasonable price tag. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with various software and app partners such as Algoriddim Djay, edjing Mix, rekordbox, and WeDJ. While some controllers require an additional purchase for improved mix quality, the DDJ-200 stands out for its affordability and user-friendly interface. It is difficult to find a comparable option that offers a similar level of convenience and value for money.

(Image credit: Numark)

18. Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

An all-in-one DJ controller and audio interface, perfect for newcomers.


Reasons to buy

Offers a wide range of features for the cost.

Excellent effects controls and choices.

Manage four decks.

Unlike the Pioneer model, the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX comes equipped with an audio interface, making it a comprehensive solution that is perfect for novice DJs. Additionally, it offers impressive features such as 4-deck mixing, robust jog wheels with high-quality displays, and a microphone input. The controller also provides a wide range of effects and performance tools, including Hot Cues, Auto Loop, Sampling, and Fader Cuts. If you don’t require all of these features, you can consider the more affordable Mixtrack Pro FX, but we believe that the FX version offers a fantastic package at its price point.

(Image credit: Pioneer)

19. Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

Top-quality DJ headphones with excellent sound quality, perfect for both studio use.


Reasons to buy

Broad and expert audio quality.

Solid construction.

Lovely design.

While the rest of the DJ headphones featured in this gift guide cater to budget-conscious or traditional DJ needs, this particular set offers versatility by being suitable for both DJing and studio work such as mixing and producing. Pioneer boldly claims that their DJ HDJ-X10 headphones possess the broadest frequency range among all DJ-specific headphones. Such a claim may seem audacious, but our tests confirm its validity as they not only meet expectations but also feature an impressive closed back design that enhances isolation and listening experience. However, it’s worth noting that these headphones come at a higher price point, making them a perfect gift for that special someone who appreciates exceptional quality. And if you happen to be both a DJ and music producer, these headphones offer a seamless experience in both realms.

(Image credit: IKEA)


Expected to be the DJ present of the year!


Reasons to buy

Created for DJ-ing at home.

Optimal performance level.

Created to store records and other DJ equipment.

Also place your plants on it.

The Swedish furniture giants, in a harmonious collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, have introduced a captivating update to the IKEA KALLAX shelving system. This refined design is exclusively tailored for aspiring home DJs and those who showcase their DJ sets via Zoom. While IKEA furniture has already made its way into the music production domain, particularly with their popular studio desks, this innovation is specifically curated with DJs in mind. Boasting an optimal height for DJs to effortlessly stand behind, it offers ample space for turntables or other controllers. Moreover, each shelf possesses the remarkable capacity to accommodate up to 50 12-inch records, making it an irresistible choice for music enthusiasts.

Best gifts for DJs: Last minute ideas and subscriptions

Best gifts for DJs: Cards and gift wrap

(Image credit: Etsy)

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s common knowledge that a stellar gift is just the tip of the iceberg. A touch of expertly crafted wrapping, a charming gift tag, and perhaps even a heartfelt card are all essential components. If you’re on the lookout for unique and artisanal choices that champion individual creators, then Etsy should be your go-to destination. Prepare to be enthralled by an abundance of music-inspired designs, just like this one.

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