The 25 Best Gifts For Opera Lovers (2023 Edition)

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Welcome to the perfect destination for finding the ultimate presents for those passionate about opera. Within this captivating post, you shall discover a remarkable assortment of 25 exceptional gifts tailored specifically for opera enthusiasts. Ranging from extraordinary wall art pieces to captivating opera literature, and encompassing practical gifts for wanderlust-stricken opera aficionados as well as delightful surprises for phone devotees. Rest assured, there is something splendid awaiting every individual!

Do you have limited time?

Take a look at the editor’s top three presents for opera enthusiasts based on their budget.

  • Generous funding: admission to an opera performance (#1).
  • Moderate budgets: opera-inspired scarf (#14).
  • Affordable options: adult coloring book featuring opera theme (#25).
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    Large budget gifts for opera lovers

    #1 Tickets to see an opera

    I will begin this list with what is likely one of the greatest gifts for opera enthusiasts; a ticket to a performance at the opera.

    Explore the vast array of captivating performances worldwide on the Music & Opera website. Delight in the opportunity to acquire tickets for shows located conveniently near the recipient’s abode or embark on a grand adventure by indulging in a ticket to a renowned opera at a prestigious opera house. Should you opt for the latter, ensure to augment this splendid gesture with an accompanying gift that will undoubtedly enhance their journey.

    #2 Opera house tours

    Exploring renowned opera houses can be a delightful gift for opera enthusiasts. The experience becomes even more enchanting when paired with the aforementioned gift, as comprehending the intricate workings behind the scenes adds an extra layer of fascination to witnessing a captivating opera performance.

    While undoubtedly, opera enthusiasts will find immense joy in simply exploring the grandeur of an opera house, bypassing the need for an actual performance.

    Discover a world of enchantment by exploring Viator, where extraordinary tours await you at iconic opera houses like the Sydney Opera House or the magnificent La Scala Opera in Milan.

    #3 Phantom of the opera clock

    Vinyl record clock

    This is one of the most distinct presents for opera enthusiasts; a clock featuring the Phantom of the Opera.

    It is crafted from a vintage vinyl record and creates a stunning artwork for your wall.

    To discover additional opera gift suggestions for your home, take a look at gift #12.

    #4 Opera-themed passport cover

    Are you searching for distinctive presents for opera enthusiasts who have a passion for traveling as well?

    Then this passport cover featuring the State opera house of Vienna is a fantastic suggestion.

    This exquisite passport cover not only safeguards their travel documents but also serves as a delightful homage to the enchanting world of opera. It is a delightful and whimsical present suggestion for those who hold a deep affection for Austria and the mesmerizing city of Vienna.

    #5 Opera-themed water bottle

    Do you require presents for an opera enthusiast who adores Tosca?

    Then this water bottle featuring the classic artwork of Tosca is the present you require.

    In addition to being a splendid present for those leading a sustainable lifestyle, this stainless steel water bottle allows its user to bid farewell to plastic water bottles.

    With an impressive collection of around 100 opera-inspired bottles available on Zazzle, those who aren’t particularly fond of Tosca can explore a plethora of alternative choices on the platform.

    #6 Opera-themed phone case

    Behold, behold! Feast your eyes upon a remarkable present for those enthralled by the enchanting world of opera, designed exclusively for the devout phone addicts – a majestic phone case adorned with the captivating essence of the opera itself!

    Zazzle offers an extensive selection of more than 500 unique phone cases. However, if you prefer a more specific choice, you can opt for the enchanting La Scala opera house in Milan.

    To find more cost-effective opera presents for individuals who are addicted to their phones, take a look at #16.

    Mid budget gifts for opera lovers

    #7 Books about opera

    100 great operas and their stories

    100 great operas and their stories: act by act synopses

    Seeking presents for opera enthusiasts yearning to unravel the depths of their cherished operas? Delve into this comprehensive tome, encompassing every act of the top 100 renowned operas.

    The new book of opera anecdotes

    The new book of opera anecdotes

    In this exquisite 2020 edition of the Opera Anecdotes book, immerse yourself in the captivating tales shared by fresh and vibrant opera virtuosos, whose brilliance graced the stage long after the cherished 1985 edition.

    A history of opera

    A history of opera

    Delight the hearts of opera enthusiasts and history aficionados with an exquisite gift. Immerse them in a captivating tale chronicling the evolution and transformative journey of the enchanting art form, opera.

    #8 Tosca by Giocomo Puccini shirt

    Do you require additional presents for someone who is deeply fascinated by Giocomo Puccini? And particularly with Tosca?

    Then this shirt is the present you require! It’s an excellent gift to match with the Tosca water bottle.

    #9 Opera-themed travel mug

    Are you searching for presents for opera enthusiasts who are also coffee lovers?

    Then one of the 200+ opera-themed travel cups on Zazzle is a fantastic gift suggestion.

    And as for presents for opera performers, the travel tumbler featuring the life cycle of an opera singer is an enjoyable gift.

    #10 Opera jigsaw puzzle

    Opera posters puzzle

    This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of classic opera advertisements is one of the finest presents for opera enthusiasts to display in their residences.

    They can keep themselves amused even when they’re not visiting the cinemas.

    To discover additional presents for individuals who appreciate opera and have a passion for it, take a look at #12. Furthermore, for enthusiasts of puzzles, explore the puzzle gift guide.

    #11 Binoculars


    These elegant opera glasses are wonderful presents for opera enthusiasts who enjoy attending the opera in a fashionable manner.

    With a convenient handle for effortless gripping and a charming vintage appearance, these items become ideal companions for a night at the theater. Consequently, they make a fabulous present, especially for those who adore the theatrical realm!

    #12 Opera posters

    Opera posters are excellent presents for enthusiasts of opera who desire to bring a touch of opera to their residences.

    Discover an array of posters showcasing renowned opera performances, spanning across a myriad of choices. Unveil their treasured opera masterpiece and embark on an expedition to Amazon, where an enchanting poster awaits.

    If you are searching for presents for someone who adores Mozart’s The Magic Flute, then this is the artwork you require.

    #13 Opera-themed socks

    Stockings are the most unpredictable, yet enjoyable opera presents.

    Explore a magnificent collection of over 30 opera-inspired socks on Zazzle, or indulge in the enchanting charm of these delightful socks adorned with a mesmerizing sheet of musical notes and elegant theatre masks.

    #14 Opera theatre scarf

    Infinity scarf with theatre print

    This is one of the most distinctive presents for enthusiasts of opera. An endless scarf with a pattern featuring an opera theater.

    This infinity scarf is petite in size, making it an exquisite fashion statement rather than a functional winter accessory. However, it unquestionably stands out as the most exceptional embellishment for those enchanted by the world of opera.

    Additionally, it is important to note that the print and colors of each scarf may differ, adding a touch of individuality to each piece and potentially resulting in slight variations from the one depicted in the photo.

    Small budget gifts for opera lovers

    #15 Opera-themed tote bag

    Explore the ideal environmentally-friendly delight for opera lovers with Zazzle’s vast assortment of more than 500 tote bags inspired by opera!

    The receiver has the option to substitute all of their plastic bags with eco-friendly and stylish opera bags.

    Among the different options accessible, “What would life be without a touch of opera” especially fascinated my attention.

    #16 Opera-themed phone ring

    Explore the realm of exquisite opera-themed gifts for avid phone enthusiasts with this remarkable discovery. Behold, a captivating phone ring holder adorned with stunning operatic motifs. Embark on a journey to Zazzle’s treasure trove, where a myriad of 21 distinct rings await your perusal. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the allure of the one proudly proclaiming “Ask me about opera”.

    In case you’re curious about the purpose of a phone ring, it serves as a functional add-on that enhances your grip while holding your phone, be it in your hand or on a table, especially when engrossed in a captivating video.

    #17 Wagner’s Ring playing cards

    Ring playing cards

    Are you searching for opera presents for individuals who enjoy playing games?

    Then a set of cards with an opera theme is an enjoyable present concept.

    One instance is this set of cards of Wagner’s renowned masterpiece, Der Ring des Nibelungen.

    #18 Opera singing class

    This is one of the top presents for individuals who appreciate opera and also have a fondness for singing.

    Embark on an enchanting journey into the world of melodious opera singing with this captivating online class on Udemy. Delivered by a virtuoso in the realm of vocal artistry, this course is a harmonious haven for those eager to explore the depths of their vocal prowess. While the focus lies on opera singing, this course serves as an ideal stepping stone for anyone yearning to unleash their inner diva. What makes this course truly extraordinary is its accessibility, as it warmly welcomes both seasoned performers and novice enthusiasts. Prepare to immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the fundamentals, ranging from harnessing the power of your body and voice, to unraveling the mysteries of various vocal resonators.

    #19 Italian opera arias translations

    Famous Italian opera arias book

    Unveil the perfect present for aficionados of opera, offering them a delightful opportunity to delve into the captivating narratives behind their cherished Italian masterpieces.

    It comprises translations from arias of the 29 most renowned Italian operas, ranging from Verdi and Puccini to Mozart and Donizetti.

    #20 Opera-themed luggage tags

    The 112 diverse opera-inspired baggage tags on Zazzle are also excellent gifts for opera enthusiasts who frequently travel.

    They can always distinguish their luggage with this stylish opera-themed label.

    And if the receiver is fond of Aida, then this is the label you require.

    #21 Online comic opera appreciation class

    This is one of the fantastic gifts for opera enthusiasts who enjoy expanding their knowledge of operas.

    Delve into the fascinating world of Italian comic operas through this comprehensive online course. Discover the captivating history and master the intricacies of the genre, gaining invaluable insights into the unique techniques that define these delightful works of art.

    #22 Opera-themed keychain

    Opera keychain

    Are you searching for petite presents for enthusiasts of opera?

    And are they by any chance a huge admirer of The Phantom of the Opera?

    Therefore, this keychain serves as an excellent gift suggestion.

    This exquisite present encompasses enchanting verses extracted from the mesmerizing melody, The Music of The Night, making it an extraordinary token of affection to bestow upon a cherished individual.

    #23 Opera notebook

    Eat, Sleep, Opera, Repeat notebook

    Are you seeking petite and uncomplicated presents for enthusiasts of opera?

    A splendid present would be an opera-inspired notebook. With its practicality and a delightful cover like the Eat, Sleep, Opera, Repeat design, it is an ideal choice for opera enthusiasts.

    #24 Opera gifts for women: necklace

    Mask necklace

    This adorable necklace is one of the top opera presents for ladies.

    The iconic mask of the phantom of the opera holds timeless charm. Even for those who aren’t avid fans, this mask serves as a quintessential emblem of the enchanting world of theater and opera. Hence, it becomes an exquisite present for any ardent opera aficionado.

    #25 Opera-themed coloring book

    Opera coloring book

    Were you aware that adult coloring books can assist in reducing stress and anxiety?

    It’s what makes them excellent presents for individuals who require additional time to unwind or individuals who are interested in meditation.

    If you happen to be in pursuit of presents for aficionados of opera who crave moments of tranquility and rejuvenation, a coloring book infused with the essence of opera would be the perfect token to bestow.

    Save these opera lover gifts

    Have you preserved these opera souvenirs already?

    Save these opera lover gifts for someone who appreciates the beauty and drama of this timeless art form.

    Final note on opera lover gifts

    Alrighty then, behold the 25 most magnificent opera gifts! Still pondering over which gift shall grace your presence? Behold the editor’s top three recommendations based on budget.

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