Best Graduation Gifts for New Occupational Therapists

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This compilation includes some of the finest ideas for graduation gifts for the new occupational therapist in existence.

As a fresh graduate in occupational therapy, there is an abundance of knowledge to acquire, intense preparation for the boards, and a significant demand for resources upon entering the field.

That’s why my list focuses heavily on useful presents, along with a couple of enjoyable ones thrown in.

1. A Subscription to MedBridge Continuing Education

Upon completing my studies and embarking on my professional journey, I faced the daunting challenge of navigating the corporate world without the guidance of a mentor. Determined to forge my own path, I promptly embarked on a quest for knowledge by enrolling in various continuing education programs, ensuring a constant stream of learning opportunities.

I yearned for a convenient and interactive online platform to effortlessly expand my knowledge on treatment strategies, diagnoses, interventions, and assessments, sparing me the tedious task of delving into outdated textbooks.

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After receiving numerous recommendations from occupational therapists, I decided to give MedBridge a try. Now, I wholeheartedly endorse it as an essential tool for recent graduates.

Unlock a world of possibilities with a sensational deal! Instead of the usual $425, seize the opportunity to gift your new grad an entire year of subscription for only $200. This exclusive offer guarantees an abundance of captivating content tailored for diverse settings. Truly a steal that exceeds its weight in gold!

Take a look at my comprehensive evaluation of MedBridge and why it’s amazing.

2. Occupational Therapy Toolkit

The Occupational Therapy Toolkit is always included on my must-have lists for occupational therapists.

It encompasses a vast array of resources that are essential for occupational therapists or certified occupational therapy assistants working with adult clients in real-time situations.

The OT Toolkit encompasses a comprehensive range of general conditions, expertly addressing the ADLs/IADLs domains. It delves into a myriad of ADLs, ranging from mastering dressing and bathing methods to efficiently handling personal finances and honing handwriting skills.

In addition to its core components, the toolkit houses an impressive collection of 283 comprehensive patient education handouts. Crafted exclusively for the benefit of patients and their caretakers, these handouts feature concise instructions complemented by vivid illustrations. This invaluable resource is a must-have for occupational therapists, readily available whenever the need arises.

For additional details, please refer to my comprehensive review on The World’s Best Textbook for Occupational Therapy.

3. A Subscription to AOTA’s NBCOT Exam Prep

Preparing for the NBCOT may be more nerve-wracking than occupational therapy school itself. That’s at least how I recall it!

Possessing the most highly recommended learning resources will significantly reduce anxiety and enhance the chances of successfully passing the NBCOT.

aota test prep

AOTA’s Exam Prep easily became my top choice when it came to studying. Not only did it provide comprehensive online study guides encompassing a wide range of subjects such as pediatrics, neurology, mental health, hands, driving, burns, and work/ergonomics, but it also offered an abundance of unlimited practice tests. These practice tests were available at any given moment and provided detailed explanations for every single question.

One fascinating aspect of this study guide is its capability to enable users in monitoring their advancement, assisting them in identifying their areas of weakness and strength.

4. Therapy Ed’s National OT Certification Exam: Review & Study Guide

As one of my top two recommended study aids for NBCOT, the TherapyEd study guide emerges as an excellent post-graduation gift idea for occupational therapists. Widely acclaimed in educational institutions, this study guide stands out for its unparalleled depth. Remarkably, those who rely on this study guide consistently achieve outstanding passing scores.

4. Therapy Ed’s Nationwide OT Certification Examination: Overview & Study Manual

With an abundance of intricate topics, users can delve into the depths of knowledge within the book. Upon completion, they are granted the opportunity to embark on three comprehensive practice exams, enabling them to identify their areas of weakness.

I must mention that the mock exams accompanying this are more challenging than the real NBCOT, yet they significantly enhance the readiness of the test-taker.

5. Medical Reference Foldable Clipboard

There are tons of great therapy-centered clipboards out there, with reference labels making it quick and easy to access important medical information.

Despite being labeled as a “Physical Therapist” clipboard, this versatile tool proves to be an invaluable asset for occupational therapists too. It encompasses vital knowledge tailored for the adult hospital environment, encompassing ROM/MMT, lab values, dermatomes, neuro facts, and much more.

It also conveniently folds in half to conceal sensitive patient data and fits perfectly in scrub pockets.

The Medical Reference Foldable Clipboard is a convenient tool that allows healthcare professionals to easily access important medical information, making their job easier and more efficient.

6. Occupational Therapy Swag

Every aspiring occupational therapist requires a fabulous occupational therapy shirt to showcase their dedication to the field. The dynamic collaboration between My OT Spot and Madison Sternig Art has resulted in the birth of two cutting-edge designs that embody the essence of this noble profession. These exclusive OT shirts are now available for purchase on Amazon! Moreover, when you choose to buy them through Red Bubble, you not only get a stylish shirt but also gain access to an array of delightful accessories such as pillows, mugs, tote bags, and phone cases. This enables you to fully equip yourself and celebrate the accomplishments of your cherished new graduate.

Occupational Therapy Swag refers to the trendy and fashionable items associated with the field of occupational therapy, showcasing the pride and passion of occupational therapists in their profession.

7. A Gait Belt

When venturing outdoors, finding gait belts can be quite a challenge, making it an excellent addition to consider. Among all gait belts, this particular one holds a special place in my heart due to its remarkable ease of cleaning with sani-wipes after attending to each patient.

What was your favorite graduation gift after OT school? What would you add to the list? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!Output:Tell me, what was the most cherished present you received upon completing your journey through OT school? Are there any remarkable additions you would include in this compilation? Kindly share your valuable suggestions in the comments section!

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