20 Best Halo Gifts Of 2023

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Behold, a marvelous compilation of twenty magnificent items adorned with his countenance, designed exclusively for the devout disciples of Halo. What more could the celestial beings desire, or perhaps even you!

So, explore the top Halo presents that can be purchased below, and bring a smile to someone’s face who enjoys annihilating aliens.

20 Best Halo Gifts Of 2023

The top contender on our compilation of exceptional Halo presents is none other than the Halo Cable Guy, an exceedingly practical item.

No, he won’t swing by your place to mend your television just so you can enjoy the glory of cable television. Nevertheless, he’ll happily hold your controller or phone whenever you’re not utilizing them.

Enhance your setup with a touch of geekiness by placing it on your table or gaming desk, ensuring the safety of others by keeping those cables elevated and out of the way.

2. Halo Master Chief Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set

2. Halo Captain Leader Bourbon Carafe & Glass Collection

What better way to celebrate achievement than with a decanter shaped like the head of ‘ol Master Chief and some glasses inspired by Halo?

After a challenging day of annihilating alien creatures, I imagine John-117 enjoying a refreshing drink to unwind and loosen up.

Adorned with the iconic emblem of the UNSC, these magnificent glasses serve as a remarkable present, destined to be cherished either in practical use or as a distinguished display on a bar counter or shelf.

Just make sure the recipient is over 21, alright? Unless you’re planning on keeping sweets in that helmet, it’s an adult-only present.

3. Halo Needler

The Halo Needler is a powerful and deadly weapon in the popular video game franchise, known for its unique design and ability to shoot explosive crystal shards at enemies.

Unlike the Master Chief Whiskey Decanter, the Halo Needler is definitely a toy that kids can use and get their hands on.

If you’ve never ventured into the world of Halo and find yourself perplexed by the peculiar appearance of this hedgehog-esque firearm, allow me to introduce you to the enigmatic weapon known as the Needler. Within the realm of Halo, the Needler predominantly serves as the weapon of choice for various extraterrestrial species.

While the slender projectiles gracefully launch from the weapon’s apex and precisely pierce their intended marks in reality, rest assured that this diminutive plaything poses no threat of causing harm to your feline companion or the domestic basin.

Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is an interesting destination for people of different ages. Output: The Oceanography Institute in Nha Trang is a fascinating spot for individuals of various age groups. Input: Still, it’ll hurt if it’s thrown at someone’s head, so supervision is probably advised!Output: However, if it is thrown at someone’s head, it can cause pain, so it is advisable to have supervision.

4. Halo: The Official Cookbook

Halo: The Official Cookbook is a culinary guide that allows fans of the popular video game franchise to recreate iconic dishes from the Halo universe, bringing the virtual world to life through food.

Making its way onto this coveted list of exceptional Halo presents is an item that has stirred a deep hunger within me from the very moment it caught my gaze: Halo: The Official Cookbook.

I mean, just observe that burger on the left side for crying out loud. It’s incredibly huge!

With the fate of the galaxy resting on his shoulders, the Master Chief must ensure his calorie intake remains at its peak. Luckily, these 70 effortlessly simple recipes cater to every battle, as well as any human gathering or joyous family occasion.

Whip up delectable treats, appetizers, and mouthwatering sweets to satisfy the entire clan. Indulge in Halo-inspired delicacies that will delight the gaming enthusiasts gathered around the dining table.

Additionally, the book contains such exceptional photography that you might be tempted to consume the pages!

5. Halo Action Figure Set

The Halo Action Figure Set includes a collection of highly detailed figures, allowing fans to recreate their favorite action-packed scenes from the popular video game franchise.

Regardless of your age, possessing a collection of Halo action figures is an absolute necessity to enhance the ambiance of every living space.

Embark on your own imaginative escapades with a group of UNSC soldiers, combining and selecting weapons as you strategize your combat.

The action figures possess the ability to be strategically positioned, and armed with a formidable array including a Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, and Rocket Launcher. To encounter these forces as an enemy member would be highly undesirable!

This is also a product that has been officially licensed as well!

6. Halo Light-Up Covenant Energy Sword Desktop Lamp

6. Halo Illuminated Covenant Energy Blade Tabletop Lantern

While you may not possess the power to rescue humanity from the confines of your bedroom, fear not, for this Halo Light-Up Covenant Energy Sword Desktop Lamp shall be your savior, safeguarding your precious eyes as you indulge in nocturnal bedtime readings.

The scaled-down LED lamp replica of the legendary Energy Sword may not possess the same awe-inspiring power as its in-game counterpart, yet it still manages to captivate with its iconic design.

However, standing at a height of 14 inches, it will definitely deter shadows while you’re attempting to read the book further listed below.

The USB cable enables this light to illuminate any geek sanctuary or man cave effortlessly. Rest assured, it illuminates swiftly without any plasma risks that could potentially harm your limbs.

7. Halo Master Chief Tankard

The Halo Master Chief Tankard is a collectible item that features a design inspired by the popular video game franchise, Halo. It is a must-have for fans of the series and makes for a great addition to any gaming collection or as a unique gift for a Halo enthusiast.

Coming up next on our roster of top-notch Halo presents is a remarkable artifact that demands our attention during our daily rituals. Feast your eyes upon the magnificent Halo Master Chief Tankard, adorned with the legendary visage of the Master Chief himself gracing its facade, and a formidable firearm elegantly crafted as its handle.

Just when you believed a tankard couldn’t get any more impressive, this tough guy appears to prove us all mistaken!

Despite the Master Chief’s expertise in exterminating extraterrestrial beings, it is imperative that you cleanse this resin mug by washing it. John’s skills do not extend to eliminating bacteria.

The hand-painted mug is remarkably appealing, to the point where I hesitate to even use it. It certainly deserves a place alongside my collection of steins from Cologne, gracefully displayed on the dining room shelf.

8. Halo Collector’s Edition Monopoly

The Halo Collector's Edition Monopoly is a special version of the classic board game that features iconic characters and locations from the popular video game franchise. It offers fans a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Halo universe while engaging in strategic gameplay.

As an ardent enthusiast of all forms of monopoly, the Halo Collector’s Edition Monopoly set has truly captivated our attention here at the Retro Dodo academy for exceptionally skilled gamers (newly designated workplace).

Players are offered a variety of cool pieces to choose from, such as the Warthog, the Energy Sword, Master Chief’s Helmet, and many more, instead of the dog, the penguin, the iron, and the battleship.

Ok, go on; I’ll tell you the other pieces too. We’ve got the 343 Guilty Spark, the Arbiter’s Helmet, and the Ghost.

There, now you can choose which part you would like to perform as while you await your order!

Create strongholds and fortresses while collecting commendations and AL cards, purchasing locations from the Halo universe during gameplay!

9. Mongoose Vehicle with Master Chief Figurine

9. Mongoose Automobile with Master Chief Statue.

Although ‘the Mongoose’ may not be the most awe-inspiring title for an ATV, this legendary ride stands as one of the fiercest vehicles within the gaming realm.

The Mongoose Vehicle accompanied by the iconic Master Chief Figurine may be petite at a mere height of 4 inches, but it possesses an undeniable impact in any gaming space. Boasting a miniature rocket launcher, this meticulously crafted replica vehicle mirrors the formidable ride of the legendary Master Chief.

It may be a toy that is officially authorized, but you will need to create your own adverse reactions.

10. Halo Infinite-Master Chief Valley Wall Poster

10. Halo Infinite-Master Chief Valley Wall Print

Ok, so if you’re contemplating purchasing this extraordinary Halo Infinite-Master Chief Valley Wall Poster as a delightful treat for yourself, it might be wise to confirm with your significant other whether they approve of its prominent display before you proceed to click the purchase button.

Retro Dodo will not be responsible for any divorces; I am just stating that.

This polished poster printed on shiny photo paper is prepared to be framed and displayed in your preferred room.

While I believe that placing it over the fireplace would add a touch of elegance, your significant other may argue that it would be more fitting to have it inside the fire.

This officially authorized poster portrays the renowned Master Chief Valley scene. Come on, it’s a masterpiece!

11. Halo Master Chief CosCup

The Halo Master Chief CosCup is a popular cosplay competition where participants dress up as characters from the Halo video game series, showcasing their creativity and passion for the franchise.

Are you truly a Halo enthusiast if you’re not drinking from a Halo Master Chief CosCup?

Numskull, a renowned company that Retro Dodo readers are undoubtedly acquainted with, has been a consistent source of joy for us. Throughout the years, we have extensively featured their diverse range of products, each one successfully rekindling our inner childlike excitement akin to being in a delightful confectionery.

This is also an official product from 343 Industries, so you can be sure that you are purchasing genuine Halo merchandise!

Maintain the temperature of your drink while you defeat extraterrestrial creatures and engage in combat on the battlefield.

12. Halo Master Chief Wall Light

The Halo Master Chief Wall Light is a must-have for any fan of the popular video game franchise. It features a design inspired by the iconic helmet worn by the game's protagonist, Master Chief. With its sleek and modern look, this wall light will add a touch of sci-fi adventure to any room. Illuminate your space with the power and style of the Halo universe.

Transforming any space into a gamer’s paradise, the sleek Halo Master Chief Wall Light from Numskull effortlessly adorns your desk or graces the walls of your bedroom or gaming sanctuary.

It illuminates a space beautifully as well, similar to a futuristic storefront where you can purchase Halo armaments.

Insert the sleek stick batteries to achieve a cable-free aesthetic or harness the power of a USB cable, embodying the eco-warrior within you, just like the legendary eco-Master Chief.

13. The Art Of Halo

The Art of Halo is a visually stunning book that explores the creative process behind the iconic video game franchise, showcasing the incredible artwork and designs that bring the Halo universe to life.

Speaking of pieces of art, this book on The Art Of Halo is brimming with them.

Halo Infinite showcases a remarkable display of ingenuity. The immense talent and tremendous effort devoted to crafting this game are unparalleled, granting Dark Horse unrestricted access to engage with the visionary artists responsible for the captivating realms.

Witness the mighty arsenal wielded to claim triumph, behold the magnificent champions basking in their grandeur, and behold the malevolent adversaries exuding an aura of awe as they strive to guide their forces towards conquest.

Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring journey through the mesmerizing world of art and the captivating narratives that accompany each masterpiece. Marvel at the exquisitely crafted cover, a marvelous creation by Sparth, the visionary genius who breathes life into the enchanting universe of Halo Infinite.

In summary, this book must be in your home.

14. Halo Christmas Jumper

The Halo Christmas Jumper is a festive garment typically worn during the holiday season, featuring a design that incorporates a halo, symbolizing the angelic nature of Christmas and spreading joy and cheer.

Moving forward in our lineup of remarkable Halo presents, we have stumbled upon one of the most visually unappealing Halo Christmas Jumper patterns. Surprisingly, this unique design has managed to captivate our hearts and become one of our cherished choices!

Everyone adores an unattractive Christmas sweater, and Numskull creates some remarkable ones.

This sweater is also knitted entirely, so it’s a high-quality piece of clothing that will endure the test of time.

Get ready to turn heads at your Christmas party with the most unique and extraordinary jumper, featuring a fusion of the legendary Master Chief, delicate snow flakes, twinkling stars, and a vibrant Christmas tree-green shade!

15. Halo Pelican Inbound Vehicle Building Set

15. Divine Bird Descending Automobile Construction Kit

Securing its place on this list of top-notch Halo presents, the Halo Pelican Inbound Vehicle Building Set unleashes a wave of exhilarating battles onto dining room tables worldwide, fueling the flames of imagination.

With its soaring wings, fully functional landing gear, and an inviting cockpit for figurines, this awe-inspiring structure embodies the UNSC’s ultimate source of pride – The Pelican. Unveiling a plethora of hidden surprises, this colossal building set offers a treasure trove of delightful details waiting to be uncovered.

Well, since you’re constructing it, I assume you’ll come across them as you progress.

In regards to those charming figurines that can be placed inside the cockpit, the collection includes the Pelican’s pilot, the legendary Master Chief, and a formidable hunter, adding an intriguing twist to those epic battles.

Can you guess the number of pieces this is too?

Best of luck in 2024! You’ll need plenty of patience to tackle this task after a tiring day at the office. Perhaps consider taking a well-deserved month off to give it a shot!

16. Halo Master Chief Light-Up Child’s Helmet

16. Halo Commander Chief Illuminated Kid's Headgear

Behold the magnificent Halo Master Chief Light-Up Child’s Helmet, a resplendent headpiece that not only provides protection but also emanates a mesmerizing glow. This extraordinary creation perfectly replicates the iconic headgear worn by the legendary Masterchief.

Simply push the button located on the chin to toggle the lights on and off.

I believe that quite a few of you might simply don this helmet and indulge in some late-night reading. However, there lies a slight predicament—should you wish to wear it, your head must possess the proportions of a small child.

Avoid attempting to fit into it, as it may remain permanently.

In fact, that may not be a negative aspect!

17. Halo Coaster Set

The Halo Coaster Set is a stylish and practical addition to any home decor, featuring a sleek design and durable construction for long-lasting use.

If you’re searching for practical items in our best Halo gifts list, then this Halo Coaster Set should do the trick nicely!

Rest your cup or mug upon the Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, and Halo Reach inspired coaster while indulging in sips. These coasters exude an air of coolness and ensure that the halo remains on your TV screen, rather than leaving its mark on the wooden surface of your table!

These coasters have an added coolness factor – they sport the case’s back on the flip side as well. Get creative and mix it up to maintain a fresh and funky vibe!

18. Halo Jigsaw Puzzle

Halo Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun and challenging game that requires assembling various pieces to form a complete picture, providing hours of entertainment for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

I understand that some of you may perceive this as an unexciting present, however, I firmly believe that if you wish to divert a gamer’s attention from their screen, this Halo Jigsaw Puzzle could be the perfect solution.

This magnificent wooden puzzle consists of 1,314 intricate pieces, providing a delightful opportunity for collaborative engagement with loved ones. And if you’re inclined towards preserving memories, you can even frame your masterpiece once it’s completed.

I mean, If I’m assembling over 1,300 pieces of timber together, then I’m going to construct a frame to demonstrate I accomplished it.

Prepare to engage your cognitive prowess as you navigate through numerous game characters and indistinguishable puzzle pieces, requiring you to exercise your intellectual faculties to unravel this enigma.

19. Halo Master Chief Funko Pop

The Halo Master Chief Funko Pop is a highly sought-after collectible for fans of the popular video game series, featuring the iconic character in a cute and stylized design.

Our next addition to this compilation of the finest Halo presents is this remarkable small Halo Funko POP! Figure.

This object is indescribable, the ultimate Funko that will fulfill your every desire for collecting forever.

Standing at a mere 3 ¾ inches, this petite package packs a double dose of delight with the inclusion of Cortana in the clasp of the legendary Master Chief.

It also comes with a protective case too to keep it nice and clean and in mint condition for years to come.

Should the covenant ever grace your humble abode, there exists a slim chance that this artifact could potentially serve as a protective measure. I make no guarantees, yet there is a glimmer of hope, wouldn’t you agree?

20. Custom Master Chief Halo Figurine Keyring

20. Personalized Chief Halo Figure Keychain

If you just can’t leave the house without thinking about Halo, then take this Custom Master Chief Halo Figurine Keyring with you.

It is small, it is mobile, and it is a flawless cubic replica of the Master Chief himself.

Undoubtedly, a pocket-friendly trinket that embodies the essence of a perfect stocking stuffer; a gift that will effortlessly find its purpose and be treasured day after day.

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