The 13 Best Homebrewing Gifts of 2022

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When an individual becomes immersed in the world of breweries, indulges in various types of beers, explores different styles, and establishes a unique identity as a craft beer enthusiast, they may begin to seek innovative ways to express their passion and connect with their appreciation for a delightful adult beverage. One such avenue is venturing into the realm of homebrewing. What better method exists to demonstrate an unwavering affection for this libation than by infusing that affection directly into the brew? This is precisely what professional brewers accomplish on a daily basis. There is no reason why individuals like John and Jane Q. Brewer cannot embark on the same journey. Perhaps you are already deeply engrossed in the world of homebrewing gadgets, or maybe you are a novice taking your initial steps along the path of a homebrewer. Alternatively, you may possess minimal interest in homebrewing personally, but find yourself in search of the perfect gift for an enthusiastic homebrewer this holiday season. Whatever the scenario, fear not, as Hop Culture’s homebrewing gift guide has you completely covered.

Brewvana by City Brew Tours Beer-Making Kit with Online Class

The photography is provided by City Brew Tours.
Photography courtesy of City Brew Tours

Know someone who’s always dreamt of venturing into the world of homebrewing but hesitates to embark on the journey solo? Surprise them with the enchanting holiday gift of Brewvana, courtesy of City Brew Tours’ Beer-Making Kit accompanied by an immersive Online Class. This extraordinary present will enable them to master the art of brewing beer while being guided by an experienced professional.

Brewvana’s team of beer aficionados have transformed their extensive beer expertise into an immersive virtual home brewing experience. Unveiling the Beer-Making Kit with Online Class, this remarkable package equips you with all the necessary tools to embark on your brewing journey! Upon the arrival of this kit at your doorstep, an exciting Zoom call awaits, where you and your chosen companion can partake in two and a half hours of captivating live instruction led by a seasoned brew master. As you delve into the art of brewing, your expert guide will brew alongside you, meticulously revealing each step of the process.

Once they embark on the journey of brewing beer in the comfort of their own home, there’s no turning back! Embrace the captivating world of Brewvana’s Master the Brew Recipe Club, where they will be bestowed with one-of-a-kind beer recipe kits every month, conveniently delivered to their doorstep. These recipes will introduce them to an array of novel beer styles and innovative brewing methods, guaranteeing the gradual enhancement of their brewing prowess. Moreover, they will gain exclusive entry to virtual gatherings, where they can connect with fellow home brewers and delve into a wide range of topics, ranging from advanced brewing techniques to engaging discussions with esteemed personalities from the beer industry.

Indulge in the ultimate journey of homebrewing, encompassing every delightful moment from inception to completion. Expertly tailored for novices, this kit boasts an exquisite assemblage of indispensable tools required to concoct a splendid 2.5 gallons of liquid gold. Acquire this marvelous kit, enroll your fortunate recipient in an immersive virtual brewing masterclass, and brace yourself to savor a pint of artisanal beer brewed by their very hands, rivaling that of seasoned professionals!

Purchase Now: $135.

Dual-Stage Temp Controller With Heat Wrap

The photography is courtesy of Northern Brewer, showcasing their expertise and passion for capturing stunning visuals.
Photography courtesy of Northern Brewer

Time and temperature, crucial factors in the brewing process, play a pivotal role in creating exceptional beer. However, let’s not forget about the other fundamental ingredients: water, malt, hops, and yeast! Achieve optimal control over your homebrew’s temperature by harnessing the comforting embrace of this remarkable electric fermentation heater.

Harness the power of the dual-stage temperature controller to zero in on the precise Fahrenheit degrees you desire. With such precise control literally at your fingertips, you can master the art of fermentation with unparalleled accuracy. Simply set the temperature and allow your yeast to voraciously devour those delectable fermentable sugars. Embrace efficiency and achieve greatness effortlessly.

Purchase Now: $67.

Apera Instruments PH20 Waterproof pH Tester Kit

The photography is provided courtesy of Apera Instruments.
Photography courtesy of Apera Instruments

For those who are truly dedicated to their homebrewing hobby, recognizing the importance of pH testing is crucial. Elevate your homebrewing skills by incorporating a pH meter into your process. Leveraging an impressive twenty-nine years of experience, Apera Instruments offers an array of exceptionally reliable pH products. The PH60 model encompasses all the necessary components for success, encompassing the remarkably precise PH60 meter, calibration solutions for both pH 4 and pH 7, two calibration bottles, and a storage solution.

Purchase Now: $49.

Pico UnPak`d Kit

The photography is courtesy of PicoBrew, showcasing their stunning images and capturing the essence of their products.
Photography courtesy of PicoBrew

PicoBrew equipment simplifies the laborious task of homebrewing: Simply pour ingredients and water into the machine, press the “start” button, and patiently await as the device works its magic. This is precisely why the Pico UnPak’d Kit serves as the ideal gift for homebrewing enthusiasts. The only drawback, however, is that countertop appliances require users to purchase prepackaged grains, malts, and yeast instead of utilizing their own ingredients. Fortunately, this is no longer the case! The Unpak’d Kit enables brewers to freely add their preferred grains, hops, and other ingredients into reusable bags, allowing for multiple brewing experiments without any Pico-related restrictions. (Added perk: This also means you’re contributing to a more eco-friendly brewing process!).

Purchase Now: $25.

Tilt Pro Wireless Hydrometer and Thermometer

The photography is courtesy of Tilt | Amazon, showcasing beautiful imagery captured by their talented photographers.
Photography courtesy of Tilt | Amazon

Part of the joy of knowing a homebrewer lies in sampling their homemade concoctions, which makes enduring their lengthy explanations about the intricacies of their beer experiments worthwhile. However, what if your homebrewing friend, spouse, or eccentric relative lacks the proper instruments for measuring gravity? What if they make mistakes with the calculations? What if you could avoid posing these significant inquiries altogether by being clever enough to gift them a Tilt hydrometer? This nifty device allows you to monitor the specific gravity and temperature of your beer during the fermentation process. Whether you’re brewing wine, kombucha, or even mead, this tool will prove incredibly useful in achieving the perfect ratios.

Purchase Now: $242.

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

The photography courtesy of Amazon captures stunning images of various products, showcasing their features and aesthetics.
Photography courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes, it’s not the most dazzling and alluring new gadget that captures one’s attention. Just like how Julia Child’s masterpiece, “The Joy of Cooking,” brought about a remarkable transformation in the realm of French cuisine for the everyday cook, Charlie Papazian’s extraordinary work, “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing,” swiftly turned into the ultimate guidebook for countless homebrewers.

Papazian, a prominent figure in the realm of craft beer, established renowned publications like Zymurgy and The New Brewer. Additionally, he initiated the well-established event, The Great American Beer Festival, back in 1982, along with numerous other remarkable achievements and honors.

A legend in the field, Papazian’s words demand meticulous analysis. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing is the epitome of a book that one acquires and peruses incessantly, until its pages are well-worn and adorned with the mark of beer.

Purchase Now: $40.

Milwaukee Instruments Digital Brix Refractometer

The photography of Milwaukee Instruments is provided as a courtesy.
Photography courtesy of Milwaukee Instruments

Elevate your beer game with the cutting-edge Milwaukee Instruments Digital Brix Refractometer, unlocking superior outcomes and a brew that surpasses all expectations. This innovative tool may require an initial investment, yet its unparalleled precision empowers you to effortlessly gauge the gravity of your beer throughout the fermentation process.

Purchase now: $145.

Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System

The photography of Northern Brewer captures stunning visuals, showcasing the beauty and artistry of their craft.
Photography courtesy of Northern Brewer

Every adept homebrewer (and professional brewer) recognizes that brewing entails meticulous cleaning and sanitation, accounting for a staggering ninety percent of the entire process. A mere encounter with an undesirable bacterium or microorganism can effortlessly sabotage all efforts made. Such is the delicate balance one must maintain.

Ensure the pristine condition of your carboy with this revolutionary washing system, dubbed the “ultimate cleanser”. Behold, dear mother, a completely hands-free experience! This innovative self-cleaning system effortlessly undertakes all the necessary tasks on your behalf. It efficiently pumps a meticulously concocted solution of water and PBW into the carboy, promptly followed by a generous dose of SaniClean solution.

Achieve a spotless carboy without causing any damage in mere minutes.

Purchase Now: $115.

Home Brew Journal

The photography is provided by Amazon.
Photography courtesy of Amazon

Numerous journals flood the market, but this particular gem was discovered on Amazon. Bursting with reference charts, intricate tasting notes, and ingenious methods to meticulously document batches, these books are meticulously tailored to cater to the discerning homebrewer. A sophisticated and resourceful companion, it ensures that every recipe, both triumphant and less fortunate, is meticulously chronicled for the homebrewer in your life.

Purchase Now: $30.

Hops Chart

The photography of Ponagar Tower is courtesy of Data Supply Co.
Photography courtesy of Data Supply Co.

Truly, this is a remarkable present for beer enthusiasts who lack the inclination to brew their own beer. If hops serve as the essence of all beer, Data Supply’s Hops Chart quantifies precisely that essence. The abundance of hop varieties exceeds one’s mental capacity and even the confines of paper. However, by displaying one of these charts on your wall, you can forgo such concerns. Allow Data Supply to undertake the task of labeling hops and comparing flavor profiles on your behalf!

Purchase now: $37.

GrowlerWerks Stainless Steel uKeg Carbonated Growler

The photography is courtesy of John A. Paradiso, capturing the beauty and essence of the subject with skill and expertise.
Photography courtesy of John A. Paradiso

Check out this ingenious concept: Instead of presenting a bulky glass growler to the server at your beloved craft brewery, opt for one of these and reap two remarkable benefits. First, you’ll leave with a certainty of having fresh, chilled, and carbonated beer. Second, you’ll exude an air of awesomeness, resembling a beer enthusiast plucked right out of a steampunk novel, proudly showcasing a metallic cask reminiscent of the Victorian era, eagerly awaiting the infusion of delectable golden brew. While it may require a small investment, the sheer aesthetic appeal alone is bound to thrill your fellow homebrewing comrades.

Purchase Now: $179.

Silginnes Chalkboard Beer Tap Handles

The photography is courtesy of Amazon, showcasing stunning visuals and capturing the essence of the products being featured.
Photography courtesy of Amazon

Surprise your homebrewing buddy with a delightful present that will beautifully showcase their craft beer – a personalized chalk tap handle boasting a timeless cherry wood design. It’s the ultimate finishing touch for their latest batch of hazy or pilsner goodness.

Purchase Now: $30.

The New IPA: Scientific Guide to Hop Aroma and Flavor

Photography provided by Scott Janish | Amazon
Photography courtesy of Scott Janish | Amazon

In this era of the IPA domination, one might as well embrace its presence, unless of course, you have already done so in the past five years or so. The exciting part is that despite the IPA’s widespread influence and the constant evolution of its style throughout the 2010s, there remains an abundance of knowledge and discourse to be explored. This is precisely what Scott Janish accomplishes in this captivating piece.

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