10 Essential Motorcycle Gifts for Dads in 2022

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10 Essential Motorcycle Gifts for Dads in 2022

Don’t let it slip your mind, Father’s Day is swiftly approaching on June 21. Rather than settling for a conventional tie or a cliché “Best Dad Ever” mug, why not surprise your father with a present that perfectly complements his motorcycle? Cruising on a motorcycle is an intimately individual experience, and selecting the ideal gear is no exception. We suggest steering clear of generic motorcycle accessories such as helmets, gloves, and jackets, as finding the right size, style, and preferred brand for your dad might prove to be quite challenging.

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  • Instead, we present to you an exquisite collection of 11 remarkable products. Designed to delight riders with varying levels of expertise and diverse preferences, these gifts promise long-lasting enjoyment. Whether your father is a cruiser enthusiast or a sport bike aficionado, rest assured that these offerings will bring boundless joy for years to come. Furthermore, we have taken into account different financial considerations, ensuring that the Father’s Day gifts featured in this article span a price range of $59 to $699.

    Cortech Super 2.0 Magnetic Tank Bag

    Dads who embark on extended rides are well aware of the significance of a top-notch bag. A reliable bag is indispensable for stashing water, snacks, smartphones, and emergency essentials. Among the various options provided by Cortech for riders, our preferred choice undoubtedly lies with their 12-liter magnetic tank bag. This 12-liter alternative offers the ideal size for the majority of riders, and its formidable magnets securely adhere to metal tanks without causing any damage to the paintwork. For riders whose tanks aren’t made of metal, Cortech also offers a more budget-friendly version that can be mounted with straps.

    Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S Motorcycle GPS

    For those with adventurous dads who seek the thrill of exploring uncharted paths, the Garmin Zumo Motorcycle GPS makes for an exceptional present. Despite its compact 4.3-inch size, the display boasts high-definition resolution, ensuring effortless readability. Moreover, the glove-friendly and resilient design of the display renders it impervious to UV rays, inclement weather, and fuel vapors. However, the true gem of the Garmin lies in its “Adventurous Routing” feature, a boon for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking to steer clear of mundane highways and embark on exhilarating journeys along winding, scenic routes.

    Garmin Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

    Before embarking on a ride, many riders complete the necessary pre-ride check of inspecting their bike’s tire pressure. Although it may not be a challenging task, it becomes tedious during the warmer months when one’s father simply wants to hit the road. Fortunately, for those fathers who already possess a cutting-edge Garmin Zumo 390LM, Garmin offers an exceptional tire pressure monitor sensor that is highly recommended. This sensor enables riders to effortlessly monitor the tire pressure of all four tires wirelessly, conveniently displayed on the system. The installation process is a breeze, as it only requires replacing the existing rubber or metal valves on the bike with the innovative Garmin unit. Renowned for their compactness, Garmin proudly claims that these motorcycle tire pressure sensors are the smallest available in the market. Moreover, they are equipped with a long-lasting, replaceable battery that can endure up to an impressive 18 months.

    Sena SMH-10 Bluetooth Headset

    Every rider should possess a remarkable Bluetooth headset. In the case that your father is in need of one, the Sena SMH-10 is an excellent option due to its abundance of features. With the SMH-10, users can effortlessly make hands-free calls, indulge in music, and receive GPS instructions. Among its impressive attributes is the ability to engage in intercom conversations with passengers or fellow riders. For fathers who frequently embark on journeys alongside numerous riders, the SMH-10 will undoubtedly amplify the pleasure of such outings.

    GoPro HERO9 Black

    Delighting in your father’s captivating tales of grand adventures is truly pleasurable, yet their magnificence would undoubtedly be heightened in the realm of visual storytelling. Although acquiring a GoPro HERO9 Black action camera may not be within immediate reach, its possession empowers fathers to immortalize their ventures through captivating videos and partake in the joy of sharing these remarkable escapades. The HERO9 Black, a cutting-edge creation by GoPro, boasts remarkable features including 5K video capabilities, a 20-megapixel camera, and a 1.4-inch LCD screen that offers a live preview of the captured moments.

    Halley Helmet Stand

    Motorcycle enthusiasts often find themselves with a surplus of helmets, leading to the challenging task of storage. Rather than haphazardly stashing these protective gears in the depths of a garage or a cluttered closet, the Halley Helmet Stand offers an elegant and contemporary solution to showcase a helmet. With its sleek spherical design, this stand not only ensures optimal comfort by minimizing pressure points within the helmet, but also safeguards the integrity of its lining, significantly reducing the likelihood of any harm.

    Drag Specialties Center Jack Scissor Lift Stand

    Many fathers would relish the opportunity to dedicate a weekend to polishing and fine-tuning their beloved motorcycle. Regrettably, maneuvering around a motorcycle perched on its jack stand is no simple task. Enter the Drag Specialties Center Jack Scissor Lift Stand, a game-changer that elevates the motorcycle from its core, granting effortless access for extended periods of maintenance. With a remarkable capacity to support bikes weighing up to 1,000 pounds, this lift stand boasts a heat-treated hex drive and worm gear, enabling users to effortlessly elevate the bike to their desired height.

    Kynsho Crossover Cowl

    Sure, the scorching heat may be causing an influx of motorcycle enthusiasts donning casual t-shirts, but don’t be fooled – the weather is fickle and soon enough, temperatures will plummet. Brace yourself, for when that time comes, your father will embark on his journey, clad in multiple layers, determined to combat the icy chill. While exquisite leather jackets may do their part in warding off the cold, behold the marvel of the Kynsho Crossover Cowl – a fashionable accessory that not only shields the rider’s neck from the biting wind but also exudes an effortless charm as one takes a leisurely stroll through the streets.

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