The Best Magic the Gathering Gifts for 2022: A Complete Guide

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During my childhood, it was an annual tradition for my family to include a couple of scratch off lottery tickets in our stockings for my sister and me. This delightful custom added an extra element of fun to the holiday season, as we would eagerly compare our winnings or console each other when luck was not on our side. However, as I grew older, I discovered a similar thrill from a new activity: opening stocking booster packs alongside my partner.

The crackling excitement of pack wars accompanied our morning coffee, as we reveled in the joy of remarkable finds or bemoaned our luck with mere bulk. These cherished customs lay the groundwork for festive occasions in countless households across the world.

As the holiday season unfolds, a recurring tradition persists wherein earnest relatives embark on a quest to purchase an enigmatic pastime that eludes their comprehension. While their intentions are noble, their well-meaning endeavors often leave disappointed gamers yearning for guidance.

If you belong to the caring family group, I’ve got you covered.

Allow me to be your personal tour guide through the realm of enchanting presents for your Magic: The Gathering-obsessed companion. Armed with an array of recommendations tailored to every budget, occasion, and level of expertise, rest assured that I will ensure the gamer in your existence receives a truly gratifying gift during this joyous holiday season.

Let’s go!

The Best Magic the Gathering Gifts for 2022: A Complete Guide

Salinity-bound Present | Illustration by Olena Richards.

Under $25

Magic, oh what a lavish affair it is! Amidst a plethora of affordable trinkets priced below $25, let us delve into the realms of two extraordinary gift categories: the enchanting allure of magical aesthetics and the wondrous allure of practicality.

Aesthetic Gifts

Aesthetic products in the realm of Magic are not necessarily essential for gameplay. Although most players prefer practical gifts like cards or useful products, these delightful presents can serve as a gateway to exploring the recipient’s passions and interests.

With prices starting at just $20 for standard sizing, Original Magic Art offers a delightful collection of unique Magic art prints. This presents an incredible chance for gift-givers to connect with their beloved recipients.

Engaging in a conversation about someone’s preferred cards can unveil intriguing insights into their personality, allowing you to deepen your connection with them whilst gaining valuable insight into their artistic preferences. For an extended period, my dorm room proudly displayed a captivating print of Rob Alexander’s Blood Crypt, serving as a catalyst for engaging discussions with individuals who marveled at the artwork, yet remained unfamiliar with Magic.

Practical Gifts

When it comes to the practical aspects of Magic, I perpetually find myself lacking in top-notch deck boxes and sleeves. My precious collection often resides on my shelf, nestled within an assortment of mismatched containers, eagerly anticipating the next grand gathering.

This remarkable deck box grants effortless entry to your deck, accommodates supplementary accessories, and safeguards against gentle physical collisions. Cheap deck boxes are simply not an option for my valuable decks, considering the escalating costs of competitive decks, particularly in the realms of Modern, Legacy, and Vintage.

Practical Gifts

Card sleeves, a pocket-friendly yet highly significant present, make for an ideal gift. Whether your recipient is an avid player or possesses precious cards that need safeguarding, it’s highly likely that they frequently utilize and exhaust their card sleeves. With this in mind, consider purchasing a few sets at this affordable price range, as they will undoubtedly be greatly cherished.

Practical Gifts

Under $50

Under $50

For those embarking on their magical journey or seeking to enhance their trove of Standard cards, behold the exquisite balance of this price point. Each bundle bestows upon you eight splendid set boosters, a single collector booster to satiate your desires, an alt-art foil promo card to dazzle your senses, forty majestic basic lands to adorn your dominion, a mystical spindown life counter to guide your destiny, and a resplendent foil card storage box to safeguard your treasures.

Over the past few years, every fresh collection has arrived bundled up, offering a delightful surprise for parents and gift-givers alike. Whether you’re a seasoned Magic player or introducing someone special to the game, these bundles provide a golden chance to engage in entertaining activities like pack wars, imparting the fundamental Magic skills in an enjoyable manner.

Under $100

Neon Dynasty Draft Boosters

Neon Dynasty Draft Boosters are a type of Magic: The Gathering booster pack that features cards from the Neon Dynasty set, which is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world with vibrant neon colors and advanced technology. These boosters are perfect for players who want to add exciting new cards to their decks and explore the thrilling themes of the Neon Dynasty set.

A draft booster box is an excellent gift option for players who revel in card collecting or wish to organize an exciting Draft session with friends. Bursting with a plethora of remarkable cards tailored for various formats, it promises an unforgettable experience.

Streets of New Capenna Draft Boosters

If you’re willing to venture slightly beyond the $100 threshold, consider gifting your art-loving friend or family member a captivating set booster box. The Streets of New Capenna set booster box, priced just above $100, offers a generous assortment of 30 set boosters and is certainly a compelling choice to add to your collection.

If Money Isn’t an Issue

Do you have money to burn and a Magic player to spoil? Then I have a small collection of gifts for you!

Warhammer 40k Precons

Warhammer 40k Precons refer to preconstructed decks that are ready to play in the popular sci-fi tabletop game Warhammer 40,000, providing players with a convenient and quick way to start playing the game without the need for extensive deck-building.

Looking to surprise the Commander aficionado in your circle? Consider gifting them a complete collection of the Universes Beyond quartet. These preconstructed decks boast a fresh array of Warhammer 40k cards that seamlessly blend into the game’s universe, alongside a selection of reprints that have undergone the magnificent Warhammer treatment. Needless to say, this thoughtful gesture is bound to leave them overjoyed!

Warhammer 40k Precons refer to preconstructed decks that are ready to play in the popular sci-fi tabletop game Warhammer 40,000, providing players with a convenient and quick way to start playing the game without the need for extensive deck-building.

Introducing the Enigmatic Fusion: A Spellbinding Combination of Magic: The Gathering and the Warhammer 40,000 Universe – Unveiling the Mighty Warbands of The Ruinous Powers, The Necron Dynasties, The Forces of the Imperium, and The Tyranid Swarm.

  • Set of all 4 Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks–The Ruinous Powers, Necron Dynasties, Forces of the Imperium, and Tyranid Swarm.
  • Each of the four pre-made MTG decks consists of 100 Magic cards, including two traditional foil cards and 98 nonfoil cards.
  • Each card showcases artwork inspired by Warhammer, including 42 cards that are exclusive to Magic.
  • Every deck includes 1 Foil-Etched Display Commander, 10 tokens, 1 life tracker, and 1 deck box.
  • Take control of a brand new battlefield with thrilling multiplayer Magic games that take place in the universe of the renowned tabletop miniatures game, Warhammer 40,000.
  • Commander Anthology 2018

    Commander Anthology 2018 is a special edition set of Magic: The Gathering cards that includes four preconstructed decks, each featuring a different legendary creature as the commander. This set was released in 2018 and is a popular choice among fans of the Commander format.

    This holiday season, if you possess an exceptionally benevolent spirit, consider bestowing upon them a bountiful assortment of new commanders and decks. Alternatively, this remarkable offering can be utilized to engage in a spirited game with a quartet of companions! All of this can be acquired for a mere sum exceeding $500.

    Commander Anthology 2018 is a special edition set of Magic: The Gathering cards that includes four preconstructed decks, each featuring a different legendary creature as the commander. This set was released in 2018 and is a popular choice among fans of the Commander format.

    Magic The Gathering MTG Commander Anthology 2018 Volume II Set: 4 Decks.

  • Commander Anthology Volume II brings together four highly desired and previously unavailable Commander series decks in a deluxe package!
  • Every collection set includes four decks of 100 cards, which consist of 13 commanders with foil enhancements!
  • The quartet of returning decks includes “Devour for Power” (commanded by The Mimeoplasm), “Forged in Flames” (led by Daretti, Scrap Savant), “Storming the Battlefield” (fronted by Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas), and “Blooming Dominance” (featuring the beloved proliferator, Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice).
  • Includes Atraxa!! This collection is popular!
  • Date of Release: June 08, 2018.
  • Modern Horizons 2 Collector Boosters

    Modern Horizons 2 Collector Boosters are premium booster packs that contain a curated selection of cards from the Modern Horizons 2 set, offering players an enhanced and exciting experience.

    A collector booster box of Modern Horizons 2 is the ideal present for the Magic collector who appreciates high-end items in your life.

    WotC, known for pricing most sets for Standard, takes a distinctive approach with the Modern Horizons series, catering specifically to the Modern format. With each release, these sets consistently inject the eternal formats with an array of exceptionally potent cards. Notably, collector boosters surpass the price point of other MTG products, offering a plethora of rares and mythics alongside exclusive art styles such as foil etched and extended art cards.

    Brace yourself for a gift that will surpass all expectations, leaving you in awe. However, it’s important to remember that receiving the full worth of your investment is not always a certainty, just as it is with any item that comes sealed.

    Gift Gallery

    Seeking a comprehensive glimpse into the array of products available for your loved ones who indulge in the enchanting world of Magic? Explore this captivating gift collection without delay!

    Explore an array of diverse pre-packaged or sealed presents, accompanied by insightful advice on purchasing individual Magic cards for the avid collector in your circle.

    Cards and Boosters

    Booster Packs and Boxes

    The essence of Magic lies in the art of card collection. Players engage in the pursuit of acquiring individual cards, packs filled with unpredictable surprises, mysterious boxes containing a variety of packs, and on rare occasions, entire sets of cards. Each of these elements serves a distinct purpose, contributing to the captivating world of Magic.

    When constructing a specialized deck, it’s advisable to acquire the precise cards you require instead of obtaining random ones that may serve no purpose. However, if you’re assembling a diverse collection, packs can prove to be advantageous. It’s crucial to inquire about an individual’s preferred play style or any specific cards they may require before deciding what to purchase for them.

    If your recipient is mainly engaged in Standard gameplay, consider gifting them packs from the exciting range of currently legal sets, such as Midnight Hunt, Crimson Vow, Neon Dynasty, Streets of New Capenna, Dominaria United, and The Brothers’ War. For those who delve into Modern and prefer packs over individual cards, Modern Horizons 2 would make an excellent choice.

    If you’re in search of a booster box, which consists of 24 to 36 packs depending on the set, the same principles apply.

    Standard Players.

  • Box of draft boosters for Crimson Vow.
  • Crimson Vow set expansion box.
  • Midnight Search draft booster case.
  • Midnight Hunt box of booster packs.
  • Neon Empire draft booster set.
  • Neon Dynasty collection booster box.
  • Streets of New Capenna draft booster box.
  • The streets of New Capenna are filled with a variety of booster boxes.
  • Dominaria United draft booster package.
  • Dominaria United booster box.
  • The draft booster box of The Brothers’ War.
  • The booster box for the Brothers’ War set.
  • Modern Players.

  • Modern Horizons 2 draft booster package.
  • Modern Horizons 2 collection booster box.
  • Single Cards

    The backbone of Constructed Magic lies in the realm of individual cards. Regardless of whether your recipient indulges in Commander, Standard, Modern, or any other deck-dependent format, their ultimate deck-building experience remains incomplete without acquiring specific cards. Opting for the procurement of these precise cards, instead of relying on the unpredictable nature of packs or boxes, proves to be a far superior strategy.

    In the enchanting realm of gift-giving, when the cards of desire remain elusive, an auspicious chance emerges to engage in delightful conversations and harmonize with fellow seekers. Unlike the capricious nature of booster packs, the gift bestowed upon the giftee might fall short of perfection if it veers away from their true desires and necessities.

    In the realm of collectible cards, there exists a selection of truly essential gems that not only retain their worth but also possess an enduring allure. Should your fortunate recipient lack a particular deck-building pursuit and shun the allure of packs, my humble suggestion would be to consider the acquisition of fetch lands or shocklands. These enchanting treasures not only bear a modest price tag but also evoke an insatiable desire within the hearts of enthusiasts across various formats.

    Exploring various renowned Magic retailers is highly recommended as prices are known to vary considerably based on the chosen source. In particular, marketplaces such as TCGPlayer offer enticing bargains that can greatly facilitate your card purchasing endeavors.

    Exercise caution when making purchases on platforms such as eBay and Craigslist. Amidst a plethora of trustworthy vendors, it’s effortless to overlook the essence of your acquisition or its credibility if you possess limited knowledge about the realm of Magic.

    Precon Decks

    Pioneer Challenger Decks

    Pioneer Challenger Decks are preconstructed Magic: The Gathering decks designed to be competitive in the Pioneer format, offering players a ready-to-play option with powerful strategies and diverse card selections.

    In the past, there existed Modern Challenger decks and Standard Challenger decks, which provided players with a pocket-friendly entry into their respective formats. However, this year WotC made the interesting decision to allocate those slots to Pioneer, resulting in the creation of four remarkable Pioneer Challenger decks.

    With their enticing individual worth, the Pioneer Challenger decks not only offer an exploration opportunity for both novice and experienced players, but also serve as a gateway into the exhilarating realm of competitive Magic. Perfect for those generous souls who wish to embark on the magical journey alongside their gift recipients. Although they may come with a slightly heftier price tag and wield more formidable might compared to basic starter decks, they undeniably ignite a player’s collection, propelling them forward with gusto.

    Commander Decks

    Commander Decks

    Much like the Challenger decks, every Standard set is accompanied by Commander decks catered towards aspiring players seeking a preconstructed deck. Dominaria United introduced Legends’ Legacy and Painbow, empowering players to expand their collection and embark on their magical journey within Magic’s most beloved format.

    Although these precons may not be able to compete against the strongest decks, they provide an enjoyable experience when playing with friends who possess other precons. Additionally, they are available in packs of two or four, catering to the needs of multiple players eager to engage in the game.

    Commander Decks

    Magic: The Gathering Dominaria United Commander Decks 1 + 2.

  • Set of both Dominaria United Commander Decks.
  • 2 Collector Booster Sample Packs–1 with every deck.
  • Both pre-made decks include 100 Magic cards (2 classic foil + 98 nonfoil).
  • Every deck includes 1 foil-etched Display Commander, 10 tokens, 1 life tracker, and 1 deck box.
  • Every deck consists of 10 MTG cards that are not present in the main set of DMU.
  • Secret Lair

    Secret Lair

    Artwork by Jenn Ravenna Tran.

    Secret Lair drops, a limited-time offering from WotC, present players with exclusive merchandise that allows them to directly purchase distinctive artwork featuring existing cards or even one-of-a-kind designs, providing them with the opportunity to personalize their decks with fresh aesthetics and alternative styles.

    The fleeting nature of these drops necessitates communication with your giftee to ensure they receive desired cards. Though the Secret Lairs exhibit impressive craftsmanship, their value predominantly lies in their visual appeal, thus caution is advised when purchasing them without proper consideration of individual preferences.

    If you wish to purchase one of these items, it may be slightly challenging, but we have you covered.

    Card Protection and Storage


    A valuable asset for every player striving to maintain pristine condition of their cards, sleeves make exceptional presents for avid competitors. As sleeves inevitably succumb to wear and tear, players who frequently employ specific decks are constantly in need of replenishment.

    Deciding between options can be quite a task. Let me introduce you to two remarkable choices that offer exceptional value for their price: the Ultimate Guard Katana sleeves and the Dragon Shield Matte sleeves. Not only do they provide a pleasant tactile experience, but they also guarantee your recipient’s utmost satisfaction with their long-lasting, top-notch durability.


    Custom Sleeves

    Custom Sleeves

    In search of an extraordinary idea? Look no further, as Dragon Shield has just unveiled their latest innovation – custom art sleeves! Now, for a mere $25, you can bring your favorite photos to life on your sleeves. This is an absolute gem of a gift, especially for those who hold a special place in their hearts for a beloved artist, TV series, or comic book character that is yet to grace the official MTG sleeves. The allure of fashioning meme sleeves is an irresistible temptation for countless Magic enthusiasts, myself included.


    Binders serve as the ultimate weapon of collection control among the majority of Magic enthusiasts. As soon as your assortment flourishes to the extent where card categorization and relocation for varying formats becomes imperative, you eagerly embark on a quest to acquire a binder. Personally, I maintain a remarkable collection of three to four binders, meticulously segregating them based on formats, an approach that has admirably preserved the pristine condition of my collection for countless years.

    For the ultimate recommendation, explore the wondrous Ultimate Guard Quad Row Zipfolio Xenoskin Binder. This exceptional choice ensures impeccable safeguarding, with its zip closure effectively warding off any accidental card spillage. Moreover, it grants the flexibility of 4 to 12 pockets, tailored to suit the precise requirements of your fortunate recipient.


    Petrol Ultimate Guard Quad Row Zipfolio Xenoskin Card Sleeves.

  • Playset binder: observe and arrange your collection in a more appropriate manner.
  • 20 pages capable of accommodating 480 double-sleeved cards.
  • Pockets on the side for enhanced card security.
  • Design featuring rows with four columns and extra transparent 12-Pocket pages.
  • Zipper closure ensures safe and reliable transportation, providing significant protection.
  • Deck Boxes

    Customized deck boxes make for fantastic presents. I am the proud owner of a meticulously crafted wooden deck box that I cherish and utilize for all occasions, and it was an impeccable gift bestowed upon me. However, it is crucial to exercise caution regarding the format and style of sleeves favored by the recipient, as conventional deck boxes may not accommodate Commander decks due to their size. Additionally, considering whether your giftee prefers double-sleeving their decks (a prevalent practice in eternal formats like Modern, Legacy, and Vintage) is essential, as it may necessitate acquiring a larger box to accommodate the altered dimensions required by players.

    GameGenic Transformable Card Case.

    Deck Boxes

    The GameGenic Squire 100+ XL Convertible Deck Box stands out as a top-notch recommendation. It proves to be an excellent choice for players seeking a secure storage solution for their cards. With its impressive capacity to accommodate 100 double-sleeved cards, this deck box surpasses the competition.


    Deck Boxes

    Squire 100+ XL (2021 Version).

  • Embrace the vast capacity of the Squire 100+ XL as it gracefully accommodates a magnificent collection of 100 double-sleeved cards. With its generous dimensions, this exclusive edition provides ample room for extra tokens or comfortably houses a Commander Deck adorned with thicker inner sleeves.
  • Explore innovative ways to showcase your cards: Discover the Convertible collection, where the cover can be detached and effortlessly secured to the base, optimizing valuable space on your gaming table. Unleash your creativity by detaching the lid and attaching it in unique orientations, or experiment with exciting angles by tilting your box in countless ways.
  • ADVANCED LOCKING SYSTEM: Strong magnets ensure accurate and secure closure, keeping your box safely sealed.
  • Crafted with utmost care, the Squire 100+ XL is a testament to excellence, seamlessly blending the allure of black Nexofyber+ material with an invigorating burst of vibrant orange microfiber on the inside. Not only does the box exude resilience, but it also emanates an air of timeless elegance.
  • EXPLORE ALONGSIDE OTHER GAMEGENIC CREATIONS: The Squire 100+ XL Convertible seamlessly integrates with versatile storage options like the Dungeon, ensuring a flawless fit. Crafted to accommodate even the bulkiest inner sleeves, it pairs perfectly with Gamegenic sleeves for optimal performance. Please note that employing sleeves from alternative brands might impact capacity and compatibility.
  • Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Box.

    Deck Boxes

    However, if you find yourself in the predicament of wanting to gift a deck box without knowing the recipient’s preferences, fear not! The Ultimate Guard Boulder deck box is an impeccable choice. It effortlessly accommodates 100 double-sleeved cards, albeit trading off a luxurious exterior for a sleeker and adaptable design.

    Deck Boxes

    The Ultimate Guard Onyx Boulder 100+ Heavy-Duty Deck Box Case Protector.

  • Designed specifically for double-sleeved cards, this product can accommodate up to 100 double-sleeved cards or 120 single-sleeved cards.
  • Streamlined form. The cover has an identical size and shape to the bottom section, allowing it to function as a secondary card holder when opened.
  • The deck trays for Flip’n’Tray are perfectly designed to serve as additional deck trays for any Flip’n’Tray Cases.
  • With its symmetrical design, this structure offers both secure closure and effortless opening.
  • Sturdy and inflexible container. Resilient, firm substance with a smooth tactile finish. Convenient card retrieval by simply angling the lid.
  • Aesthetics and Collectables



    In recent times, playmats have experienced a surge in popularity, finding new roles as mouse pads, exquisite wall art, and stylish décor. However, their initial purpose was to shield cards from unsightly table marks and facilitate the effortless handling of sleeved cards. With the resurgence of tabletop Magic, these functionalities are once again gaining importance.

    Just like sleeves, playmats offer a plethora of styles, designs, and materials to choose from. When selecting a playmat for your giftee, consider what would truly resonate with them. Additionally, why not get creative and design a personalized playmat that combines humor and sentimental value?



    The intricate world of Magic is composed of countless elements, and dice serve as a valuable aid in managing some of its complexities. Each individual possesses their own preferred set of dice, and in my case, I find solace in utilizing exquisitely carved rocks sourced from the renowned Boston Museum of Science. While many players gravitate towards metallic and polyhedral dice, a nod to their roots in Dungeons & Dragons, a game that shares a common player base with Magic.



    Embark on an epic adventure with the QMay DND Dice Set, comprising of 42 captivating and diverse dice pieces. This set features 6 sets of exquisite double-colored polyhedron dice, accompanied by a charming dice bag adorned with 6 unique patterns. Perfectly suited for the immersive realms of Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, MTG, and table games, this set promises endless excitement and unforgettable moments.

  • DND Dice Set: A collection of 6 * Dual-Toned D&D dice sets (totaling 42 pieces), accompanied by 6 * ebony Drawstring Bags adorned with intricate designs.
  • Experience the adventure with our Polyhedral Dice Set! Unveil the treasure trove of possibilities as you delve into the realms of gaming, equipped with 1 majestic d20, 1 mystical d12, a duo of powerful d10s (ranging from 00 to 90 and 0 to 9), 1 enchanting d8, 1 captivating d6, and 1 formidable d4. This exquisite set boasts a grand tally of 42 magnificent pieces, ensuring endless excitement and countless tales to be woven.
  • The numbers on every side are designed to be as big as they can be, ensuring effortless readability. To distinguish between 6 and 9, underscore markings are employed, enhancing your reading convenience.
  • Premium material: These polyhedral dice are crafted from acrylic material and are long-lasting.
  • Remember, tangible objects possess a charm that surpasses mere images. In the event that you happen to receive any dice that are either incomplete or damaged, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are more than willing to offer you a replacement or a refund.
  • Get Creative

    Get Creative


    In my previous discussions, I have touched upon the subject of personalized artwork adorning sleeves, playmats, binders, and beyond. However, let us explore further avenues of bestowing a significant Magic-inspired gift. How about crafting a bespoke card? I have witnessed customized cards depicting beloved pets, cherished milestones, and even declarations of love. Although these endeavors demand considerable effort and artistic prowess, the resulting creations are nothing short of awe-inspiring presents.

    Etsy offers a plethora of personalized cards, deck boxes, and other delightful treasures for those who may not possess a natural artistic flair. These enchanting shops alleviate the burden of crafting bespoke items, catering to individuals like myself who may lack such creative prowess, yet still wish to bestow a truly meaningful gift upon their recipient.

    Here’s our evaluation of the top locations to create personalized cards.

    Gift Cards

    Just like unraveling a captivating enigma, there’s always the option of presenting someone with a gift card. Numerous nearby game emporiums proffer these store gift cards, empowering your recipient to bolster their local game sanctuary and procure whatever their heart desires. I propose engaging in a conversation to ascertain whether your recipient yearns for something particular or more all-encompassing, as a tailored gift can carry a touch of extra allure. Nevertheless, certain individuals relish the freedom of acquiring precisely what they desire at their own leisurely pace.

    However, in the event that your intended recipient does not have access to a local game store or desires a broader range of options, both TCGPlayer and CardKingdom present the opportunity to acquire gift cards.

    Wrap Up

    Wrap Up

    Cease Conflict | Illustration by Jason Rainville.

    Enchanting and boundless, Magic boasts an extensive collection of cards, each possessing the power to become a remarkable gift. With a plethora of options to choose from, this guide aims to assist you in navigating through the enchanting realm, ensuring that your upcoming holidays are nothing short of extraordinary.

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