The 21 Best Stocking Stuffers for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Choosing small presents for hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts can be difficult, especially if you prefer indoor activities. Trust us: The adventurous individuals in your life will greatly appreciate these incredibly practical gifts.

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Searching for small surprises for the adventurers, anglers, and explorers in your circle? No doubt, you understand the challenge of discovering presents that blend practicality with sheer joy. For those of us who don’t embark on wilderness expeditions or embrace the serenity of the great outdoors regularly, selecting the perfect gift for nature enthusiasts can be perplexing. Thankfully, this curated gift guide is here to lend a hand.

Here are our top suggestions for stocking fillers that will delight nature lovers, all at a budget-friendly price of under $20! From essential equipment for safety to thoughtful presents promoting hygiene and convenient food preparation, this list caters to every type of outdoor enthusiast.

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1. A Good Pocket Knife

A good pocket knife is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts, offering versatility and reliability in various situations such as camping, hiking, and survival.


Every adventurer understands the immense value of carrying a top-notch knife. From cutting lashing for camp setup to crafting delicious meals, from indulging in rainy day whittling sessions to staying prepared for self-defense, a reliable knife is an absolute treasure. Enter the Morakniv Companion Spark, a remarkable blade that not only boasts a built-in fire starter, but also features a sturdy fixed-blade design and a robust polymer sheath for ultimate trail safety.

Purchase the Morakniv Companion Spark Outdoor Knife and Fire Starter on Amazon for $29.94.

2. Bear Spray

Bear Spray


Alright, this particular item demands a generously sized stocking, but trust me, it’s worth the delightful challenge. If you happen to have a friend or loved one who frequently ventures into the wild bear territories, why not surprise them with a stocking equipped with a canister of remarkable bear spray? Udap Bear Spray, designed in a fogger-style aerosol form, contains a potent dose of OC (pepper spray) that will surely give any approaching bear a moment of hesitation before considering your cherished companion as a potential snack.

Purchase the Udap Bear Spray on Amazon for $32.99.

3. A Real Carabiner

A real carabiner is a type of metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used for securing ropes and other climbing equipment, known for its strength and reliability in outdoor activities such as rock climbing and mountaineering.


For those who crave adventure in the great outdoors, mere key carabiners won’t suffice. They require a robust companion capable of bearing significant weight. Whether it’s securing items to a backpack, ensuring a safe hang for a hammock, or joining ropes during exhilarating rock climbing escapades, a heavy-duty carabiner is a must. Black Diamond, a renowned name in the rock climbing realm, presents their Litewire Carabiners, revered for their incredible strength despite being remarkably lightweight.

Purchase the Black Diamond Litewire Carabiner from Amazon for $10.49.

4. A Water Purifying System

A Water Purifying System is a device that removes contaminants from water, making it safe to drink and use for various purposes. It employs various methods such as filtration, distillation, and chemical processes to eliminate impurities and improve water quality. This system plays a crucial role in ensuring access to clean and healthy water for individuals, communities, and industries.


Clean water is undeniably crucial, but have you ever pondered the idea of gifting someone a stocking filled with this precious resource? The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter offers peace of mind to adventurous individuals, ensuring that they can safely quench their thirst even in remote, survival scenarios. This remarkable present holds the potential to be a true lifesaver.

Purchase the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter from Amazon for $19.95.

5. A Folding Saw

A folding saw is a versatile tool that can be easily stored and transported due to its compact design and collapsible handle. It is commonly used for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and gardening, as it allows for efficient cutting of branches, logs, and other materials.


Unleash your off-grid adventures and embrace the abundance of fallen trees and limbs, waiting to be transformed into cozy firewood. However, the challenge lies in shaping that wood to fit perfectly within a fire ring. Fear not, for with the aid of a folding saw, your adventurous soul can effortlessly slice through manageable sections of firewood, ensuring safer transport and controlled burning. Discover the wonders of Fiskars’ 7-inch folding saw, a perfect addition to any stocking or backpack.

Purchase the Fiskars 7-Inch Folding Saw from Amazon for $16.44.

6. A Waterproof Wallet

A waterproof wallet is designed to keep your valuable items safe and protected from water damage, making it an ideal accessory for outdoor activities or travel in rainy conditions.


For any nature enthusiast, there exists a crucial item that may not initially cross their mind, yet becomes indispensable once possessed – the remarkable waterproof wallet by Nite Ize Runoff. This extraordinary wallet guarantees the safeguarding of cash, cards, IDs, as well as various precious documents and valuables, irrespective of the prevailing climatic or environmental circumstances. Moreover, it boasts convenient carabiner tabs for effortless attachment to a bag, alongside a hip-friendly belt loop for stylish wearability.

Purchase the Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Wallet on Amazon for $24.99.

7. A Headlamp

A Headlamp


No one can deny the advantages of owning a flashlight, however, an even more valuable tool is a top-notch headlamp. With this ingenious device, your adventurous friend can effortlessly illuminate their path while keeping their hands free for other tasks, like chopping wood or exploring the great outdoors. Surprise them this holiday season by slipping the remarkable Petzl Tikkina Outdoor Headlamp into their stocking, ensuring their festive season shines brighter than ever.

Purchase the Petzl Tikkina Outdoor Headlamp from Amazon for a price of $19.95.

8. Tough Boot Laces

Tough Boot Laces are designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide exceptional durability for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and mountaineering.


Inquire about the significance of footwear to a camper, hiker, prepper, or nature enthusiast, and they will passionately share their thoughts. Considering the impracticality of fitting a $300 pair of boots in a stocking, opt for a worthy alternative – a pair of resilient laces. Ironlace boot laces are unfailingly sturdy, provide excellent grip, and possess an impressive breaking strength of 1,500 pounds. Additionally, they are available in various sizes to accommodate different needs.

Purchase the Ironlace Laces from Amazon, available at a starting price of $11.34.

9. Eating Utensils

Eating Utensils


Embrace the adventure of dining amidst nature’s embrace, where indulging in finger food poses challenges and potential risks. Alleviate those anxious concerns by bestowing upon the avid hiker or intrepid camper in your life a remarkable collection of camping utensils. Opt for the exquisite Sublimed Camping Utensil set, a modest ensemble comprising a sleek fork, a graceful spoon, and a versatile knife, all elegantly enclosed within a convenient and portable carrying case.

Purchase the Sublimed 3-Piece Camping Utensil Set from Amazon for $8.99.

10. Biodegradable Body Wipes

Biodegradable Body Wipes are environmentally friendly personal hygiene products that are designed to minimize harm to the environment by breaking down naturally over time, making them a sustainable choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


Indulge your nature enthusiast without sacrificing freshness or civilization. Provide them with biodegradable wipes to rejuvenate and maintain cleanliness. Combat Wipes, crafted from 100 percent biodegradable materials, feature the gentle essence of natural aloe, and possess a robust texture that can endure even the most vigorous wiping.

Purchase the Combat Wipes ACTIVE Outdoor Wet Wipes on Amazon for $89.40 (20 sets of 25 wipes each).

11. Survival Fishing Kit

A survival fishing kit is a compact and essential tool for catching fish in emergency situations, containing various fishing accessories such as hooks, lines, and sinkers.


In times of adversity, those with resilience turn to the calming embrace of fishing. Placing a compact survival fishing kit inside your untamed companion’s festive stocking will convey two sentiments: your deep affection towards them and your profound understanding of their passion for angling. Encased within a petite pouch, the remarkable Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit encompasses an array of enticements, hooks, fishing line, a blade, and even a rudimentary fishing reel.

Purchase the top-quality Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit on Amazon for just $22.49.

12. Survival Flask

Survival Flask


In the realm of survival, the very essence of morale reigns supreme, and what could be more invigorating than the enchantment of woodland spirits? Behold the remarkable VSSL Flask, boasting a resilient 9-ounce reservoir impervious to any liquid hazard. Its unwavering strength is further fortified by a robust bottle opener, accompanied by the graceful companionship of two collapsible shot glasses, perfectly suited for jubilant fireside toasts. Yet, this extraordinary flask harbors even greater secrets within its ethereal form. At one end, a celestial compass graciously guides the way, while at the other, a radiant survival flashlight illuminates the darkest of paths, offering a triumphant repertoire of high, low, and SOS beams, intertwined with a resolute crimson glow.

Purchase the VSSL Flask on Amazon for $115.

13. A Trustworthy Multi-Tool

A Trustworthy Multi-Tool is an essential gadget that can perform various functions, making it reliable and versatile for any task or situation.


For adventurous individuals, a knife is a good choice, but nothing beats the indispensability of a high-quality multi-tool. By gifting them the Leatherman Rev Pocket Size Multi-Tool, you provide them with a versatile tool that includes pliers, screwdrivers, a can opener, and much more. With this compact and efficient gift, they’ll always be ready for their exciting outdoor escapades.

Purchase the LEATHERMAN Rev on Amazon for $66.79.

14. Extendable Bellows

Extendable Bellows


Even experienced fire builders occasionally need a break, and a compact bellows is the perfect solution. The PSKOOK Pocket-Sized Fire Bellows can be extended to enable users to blow on the fire without having to uncomfortably approach it. This helps ignite a hotter fire more quickly while maintaining a safe distance from the smoke and heat. Manufactured by a small business owned by a seasoned individual.

Purchase the Epiphany Outdoor Gear Pocket Bellows from Amazon for a price of $15.05.

15. Survival Blankets

Survival Blankets


In the event of a catastrophic scenario, when chaos ensues, your skilled woodsman or woman may find themselves compelled to spend a couple of nights amidst the untamed wilderness. However, venturing into this uncharted territory without adequate preparation could be a recipe for absolute catastrophe. To ensure their safety and comfort, consider discreetly placing a mylar emergency blanket in their stocking. This ingenious item not only guarantees warmth but also effectively preserves their precious body heat if they ever find themselves entangled in a truly dire situation. Behold the Swiss Safe Emergency Blankets, conveniently packaged in a set of four, renowned for their remarkable ability to retain an astounding 90 percent of the body’s vital heat.

Purchase the 4-pack of Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Blankets on Amazon for $16.49.

16. Tough Watch

Tough Watch


Were you aware that the hands of a wristwatch can actually be utilized to ascertain the precise direction of north? A rugged timepiece designed for outdoor adventures, like the Expedition TW4B14000 from Timex, makes for an exceptional addition to any holiday stocking. This watch boasts an impressive durability, while its resilient nylon strap is more than capable of withstanding numerous journeys through the wilderness.

Purchase the Timex TW4B14000 Expedition Watch on Amazon for $49.99.

17. Pocket Notebook

Pocket Notebook


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of literary geniuses who reveled in the embrace of nature, drawing boundless inspiration from their ventures into the lush forests. Unleash the inner Jack London within you by providing a sanctuary for your creative musings and profound thoughts through a compact pocket notebook. Indulge in the captivating allure of Field Notes’ exquisite collection, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the great outdoors. With elegantly adorned covers showcasing breathtaking illustrations of our majestic national parks, handpick the perfect homage to your adventurous spirit and tuck it snugly into their stocking.

Purchase the National Parks Series Graph Paper Memo Book 3-pack, known as Field Notes, on Amazon for a price of $14.95.

18. Emergency Whistle

Emergency Whistle


Regrettably, the woods can become quite dubious, and even the most adept hiker or camper may encounter a myriad of difficulties. By bestowing upon them an emergency whistle nestled in their stocking, they will possess the ability to captivate attention through emitting resounding and piercing chirps. These LuxoGear Emergency Whistles not only emit unique and melodious chirps, but they also require less exertion than screaming, and this attribute could prove pivotal in a situation of utmost urgency.

Purchase the LuxoGear Emergency Whistles 2-pack on Amazon for $7.99.

19. Compass



No outdoorsy stocking stuffers list would be complete without acknowledging the significance of a compass. Sportneer’s top-notch compass ensures that your adventurous soul will never lose their way, offering a sense of security. Paired with a local map, this compass becomes the ultimate tool to explore uncharted territories with confidence.

Purchase the Sportneer Military Lensatic Sighting Compass from Amazon for $15.99.

20. Rain Poncho

Rain Poncho


Protecting oneself from being drenched to the core is of utmost importance, for even the most exceptional hiking equipment can succumb to the downpour. Spare your adventurous companion from such a predicament by ensuring their warmth and dryness with a handy pocket poncho. This remarkable five-pack by Hagon PRO will surely suffice, as it occupies a mere fraction of space, fitting immaculately into a stocking during this festive season.

Purchase the Hagon Pro Disposable Rain Poncho 5-pack from Amazon for $12.99.

21. Firestarter



In moments of utmost importance, such as life and death situations, the skill to ignite a fire becomes crucial. Grant your woodland companion an advantage with a top-notch Ferro rod. These rods generate an immense number of scorching sparks capable of igniting a fire under diverse circumstances. The Bayite model showcases a 4-inch elongated rod, accompanied by a striker tool and an impressive 5 feet of paracord, making it ideal for a wide range of survival and outdoor endeavors.

Purchase the Bayite Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit from Amazon for a cost of $13.95.

The prices mentioned here are correct as of the article’s most recent update on November 16, 2022.

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