12 Best Super Mario Gifts Of 2023

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The Super Mario Bros. Lego set, a long-awaited item on my wishlist, finally found its way into my possession. As fate would have it, just as my partner and I were engrossed in constructing the thrilling obstacle course, a notification chimed in. It was an email from Brandon at RetroDodo, presenting an exciting new task: compiling a list of the ultimate Super Mario gifts.

Well, that is impeccable timing! I suppose I already know my number one!

Honestly, I’m an avid Mario enthusiast. Super Mario Bros. Marked my entry into the realm of home video gaming, and my love for the franchise remains unwavering.

I even have a Mario ink!

Mario holds a special place in our hearts at Retro Dodo; we have gone the extra mile by curating an epic selection of the 20 ultimate Mario games ever created.

I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to select the top ten Mario presents.

But really, people… Any Mario themed gift is pretty awesome. Kind of hard to go wrong.Output: However, in reality, individuals… Any Mario themed present is quite remarkable. Sort of difficult to make a mistake.

Here we go… Let’s select the top 12 Super Mario presents of 2023.

(I will complete these tasks in random order, as it is difficult to determine what is “ideal” for someone else.)

12 Best Super Mario Gifts Of 2023

Excuse me, sir? Given the chance to acquire a Mario-themed remote control helicopter during my childhood, I would incessantly pilot that magnificent contraption, joyfully colliding it with the various pieces of furniture in my bedroom from dawn till dusk.

Children nowadays are unaware of their good fortune.

For just $39.99, you or your child can also send a caped Mario flying through the air.

But let’s be honest, this is something adults such as myself would be buying for themselves.

This incredibly awesome Super Mario present is controlled by a remote and is specifically marketed for indoor flight.

The Mario measures approximately 4 inches in length, with a wingspan of about 8 inches, making it of such diminutive size that its potential for causing significant harm is minimal.

It includes a remote control, batteries, and a stylish small stand.

Oh, and they also produce a Yoshi version.

2. Super Mario Kart 8 Mini RC Racer

Super Mario Kart 8 Tiny Remote Control Racer

If soaring through the air with Mario in the room isn’t quite your cup of tea, why not take him on a thrilling ride across the living room or even on the bustling street outside?

Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable design of this Super Mario Kart 8 inspired RC racer, with its impressive length of approximately 12 inches. As an officially licensed Mario gift, it exudes the unmistakable charm that we all know and love.

With just a press of a button, Mario’s wheels effortlessly flip up, allowing him to venture as far as 100 feet (approximately 30.5 meters for those who prefer metric measurements) in his magnificent “Anti-Gravity Mode”.

Perhaps they perused our piece on the art of drifting in Mario Kart 64?

This cart also has a Luigi variant, and it will cost you approximately $35.99.

3. The Super Mario Bros Super Show! Volume 1

3. The Super Mario Brothers Super Show! Volume 1

It’s unbelievable that you could enjoy more than six hours of animated Mario series for just $9.99!

While you’re at it, why not seize the opportunity to acquire Volume 2 as well and possess the complete compilation? The entire collection is currently up for grabs, and not to mention, the Super Mario World series is also on sale. Grab all three for a mere $22 at this very moment.

This extraordinary present is a delightful surprise for devoted fans from the 1990s, or for little ones who are captivated by their favorite TV shows, eagerly watching them repeatedly. Anyone else recall the joys (and challenges) of babysitting?

Immerse yourself in the captivating tapestry of Mario’s rich history, as this remarkable masterpiece serves as a delightful present for either yourself or a fellow admirer who possesses the means to enjoy it on their trusty DVD player.

Interestingly, the series on Amazon amusingly credits the director as “Director: Super Mario”.

4. LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course

4. LEGO Super Mario Journeys with Mario Beginning Set.

As I mentioned before… This particular one had been on my radar since its debut in 2020.

It was just recently that I could ultimately include it in my compilation, and I was not let down.

Yes, it’s as awesome as you’d wish for.

Mario illuminates, he speaks, he responds to motion, he reacts to whatever surface he is positioned on… SO.AWESOME.

Additionally, the assortment includes some incredibly fascinating obstacles and supporting characters with a Mario theme to engage with.

Mario is equipped with motion sensors that are accompanied by a light reader positioned beneath his feet. This ingenious setup allows Mario to detect and interpret the color of the surfaces he steps on. Additionally, Mario possesses unique barcode pieces that trigger a multitude of captivating sounds and enchanting sequences.

All of this for $59.99, and definitely worth every single penny…Easily my most beloved Super Mario present.

I hope someone would have presented me with one in 2020!

Explore a vast array of Lego sets that go beyond your imagination – from the captivating Luigi set to an assortment of mesmerizing add-on sets. Rest assured, dear enthusiasts, for the realm of Super Mario-themed collections offers an abundance of possibilities to indulge your passion and invest in.

When it comes to awesome Lego and Nintendo partnerships…

5. LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System is a nostalgic and interactive building set that allows fans to recreate the iconic gaming console and relive their favorite video game memories.

This is a Mario present that I still need to check off my wishlist.

The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System brings back nostalgic memories from my childhood.

An oldschool television, an original NES console, and Super Mario Bros. On the screen. Even comes with a game cartridge. All perfection.

It appears to be quite a daunting task to construct, but the payoff for accomplishing it is exceedingly significant.

You may encounter some difficulty locating this particular destination. However, if you manage to find it, the cost would be approximately $269.99. It is definitely worth the price.

The ultimate Super Mario present for a dedicated collector… And for someone with a substantial budget.

6. 6pcs Set Super Mario PVC Toy Figures

Set of 6 Super Mario plastic toy figurines.

Undoubtedly, many of these presents are more suitable for adult enthusiasts of Mario… But here’s an excellent gift for the children.

Is there anything more delightful for a young child than an assortment of hip vinyl toys to energetically toss and fashion their very own whimsical tales?

Toys that you won’t be devastated to see scuffed and lying around with limbs missing, perhaps?

Of course, Peppa Pig is enjoyable… But a group of Super Mario figures is much more fascinating.

For $49.99, you can acquire the entire primary ensemble from the Mario series… And even Donkey Kong for good measure.

It has come to my attention that this collection lacks any of the mischievous characters from the Mario universe. However, perhaps it is wiser to divert your children’s attention towards the virtuous heroes, at least for the time being, don’t you think?

Perhaps this whole discussion about “kids” is merely a facade… Perchance you are contemplating these finest Super Mario presents for your own pleasure, just as I am.

7. 50 Pcs Mario Stickers

The pack includes 50 pieces of Mario stickers. These stickers feature various characters and elements from the popular video game franchise, making them perfect for fans and collectors alike.

Here is an enjoyable one that is a well-known present for me… Super Mario sticker collections.

I absolutely adore stickers. I’m sort of fixated on them.

And once you finally settle down with a permanent mailing address (which was nonexistent for me during my nomadic ventures around Asia), it becomes effortless to indulge in a plethora of online orders.

When you can acquire a set of 50 assorted Mario-themed decals for just $6.99, why not take advantage?

In the vibrant realm of the Instagram Game Boy community, a captivating ritual ensues where we indulge in the art of exchanging our cherished logo stickers, accompanied by an exquisite assortment of delightful surprises tucked within the confines of the envelope.

Therefore, I have sent numerous Mario decals to various locations worldwide.

This is the ultimate choice if you’re a sticker enthusiast or seeking a Super Mario present that can be bestowed upon anyone without any specific occasion.

Who doesn’t adore stickers?

8. Super Mario Bomber Jacket For Boys

8. Exceptional Mario Explosive Jacket For Males

This is one of those moments I’m simply a little disappointed that this is a Mario present exclusively for kids.

This incredibly impressive officially licensed Mario jacket (it also comes in a Luigi version) is extremely cool.

An ideal choice for any aspiring Mario enthusiast, whether they are already a fan or soon to become one, this gift promises to be one of the most impressive introductions.

Unleash your inner coolness with just $29.99 and become the ultimate trendsetter in town. Embrace the perfect blend of warmth and style effortlessly.

Notice the action I took?

I wish I were more petite…

9. Nintendo 5 PC Backpack Combo Set

9. Nintendo 5 Personal Computer Backpack Combination Kit

As we reminisce, it becomes quite challenging for those of us who are more seasoned to recall… However, the majority of youngsters in this vast world will embark on an extraordinary journey known as “school”.

And every child attending school requires certain essentials… A backpack, a lunchbox, a pencil case, a water flask.

With this extraordinary 5-piece backpack combo set, your stylish little ones will be fully equipped. Combine it with the sensational Mario bomber jacket, and your child will become an unstoppable force!

For only $32.95, your child will have all of the containers they need for a busy life of elementary school in style.

10. Crocs Kids Mario Clog

Crocs Kids Mario Clog is a comfortable and stylish footwear option for children, featuring a fun design inspired by the beloved video game character, Mario.

Behold, the grand finale of “Anthony Wallace’s whimsical dreams of childhood treasures in grown-up dimensions”! Allow me to unveil the magnificent fusion of Crocs and Super Mario, in all its official glory.

Yes, I did search for the grown-up edition. No, they did not possess it (that I could discover).

Crocs are one of those items that I believe most individuals find amusing, but I personally find them quite fascinating.

As mentioned earlier, when you have children (or frequently babysit them), you’re well aware of their tendency to frequently slip in and out of their footwear.

Although it’s not necessarily ideal for shoes to slip off effortlessly, if you wish to grant them the liberty of choice and considering that their tiny hands won’t be able to tie shoelaces anytime soon, this presents an intriguing alternative.

Ideal for frolics in the meadow, in a puddle of water, at the recreational area, practically anywhere where young ones are permitted.

These specific ones seem to be for young children, and will cost you approximately $49.99. Not too bad.

These, in my opinion, are the perfect Super Mario present, and I can’t help but feel envious of not having toddler-sized feet at this moment.

11. Van Gogh Mario Canvas

Van Gogh Mario Canvas is a famous artwork created by the renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh, known for its vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes.

Alright, so this masterpiece isn’t exactly a genuine creation by Mario Van Gogh. Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that Van Gogh has long departed from this world, and secondly, he never had the chance to immerse himself in the enchanting universe of Super Mario since those games had yet to come into existence.

However, for those who adore the enchantment of Starry Starry Night and embody an unwavering passion for the mustachioed genius of plumbing, this marvelous piece would undoubtedly elevate the ambiance of your living space.

Select from a rolled canvas choice, gallery enveloped, or encased in a variety of hues in a wide range of dimensions.

The prices on certain items can soar to exorbitant heights, leaving it entirely up to your level of fondness for the recipient.

12. Super Mario Bluetooth Headphones

Super Mario Bluetooth Headphones are a fun and stylish accessory for gaming enthusiasts, featuring wireless connectivity and high-quality sound for an immersive gaming experience.

If you know any little plumbing fans that love listening to music, then get a load of these Super Mario Bluetooth Headphones.

Connect to any device and enjoy listening to audiobooks, Spotify, YouTube… Everything!

Ideal for extended trips or vacation getaways, these devices offer an impressive 18-hour playback time. Even if the battery dies, the party can continue thanks to the 3.5mm jack cable.

They also provide a microphone for conversing with friends and family on Facetime or Zoom.


It’s evident that a plethora of fascinating Super Mario presents exist, catering to a wide range of age groups, from youngsters to nostalgic adults like myself who avidly collect memorabilia from this cherished gaming franchise of our childhood.

From trendy footwear to stylish apparel, from fashionable outerwear to trendy knapsacks, from cozy socks to comfortable undergarments, from remote-controlled cars to sought-after collector’s cards, from DVDs to vintage vinyl toys, from decorative stickers to exquisite chess sets… The world is brimming with an abundance of extraordinary Super Mario presents.

We didn’t even acknowledge the exquisite $2000 Tag Heuer Super Mario timepiece or the striking partnerships between Puma and Nintendo, resulting in the captivating ‘Super Mario All Stars’ sneaker collection.

Embrace the boundless possibilities beyond this list; venture forth and indulge in the joy of spending. The realm of being a Mario enthusiast is currently at its zenith, awaiting your enthusiastic exploration.

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