Great Gift Ideas for a Broken Arm Care Package

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Great Gift Ideas for a Broken Arm Care Package

It Hurt T-Shirt

Ouch! Pain is inevitable; it’s a constant. Breaking a bone is synonymous with pain, a universally acknowledged fact. However, there’s an intriguing allure to wearing a cast that compels people to engage in conversation, their curiosity piqued by two specific inquiries: 1) what led to this unfortunate incident, and 2) did it cause excruciating pain? This tactful yet straightforward shirt ingeniously saves precious time by preemptively addressing these inquiries before they are even posed.

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Kindle Oasis

An arm cast poses a challenge when it comes to flipping through the pages of a book. Thankfully, the Kindle Oasis offers a clever solution – you can effortlessly turn the page with a gentle touch on the e-reader’s bezel, enabling convenient one-handed reading. With its sleek and lightweight ergonomic design, this remarkable device is an ideal present for any avid reader nursing a fractured arm!

The Oasis has the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network, although it is not obligatory. With its integrated and complimentary cellular connectivity, users can effortlessly download books at any given moment and location, without relying on Wi-Fi. This feature proves especially beneficial for individuals donning casts who may have limited mobility during their recovery period, as the Oasis can store an extensive library of thousands of e-books.

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The revolutionary design of CastCooler collaborates with a vacuum cleaner to swiftly dry and refresh breathable casts. By enveloping the cast, CastCooler draws in fresh air, effectively eliminating moisture and eradicating the bacteria responsible for itchiness and unpleasant odors.

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Colorful Markers

A fresh ensemble resembles a pristine artboard. Empower an individual with an arm cast by providing them with a collection of vibrant Sharpie Color Burst markers to unleash their imaginative instincts.

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Sealtight Shower Sleeve

Experience the wonders of a waterproof cast protector, a true savior in maintaining dry casts. Embrace the remarkable Sealtight Freedom cast protector, skillfully crafted from resilient polyvinyl material, effortlessly gliding over the arm to establish an impervious seal just above the cast – an absolute masterpiece for indulging in refreshing showers and soothing baths. Delight in the availability of Sealtight Freedom, catering to both adults and children, ensuring an impeccable fit for all.

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Pizza Slicer

Why include a pizza slicer in a care package for someone with a broken arm? The addition of a pizza slicer provides a clever and convenient answer to a common dilemma faced by those with a broken arm: “How can I possibly manage to cut my food with just one functioning arm?”. The OXO Good Grips pizza cutter is thoughtfully designed with a robust, non-slip handle, enabling individuals who struggle to grasp a fork and knife to effortlessly slice through their meals.

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Cast Comfort Stop-Itching Spray

Having an itch that defies scratching can be incredibly frustrating. This is particularly true when you have an arm encased in a cast. Lend a hand in alleviating that itch by presenting them with a can of Cast Comfort. This remarkable product is meticulously crafted to provide relief from itching and eradicate the unpleasant odor that often accompanies a cast.

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CastCoverz Cast Art

CastCoverz offers a delightful solution for those with broken arms, allowing them to adorn their casts with captivating prints. Not only do these covers safeguard casts against dampness and potential clothing and furniture mishaps, but they also come in an extensive range of sizes and can be conveniently washed in a machine.

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2 More Gifts for a Broken Arm Care Package

Lock Laces

Have you ever attempted the daring feat of fastening your shoelaces with a solitary hand? Neither have we, yet it undeniably poses quite a challenge. Unlock the realm of possibilities with Lock Laces, enabling individuals burdened by a fractured arm to independently tame their unruly footwear.

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ProCare Arm Elevation Pillow

Physicians often advise individuals to keep their fractured arm raised, only to burden it with a cast. However, fret not, as ProCare has ingeniously crafted an arm elevation pillow that effortlessly adheres to the doctor’s directives.

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