Chinese New Year Gift Giving Ideas for Friends, Kids, Seniors & Etiquetteuette

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Chinese New Year Gift Giving Ideas for Friends, Kids, Seniors & Etiquetteuette

Gifts for Friends

Alcohol: As Chinese New Year approaches, families gather for lavish meals each day. To make your friends even happier, it’s a great idea to bring along some alcohol or wine, especially if they enjoy a good drink. Traditional Chinese alcohols, such as Fen Jiu, Luzhou Laojiao, Honghua Lang, and Guojiao, are highly sought after during this festive season. Interestingly, almost every type of alcohol undergoes a transformation, donning a vibrant red package to enhance its appeal and boost sales. And don’t forget the auspiciousness of pairs in Chinese culture – make sure to bring two bottles as a gift.

Tobacco: When choosing a gift for friends who smoke, tobacco can bring joy. While certain cigarettes in China, like Nanjing or Zhonghua, may be costly, it is more important to show care and courtesy through thoughtful gifts rather than seeking reciprocation. Therefore, selecting the ones your friend usually enjoys is sufficient. However, it is impolite to give just a single pack; instead, offering a bar is considered appropriate, and two bars would be the ultimate choice!

When paying a visit to a newlywed couple or a host who recently settled into a fresh abode, consider treating them to a delightful assortment of home supplies. Opt for thoughtful items such as a sleek juicer, an elegant tea set, or exquisite kitchen crockery, as they are sure to make for impeccable choices.

Gifts for Seniors

When paying a visit to the elderly, it’s thoughtful to bring gifts that prioritize their well-being and contentment. Opting for cozy attire like a snug hat, gloves, scarf, or even some snug clothing is a wise decision to ensure their comfort throughout the winter season and the New Year festivities.

Seniors are always delighted to have fitness equipment such as a massage chair, foot bath massager, or any other innovative fitness gadgets. Opting for a massage chair, foot spa machine, or a soothing massage pillow would definitely be a wise decision.

Optimal Gifts for Seniors: When selecting presents for seniors who may not be in optimal health, consider the gift of tonic products, including cubilose, ginseng, and cordyceps. Be sure to attentively review the warranty details and expiration dates before making your purchase.

Gifts for Kids

School supplies and books: They are always appreciated by parents as they help improve their children’s studies.

Toys, Candy & Chocolates: Barbie dolls for little girls and transformation toys for little boy. Candies & chocolates are just common sense.

Red Envelopes: Embraced with joy by children during the festive season of Chinese New Year, red envelopes bring delight as they receive a small fortune of their own.

In China, there exist intriguing taboos and customs surrounding lucky numbers. Embraced and celebrated are the numbers 6, 9, and 8, while 3, 4, and 7 are frowned upon due to their resemblance to departure, demise, and fury, respectively.

Unsure about the appropriate amount to include in a red envelope? Numbers such as 18, 28, 58, 68, 168, and 188 are all considered favorable when sending red envelopes. However, for foreigners in China, there is no strict rule on the exact amount to place in the red packet. It is determined by the level of closeness between the individuals involved. Typically, it ranges from 20 to 200. Familiarize yourself with Chinese gift concepts and the etiquette of gift-giving.

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