17 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Classic Rock Fans

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Once again, the moment has arrived to ponder deeply and extensively about what to bestow upon friends or family members who exude an unparalleled love for classic rock. It appears that offering rehashed albums or pristine wall hangings showcasing their most adored bands has become excessively conventional. Naturally, our desire is for their joy to reach unprecedented heights as they unveil their gift and uncover something undeniably remarkable and infused with the spirit of rock n’ roll. The festive season presents an opportune moment to contemplate and explore with boundless creativity, perpetually keeping in mind the finest treasures that would enthrall any aficionado of classic rock.

  • Metallica Ugly Christmas Sweater

    The photo is courtesy of metallica.com.
    photo courtesy: metallica.com

    A holiday season would not be complete without having to wear an ugly Christmas sweater at least once. Receiving that dreaded ugly knitted Christmas sweater from relatives had been much of a joke in the past, but recently, tables have been turned and wearing an ugly Christmas sweater is a cool thing to do now in a parody kind of way. It’s been made cool by band merchandise such this Metallica sweater promptly called “The Sweater That Should Not Be”. The Metallica insignia has been knitted into the hideousness of the sweater which makes for a wicked awesome piece of clothing you definitely would not be embarrassed to wear in public.

  • KISS Cologne for Men “Kiss Him”
    The photo is courtesy of fragrancealley.com.
    photo courtesy: fragrancealley.com

    If you don’t want to smell like teen spirit on Christmas day, maybe you’d prefer to smell like Gene Simmons. And he probably smells better than he looks because his band KISS actually has a perfume line. “Kiss Him” Cologne by Kiss is branded to be a powerful masculine fragrance that is perfect for everyday use. Not only does it have a “very peppy tangy whiff” with a spicy core, it’s a great gift and memorabilia for every KISS fan. It is said to have an oriental, woody appeal with smoky and spicy hints that is “excessively masculine”. Is it making you even more curious on what it smells like?

  • Alice Cooper “Whiplash” Mascara

    Photo Courtesy: A. Weissman – The FlubberOutput: Image Credit: A. Weissman – The Flubber
    Photo Courtesy: A. Weissman – The Flubber

    A fair disclaimer: This product is branded as a “unisex” mascara with an Alice Cooper quote printed on the packaging saying, “Whip the one you love—get a tube for for your best friend too!”. Yes, the 70s was a crazy, strange yet wonderful era, wasn’t it? Because it was in the 70s that Alice Cooper released his own line of make up including this mascara. At the time, a small bottle of “Whiplash” only cost $2.95 (+ 50 cents shipping). Today, a vintage unopened tube is already sold for $1825. Quite pricey for a small and simple Christmas present but it does give ideas. Maybe just get a $2 mascara from your local drug store and wrap it in Alice Cooper stickers.

  • The photo is courtesy of usatoday.com.
    Photo Courtesy: usatoday.com

    Rolling Stones veteran guitarist Keith Richards, known for his rock and roll persona, surprises us with his new venture – a children’s book titled “Gus & Me”. In this enchanting tale, Richards takes us on a journey through his own childhood, revealing the profound influence his grandfather, Theodore Augusts Dupree, had on his musical journey. Contrary to expectations, Richards showcases his tender side, emphasizing the extraordinary bond between grandparents and grandchildren. As the proud grandfather of five, Richards understands the importance of cherishing this unique relationship. With “Gus & Me”, he invites us to experience one of those magical moments, and hopes to inspire others to be as exceptional grandparents as Gus was to him.

    5. “I might be elderly but I had the opportunity to witness all the amazing bands” t-shirt.

    The photo is courtesy of famous4com, capturing the beauty and significance of the subject.
    Photo Courtesy: famous4com

    When it comes to the role of a grandparent, this remarkable shirt is ideal for individuals who have embraced the golden years yet retain the same level of coolness they possessed during the vibrant decades of the 70s and 80s. With an undying passion for rock n’ roll and a deep appreciation for quality music, this shirt serves as a powerful statement to the world. It boldly declares that despite the inevitable passage of time, one remains youthful, trendy, and fully alive, having witnessed firsthand the pinnacle of musical greatness.

    Crystal Head Vodka Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is the sixth version.

    The photo is courtesy of wine-searcher.com.
    Photo Courtesy: wine-searcher.com

    Indulge in the ultimate holiday delight by savoring the unrivaled essence of the world’s greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band! Collaborating with Crystal Head Vodka, The Rolling Stones have crafted an extraordinary gift ensemble tailored exclusively for their devoted fans. Showcasing the iconic lip-and-tongue emblem of The Rolling Stones, this exquisitely engraved Crystal bottle decanter top is filled with the finest Canadian vodka. As the esteemed vodka of The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary, this remarkable creation is not only an exquisite collector’s item but also a symbol of sophistication. Immerse yourself in the spirit of rock and surprise any rock aficionado with this exceptional Christmas present.

    7. Trooper Beer by Iron Maiden.

    The photo is courtesy of taringa.net.
    photo courtesy: taringa.net

    Is the Rolling Stones vodka a bit too sophisticated for your friends’ taste? Perhaps your buddies would prefer a good old-fashioned beer. Take a look at this incredibly awesome Iron Maiden Trooper beer! Robinsons Brewery has released a limited edition gift tube of Iron Maiden’s Trooper ale. This sought-after brand has been selling an average of 1,300 bottles per day in recent years. The gift pack includes a 500ml bottle of Trooper ale, a branded Trooper pint glass, and an Iron Maiden logo t-shirt. Now that’s definitely something you’d want to add to your Christmas wishlist.

    8. Rock and Roll Beer Mug.

    The photo is courtesy of zazzle.com.
    Photo Courtesy: zazzle.com

    When it comes to alcohol, this incredible beer stein with a rock n’ roll theme is the ideal vessel for enjoying a cold, band-branded brew. Mugs are a popular choice for holiday gifts, as they rarely disappoint. But why not add a touch of rockin’ flair to the traditional cup, delighting classic rock enthusiasts in the process? While it may seem like a typical gift, this unique product appears to offer more utility than your average holiday present. And the best part? It’s also budget-friendly.

    9. AC/DC Wine Collection AC/DC collaborated with Australian winery Warburn Estate to introduce their own selection of alcoholic beverages.

    The photo credit for this image goes to acdccollector.tumblr.com.
    photo credit: acdccollector.tumblr.com

    Alright, let’s return to the realm of sophisticated preferences, shall we? Enthusiasts of AC/DC would undoubtedly be thrilled by this extraordinary offering. Collaborating with esteemed Australian winemaker Warburn Estate, AC/DC has unveiled a collection of wines inspired by their most iconic songs. The delightful package comprises of Highway to Hell cabernet sauvignon, Hells Bells sauvignon blanc, and You Shook Me All Night Long muscat. Just picture indulging in a glass of You Shook Me All Night Long during a cozy evening of wine. Undoubtedly, this would make for a truly captivating holiday season.

    10. Metallica Monopoly Collector’s Edition.

    The photo credits for this image go to hasbro.com.
    photo credits: hasbro.com

    The ultimate rock n’ roll Christmas gift for the whole family! Experience the Metallica Collector’s Edition Monopoly board game, where Monopoly meets the power of Metallica! This epic collector’s edition is a must-have for any rock enthusiast, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Metallica. Share the joy of Metallica with your loved ones as you conquer the game board and jam to the iconic “Enter Sandman”. Get ready to headbang and rock your way to victory!

    11. Joyful “KISSmas” Hoodie.

    The photo source for this information is rageon.com.
    photo source: rageon.com

    KISS offers a plethora of fan merchandise that can bring immense joy to any rock enthusiast. The “Merry Kissmas” holiday hoodie serves as the ultimate present during the festive season, effortlessly replacing the conventional ugly sweater trend. There is an undeniable rock n’ roll essence when one adorns a garment showcasing the KISS band members riding a sleigh through the sky on their chest. This extraordinary piece is bound to be embraced by every member of the family. It represents the pinnacle of Christmas-themed wordplay incorporated into winter attire.

    12. Aerosmith Stockings.

    The photo credit for this image goes to legendsocks.com.
    photo credit: legendsocks.com

    Once upon a time, getting socks as a Christmas gift was dreadfully dull. However, the tides have turned and now it’s quite the opposite, particularly with the rise of trendy printed socks. Among them, the official Aerosmith merchandise socks reign supreme in the realm of coolness. Not only do they keep your feet toasty on chilly winter nights, but they also exude an exceptionally groovy vibe. Socks, being a practical, affordable, enjoyable, and time-honored gift, will undoubtedly bring joy to the recipient, especially when they receive the ultimate pair of awesomeness.

    13. Ozzy Osbourne Stainless Steel Hydro Flask.

    The photo source for this information is merchbar.com.
    photo source: merchbar.com

    Undoubtedly, the savory Christmas Eve ham would leave anyone parched when Christmas morning arrives. It is precisely during these moments that this incredible Christmas present proves to be indispensable. This stainless steel water bottle, inspired by the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, not only serves as a useful gift but also brings immense satisfaction to any rock enthusiast. Moreover, as the new year approaches, everyone sets their sights on hitting the gym as part of their resolutions. Showcasing this distinctive water bottle at the gym would serve as an exceptional source of inspiration.

    14. Bon Jovi Festive Decoration Collection.

    The photo source can be found at bonjoviofficialmerch.com.
    photo source: bonjoviofficialmerch.com

    Why settle for the usual Christmas tree decorations when you can jazz it up with Bon Jovi-inspired Christmas baubles? This delightful set of nine ornaments is perfect for adorning a tiny Christmas tree. Any die-hard classic rock enthusiast would be thrilled to showcase these beauties during the festive season, all while grooving to the tunes of Bon Jovi’s “A Very Special Christmas” in the background. Get ready for a holiday season that truly rocks.

    15. Winter Scarf featuring Pink Floyd.

    The photo source is ilixorcom.
    photo source: ilixorcom

    The arrival of the holiday season is signaled by a gentle chill in the atmosphere. This marks the time to retrieve winter attire from the closet and embrace cozy evenings by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa. To add a touch of style and warmth, consider adorning your neck with a fashionable scarf. For a more edgy and vibrant look, opt for a Pink Floyd scarf, a choice that will surely delight fans of the iconic band during the winter season.

    16. Lynyrd Skynyrd Motorcycle Patch Beanie Cap.

    The photo credit for this image goes to amazon.com.
    photo credit: amazon.com

    Stay warm in style with the official Lynyrd Skynyrd beanie, a timeless fashion statement that transcends age. Whether you’re a teenage rebel or a seasoned rock fan grandpa, this rock n’ roll accessory will make your Christmas unforgettable. Proudly displaying the iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd logo, it exudes confidence and attitude. When the temperature drops, simply slip on this beanie for an instant transformation into a rock star.

    17. Official 2017 Wall Calendar of Jimi Hendrix.

    The photo credit for this image goes to calendars.com.
    photo credit: calendars.com

    The holiday season not only symbolizes a fresh beginning for the upcoming year, but it also brings along the opportunity to exchange thoughtful presents with loved ones and coworkers. Amongst the plethora of gift options, calendars prove to be an excellent choice as they assist in staying organized and managing important dates and events throughout the year. For those who adore classic rock, there is no better calendar than the mesmerizing Jimi Hendrix poster calendar. Each month reveals a stunning depiction of Hendrix’s greatness, making it an indispensable tool and an extraordinary decorative piece for any wall.

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