27 Christmas Words That Start With Q (List With Meanings)

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27 Christmas Words That Start With Q (List With Meanings)

Here’s a compilation of Christmas terms that commence with the letter Q, along with their explanations:


The criterion is utilized when comparing something to objects of a comparable type.

During the festive season, when my father embarks on his Christmas shopping expedition, he meticulously searches for gifts that exude exceptional quality, thereby opting to purchase only a select few for us.


A numerical value is determined based on a measurement or quantity of a specific entity.

For instance: In contrast to dad, when mom embarks on her Christmas shopping spree, she revels in procuring an abundant array of presents for each and every member of the household.


The act of being silent or quiet.

As the Midnight Mass commenced, our mother pleaded for us to maintain absolute silence, yet the overwhelming joy of Christmas rendered us incapable of remaining motionless.


During the festive season, a charmingly crafted Christmas quilt, composed of multiple layers of fabric, serves as a cozy and delightful bed covering that can be either gifted or enjoyed personally.

For Christmas, my mother created a quilt for me utilizing all of my previous T-shirts from my childhood.


To cease performing something, such as resigning from a position or discontinuing a venture.

Example: The holiday season of Christmas was so hectic it nearly made me want to resign from my job at the shopping center.

Quince Pie

Quince is an Asian fruit that is frequently utilized for creating pies during festive occasions, like Christmas.

As the Christmas dessert draws near, I find myself fascinated yet uncertain about attempting my mom’s homemade quince pie.


A tiny short-tailed avian with brown camouflaged feathers often cooked and served as a substitute for turkey.

For Christmas dinner, I pondered what was going through my mother’s mind when she opted to present roasted quail. Nonetheless, I have made up my mind to pass on that and indulge myself with an abundance of delectable side dishes.


Something that is appealing, delightful, and vintage.

For instance, the vintage store in the city center is extremely charming, but it offers some of the finest Christmas ornaments accessible.


The sovereign woman or chief of a sovereign nation that frequently acquires the role through hereditary means, or an individual who behaves in a disagreeable and domineering manner towards others. Additionally, a chess piece that holds utmost power and possesses the ability to move freely in any direction without obstruction on the chessboard.

Example: One of my favorite things about Christmas is Queen Elizabeth’s, which she delivered every year of her reign except in 1969.


A lengthy voyage in pursuit of something, or the activity of seeking for something.

Every year without fail, my brother embarks on an adventurous quest in search of the elusive hiding spot for our cherished Christmas presents, only to be left empty-handed time and time again.


Plumage can be found on a bird’s primary wing or tail, as well as on the hollow, pointed quills of a porcupine.

Example: My cousin adores writing, so we bought her a vintage feather pen and ink set as a Christmas gift.


A measurement unit for liquids, equivalent to one-fourth of a gallon or two pints in the United States.

As Christmas approached, I regretted not purchasing multiple quarts of eggnog, for my brother’s impulsive act of opening the container and indulging himself straight from it.


To a certain or relatively certain degree, or being sure.Output: To some extent or relatively confident, or being certain.

My sibling harbored an unwavering belief that our parents were the embodiment of Santa Claus, yet they were determined not to shatter the enchantment for our other brothers and sisters.


To perform an action in a way that does not produce any noise.

As my parents placed the gifts beneath the majestic Christmas tree, their movements were hushed, but alas, a mishap occurred when dad accidentally dropped my brother’s present, causing the toy robot to come to life and utter unexpected words.


One of four identical portions of something, or a coin that is equivalent to one-fourth of a dollar.

As an example, every Christmas Day, my dad’s heart fills with joy as he indulges in the thrilling spectacle of football. Once the first quarter concludes, he joyfully embarks on a cherished tradition of dashing outside to gather fluffy snowballs, eagerly aiming to surprise and delight everyone within the cozy confines of our home.


The capacity for quick movement or accomplishing tasks in a limited timeframe.

In the enchanting realm of Christmas, Santa’s reindeer possess unparalleled swiftness, darting through the velvety night sky in a blink, evading detection by those who dare to blink their eyes.


An inquiry usually directed towards a governmental representative or entity.

Once upon a time, my adorable younger sibling believed she possessed the ultimate charm as she approached Santa with a burning question, only to surprise everyone by inquiring about his most beloved cookie.


A sentence that is phrased in a way that requests particular details.

Every year, without fail, Dad diligently compiles a set of intriguing inquiries for us to pose to Mom, all in the hopes of unraveling her deepest desires for the upcoming Christmas season.


The ability to have the experience or skills to perform a task or be suitable for a job or activity.

Example: I love to joke around and build things, which is a suitable qualification for me to become one of Santa’s elves.


A collection of meticulously crafted inquiries, offering a range of options for responses, frequently designed to facilitate the acquisition of data or carry out a statistical investigation.

In order to gauge the potential hustle and bustle on Black Friday, the mall distributed a survey among shoppers, seeking to ascertain their anticipated level of activity during the Christmas shopping frenzy.


Something that is questionable about the authenticity, or someone who is not entirely truthful.

Example: Despite my aunt’s entire day being devoted to preparing Christmas dinner, the figgy pudding appeared doubtful, but my father claimed it was fantastic.


The action of moving quickly or accomplishing something within a limited period.

As soon as my mom granted permission to unwrap our Christmas gifts, my brother eagerly tore into his, racing to be the first one to unveil all of his presents.


Dividing something into four equal parts or being stationed or lodged in a specific location.Output: Partitioning something into four identical sections or being positioned or accommodated in a particular place.

Example: Mother required father’s assistance in the culinary area as she labored to divide the chicken into four pieces in anticipation of the Christmas feast.


The action of quivering or quaking with a subtle, swift motion.

The anticipation of meeting Santa Claus sent shivers through my entire being, although it’s possible the freezing temperature contributed to my trembling.


Each of the four quadrants of a circle or a device is utilized to capture angular measurements.

In a delightful twist, my brother distributed our Christmas gifts, strategically placing each person in their designated section of the room, allowing us to maintain visual contact while unwrapping the presents.

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