Church Cannabis Company Gods Gift 1g Vape 🏆High Times Cannabis Cup Winner🏆

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Undoubtedly, this strain might just epitomize perfection. Its flavors are often compared to the initial encounter with exquisite blonde hash, making it unsurprising that it claimed the prestigious title of 2019 Cannabis Cup champion! In each inhalation, the delightful combination of sweet pine, aromatic wood, intense gas, and incredibly pungent skunk seamlessly coexist.

Experience the Church 510 Cartridges, where aesthetics meet excellence. With a sleek quartz glass tank, cutting-edge ceramic heating element, and a customizable airflow bezel, seize complete control over your vaping journey.

Our supply chain rigorously tests all materials at every stage to guarantee their purity, completely eliminating any undesired contaminants, residual solvents, heavy metals, or pesticides. Before being made available for sale, our products undergo a final round of laboratory testing to ensure compliance with state regulatory standards. You can conveniently find the batch-specific lab results directly on our packaging.

We completely refrain from employing any cutting agents (such as Vitamin E Acetate, PG, PEG, VG, or MCT) in our products. Church takes pride in our exclusive terpene blends, which are derived from natural sources, tailored to specific strains, and have been certified by COA and SDS for their exceptional quality and ability to provide both delightful flavors and desired effects.

Church Cannabis Corporation. places utmost importance on the excellence of our vaping hardware. Our hardware is meticulously certified to be heavy metal-free, with absolutely no trace of Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, or Mercury.

Church packaging is certified as CR (Child Resistant), ensuring the safety of our consumers.

Church Cannabis Corporation. Gods Gift 1g Vape 🏆High Times Cannabis Cup Winner🏆

Church Cannabis Corporation.

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CHURCH – a central point for a community of like-minded individuals to gather and nurture their spirits with whatever brings them fulfillment.

Why Us?

Our journey commences with our exceptionally skilled cultivation and extraction squads, who diligently foster, acquire, and extract exclusively the most exquisite blossoms and biomass from our renowned genetic strains.

Our collection of strains is evenly distributed across each strain category, featuring options ranging from traditional legacy strains to innovative and unique genetic varieties.

Our farming and extraction teams work in facilities licensed by the state, utilizing our advanced, exclusive farming and extraction techniques and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The terpene profiles owned by Church are completely natural, specific to each strain, certified by COA and SDS, and are most renowned for providing both flavor and effects.

Our supply chain meticulously scrutinizes every product, guaranteeing its absolute freedom from any undesirable impurities, lingering solvents, burdensome metals, or harmful pesticides. Each product is certified by COA, complying with all state regulations. For your convenience, batch-specific laboratory results are conveniently provided on our packaging.

Our team is dedicated to promoting innovation and delivering secure, dependable top-notch products to the market.

Get in touch with us at customerservice@churchcannabis.Co.

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