22 Cool Employee Welcome Gift Ideas

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It is often said that initial encounters leave a lasting impact. As soon as a new team member steps into your organization’s realm, whether it be a physical space or a digital one, the journey of connection and engagement commences. Creating a memorable introduction becomes paramount, conveying a sense of warmth and enthusiasm to embark on a fruitful collaboration together.

During the hiring journey, you have already familiarized them with the ins and outs of the company, its individuals, its principles, and the vibrant atmosphere that permeates your organization. Now, you might be contemplating how to embody these principles and atmosphere when welcoming them aboard. How can you ignite their excitement for their inaugural day?

From personalized mugs to branded keychains, we have curated a collection of 22 unique and thoughtful employee welcome gift ideas. These gifts, whether simple or extravagant, serve as a wonderful gesture to demonstrate gratitude and recognition for the presence and worth of your new staff members. Each gift is carefully chosen to make anyone feel truly special.

Looking for a touch of simplicity with a dash of impact? Let your imagination soar with one-of-a-kind choices like personalized stationery sets featuring the names of your employees elegantly printed on notebooks and pens! Alternatively, why not equip them with a practical toolkit, such as a laptop bag filled to the brim with all the essentials (including a laptop charger)? For a delightful surprise, you could even grant them the gift of a lifetime: unrestricted access to a plethora of captivating online classes, allowing them to embark on a never-ending journey of knowledge and growth.

Searching for employee gift suggestions to enhance your onboarding procedure? Continue reading.

What are good welcome gifts?

Show your employees or co-workers some love with a special token that will make them feel valued and uplifted by the whole team. Let your imagination run wild and craft a gift that is tailor-made for the individual.

During the onboarding phase of a new employee, a creative approach would involve incorporating targeted questions that can provide insights into their preferences and potential areas of appreciation.

As an illustration, a few supervisors inquire about the leisure activities or preferred cuisine of a new employee; these intimate inquiries can provide valuable insights, aiding in the process of generating potential ideas.

What is a good staff appreciation gift?

The onboarding process holds the power to either make or break new employees, as it has been proven to greatly enhance their performance and prolong their stay within the company.

Setting the stage with thoughtful welcome or onboarding presents not only establishes the ambiance of the workplace but also conveys your sincere regard and gratitude towards your fresh recruits.

Here are 13 employee gift ideas for your company’s welcome kit:

1. Adventure Begins Mug (from MugHeads)

The commencement of this Adventure Begins Mug is a splendid present for any fresh recruit. It serves as a remarkable approach to commence their initial day with a delightful cup of coffee or tea, serving as a pleasant reminder that their expedition is only just commencing.

Click on the picture for information about availability!

2. Company Signature Items (by SplashBrands)

In the ever-revolving realm of HR, the buzzword “swag” swiftly infiltrated. “Swag” goodies, also known as “Stuff We All Get,” encompass unbranded treasures bearing your company’s moniker. These treasures could range from shirts, tote bags, and tumblers to mouse pads, notebooks, or any other practical item that your valued employees would cherish.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to promoting your company across various platforms. Unleash your creativity and explore different avenues to showcase your company’s brand. Seamlessly integrate your company’s identity into your products for maximum impact.

Company Signature Items (by SplashBrands) are carefully crafted and designed to represent the essence and quality of our brand, showcasing our commitment to innovation and style.

Click on the picture for information about availability!

3. Office Essentials Gift Set (from Cheersville)

Welcoming a new team member can be beautifully exemplified through the presentation of an exquisite office essentials gift set. This gesture not only reflects your thoughtfulness but also conveys your genuine concern for their triumph. Additionally, it serves as an elegant catalyst to propel them onto a path of success.

Click on the picture for information about availability!

4. Tech Items (from Officeworks)

Technology is an essential component in every job, encompassing laptops, desktops, headphones, and other job-related devices. To simplify matters, it is crucial to grant employees access to necessary applications and establish appropriate permissions. This gesture showcases your deep appreciation for your workforce.

Tech Items (from Officeworks) include a wide range of electronic devices and gadgets that are available for purchase at Officeworks, a renowned retailer specializing in office supplies and technology products. These tech items encompass everything from computers, laptops, and tablets to printers, scanners, and accessories, catering to the needs of both individuals and businesses. Officeworks ensures that their selection of tech items is up-to-date, offering the latest models and innovative solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency in various work settings.

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5. Onboarding Kit (from Delightly)

Enhancing the experience of new employees on their first day can be achieved by presenting them with a remarkable onboarding package. This package encompasses a delightful ceramic mug, a sleek soft cover journal, a tantalizing assortment of clawhammer organic peppermints, and a set of stylish notecards.

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6. Personalized Welcome Letter (Send Handwritten)

Your company’s commitment to genuinely caring about its employees speaks volumes. The lasting sense of belonging that this fosters will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

If you wish to customize handwritten notes for your staff members or anyone you appreciate, take a look at Send Handwritten!

The Personalized Welcome Letter is a special touch that is sent in a handwritten format, creating a warm and personal connection with the recipient.

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7. New Job Candle (from Homesick)

Why not greet incoming employees with a delightful candle adorned with the words “fresh start” as a token of welcome? This considerate act will convey your enthusiasm for their arrival and convey heartfelt wishes for their success in their new endeavor.

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8. Hardcover Notebook Set (from BenOpinion)

Why not present your new team member with a deluxe collection of hardbound journals to foster a sense of warmth and ease? Not only will this thoughtful gesture be deeply appreciated, but it will also serve as a valuable tool for them to record thoughts and capture moments of inspiration.

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9. Creative Employee and Company Handbook

During the initial week, each fresh recruit is bound to experience uncertainties and inquiries. Take into account all conceivable queries and incorporate them in the handbook. Although you may have already addressed them verbally, there is no guarantee that they will retain the information. This will assist them in obtaining all crucial details, serving as a point of reference for any uncertainties they may encounter.

Despite the seemingly grave nature of the do’s and don’ts and regulations, there exists an opportunity to infuse delight. Unleash your imaginative powers by incorporating departmental introductions brimming with witty quotes, delightful snapshots of your endeavors, and a contemplative space for employees to express their musings and uncertainties about the company. This ingenious approach has the potential to inspire your fresh recruit to transcend their own limitations.

The Creative Employee and Company Handbook is a comprehensive guide that outlines the policies, procedures, and expectations for employees in a creative and innovative workplace. It provides valuable information on company culture, work ethics, and guidelines for promoting creativity and collaboration among employees.

10. New Employee Welcome Gift Set (from Cheersville)

Embracing the essence of your company’s culture and values, the introduction of welcome gifts adds a touch of charm. Unveiling a captivating welcome gift set, complete with a customizable certificate, a sleek journal, a retractable ballpoint click pen with ebony ink, and a chic ceramic travel coffee mug, effortlessly amplifies this sentiment. This remarkable gift set seamlessly blends functionality with elegance, serving as a heartfelt gesture to demonstrate your unwavering dedication towards the triumph of your new recruits.

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11. You Got This Tumbler (from Fancyfams)

Starting a fresh chapter in one’s career can be quite intimidating, but the journey becomes smoother when one feels embraced by a united force. Our tradition of presenting new team members with a ‘You Got This Tumbler’ as a token of welcome truly warms our hearts. This thoughtful gesture symbolizes our unwavering support and belief in their potential to achieve remarkable feats.

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12. Books or Learning Materials (from Booktopia)

Display your care for your staff by dispatching them resources like physical books or digital e-books, showcasing your eagerness to foster their development and education. These materials may encompass self-improvement books or resources that will aid in broadening their expertise within their respective domains.

12. Texts or Educational Resources (from Booktopia)

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13. Welcome to the Team Journal (from Pipilo Press)

Welcoming a new member to the team through a journal is an exceptional gesture that conveys genuine enthusiasm for their arrival and the anticipation of collaborating together.

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14. Work from Home Starter Pack (from Ergonomics 101)

Amidst the worldwide pandemic, as the majority of us find ourselves working remotely, why not extend offerings that enhance the work-from-home experience, imparting both productivity and a sense of camaraderie? Consider presenting a delightful assortment of teas, lattes, and various beverages, ensuring a pleasurable sip alongside their dedicated work hours.

14. Remote Work Essential Kit (from Ergonomics 101)

Click on the picture for information about availability!

15. 3-in-1 Employee Appreciation Notebook (from Cheersville)

Welcoming a new employee with a delightful ensemble of a notebook adorned with sticky tabs, a trusty pen, and an additional notebook is a splendid manifestation of appreciation. This thoughtful gesture not only equips them with practical tools for their work but also serves as a warm embrace into the company’s welcoming embrace.

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16. Wellness Gifts (from Hampers with Bite)

Demonstrating care for the well-being of your employees is a significant indication of your company’s values. Present them with a comprehensive wellness bundle that motivates them to embrace a nourishing and dynamic way of life.

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17. Teamwork Motivational Journal & Pen Gift Set (from Cheersville)

As a team, we are constantly striving to enhance our performance and boost our motivation. A unique approach to achieve this is by maintaining a collaborative journal. This journal serves as a valuable tool for monitoring our growth, fostering innovative thinking, and uplifting team spirit.

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18. Snacks (from Sunbeam Foods)

Indulging in snacks during work or leisure breaks is a universal joy. Enlivening your newly recruited team members can be effortlessly achieved by dispatching enticing snack assortments that can be enjoyed while they work. Not only will this evoke a sense of delight, but it will also enhance their concentration.

Snacks (from Sunbeam Foods) offer a delicious and convenient way to satisfy your hunger cravings, with a wide variety of flavors and options to choose from.

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19. Inspiration Jar (from Only Good Vibes)

A jar brimming with words of inspiration, a vessel of uplifting quotes. A humble yet profound gesture to convey your anticipation and well wishes as they embark on a new chapter of their journey.

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20. Sticky Note Cube and Pen Gift Set (from Cheersville)

Welcome a new team member with a delightful surprise – a charming set of sticky note cubes and a sleek pen. This thoughtful and functional gift will prove invaluable on their inaugural day, while also conveying your sincere consideration towards them.

Click on the picture for information about availability!

21. Scented Candles (from Yankee Candle)

In addition to the other presents, you may want to consider adding fragrant candles to assist them in unwinding while they work and during their intervals.

The current obsession revolves around scented candles – and with great justification. Personalized candles are available for triggering specific atmospheres, like boosting productivity, alleviating stress, and enhancing concentration.

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22. Plants (from Indoor Plant Shed)

Plants infuse a comforting ambiance into any environment. Whether it’s an office or a cozy home, plants have the power to invigorate the workstation with their vibrant presence. Acting as natural stress relievers, certain types can even purify the air around you. Additionally, embracing low-maintenance options like succulents can be an effortless yet rewarding choice.

Plants from the Indoor Plant Shed are a great way to bring nature indoors and add a touch of greenery to any space.

Click on the picture for information about availability!

Tips to Pick an Ideal “Welcome to the Team Gift.”

A perfect business welcome gesture for the fresh recruit entails selecting a gift that embodies your company’s ethos and values, while also conveying your sincere gratitude for them becoming a part of the team. Whether they’re remote employees or joining the physical office, opt for something practical that enriches their daily work routine.

Some of the things to consider when picking the perfect welcome gift include:

  • Consider a present customized with the name or initials of the newly hired individual.
  • Consider gifting them an item that aligns with their professional role and personal passions, like a stylish leather organizer for those working in a traditional office setting or a pair of top-notch noise-cancelling headphones for those who work remotely.
  • Consider the notion of presenting a communal item to the office, such as a coffee contraption or a botanical beauty, ensuring that it brings joy to all.
  • For those on a tight budget, contemplate presenting a heartfelt handmade gift like a beautifully framed photograph capturing the essence of the team, or a collection of individualized thank-you cards thoughtfully composed by each member of the team.
  • Demonstrate your genuine concern for the welfare of your employees by presenting thoughtful gestures such as a splendid wellness package tucked inside a beautifully adorned gift box or a state-of-the-art ergonomic office chair.
  • Regardless of your selection, ensure that it holds significance and leaves a lasting impression. Bear in mind the significance of maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life, thus a present that aids in alleviating stress or offering solace will always be cherished.

    Frequently Asked Questions About 22 Cool Employee Welcome Gift Ideas

    Q: How does the Company Culture affect the choice of a Welcome Gift?

    Depending on the nature of the institution and its principles, specific presents may not be fitting or suitable.

    Q: Office Supplies – Are they a good Welcome Gift?

    A: Office materials are functional and beneficial but may not be perceived as thrilling or innovative.

    Q: Is giving one large Welcome Gift or a few smaller ones better?

    A: Providing multiple smaller presents that the new employee will value is the optimal approach.

    Q: What are some unusual Welcome Gift Ideas?

    A: Embrace the unexpected with unique welcome gift suggestions like customized mugs or trendy t-shirts, a sleek power bank showcasing the company emblem, tantalizing gift cards to local culinary hotspots, or an indulgent subscription to a captivating magazine or streaming service.

    Q: What is the best way to present a Welcome Gift?

    A: It’s always nice to give the new team members their welcome gifts in person during their first day on the job.


    Providing new employees with welcome gifts is an excellent method to kickstart their journey, ignite enthusiasm, and ensure they feel genuinely embraced. It signifies that their adventure within the company has just commenced and promises a plethora of enjoyable activities in the future. Keep in mind that your welcome package should demonstrate your sincere concern for their well-being and desire to provide them with the finest onboarding experience in the corporate realm, utilizing these innovative employee gift concepts. By implementing these considerate suggestions, you can guarantee that each new team member enjoys a remarkable onboarding experience, ultimately leading to triumph in customer onboarding.

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