15 Fun Easter Team Building Activities for the Office in 2023

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March or April marks the arrival of Easter, a delightful holiday that brings teams together at work or school. Embrace the festive spirit with a myriad of team-building activities such as engaging trivia sessions, thrilling office egg hunts, and heartwarming visits to animal sanctuaries. These spirited endeavors aim to foster camaraderie, allowing teammates to revel in merriment and forge stronger bonds with their colleagues amidst the enchanting essence of the season.

These outings are a type of team building game and indoor team building activity and are similar to virtual Easter celebration ideas.

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    List of Easter team building activities

    Here is a compilation of suggestions for commemorating Easter with colleagues at the workplace.

    1. Office Easter Egg Hunt

    An office Easter egg hunt is one of the easiest Easter activities for the workplace.. While you could hide real eggs or plastic eggs around the office, it is much less disruptive to hide paper eggs. Simply print out or cut out paper eggs, and hide the decorations in obvious and non-obvious spots around the office. Participants must list the locations of all eggs or snap and submit a photo of each egg. For maximum team bonding and problem solving, have staff work in teams to complete the hunt. The team who finds the most eggs wins a prize.

    To get inspired, here is a compilation of scavenger hunt hints and a variety of photo scavenger hunt concepts.

    2. Word Search

    Rather than embarking on an egg hunt, individuals have the opportunity to embark on a quest for Easter-themed vocabulary. Delightful word searches serve as exceptional catalysts for interaction. Distribute handouts to colleagues and reward the initial team to conquer the search, place the puzzle in the break room for collaborative employee engagement, or project the perplexity onto a screen to initiate a meeting.

    We have created a template for your game.

    Word Search is a popular puzzle game where players have to find hidden words in a grid of letters, challenging their vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

    Take a look at this compilation of vocabulary activities.

    3. Egg Decorating

    Egg Decorating is one of the most obvious Team building activities with an Easter theme.. Simply set up an egg-decorating station and give teams time to create masterpieces with their peers. To dye actual eggs, pre-boil a few dozen eggs and let cool, then set up cups with egg dye or paints and brushes. You can hard boil eggs more quickly and efficiently by using an instant pot.

    Alternatively, for a neater option, acquire paper mâché eggs or fashion egg-shaped cutouts from paper, allowing colleagues to indulge in their crafting skills. To elevate the maturity of the activity, consider inviting an artist to demonstrate the creation of sophisticated eggs. Alternatively, encourage participants to freely express their creativity and embrace their inner child while decorating. The advantage of this faux egg method is the ability to establish a team bulletin board or art gallery to exhibit the projects, which can also serve as office embellishments.

    To enhance your decorating abilities, here is a compilation of online collective art courses.

    4. Easter Trivia

    Trivia is one of the best Easter activities for grown-ups.. To do this competition, first gather or create holiday-themed categories or questions. Then, split the office into teams and challenge each team to answer the questions. Players can compete live by buzzing in with answers or showing answers to an emcee, or you can give groups forms to fill out and award points or prizes based on speed and accuracy.

    Here are a few Easter trivia inquiries to begin with:

    Easter Trivia is a fun way to test your knowledge about the history, traditions, and symbols associated with this widely celebrated holiday.

    Obtain additional miscellaneous quiz questions for your job.

    5. Easter Office Bingo

    Easter Bingo, a delightful social activity, fosters camaraderie and unveils intriguing facts about colleagues. To engage in this exciting game, distribute unique and shuffled Bingo cards to the participants. In order to fill in the squares, players must engage in conversations with their peers, striving to match the names of their coworkers with the given descriptions. To add a challenging twist for larger groups, individuals are not allowed to repeat the names of their colleagues on the card. The ultimate victory is bestowed upon the first player or team to successfully complete a row of five squares.

    You can engage in this activity as a meeting icebreaker, component of a gathering, or during the course of the workday.

    Here is a sample:

    Take a look at this icebreaker Bingo creator for additional card choices.

    6. Chocolate Tasting

    Easter reigns as the reigning champion of chocolate-inspired festivities, rendering a chocolate tasting session as an exceedingly fitting (and delectable) endeavor for fostering team unity during this joyous occasion. To orchestrate such an affair, seek out a sublime chocolate sampling encounter at a local confectionery, extend an invitation to an esteemed chocolatier or chef to guide the proceedings, or take matters into your own hands by crafting and savoring an array of tantalizing truffles or bars. Finally, convene your participants and bask in the collective musings as you indulge in these decadent treats.

    Below is a compilation of virtual chocolate tasting encounters.

    7. Brunch

    Team meals are one of the easiest ways to celebrate an occasion, and brunch is one of the best Easter activities for the workplace.. Either make a reservation at a restaurant, order catering and set up a buffet, or plan a potluck. Then, give teammates time to make a plate and make conversation with colleagues. Team lunches are one of the most meaningful team building ideas because most folks appreciate free food, and communal meals give coworkers a chance to get to know each other better and bond.

    Here are some suggestions to elevate an office Easter brunch to the next level:

  • Bagel buffet.
  • Mimosa bar.
  • Foods shaped like bunnies (such as pancakes).
  • Omelet station.
  • Experiencing the flavors of gourmet coffee.
  • Here is a manual on conducting team meals from a distance.

    8. Goodie Baskets

    Celebrate Easter by indulging the team with delightful goodie baskets. Assemble charming packages filled with an array of treats like delectable chocolates, enticing candies, savory snacks, branded company merchandise, vibrant stickers, and stylish stationary. For a touch of springtime flair, consider including trendy umbrellas, symbolizing the promise of blooming flowers after April showers, and fashionable sunglasses to remind the staff that sunnier days are just around the corner. Embrace the essence of the season by presenting any thoughtful gift in a beautifully arranged basket.

    Take a look at this compilation of cool ideas for employee perks.

    9. Visit an Animal Sanctuary

    Easter festivities are often intertwined with adorable creatures such as fluffy chicks, bunnies, and gentle lambs. It is important to remember that living beings should not be treated as mere holiday gifts. Nevertheless, one can fully appreciate these delightful critters in their own natural environments by paying a visit to an animal sanctuary. This not only provides an opportunity for employees to strengthen their bonds as a team, but also allows them to form connections with these charming residents. To add an extra touch of compassion, the team may even engage in volunteer work or fundraising activities to support the sanctuary’s noble cause.

    10. Egg Relay Race

    Egg relay races are one of the most fun Team building activities with an Easter theme.. To do this group activity, first mark off a section of the hallway, sidewalk, or parking lot as the racetrack. Then, split participants into teams of three or four, and give each team a spoon and an uncooked egg. Team members must balance the egg on a spoon and pass it off to the next teammate without dropping or breaking the egg. The first team to cross the finish line with the egg intact wins the game.

    A handy suggestion: In order to ensure every racer gets a fair chance to enjoy the excitement, you have the option to provide teams with fresh eggs whenever their eggs break. Then, all you need to do is instruct the racer to go back to their initial position and give it another try.

    11. Peep Posing Contest

    Marshmallow Peeps are a must-have during the Easter festivities. In addition to indulging in these sugary treats, you can spark some friendly competition by challenging teams to craft intricate dioramas. Let their creativity soar as they recreate iconic movie moments, reenact historical events, or even venture into fantastical realms like amusement parks or the zoo. Seek inspiration and browse through a plethora of captivating examples by conducting a quick Google search.

    Start by providing every team with a shoebox and a couple of packs of Peeps, allowing their creative sparks to ignite. Once the activity concludes, engage a discerning judge or even a panel of judges to assess the entries and select a victorious contender.

    Expert suggestion: Capture photographs and establish a collection of participant submissions to allow the entire workplace to appreciate the artworks.

    For additional inspiration, take a look at this compilation of office competitions.

    12. Bunny Run

    Bunny runs offer an exciting opportunity for teams to have a blast together. Participants sport adorable bunny ears while embarking on a designated distance. The real fun lies in the creativity of crafting costumes. While some opt for simple headbands, others take it up a notch by sewing fluffy cotton tails onto tutus or donning full-fledged bunny suits. You and your team have the choice to join an existing local bunny run or take charge by organizing your very own event. Racers can compete against each other or raise funds for a philanthropic cause, while non-running employees can show their support by cheering from the sidelines.

    Explore additional group exercise suggestions.

    13. Spring Drink Happy Hour

    Spring drink happy hours are one of the best Easter office suggestions.. During this event, your staff can come together to sip special drinks, chat, and play games together. You can whip up a few special themed cocktails and mocktails for the occasion, for instance lavender lemonade or peep martinis. For a more hands-on approach, turn the event into a mixology lesson where teammates can learn how to mix up fun and fancy spring drinks.

    As for suggestions, here is a manual on conducting virtual team happy hours.

    14. Holi

    Holi, a vibrant Indian festival that joyfully welcomes springtime, usually aligns with Easter festivities. Renowned as the “festival of colors,” this jubilant occasion involves the playful act of tossing powders in various hues. The shared essence of embracing the season and reveling in vibrant colors unites Easter and Holi, making the latter an unconventional yet fitting choice to usher in the arrival of spring. These exuberant celebrations offer a delightful blend of merriment and cultural exploration, enabling individuals to unwind and broaden their horizons.

    In the spirit of tradition, Holi participants don their white attire, enhancing the vibrant display of colors. As an added delight, distributing commemorative T-shirts adds a special touch to this festive occasion. Prepare plastic bags filled with vivid color powders, and distribute these vibrant packets among the participants. Finally, unite outdoors and unleash a kaleidoscope of colors in the air!

    Here’s a clever trick: To avoid a messy aftermath of Holi, consider scheduling the celebration towards the evening. This way, your colleagues won’t leave a trail of vibrant powder all over the office. Additionally, it’s a great idea to distribute plastic garbage bags to everyone so they can protect their car seats until they reach home and freshen up.

    15. Rubber Duck Races

    Rubber duck races are one of the most creative Easter activities for grown-ups.. Typically, rubber duck races happen at public lakes, rivers, or waterfalls and often raise money for charity. Participants place numbered ducks in the water, and the first duck to float over the designated finish line wins the race. You can encourage a friendly competition between departments and have teams decorate their ducks for extra fun and group bonding.

    If there isn’t a nearby body of water at your disposal, the weather is too chilly, or if this approach seems too complicated, then you can spice things up by organizing an indoor duck race instead. To begin, gather participants who are interested. Then, allocate players into balanced teams consisting of 5 to 8 individuals. Each team will be assigned a distinct rubber duck. The initial player will receive the duck along with a list of their team members, and their task is to pass the duck to another member of the team. Each participant, acting as a “racer,” must capture a selfie with the duck as evidence. The team that successfully transfers the duck to all members and delivers it to the organizer’s office first will be declared the winners of the game and will receive a prize.

    Final Thoughts

    Easter presents a splendid occasion to foster team unity. Every holiday festivity provides teammates with an opportunity to congregate, unwind, commemorate, and create lasting memories. Easter, in particular, serves as an exceptional moment for team building due to the weariness of winter, the yearning for sunnier days, and the desire for a morale boost and social interaction. While the activities listed are Easter-themed, individuals are not required to partake in the holiday traditions or be acquainted with them to join in the merriment and contribute to the enjoyment.

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