25 EMT Gifts (To Show How Much You Appreciate Them)

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25 EMT Gifts (To Show How Much You Appreciate Them)

On the face of this Smith & Wesson wristwatch, a petite Star of Life glimmers, representing the globally recognized symbol of emergency medical care.

The tactical watch is not only a thoughtful present for any EMT, but also a stylish accessory that combines practicality and elegance. With its water-resistant feature, scratch-proof glass, and sturdy nylon band, this watch is designed to withstand any challenge.

Not only will it last a long time, but its precision quartz Japanese movement means that it will run smoothly and accurately.

2. Emergency Prayer Keychain

The Emergency Prayer Keychain is a small portable device that allows individuals to carry their prayers with them at all times, providing a sense of comfort and protection in times of need.

Bestow upon devout EMTs a sacred prayer to accompany them in their noble vocation. This extraordinary prayer keychain features the emblem of the Star of Life on one side, while the opposite side bears a heartfelt blessing. It entreats the divine to grant these compassionate souls the fortitude and wisdom necessary to deliver prompt and proficient emergency care to those in need.

Crafted entirely from durable stainless steel, this keychain boasts an innate resistance to rust and tarnish. Its profound purpose, however, extends beyond its material properties, serving as a poignant reminder to EMTs of the unwavering presence and protection bestowed upon them by their cherished loved ones and a higher power.

3. Unisex Star of Life Cap

The Unisex Star of Life Cap is a stylish and versatile accessory that features the iconic Star of Life symbol, representing emergency medical services and the commitment to saving lives. This cap is suitable for both men and women, providing a comfortable fit and protecting from the sun's rays with its wide brim. Whether you're a healthcare professional or simply a fan of the symbol, this cap is a fashionable choice that showcases your support for the lifesaving work of paramedics and first responders.

Adorned with a meticulously crafted 3D embroidered emblem of the revered Star of Life, this splendid 6-panel cap exudes an air of unparalleled quality. The bill of the cap proudly bears the distinguished branch name, with the front elegantly showcasing the cherished inscription “EMT.”

Off-duty EMTs can proudly display their dedication to emergency medical care with the 100% acrylic hat, a considerate gift. Boasting a plush thickness for optimal comfort, this cap features a convenient hook and loop closure.

4. EMT Heartbeat Keychain

The EMT Heartbeat Keychain is a unique accessory that symbolizes the dedication and bravery of emergency medical technicians, serving as a reminder of their lifesaving work.

Kit’s Kiss presents a remarkable keychain that encapsulates the essence of an EMT’s vital role. With its inclusion of a Star of Life, a stethoscope, a lifeline within a heart, and an ambulance, this keychain serves as a powerful reminder of the significant aspects of their profession. Crafted from resilient silver, this keychain ensures longevity and reliability.

It features a slip-on closure and has dimensions of 5 x 5 x 0.3 inches, making it visually appealing without being overly bulky.

5. Custom EMT Quarter Zip Collar Sweatshirt

The Custom EMT Quarter Zip Collar Sweatshirt is a stylish and practical clothing item that is perfect for emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and other healthcare professionals. It features a quarter zip collar design, allowing for easy on and off and provides adjustable ventilation. This sweatshirt is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort throughout the day. It also includes custom embroidery options, allowing for personalization and identification. Whether you're on duty or off duty, the Custom EMT Quarter Zip Collar Sweatshirt is a must-have addition to any healthcare professional's wardrobe.

Personalize your very own quarter zip collar sweatshirt from TheInitialedLife on Etsy. This cozy sweatshirt features a captivating Star of Life delicately embroidered on the left breast. Indulge your creative side by selecting the perfect thread color to complement the star’s enchanting design.

Beneath, incorporate the name and qualifications of an Emergency Medical Technician in a plethora of vibrant hues. The cozy hoodie is available in shades of navy, grey, charcoal, or black. It perfectly complements every individual’s unique fashion taste and allows EMTs to proudly showcase their honorable profession both during and after work hours.

6. Personalized EMT Duffle Bag

The Personalized EMT Duffle Bag is a convenient and versatile bag designed specifically for emergency medical technicians, allowing them to carry their essential equipment and supplies in an organized and efficient manner.

The star of life graphic embellishes this personalized duffle bag, showcasing the name and credentials of an exceptional EMT. With a myriad of vibrant thread colors to choose from, customers can truly make it their own. Crafted from top-notch denier polyester and polyester dobby contrast, this duffle bag guarantees durability even during demanding tasks.

With its practical side and end pockets and a cushioned shoulder strap for added comfort and convenience, this versatile bag is perfect for EMTs to carry to work, the gym, or even on vacation, proudly displaying their dedication to their noble profession.

7. Star of Life Metal Wall Sign

The Star of Life Metal Wall Sign is a decorative piece that showcases the universally recognized symbol for emergency medical services, making it a perfect addition to any medical or first responder-themed decor.

Enhancing a wall with a sleek metal sign adds a touch of elegance to every space. The Star of Life metal wall sign proudly promotes the honorable field of emergency medical care.

EMTs who proudly display it in their abode will be constantly reminded of the significance and dignity of their profession. With a variety of five color options, this item seamlessly blends with any style of interior design, while offering buyers the chance to personalize it by adding their family name, transforming it into a truly unique decorative masterpiece.

8. First Responder Apple Watch Band

The First Responder Apple Watch Band is a durable and functional accessory designed specifically for emergency personnel, providing quick access to critical information and enhancing their ability to respond effectively in urgent situations.

Embracing the thrill of owning an Apple Watch involves the exciting act of swapping bands. For emergency medical technicians, donning a remarkable first responder Apple Watch band not only adds a touch of individuality to their wrists, but also allows them to showcase their unwavering dedication to their noble craft. This extraordinary band offers a splendid variety of hues to choose from, including the timeless black, pristine white, sophisticated silver, opulent gold, delightful pink, angelic white, passionate red, serene blue, and majestic purple. Adorned with a captivating design of a stethoscope fashioned into a heart shape, accompanied by the renowned Star of Life emblem, this band truly exemplifies the essence of their life-saving profession.

9. Custom EMT Throw Blanket

The Custom EMT Throw Blanket is a cozy and personalized way to show appreciation for emergency medical technicians, featuring a design that represents their dedication and heroic work.

First responders put in tireless effort during their shifts, and when they finally have a moment to themselves, they should be able to unwind in the delightful embrace of their own abode. This customized fleece blanket offers the perfect sanctuary, enveloping them in warmth and tranquility, allowing them to rejuvenate before embarking on their heroic missions once again.

Adorned with a vibrant azure life symbol resting upon a vital thread, sprawling across a monochrome representation of the American flag, this unique blanket is waiting to be personalized with their name, elegantly inscribed in prominent white typography at the blanket’s base.

10. EMT Leather Wallet

The EMT Leather Wallet is a stylish and functional accessory, perfect for keeping your essentials organized and secure.

Showcasing their craft, EMTs can flaunt their profession effortlessly with this sleek leather wallet. Adorned with the iconic Star of Life, this slim accessory offers the option of engraving both inside and outside, catering to each customer’s personal taste.

Crafted from authentic cowhide leather, this remarkable material is available in two sophisticated shades – brown or anthracite. It boasts six meticulously designed card slots and a convenient pocket specially designed for neatly storing folded cash. The thoughtful seller even offers the option of gift wrapping this exquisite item, ensuring it arrives in perfect presentation for a fortunate EMT.

11. Funny Personalized EMT Socks

Funny Personalized EMT Socks are a quirky and humorous accessory that add a touch of fun to any EMT's wardrobe, making them the perfect gift for anyone in the emergency medical field.

Socks have a bad reputation when it comes to presents, but this clever pair will surely bring a smile to EMTs. The customer can choose the background color, while ambulance graphics adorn the socks, depicting an EMT rushing towards an emergency with a trusty first aid kit in hand.

Unleash your imagination with the EMT’s customizable head! Get ready to be amused as you upload a photo of the EMT and witness their face adorning these absolutely hilarious socks. Brace yourself for the most eccentric EMT gift they’ll ever lay their eyes upon.

12. EMT Heartbeat Bracelet

The EMT Heartbeat Bracelet is a medical accessory that monitors and displays the wearer's heart rate, providing valuable information for emergency medical technicians and healthcare professionals.

The elegant black bracelet showcases a lifeline engraving embellished with a captivating Star of Life. Its simplistic and unassuming design caters to individuals with a penchant for minimalism, while still serving as a heartfelt gift for those passionate about their profession.

The versatile braided rope bracelet effortlessly adapts to any wrist size, boasting an adjustable range spanning from 8.5 to 25 centimeters. Its sleek black stainless steel design transcends time and effortlessly complements any ensemble, making it suitable for both male and female EMTs.

13. Engraved EMS Decanter Set

The Engraved EMS Decanter Set is a luxurious and elegant addition to any home bar or whiskey collection, featuring intricate engravings and a stunning decanter and glass set.

Ethical emergency medical professionals have the privilege to relax with a glass of whiskey as frequently as they desire.

The decanter set proudly showcases a striking Star of Life and a lifeline motif adorning each individual piece. Personalize the bottle with up to four lines of engraved text, such as the name and position of an EMT, or even a heartfelt message to serve as a constant reminder of their immense worth. Additionally, this set includes an airtight stopper, ensuring the drink’s preservation for countless years to come.

14. EMT Pocket Watch

The EMT Pocket Watch is a compact timepiece designed for emergency medical technicians, featuring a durable construction and easy-to-read dial for quick and accurate timekeeping in critical situations.

While pocket watches may not be popular with everyone, they possess an undeniable charm as a delightful present. This particular EMT pocket watch offers a splendid choice for individuals who have an affinity for the nostalgic timekeepers. Its dial showcases an ambulance, Star of Life symbol, the inscription “EMT,” and the opportunity to personalize it with a name of your choosing.

The exquisite outer casing can come in a choice of gold or silver, perfectly complementing the style of an EMT. The watch operates flawlessly and with great efficiency, thanks to its advanced 3-hand analog Japanese quartz movement.

15. EMT Quote Pen

EMT Quote Pen is a high-quality writing instrument that offers precise and smooth writing experience, perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The powerful black-ink pen boldly states, “Be a savior, become a hero. Save countless lives, become an EMT.” This heartfelt message resonates deeply, serving as a constant reminder to EMTs that their invaluable work is truly cherished. Customers are presented with the option to select either the classic black or vibrant red pen, both of which possess remarkable versatility as they double as illuminating flashlights and elegant styluses for touchscreens.

EMTs can utilize the illumination during their duties to examine the throats, nostrils, or ears of patients. The multifunctional tool, complete with a sleek black packaging, is conveniently prepared for gifting purposes.

16. Funny EMT Definition Mug

The Funny EMT Definition Mug is a humorous and novelty mug that makes a perfect gift for emergency medical technicians, featuring a comical interpretation of the EMT acronym.

In the realm of life-saving, this mug brings forth a humorous twist. It presents an EMT as “the initial individual encountered after uttering ‘take charge of my beverage and witness this.'” EMTs can energize themselves with a cup of coffee prior to commencing their duty, all while finding amusement in this jest.

Patrons have the liberty to opt for either an 11-ounce or 15-ounce capacity, tailored to the EMT’s coffee consumption. Additionally, they can imbue their mug with a captivating two-tone aesthetic, featuring a sleek black inner rim.

17. Rod of Asclepius Necklace

The Rod of Asclepius Necklace is a symbol of healing and medicine, representing the Greek god Asclepius and his ability to restore health and well-being.

Adorning oneself with a statement necklace not only enhances their wardrobe, but also carries a profound significance when it embodies a virtuous vocation. Behold this exquisite necklace, fashioned in the sacred form of the Rod of Asclepius.

The symbol exudes a captivating sense of style, but it truly embodies a profound commitment to an inspiring art when donned by an EMT. Patrons have the option to purchase the exquisite charm and its elegant 19-inch chain in either shimmering silver or opulent gold.

18. EMT Nutrition Facts Shirt

The EMT Nutrition Facts Shirt is a quirky and fun way to show off your love for emergency medical services, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle and the importance of nutrition.

GftyFinds, an Etsy store, presents an amusing and delightful t-shirt that cleverly displays the “nutrition facts” of an EMT. This unique design highlights the distinct qualities of emergency medical professionals, showcasing their remarkable attributes.

  • Hard work.
  • Passion.
  • Determination.
  • Pride.
  • Respect.
  • Caffeine.
  • This amalgamation of traits creates an individual that is truly extraordinary. The emotions it evokes would bring joy to any EMT. With several distinct designs and a vast array of colors, customers can guarantee that the shirt matches their loved one’s unique sense of style.

    19. How EMT Women Swear Coloring Book

    How EMT Women Swear Coloring Book offers a creative and humorous way for EMT women to relieve stress and have fun while expressing themselves through coloring.

    Shifts can take a toll on EMTs, causing stress to creep in. However, there’s a delightful remedy to ease their minds – the enchanting world of coloring books. Enter the realm of “How EMT Women Swear,” an adult coloring book that gracefully blends humor and therapy, offering EMTs a delightful escape during their well-deserved downtime.

    Included are 50 exquisite coloring pages, perfect for tearing out and spreading joy among colleagues, companions, or loved ones in need of a good chuckle.

    20. Thin White Line Keychain Tag

    The Thin White Line Keychain Tag represents support for emergency medical personnel, symbolizing their dedication and bravery in saving lives.

    Paying tribute to the dedicated emergency medical professionals such as EMTs and paramedics, this remarkable pair of keychain tags showcases a sleek white line American flag. Designed to effortlessly attach to keys, backpacks, luggage, or lanyards, it also boasts a distinctive blue line flag.

    With its eye-catching hue, losing a bunch of keys becomes quite a challenge. Crafted from resilient and sturdy cotton material, these cherished belongings are guaranteed to withstand the test of time, enabling EMTs to proudly showcase their dedication to their noble calling throughout the years.

    21. “This Is How I Roll” Mug


    Caffeine. is necessary for some EMTs to get out of bed and start their day of life-saving. This novelty coffee mug allows them to start their day with a morning coffee and a laugh. It says, “this is how I roll” over an image of an ambulance. The ceramic mug carries 11 ounces of liquid and is microwave and dishwasher-safe.

    22. EMT Dad T-Shirt

    If kids are looking to surprise their father with a remarkable EMT present, they should definitely ponder upon this extraordinary EMT dad t-shirt. This incredible piece of clothing proudly proclaims that an EMT dad is not just an ordinary dad, but an incredibly fantastic one. Dads will truly value their children’s admiration, as it acknowledges their profession in making them stand out from the rest of the fathers across the globe. Moreover, this exquisite t-shirt is available in a stunning range of seven colors, perfectly complementing their father’s unique sense of style.

    23. Stethoscope ID Tag

    A Stethoscope ID Tag is a small accessory that can be attached to a stethoscope, helping medical professionals easily identify and personalize their equipment.

    Stethoscopes, an essential part of every EMT’s arsenal, can be given a touch of individuality with a personalized name tag. Not only does this stylish addition reduce the likelihood of misplacing the stethoscope, but it also allows the customer to customize it with their preferred text, often their name and professional title. Crafted with care, this lightweight accessory is a perfect blend of functionality and personal expression.

    24. Off-Duty Whiskey Glass

    The Off-Duty Whiskey Glass is a stylish and elegant accessory for whiskey enthusiasts, perfect for enjoying a relaxing drink at home or in a classy bar setting.

    This whimsical whiskey tumbler showcases the emblem of the Star of Life, a heartfelt tribute to our dedicated EMTs. Yet, on the flip side, it humorously reminds them to prioritize self-care during their off-duty hours. Crafted with utmost consideration, this glass makes for a meaningful present for EMTs seeking a moment of respite while savoring a sip of whiskey. Boasting the durability akin to that of fine glassware found in esteemed establishments, patrons can rest assured that this exquisite tumbler will withstand the test of time.

    25. Personalized EMT Water Bottle

    A personalized EMT water bottle is a practical and thoughtful gift for emergency medical technicians, providing them with a convenient way to stay hydrated during their demanding and noble work.

    EMTs dedicate ample time to being on their feet, thus emphasizing the utmost importance of staying hydrated. The provision of patient care is simply unattainable without prioritizing their own well-being. Carrying this 40-ounce water bottle while on duty serves as a constant reminder for them to maintain their hydration levels.

    With the Star of Life, “EMT,” adorning its surface, this remarkable bottle offers customers the opportunity to add a personal touch by engraving their name at the base. With its exceptional double wall insulation, beverages can now stay refreshingly cool throughout the entire day.

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