13 Easy End-of-Year Student Gifts That Teachers Love + Kids Do Too

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What Can I Give My Students for End of Year Gifts?

Allow us to begin by stating something slightly contentious: You are not obligated to bestow presents upon your students when the academic year concludes. It will not tarnish your reputation as an educator if you choose not to participate. Conversely, it will not enhance your standing as a teacher if you choose to partake in this tradition.

However, numerous educators derive genuine delight from the act of presenting a handful of tiny mementos to their pupils during the final days of the academic year. And why shouldn’t they? You have traversed a lengthy journey together, evolving side by side. Commemorating the conclusion of the school year through a token of appreciation can serve as a means to rejoice in all the knowledge your students have gained from you – and you from them. Moreover, it can serve as a tribute to the countless moments shared throughout this period.

Teach Starter Teaceher Tip: When giving gifts to students at the end of the year, it’s always wise to check with your district rules — most allow this sort of ritual, but there may be limitations such as no food-related items.

Unveiling an array of captivating surprises, behold a myriad of affordable student gifts to commemorate the grand finale before the summer extravaganza commences.

End-of-Year Student Gifts

Colorful Sidewalk Chalk

Transform your students into summer adventurers by providing them with the essential tools for driveway and sidewalk escapades – a handful of vibrant sidewalk chalk. Assemble these magical sticks into a tiny baggie, accompanied by a delightful gift tag expressing gratitude for a kaleidoscopic year. In an instant, witness the creation of a splendid end-of-year student gift, guaranteed to ignite excitement and unleash their artistic prowess!

Free Printable Desk Fairy Awards

Let’s be honest — no teacher enjoys the task of cleaning all those desks, but the students who took the time to organize their belongings before the day ended certainly lightened the load. Therefore, why not express your gratitude by acknowledging their efforts with a gesture from the magical desk fairy? To make it even more memorable, consider attaching a playful pencil, eraser, or perhaps even their very own desk pet.

Download the desk fairy certificates for free!

Free Printable Desk Fairy Awards are a fun and creative way to recognize and reward students for keeping their desks neat and organized.

Word Clouds

This helpful suggestion was shared with us by a teacher in the Teach Starter community!

Each year, as a delightful surprise for her students, she requests every child to conjure up a word that encapsulates their perception of a fellow classmate. Subsequently, she amasses this compilation of expressive vocabulary, skillfully fashions a vibrant word cloud, and proceeds to reproduce it in print, ultimately bestowing it upon each student to take home. This extraordinary end-of-year gesture serves as a cherished memento, forever reminding them of their individuality and the extraordinary essence they possess.

Transform the student’s word cloud by elegantly rolling it up and adorning it with a delightful ribbon, or elevate it further by enclosing it within an affordable frame from the dollar store, thus offering families a captivating piece of pre-made wall art.

Personalize Pencils

Can the pencil truly be limited in its capabilities? It surpasses the power of the sword (alright, alright, we understand that distinction goes to the pen, but the concept remains unchanged!), And it presents itself as a budget-friendly present for students, offering endless possibilities for personalization.

Many teachers enjoy distributing vibrant and fragrant pencils as enjoyable gifts. However, if you’re pressed for time, you can simply personalize a yellow pencil for each student by writing a heartfelt note with a permanent marker, instantly enhancing the value of your end-of-year student present.

Alternatively, combine it with this delightful ice cream sundae blueprint, allowing children to depart with a magnificent creation they can showcase to their loved ones, providing a comprehensive account of their year-long accomplishments!

Bring Out the Bubbles

Are there any youngsters who don’t adore bubbles? Explore the local discount store and surprise your pupils with a token of appreciation for their outstanding performance throughout the academic year – miniature vials of frothy goodness or enchanting bubble wands.

Whether you distribute them prior to the final day of school for an exciting field day or let the children indulge in their bubbly delights at home during the summer hiatus, bubbles undoubtedly guarantee a delightful and pristine experience. Moreover, they offer an additional advantage of stimulating sensory play.

Print a “You Blew Me Away” gift tag to match!

Bring Out the Bubbles is a fun and playful activity that involves blowing and popping bubbles, creating a whimsical and joyful atmosphere.

Not quite right? Give these student gift tags a try:Output: Not exactly correct? Give these gift tags for students a go.

Write a Note

Absolutely! It’s astonishingly easy! Generate a heartfelt message expressing gratitude to your students for an incredible year, while also conveying how immensely proud you are of them. Utilize a printer for efficiency, yet take a moment to add their individual names and personally sign the letters, adding a touch of intimacy.

Give Students a Bookmark

The extended summer hiatus presents an incredible opportunity for children to immerse themselves in literature. And what essential item must one possess when carrying a book to various destinations? Undoubtedly, a bookmark!

Looking for a fantastic end-of-year present for those students who will be devouring books during their break? How about a bookmark? It not only serves as a gentle nudge for less enthusiastic readers to grab a book or two but can also be personalized with a heartfelt handwritten message. Give our specially designed bookmarks for the end of the school year a try – they’re absolutely “turtely awesome!” Alternatively, you can add some variety by selecting a unique page marker for each child in your classroom. We have a delightful surprise for everyone.

These are our favorite choices of presents for students from our extensive assortment of bookmarks.

Pull Out the Play Dough for Younger Students

Undoubtedly, young children have an undeniable affection for play dough! Should you possess the leisure or desire, you could craft individualized pouches of play dough for each of your pupils as a farewell token at the culmination of the academic year.

You could even combine one of our fantastic play dough mats with it. If you’re short on time, you have the option to buy ready-made themed kits or packs of multiple small Play-Doh tubs. Explore Target’s dollar spot or your nearby dollar store.

Add Water Bottle Stickers

Water bottle decals are effortlessly affordable, capturing the hearts of children. Additionally, they serve the purpose of distinguishing each child’s water bottle, earning you gratitude from the future educator (secretly, of course!).

Why not attach the sticker to their year-end accolade as something extra unique?

Hand Out School Graduation Gifts

As you embark on the journey of bidding adieu to your elementary school students, who are about to venture into the realms of middle school or junior high, why not curate a memorable and symbolic parting gesture? Introducing the concept of graduation packs, a delightful token brimming with significance.

For every bundle, you will need to incorporate…

  • Our downloadable Student Gift Label.
  • A ruler (to keep them on a straight path).
  • A writing instrument (to assist them in becoming lifelong learners).
  • A pencil sharpener (to maintain their mental acuity).
  • A rubber (to assist them in fixing their errors).
  • A elastic band (to assist them bounce back when life brings them down).
  • A chocolate treat (to serve as a reminder that life is delightful).
  • See ideas for throwing a successful elementary school graduation ceremony.

    Gift Inspirational Posters to Students

    Gift Inspirational Posters to Students to motivate and inspire them in their academic and personal journeys.

    Discover our captivating Motivational Poster Resource Collection! Easily print these eye-catching posters in a two-to-a-page format, enhance their impact by mounting them on sleek black cardstock, add a heartfelt note on the flip side, and voila! You have delightful end-of-year presents for your students, allowing them to adorn their home walls with inspiration.

    Make a Sweet Summer Send-Off

    ‘Tis the season of campfires, and what could be more delightful than bidding farewell to this year’s cohort of students with a petite sack brimming with the essentials for savoring s’mores? Pack miniature paper bags with a delectable chocolate bar, crispy graham crackers, and fluffy marshmallows, embellish with a printable “I yearn for more time together” gift tag, and voila!

    Remember to get ready for the grand unveiling with an enjoyable end-of-year s’more writing exercise!

    Make a Sweet Summer Send-Off by throwing a memorable party filled with delicious treats, refreshing drinks, and fun activities for all your friends and family to enjoy before the season comes to an end.

    Send Them Off With Summer Activity Packs

    Create an assortment of captivating zentangle templates or coloring pages, enabling you to curate delightful packages for students to bring back home. Since not every student may possess a printer or have access to coloring books, your thoughtfully crafted pack will provide them with an engaging summer activity to embark upon.

    Get more ideas for making the end of the school year a time to remember with these teacher-created end-of-year activities.

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