Funny Gifts In Canada

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Can we collectively acknowledge that an uproarious belly laugh is the epitome of pure joy? As we embarked on our quest to uncover Canadian establishments that ignited fits of laughter through their ingenious offerings, it became evident that we were duty-bound to introduce them to you. May these amusing Canadian treasures bestow upon you the same uncontainable mirth that they bestowed upon us!

Funny Gifts In Canada

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The Pretty Things

The Pretty Things, located in Saskatoon, SK, is the ultimate destination for amusing presents. Whether you desire drinkware, clothing, or stationery, this is the place to find a gift that is sure to provoke laughter. This extraordinary establishment, influenced by owner Kimberley’s fondness for both beautiful and humorous items, offers the convenience of online shopping or the option to visit their physical store in Saskatoon.

The Pretty Things is a British rock band known for their psychedelic and blues-inspired music, formed in 1963 and active until 2018.

Summit & Skye

Summit & Skye is the mastermind behind stunning clay earrings, and they’ve taken their creativity to another level by crafting amusing planter stakes featuring witty phrases like ‘thirst trap’. These whimsical creations are the perfect gift for those with a green thumb.

The picture credit goes to Summit & Skye.
Picture Credit: Summit & Skye

The Saltine Candle Company

The Saltine Candle Company, situated in the heart of Regina, SK, presents a splendid collection of artisanal candles that delight the senses. Emerged amidst the pinnacle of the pandemic, these exquisite candles were ingeniously crafted to infuse your day with a burst of revitalizing aromas and whimsical labels. Among their remarkable repertoire, the highly sought-after Girls Night candle not only captivates as a remarkable bridesmaid or birthday present but also serves as a flawless embodiment of joyous celebrations.

The Saltine Candle Company is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality candles, offering a wide range of scents and designs to enhance any space and create a cozy atmosphere.

Mosquitco Creek Pottery

Jill, the imaginative mind behind Mosquito Creek Pottery, hails from the enchanting landscapes of North Vancouver, BC. Since the year 2017, she has passionately crafted exquisite contemporary ceramics in limited quantities. Our hearts flutter with adoration for her mesmerizing ‘Just take it one WTF at a time’ collection of pure white ceramic plates, which effortlessly serve as ideal homes for cherished rings, keys, and alluring accessories.

Picture Credit: Mosquito Creek Pottery

Main & Local

Main & Local, located in the vibrant city of Montreal, QC, is renowned as a haven of delightful treasures that defy the ordinary. This charming gift emporium specializes in showcasing iconic Canadian symbols like the delectable poutine, the captivating sport of curling, and the irresistible ketchup chips. Whether you’re a proud Canadian or a thoughtful sender to loved ones around the world, these unique souvenirs will surely capture hearts. As the festive season approaches, don’t miss the opportunity to explore their awe-inspiring collection of enchanting and endearing ornaments.

Main & Local is a popular restaurant that offers a diverse menu featuring both international and local cuisine, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Pixie Card Co.

Thunder Bay’s very own Pixie Card Co. Is the mastermind behind a splendid collection of one-of-a-kind and uproariously funny greeting cards, catering to every conceivable occasion. Imbued with top-tier craftsmanship, each design is meticulously printed by seasoned professionals and even better, comes with complimentary shipping. If your heart’s desire is to bring joy or unleash uncontrollable laughter upon a lucky recipient, make a beeline for their delightful Etsy shop.

Pixie Card Co. is a company that specializes in creating whimsical and enchanting greeting cards, spreading joy and magic to people's lives through their imaginative designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

Prairie Chick Prints

Prairie Chick Prints, located in the heart of Sherwood Park, AB, is a delightful haven for all your stationery and gift needs. Prepare to be enchanted by their collection of whimsical cards, charming notepads, and delightful pencils. But wait, there’s more! For those seeking the perfect present for a cherished teacher, don’t miss out on their captivating wine bottle labels and personalized pencils. Let your creativity soar at Prairie Chick Prints!

Prairie Chick Prints offers a wide range of beautifully crafted artwork inspired by the natural beauty and wildlife of the prairie, showcasing the artist's talent and passion for capturing the essence of this unique landscape.

Prairie Chick Prints offers a wide range of beautifully crafted artwork inspired by the natural beauty and wildlife of the prairie, showcasing the artist's talent and passion for capturing the essence of this unique landscape.

Arrow It Forward

Arrow It Forward is a charming boutique for handcrafted candles and fragrances, nestled in the picturesque town of Gananonoque, ON. What truly distinguishes them is their clever and uplifting labeling. Among their most popular offerings are their “sassy chaos” air freshener and their “embracing adulthood” scented candles.

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The Lonely Pixel

Discover The Lonely Pixel, nestled in the charming town of New Glasgow, NS, where an array of delightful surprises await passionate animal enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a world of captivating antique-style animal portraits, gracefully transformed into exquisite art prints, enchanting greeting cards, adorable magnets, and charming pencil cases. Unleash your creativity by submitting a cherished photograph of your beloved pet, and witness the magic unfold as a personalized pet portrait comes to life.

The Lonely Pixel is a captivating art installation that explores the concept of isolation in the digital age, utilizing a single pixel to convey a powerful message about human connection and vulnerability.

Lines by Lacey

Discover the whimsical world of Lines By Lacey, located in Calgary, AB, where you can uncover a delightful collection of farmhouse-inspired signs and drinkware. These charming wood signs are the perfect present for those who adore a touch of sarcasm and enjoy playful decor. And if you’re seeking something truly extraordinary, indulge in their bespoke creations for a one-of-a-kind gift experience.

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Aren’t these fantastic? Hopefully, this has assisted you in uncovering amusing presents in Canada for your friend or loved one who possesses an exceptional sense of humor. We shall continuously expand this compilation as we stumble upon additional entertaining gift suggestions.

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