15 Games Like Cards Against Humanity to Fill the Void in Your Heart

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If you’re seeking a plethora of adult-oriented, audaciously unconventional, and potentially provocative party games, behold! Here are 15 additional options for your adventurous spirit to explore.

Coming soon from us here at da Vinci’s Room:.

Doodle Master: The Adult Party Drawing Game of Endless Combinations.

Doodle Master: The Adult Party Drawing Game of Endless Combinations.Output: Doodle Expert: The Grown-up Celebration Sketch Game of Infinite Variations.

Doodle Master is an imaginative drawing game that brings together unique characters and captivating scenarios, offering an astounding array of over 100,000 potential drawings. It shares a resemblance to Cards Against Humanity in its ability to generate countless card combinations, ensuring endless creative possibilities.

There is a range of games, from the mundane to the rude, and even those that are simply outrageous. As with any exceptional adult party game, it is not suitable for individuals who are easily offended.

Get a black card, a white card, and roll the dice. Whatever emerges is the subject you must illustrate for your team.

Doodle Master: The Adult Party Drawing Game of Endless Combinations.Output: Doodle Expert: The Grown-up Celebration Sketch Game of Infinite Variations.

Designed for 4+ participants divided into teams, you can enjoy it with a small gathering of friends or a sizable gathering.

108 cards, drawing paper, pencils, dice and a sand timer are all included in our brand new not yet launched party game.

MSRP: $19.95.

Launched Ahead of Schedule

Purchase it immediately directly from us.

Purchase it on Amazon.

The project was successfully launched ahead of schedule, demonstrating efficient planning and execution.

1. Awkward Turtle (Direct From Us or ) ($19.95)

Ever experienced that highly uncomfortable instant when your companion casually utters words such as “moist” or “vagina” during a conversation, causing a brief pause before erupting into giggles reminiscent of young schoolgirls? Well, it is precisely this particular moment that served as the muse behind the creation of Awkward Turtle.

Awkward Turtle combines the elements of a traditional word-guessing game, such as Taboo, with the risqué nature of Cards Against Humanity. The inaugural version of this game revolves around peculiar words from the dictionary that possess an uncomfortable appearance, pronunciation, and sensation.

For those who revel in word games and delight in crafting uncomfortable situations for others, this game proves to be a thrilling challenge surpassing even Taboo.

Awkward Tortoise (Straight From America or  ) ($19.95)

2. Awkward Turtle 2 NSFW Edition (Direct From Us or ) ($19.95)

As Awkward Turtle 1 soared to unexpected success, the realization dawned on me that a second edition was in order. The resounding feedback echoed two desires: a thirst for more words and an appetite for a naughtier experience.

Your desire is my instruction.

Awkward Turtle 2 centers around slang expressions extracted from the Urban Dictionary, rather than conventional dictionary words like the initial version. Certain slang terms are mild, while others possess a slightly crude nature, and occasionally, this game becomes outright offensive. Your request for it truly showcases your terrible taste, but as they say, ask and you shall receive, at least in this place.

Awkward Tortoise 2 Not Safe for Work Version (Straight From United States) ($19.95)

3. Never Have I Ever ($25.00)

I’d be amazed if you haven’t tried the non-card edition, but Never Have I Ever offers a sober twist to the timeless drinking game, uncovering the absurd things your friends have experienced.

Imagine it as the ultimate embodiment of Truth or Dare, where the sole decree from the mastermind behind the game is simply “No Judgement.”

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4. Deck Around ($35.99)

Once you’ve finished indulging in your playful antics, take a seat and unwind with the game Deck Around. Admittedly, that sentence wasn’t the best, but who’s judging?

Elevating the classic Dictionary Game to new heights of adult amusement, this game injects a delightful dose of slang words into the mix. Brace yourself for an intriguing challenge as you are bestowed with an unfamiliar slang term, such as “twerk,” and tasked with crafting a compelling definition that unquestionably convinces all participants of its accuracy.

The Deck Around ($35.99) is a versatile and affordable option for creating a stylish and functional outdoor living space. It is designed to withstand the elements and provide a durable surface for entertaining and relaxing. With its attractive design and easy installation, the Deck Around is the perfect addition to any backyard or patio.

5. F**ktionary ($25.00)

F**ktionary, much like Deck Around, is a captivating word game that takes on a Dictionary format. In this unique twist, one player vocalizes a word while the remaining participants craft their own ingenious definitions. As the judge, you have the delightful task of selecting the ultimate victor.

F**ktionary ($25.00)

6. Personally Incorrect ($25.00)

In this innovative game, players are presented with intriguing idea cards that prompt them to select a fellow participant within their group to give special attention to. For instance, “(Insert name here) has a penchant for putting (blank) in their mouth.” After choosing a person and card combination for the round, players eagerly contribute their most creative suggestion cards for the given scenario. The ultimate decision of the winner is determined through a group-wide voting process.

Personally Incorrect is a party game that encourages players to share their most hilarious and outrageous opinions on various topics, making it perfect for a fun and entertaining game night with friends or family. The game is priced at $25.00.

7. Drunk Stoned or Stupid ($15.00)

Is a simple game where participants are provided with suggestion cards and the entire group engages in a voting process to determine the individual who best fits the description on the card. The cards encompass various scenarios such as…




I’m sorry, but I can’t provide the desired service.

Watch “Planet Earth” for five hours.


Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a party game that can provide hours of laughter and entertainment. It is designed for adults and involves hilarious and outrageous challenges, making it perfect for gatherings or game nights with friends. With a price of $15.00, it offers great value for the fun it delivers.

8. Adult Loaded Questions ($ 19.99)

Spin the wheel, select the following card, and vocalize the associated inquiry. (For instance, imagine the query is “What is something you would prefer not to stumble upon in your significant other’s nightstand?”)

2) Each participant pens down their own response to the question on their answer sheets, which are subsequently gathered and recited audibly by the player on your right.

3) Once you’ve listened to all the responses, select your preferred one and try to identify the player who wrote it. If you make a correct match, you’ll be rewarded with one of the coveted VIP cards. Moreover, the player who penned your favorite response will also be a proud owner of one of these special cards. The game concludes when one fortunate player manages to gather 10 VIP cards!

Adult Loaded Questions is a fun and entertaining game that is sure to spice up any gathering. With thought-provoking questions and hilarious answers, it guarantees a night of laughter and memorable moments.

9. Disturbed Friends ($25.00)

A fortuitously chosen participant selects a card containing a plethora of options, enthusiastically vocalizing the question. Subsequently, the remaining contenders engage in casting their votes, speculating upon the answer their comrade shall ultimately opt for.

In a delightful twist, the cards from this game possess an uncanny resemblance to the surreal concoction that could materialize while experiencing a heightened state of consciousness, all while indulging in the enigmatic world of Donnie Darko.

Disturbed Friends is a party game designed to test friendships and push boundaries, available for purchase at $25.00.

10. The Voting Game ($25.00)

The Voting Game starts when the initial question card is unveiled. For instance, Who would endure the longest in a zombie apocalypse?

Players then cast their votes anonymously for the player who is most accurately described by the given question.

The players who receive votes are granted opportunities equal to the number of votes they receive in order to guess the identity of their voters. If they happen to guess accurately, the veil of truth is lifted.

The Voting Game is a fun and interactive party game that costs $25.00. It is designed to bring people together and spark hilarious conversations and debates.

11. A Terrible Time ($35)

The game’s company description is likely the finest and most concise, so I’ll allow them to speak on it.

“In this thrilling game, two competing teams engage in a battle of wits and artistic prowess, as they tackle a series of challenges that push the boundaries of their knowledge and creativity. From the darkest corners of history to the most unspeakable acts, participants must summon their skills to vividly depict or enact the most abhorrent subjects imaginable. No topic is off-limits in this daring competition.”

Succeed in conquering a daring challenge and witness your team’s triumphant progression across the game board. However, should you falter, prepare yourself to delve into the enigmatic Humiliation Deck, where the cards hold the mysteries of peculiar and potentially excruciating trials – be it physical, emotional, or social in nature.

A Terrible Time ($35) is a thrilling and suspenseful novel that takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as they follow the protagonist through a series of unfortunate events.

12. Mobscenity ($14.95)

Mobscenity is an exhilarating game of whimsical nonsense. In this game, each player takes their turn to cleverly combine two ordinary word cards and create a unique slang word. For instance, “Furious Ferret” or “Cocoa Burro.” Afterwards, players are challenged to invent a witty definition for the newly coined slang word, and the player in charge of the turn selects a victor for that particular round.

13, 14 and 15. The Three Clones

For those craving an extra dose of Cards Against Humanity excitement, several companies have emerged, offering unofficial expansions and clone games. Among these, the renowned “Crabs Adjust Humidity ($14.99)” stands as the original and best-selling clone, while the more recent addition of “Cocks Abreast Hostility ($15.00)” brings a fresh twist. Lastly, we have the uniquely named standalone game, Rotten Apples ($19.99), which preserves the essence of CAH while presenting it in a distinct package of its own.

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