Yes, You Need to Give Your Garbage Man a Christmas Tip

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Yes, You Need to Give Your Garbage Man a Christmas Tip

In the realm of personal revelations, let me confess: prior to 2019, when my spouse assumed the noble duty of being a garbage collector for a solid ten months, the concept of tipping the garbageman had eluded my awareness entirely! It is regrettable, I concede. Yet, the notion simply eluded my consciousness until then.

My spouse is undoubtedly amongst the most industrious individuals within my acquaintance, having engaged in a plethora of laborious occupations: a slaughterhouse operative, a wiring factory technician, a meat processing plant worker, a preservation specialist (meticulously conserving deceased creatures for anatomical study), diligently maintaining colossal frog enclosures (likely containing tanks of approximately 500 gallons), traversing the nation as a long-haul truck driver (pondering the cleanliness of truck stops!), And expertly maneuvering as an LTL truck driver.

LTL, an acronym for less than truckload, represents the movement of compact cargo or goods that do not necessitate an entire trailer. It resembles the role of a UPS driver, albeit with a semi-truck. In essence, it entails a frenetic race against time, striving to unload your trailer before receiving constant notifications about the items you must retrieve to replenish it once more. These endeavors are characterized by high-speed, tension-filled, and enduring days.

In fact, don’t forget to show appreciation by tipping the hardworking individuals who deliver items using straight trucks or semis. Their efforts often go unnoticed and they truly deserve acknowledgment.

Let me start by saying, my husband has explored various unconventional occupations, but surprisingly, he couldn’t succeed in the noble profession of waste management. It’s truly a challenging endeavor! According to his former supervisor, it generally requires a significant period of approximately 18 months to attain expertise and truly master the intricacies of this vocation.

Little did I know the true magnitude of this arduous task! Placing my toters by the roadside, the exceptional drivers promptly collect the refuse, allowing me to proceed with my daily affairs.

Yes, You Need to Give Your Garbage Man a Christmas Tip

However, the task of garbage collection transcends mere disposal. It is an unappreciated endeavor, fraught with peril. The scorching summers and freezing winters make it an arduous task. Moreover, its filthy nature far exceeds our comprehension.

Take, for instance, the presence of a mechanized claw that effortlessly dispenses your refuse—this, however, does not absolve one from the tactile experience of handling such refuse. Lastly, one cannot escape the unfortunate reality of being regarded as a subordinate.

Frustrated individuals frantically signal for the attention of passing motorists when their refuse remains uncollected. Patrons engage in heated debates regarding the collection of large items. They dial the dispatch center, seeking an explanation for the absence of garbage collection. It is, after all, 8 in the morning! Some individuals thoughtlessly position their vehicles directly in front of the waste containers, inadvertently causing the driver to expend additional time and effort, even on routes that do not require manual handling.

  • Here are 14 Insider Facts about Waste Management Workers.
  • There are individuals, to be honest, who are incredibly repulsive. They neglect to properly package their waste, they possess an astounding 742 feline companions, their trash container spills out relentlessly each week, or they disregard the guidelines for disposing of perilous substances.

    Do you need to give your garbage man a gift?

    According to the wise Ron Swanson, “I possess the freedom to pursue my desires.” In this great nation of America, there exists no obligation to engage in activities against your will. HOWEVER! I presume that if you have stumbled upon this piece of writing, you must be intrigued about selecting a suitable gift for your esteemed waste management professional.

    You are not required to do anything. However, I guarantee that any present you choose to leave will be valued more than you can imagine.

    What to Give the Garbage Man for Christmas


    Cash reigns supreme, as the saying goes! The choice of how generously you wish to tip is completely in your hands. Every little bit is valued and cherished. Rest assured, the cash will never go unnoticed. Placing it atop the bin guarantees their attention. Particularly during the festive season, they have a sixth sense about the impending generosity 😉.

    Gift cards

    Particularly, gift vouchers for nearby petrol stations or quick-service restaurants. As they navigate the city throughout the day, nature calls at some stage. Since they often visit gas stations, it’s thoughtful to support local businesses by providing them with these cards.

    Homemade (or store bought) goodies

    The holiday season brings an abundance of joyous delicacies such as delectable chocolates and scrumptious cookies. When accompanied by a heartfelt thank you note or an adorable artwork crafted by your little ones, these delightful treats will surely bring immense gratitude to your garbage collector!

    Beer or liquor

    Before gifting beer or liquor, it’s essential to consult with the recipients as many companies have specific rules for drivers collecting alcohol. In case they are unable to personally obtain it, alternative arrangements can be made for it to be delivered to their designated location.

    If you are not at ease with giving alcohol as a gift, soda or water is completely acceptable. If they can also be used as mixers, it’s even more preferable.

    Household Items

    Drivers spend their entire day inside their trucks, so they require various essentials such as hand wipes, paper towels, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, hand warmers, cough drops, chapstick, and more. These items not only facilitate cleanliness but also serve as a reminder of their humanity.

    Household Items

    What your garbage man really wants!

    Wash out your bins.

    Seriously. Rinse them thoroughly. Bags can leak, tear, and various unpleasant things can spill out of them.

    Bag your garbage

    I didn’t realize individuals did not bag their trash, but if you do not, please do. It’s much less of a bother.

    Say thank you throughout the year

    The scorching summer days inside a garbage truck are enough to make any driver appreciate a refreshing bottle of water or soda to quench their thirst.

    Learn what you can and can’t throw away

    My father once claimed that placing a 6-pack on top allows you to dispose of a body effortlessly. This statement, however, is unequivocally false. Countless objects exist that cannot be discarded in such a manner, and if they are disposed of in this manner, it is the garbage collector who is burdened with the task of retrieving them.

    Amidst a plethora of forbidden items like paint cans, construction debris, and even televisions, my spouse found themselves tirelessly salvaging numerous objects from the depths of our trash bin. Hence, it becomes evident that our perception of the garbage collector’s immobility within their vehicle is likely misguided.

    Learn about bulk disposal.

    What date it is, what items are permissible for disposal, the quantity permissible for disposal, and exercise restraint. Waste collectors grant individuals the benefit of the doubt, yet they also discourage any exploitation of the system.

    How do I tip the garbage man?

    Placing it directly atop the toter is absolutely permissible! Astonishingly, this fact took me by surprise too. However, during the festive period (or any other time throughout the year), keen attention is paid to the toter, making it evident when an item does not qualify as garbage.

    You can also go out and hand them the gift. They are always willing to stop for things that aren’t complaints 😉.

    Prior to your visit, it’s advisable to inquire about specific details, such as alcoholic beverages. While they are more than willing to receive them, certain corporate guidelines prohibit their collection. In my husband’s workplace, the procedure entailed the driver contacting the dispatch, prompting a representative from the terminal to promptly retrieve the items.

    Despite my husband no longer being employed as a garbage man, his unwavering admiration for the occupation and the diligent individuals in the sanitation industry persists. In his words, “I shall forever extend my gratitude to the unsung heroes of waste management.”

    Whether you opt for cold hard cash or delightful homemade goodies, rest assured that the token you bestow upon your waste management hero will be graciously accepted, leaving an indelible mark of your considerate nature!

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