Great Gift Ideas For Summer Camp Counselors — Ticket 4 Two Please

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Do you have a summer camp counselor in your life and you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift to get them?

Maybe you have a friend who is about to embark on their inaugural journey as a summer camp counselor, and you desire to bid them farewell with a memorable gesture that will truly enhance their entire summer experience.

Are you in search of a special present to express gratitude towards a camp counselor who has taken care of your child throughout this summer?

In this article, we will provide you with some fantastic present suggestions for summer camp counselors.

Some of the summer camp presents are amusing and some are a bit more useful.

In any case, this article is certain to offer you an abundance of motivation.

Attention: Kindly note that this particular blog entry incorporates affiliate connections that may grant us a commission if you choose to make a purchase using them (without incurring any additional charges).

So, let’s delve into our Fantastic Gift Suggestions for Summer Camp Counselors.

Gift Ideas for Summer Camp Counselors

Disposable Camera

Embarking on a summer adventure at camp unveils a plethora of enriching experiences, leaving indelible imprints in the hearts of those fortunate enough to partake. And what better memento to capture these cherished moments than a trusty disposable camera?

Experience the sheer delight of this exquisite present that promises to bring joy throughout the entire summer season. Capture precious memories and adorn your bunk or cabin with captivating photographs, infusing it with an undeniable sense of coziness. Discover the most up-to-date prices for disposable cameras within this remarkable collection.

New Suitcase

Camp counselors, in their quest for a reliable means of transporting their lives to their summer abode, stumble upon a gift idea that is refreshingly uncomplicated.

There’s no point in attempting to journey halfway across the globe to the States with a worn-out, ancestral suitcase – which is why a brand new suitcase makes for an impeccable present for any summer camp counselor. Uncover a selection of the most dependable suitcases available right here.

If the camp counselor envisions exploring remarkable locations after camp, they will certainly need a reliable and wonderfully lightweight luggage.

Camp Counsellors on the beach at San Diego

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Summer Camp Board Game

What better way to revive the summer than engaging in the ultimate summer camp board game?

This amazing present for summer camp counselors offers endless opportunities for enjoyment. They can relish in it all year round, sharing memorable moments with loved ones. And without fail, when the next summer camp comes around, they can bring it along and indulge in delightful games with their camp buddies.

Camp Counselor Guide Book

Summer camp counselors frequently strive to acquire an abundance of clever techniques and valuable insights that will enable them to flourish during the summer. The greater the counselors’ success, the greater the potential for campers to flourish.

Despite being written in 2006, the Ultimate Camp Counselor Manual acts as a roadmap to ease camp counselors along their summer journey.

It’s an outstanding book that will demonstrate a camp counselor how to endure and thrive at summer camp.

Travel Adapter

If you happen to be acquainted with an international camp counselor, then a travel adapter would make for a fantastic present suggestion for this upcoming summer.

Despite the prevalent absence of technology, camps often require designated areas for counselors to conveniently power up their phones and gadgets, ensuring they remain connected during their leisure time.

This travel adapter stands out for its universality, making it suitable for use not only in the US but also across the globe. Moreover, it boasts multiple USB ports, enabling a group of campers to conveniently share a single adapter, which is especially beneficial as summer camp accommodations often lack sufficient outlets.

Take note: we have consistently advocated for the notion that embarking on a summer camp adventure makes for an exceptional and enduring travel choice for couples. This remarkable opportunity allows you to not only generate income during the summer season, engaging in an activity that resonates with both of you, but also enables you to utilize the funds earned to embark on joint travels thereafter. A travel adapter equipped with numerous USB ports proves to be an invaluable asset when you find yourselves journeying together post-camp, faced with the task of simultaneously charging three or four electronic devices.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

In the arsenal of a summer camp counselor, a trustworthy water bottle is a must-have item. The amount of hydration needed while working at summer camp is unparalleled. The laborious, fatiguing, and parched nature of the job demands it.

The most remarkable aspect of Hydro Flask Water Bottles lies in their exceptional insulation, ensuring that the water stays refreshingly cool for an extended period. For summer camp counselors who are constantly on the go, sparing precious time to repeatedly visit the dining hall or kitchen for ice refills is simply impractical. Thus, this invaluable feature proves to be an absolute game-changer.

Opening ceremonies for Color War


Summer camp staff often want to record their adventures, so a personalized diary or notepad is a great gift idea.

One of the many perks of keeping a camp counselor notebook within reach is its versatility; it can serve as a blank canvas for young artists in need of drawing space, or as a source of entertainment for counselors looking to engage campers with a spontaneous game of hangman or tic-tac-toe, effectively calming their energy.

For couples who have an insatiable wanderlust, a travel journal serves as an exquisite gift that enables them to chronicle their remarkable escapades as they explore the world hand in hand.



Okay, we understand that this might be a bit pricey, but can you imagine a more perfect present for a summer camp counselor than a GoPro?

Throughout our extensive 11 summers of camp experience, the idea of acquiring a GoPro to capture the remarkable moments and breathtaking scenery of our beloved summer haven has been a recurring topic of discussion. However, despite our unwavering enthusiasm, we have continuously postponed the purchase, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next summer. Remarkably, this dialogue initiated back in the eventful summer of 2016, and astonishingly, to this day, the elusive GoPro remains absent from our possession…

Camp Counselor T-Shirt

While we acknowledge the abundance of summer camp apparel options available, each with its unique array of t-shirt designs, we are also mindful of those counselors who are yet to secure a camp placement or have transitioned to a different camp.

These Camp counselor t-shirts are an absolute gem when it comes to gift ideas for summer camp counselors. With an array of vibrant colors and trendy styles, they are sure to impress.

These t-shirts possess the remarkable quality of being suitable for summer wear, while also serving as comfortable loungewear for the remaining seasons – truly a double triumph.

All summer camp counselors love wearing Summer Camp Gear

Microfibre Towel Set

Just like us, if your camp counselor is anything like, they’ll likely want to bring along an abundance of clothing to camp. It’s almost certain that a good portion of your wardrobe will either go missing or suffer some unfortunate mishap during your time at summer camp. Therefore, it’s wise to pack an array of diverse options to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.

With limited space in the suitcase, there’s little room for extravagant, bulky towels. Opting for a set of Microfibre Towels allows travelers to prioritize packing essential items without compromising on space.

Microfibre Towels are renowned for their impressive quick-drying capabilities, making them incredibly handy for a camp counselor’s daily routine – from instructional swimming in the morning, to the lake period in the afternoon, and finally, a refreshing shower in the evening.

Compression Packing Cubes

In line with the concept of microfibre towels, this unique gift suggestion revolves around the endeavor to optimize packing space for individuals embarking on a journey as a summer camp counselor.

Compression Packing Cubes, as their name conveniently implies, compress anything contained within them by up to 50% of its original size.

Compression packing cubes, a must-have on every summer camp counselor’s packing list, embody a remarkable and exceptionally useful present for these dedicated individuals.

Camp Counselor Christmas Tree Ornament

Searching for a present that’s slightly unique? What about a Christmas tree ornament shaped like a Camp Counselor?

Perfect for the holiday season, this present is a fantastic memento for camp leaders who treasure their summer escapades.

Camp Counsellors at Timber Lake West



What better way to unwind after a hectic day caring for the campers than to rest in a hammock?

As the summer camp goes on, an increasing number of hammocks appear, adding to the enchantment. These marvelous accessories have become a staple at camp, bringing joy to both the staff and the campers.

The brilliance of this hammock lies in its ability to comfortably accommodate a duo, while boasting user-friendly straps that effortlessly facilitate its mobility.

Travel Scratch Map

A fantastic present suggestion for the multitude of globetrotting counselors who gather at the camp every summer, a wanderlust scratch map serves as a remarkable means to record all the countries they have checked off their adventurous wishlists.

Whether your summer camp counselor is embarking on an international adventure or not, a travel scratch map makes for an exceptional present. It serves a dual purpose – during the summer, they can joyfully scratch off the countries of origin of their fellow counselors in the bunk, and once the summer is over, it becomes a cherished memento, reminding them of the diverse locations their co-counselors call home.

There truly is nothing more gratifying than removing a new country on a travel scratch map.

New Waterproof Speaker

If you’re seeking a considerate present that remains useful year-round, including the sunny season, then opting for a brand new speaker is undeniably the path to choose.

Every camp counselor understands the indispensable value of having a trusty companion in the form of a speaker. Whether it’s serenading the young campers with cheerful melodies to motivate them to maintain oral hygiene, or providing the perfect rhythm to enliven a specific game, a speaker never fails to prove its versatility.

Fortunately, the JBL Clip Speaker boasts complete waterproof capabilities, making it an ideal companion for lifeguards and swim instructors embarking on their summer camp adventures.

To become an exceptional summer camp counselor, harness boundless enthusiasm that knows no bounds – infuse the airwaves with invigorating melodies and rally the campers to expeditiously tidy their bunks. Unleash the power of exuberance to transform humdrum tasks into joyous endeavors, and a top-notch sound system will surely amplify the magic.

Travel Games

As a summer camp counselor, it may seem like there’s limited time for playing games. However, these games actually serve as a fantastic opportunity for counsellors to foster connections with both their fellow counsellors and the campers themselves.

Embroidery Thread Kit

Summer camp nostalgia is truly awakened by the art of crafting friendship bracelets and macrame. Bracelets adorning both arms are a common and cherished souvenir for every enthusiastic summer camp attendee.

The embroidery thread kit proves to be an exquisite present for summer camp counselors, as it embraces the dual advantage of accompanying them to the camp and allowing them to unleash their creativity by crafting novel patterns even before setting foot there.

S’mores Maker

Marshmallows, Graham Crackers and Chocolate – what’s there not to adore?

Camp counselors adore nothing quite like gathering around a crackling campfire, relishing the art of toasting marshmallows to golden perfection. For an extraordinary present this season, why not empower them to relive this cherished experience within the cozy confines of their own abode, courtesy of a delightful S’mores maker?

The brilliance of this S’mores maker lies in its compact size, making it effortlessly portable to any desired location. It serves as a delightful addition to the gatherings of camp counselors during the off-season, adding an extra spark of brilliance.

Timber Lake West during the summer

And there you have it, folks, our compilation of the top gift suggestions for summer camp counselors.

Embarking on a summer adventure as a camp counselor is both immensely fulfilling and utterly draining. By selecting a present from this carefully curated collection, you have the power to revolutionize their summer escapade.

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Do you have a summer camp counselor in your life and you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift to get them?

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