20 Gift Ideas For Your Wife’s 40th Birthday

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The birthday cupcake against a yellow background looks delicious and festive, bringing joy and celebration to the occasion.
Birthday cupcake against a yellow background

Join in the celebration and warmly embrace your wife’s entry into her fabulous forties with a selection of delightful gifts that will surely bring her joy. Rest assured, she will not be disappointed by any of these thoughtful presents. Discover a myriad of gift ideas for your wife’s momentous 40th birthday and kickstart the festivities in style.

They will help her feel and look great.

That is precisely what she will adore and value.

Feisty and Fabulous at 40 T-Shirt


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Embracing the fabulousness of turning 40 is an exhilarating endeavor. Celebrate this milestone with a shirt that embodies the excitement of entering this remarkable age. There’s no reason to feel disheartened; instead, revel in the abundance of life experiences and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. So, what daring adventures will ignite your feisty spirit?

40’s Photo Book

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Craft an extraordinary masterpiece for the freshly minted 40-year-old. Capture a multitude of their most cherished moments within a bespoke photo book spanning a generous twenty pages. Amalgamate four decades’ worth of their most treasured life fragments into a single, awe-inspiring tome. Should they happen to be a mother, do peruse our gift guide for delightful inspirations.

Chocolate Covered Birthday Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Birthday Strawberries are a delicious and indulgent treat that combines the sweetness of strawberries with the rich and decadent taste of chocolate, making them the perfect dessert for celebrating birthdays.

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A delightful and adorable display of an exquisite birthday surprise. The words “Happy Birthday” artfully arranged on luscious, chocolate-coated strawberries. Even those mindful of their well-being can savor these delectable treats, as the chocolate used is a rich, velvety dark chocolate, complementing the fruity essence of the strawberries.

Azalea Bonsai Tree Gift

The Azalea Bonsai Tree Gift is a beautiful and meaningful present that brings the serenity and elegance of nature into any space, making it a perfect choice for nature lovers and bonsai enthusiasts.

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Embrace the grandeur of an enduring present, serving as a delightful reminder to the newly forty-year-old that life perpetually flourishes, brimming with exquisite bliss and magnificence. This captivating Azalea bonsai tree gracefully thrives throughout the year, demanding minimal care while radiating timeless beauty.

Being Oldscool Tank Top

Being Oldschool Tank Top is a trendy fashion choice, reminiscent of vintage style and making a statement with its retro vibes.

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Embracing the beauty of being seasoned is truly remarkable as it brings forth a plethora of offerings. You become a bridge between the vibrant youth and the wise elders, a conduit through which both age groups can thrive. The younger generation seeks your invaluable advice, while the older generation yearns for your contagious motivation. And in moments when you seek guidance, they find solace in fulfilling tasks you entrust them with.

Monthly Dessert Club Gift

The Monthly Dessert Club Gift is a subscription service that delivers a delicious and decadent dessert to your doorstep every month, allowing you to indulge in a variety of sweet treats and explore new flavors.

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Treat them to a delectable feast of mouth-watering desserts that will satisfy their cravings long after dinner. As members of the club, they will be treated to a monthly assortment of delectable sweets, ranging from luscious chocolate-dipped strawberries to delectable pies, cakes, pastries, and even gourmet popcorn.

Modena Sculpted Wine Glasses

Modena Sculpted Wine Glasses are a stylish and elegant addition to any dining experience, featuring intricate designs and a delicate silhouette that enhances the enjoyment of wine.

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Stylish wine glasses to perfectly match her newfound coolness! A collection of ergonomically crafted, hand-blown stemless wine glasses that are a joy to hold. The playful design not only serves a purpose but also adds a touch of elegance to any dining table or living space.

Party Game For The 40 Year Olds

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Enjoy an exciting time with your group of forty-year-old companions as you engage in this enjoyable card game. Who will emerge victorious by correctly answering the most questions? Let’s make it captivating! The winner will be the first person to answer forty questions correctly! With a whopping seventy cards containing over one hundred questions, the challenge is to answer them all as swiftly as possible.

I have 22 years Experience

I have 22 years of experience in the field.

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Turning 40 is like unlocking a treasure chest filled with twenty-two years of wisdom. It’s a glorious opportunity to celebrate the greatness that comes with age. With each passing year, you become an even more fascinating individual to have by your side.

1977 Time Capsule

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The 40th birthday celebration brings a delightful assortment of nostalgic treasures. This unique gift serves as both a party game and a source of joy for the newly minted 40-year-old. Within the time capsule, she can store cherished items and even add a photograph from her milestone birthday, ensuring future moments of reminiscing.

Sunset Vineyard Custom Wine Bar Sign

The Sunset Vineyard Custom Wine Bar Sign is a personalized and elegant addition to any wine lover's home or establishment.

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An exquisite birchwood masterpiece, tailored to perfection and adorned with the celebrant’s name and the year of origin. This splendid customized wooden artwork possesses the versatility to be displayed elegantly in any corner of the abode. Its rightful place, however, would be next to her cherished sanctuary, where she indulges in serene moments of sipping wine and unwinding.


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Being in your forties can often bring about a whirlwind of emotions and significant life changes for many women. The juggling act of work, family, and personal life can easily lead to overwhelming anxiety. However, there is a proven remedy to alleviate these burdens. Introducing the Dammit Doll, a unique tool that not only allows women to unleash their creativity through coloring but also provides a cathartic outlet to release all pent-up frustration by slamming it.

Gummy Dots Gift Set

The Gummy Dots Gift Set is a delightful assortment of colorful and fruity gummy candies, perfect for gifting and indulging in sweet treats.

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An exciting journal accompanied by a pair of sleek writing instruments, perfect for capturing all the fleeting musings, inspirations, and daily encounters. The delightful gummy dot pattern adds a whimsical touch, while the vibrant colors ignite a wealth of captivating narratives and imaginative tales awaiting to be transcribed.

Sweetly Go Back In Time With A Candy Basket

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In the year 1977, these delightful candies captivated taste buds with their simplicity and irresistible flavor. They were a delightful indulgence back then, and now they hold a special place as a rare gem. This nostalgic candy basket, chosen as a gift for a 40th birthday celebration, allows her to journey back in time, relishing in the memories of the 40 most beloved candy varieties that were devoured by all.

Revolve Dress

Revolve Dress

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Surprise her with a versatile addition to her wardrobe – a single piece of clothing that shape-shifts into six unique styles! This enchanting garment effortlessly adapts as a dress, tunic, or shirt, seamlessly transitioning from laid-back weekends to glamorous nights out, and even professional work settings.

1977 Penny Bracelet

The 1977 Penny Bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry made from pennies minted in the year 1977, showcasing a creative and nostalgic fashion statement.

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What an exquisite and profoundly meaningful piece of jewelry! It proudly showcases a precious coin from the year 1977, serving as a heartfelt tribute to a remarkable lady who shares the same birth year. As time passes, its allure and worth only grow, surpassing each preceding year with grace and magnificence.

1977 4-In-1 Card and Gift – Story of Your Year

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Surprise her with a remarkable memento that surpasses a simple card – a captivating 1977 commemorative book that encapsulates the essence of that extraordinary year, marking her entrance into the realm of 40-year-olds. Delve into its pages to discover intriguing tidbits and delve into various facets of the illustrious 1977 era. As an added bonus, enjoy a carefully curated CD and digital download featuring fifteen of the most iconic hits from that unforgettable year, providing endless pleasure and nostalgia.

The Original Text Message Notebook

The Original Text Message Notebook is a portable device used for writing and storing text messages, providing convenience and organization for users.

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Reaching the age of 40 brings forth a delightful sense of appreciation, as we have traversed diverse avenues and witnessed remarkable transformations in our modes of communication. The venerable text message notebook, in all its glory, serves as a poignant memento of an era where we diligently transcribed our thoughts and messages, be it for personal reflection or to convey our thoughts to others.

The 8 Way Chrysalis Cardi

The 8 Way Chrysalis Cardi is a versatile and multifunctional piece of clothing that can be worn in eight different ways, allowing you to create a variety of stylish and trendy looks.

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Embrace the boundless possibilities of this multifaceted cardigan that effortlessly adapts to every woman’s style. With a staggering array of eight unique ways to wear it, this timeless piece is a surefire guarantee against fashion obsolescence. Effortlessly blending with her existing wardrobe, it unlocks a wealth of sartorial opportunities, be it for a professional setting, a captivating night on the town, or a bustling weekend spent running errands.

Dulcet Birthday Sweets

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Celebrate birthdays in a delightful way by choosing this exceptional option instead of the usual birthday cake. It offers a delightful assortment of various crumb cakes, cookies, candies, and other delectable treats that will surely captivate the taste buds of the birthday celebrant. To add to the festive ambiance, the birthday balloons can be inflated and the candles can be ignited for a joyous rendition of the Happy Birthday song, followed by a cherished wish made upon extinguishing the flames.

Help her ring in her 40th with exciting gifts

Celebrating her 40th birthday is bound to be an extraordinary affair. Whether you choose to surprise her with a single gift or curate a magnificent bundle of birthday delights, she will embark on her 40th year in a truly stylish and graceful manner, while indulging in delightful moments. Surrounding herself with loved ones who truly understand and wish for her enjoyment, she will joyfully embrace this new chapter. And for those pressed for time, explore our selection of prompt gift ideas for her.

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