29 Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys That Any Teenager Wants

by admin

1. Hasbro DropMix Music Gaming System

The Hasbro DropMix Music Gaming System is an innovative and immersive way to enjoy music, combining physical cards with digital technology to create unique and exciting mixes.

Why we enjoy it: A high-energy music blending game.

Should you find yourself in the delightful task of selecting a present for a music-loving young lad of seventeen, the Hasbro DropMix music gaming system stands as a splendid option. This dynamic game unravels at a thrilling pace, allowing one to craft extraordinary musical blends. With three exciting modes to indulge in—freestyle, clash, and party—the possibilities for both friendly competition and collaborative endeavors are endless.

With a collection of 60 cards showcasing melodies by renowned musicians like Childish Gambino, Disturbed, and Imagine Dragons, accompanied by a user-friendly mobile app that governs the entire game, this extraordinary offering presents an extraordinary opportunity for friends and family to bond over their shared passion for music. Additionally, it holds the potential to ignite the spark of DJing and music technology in the heart of a 17-year-old boy. Furthermore, its versatility makes it an impeccable choice for lively gatherings and cherished family occasions.


  • Fast-paced game.
  • Three methods to engage in the activity.
  • Music from popular artists included.Output: Music from renowned musicians featured.
  • Free smartphone application.
  • Ideal for gatherings and family occasions.
  • Cons………………….

  • The application requires devices that are compatible.
  • 2. Leather Travel Duffel Backpack

    The Leather Travel Duffel Backpack is a versatile and stylish bag that combines the functionality of a duffel and the convenience of a backpack, making it perfect for any travel adventure.

    Why we love it: A fashionable adaptable bag that can be utilized for education, voyages, or the fitness center.

    Ideal for a 17-year-old adolescent leading a fast-paced lifestyle, this trendy and adaptable backpack ensures he is always equipped with everything he requires. Whether he’s embarking on a school day, hitting the gym, or embarking on a weekend escapade with companions, this bag offers ample space to accommodate all the necessary items.

    Crafted from luxurious vegan leather, this exquisite bag serves as a chic upgrade to the conventional canvas backpacks that adorned his youthful days. With its remarkably spacious main compartment, accessed effortlessly through the double zippers, and a convenient front pocket for essentials such as keys, wallet, and phone, this bag truly distinguishes itself. What sets it apart is its remarkable versatility, allowing it to effortlessly transform from a backpack to a duffle bag. This gift will not only keep the young man you’re shopping for impeccably organized but also ready for any adventure that lies ahead. Moreover, it proves to be the perfect companion for his upcoming college journey, offering ample space to accommodate the mountain of laundry he plans to bring home for his dear mother to triumph over during the weekends.


  • Generous layout for effortless arrangement.
  • Vegan-friendly materials.
  • Transforms from backpack to duffel bag.
  • Straps that can be adjusted for added comfort.
  • Cons………………….

  • Overfilling can distort the zippers.
  • 3. Fitbit Alta HR Activity & Fitness Tracker

    3. Fitbit Alta HR Exercise & Health Monitor

    Why we enjoy it: Stay active and maintain good health with a fitness monitor.

    The Fitbit Alta HR activity and fitness tracker is a fantastic present for a 17-year-old boy, as it promotes healthy habits during the crucial teenage years. With its continuous wrist-based heart rate tracking, it actively assists him in maintaining peak physical fitness and overall well-being.

    Keep tabs on your steps, distance, calories torched, active minutes, hourly activity, and stationary time. Plus, monitor the quality of your sleep. No need to fret about constantly recharging, as the battery can last up to seven days. Embrace the convenience of a sleek wristband that effortlessly syncs with the Fitbit app, delivering notifications and uplifting motivation all day long.


  • Promotes physical well-being.
  • Heart rate monitoring using a wrist-based device.
  • Monitor steps, distance, calories, and additional metrics.
  • The battery can endure for a maximum of seven days.
  • Convenient sleek wristband.
  • Cons………………….

  • Requires a smartphone that is compatible to utilize the application.
  • 4. Carhartt Men’s Beanie Hat

    The Carhartt Men’s Beanie Hat is a stylish and practical accessory, perfect for keeping your head warm in cold weather.

    Why we love it: Stylish Beanie cap from a premium brand.

    Beanie hats exude a delightful coolness and fashion-forwardness, while also embracing the added advantage of providing warmth and comfort during the winter season. A marvelous winter hat serves as an ideal, pragmatic present for a young lad of seventeen, who undoubtedly requires such a garment to endure the chilly months, yet may not think to acquire it himself!

    The Carhartt brand presents a hat that combines style and functionality flawlessly. With a multitude of vibrant colors to choose from, you can select the perfect one that matches the personality of the lucky recipient. Crafted from 100% acrylic, this men’s beanie hat by Carhartt ensures optimal warmth without compromising on style.


  • Offered in a variety of hues.
  • One size fits everyone.
  • Ideal for the winter season.
  • Quality brand.
  • Fashionable design.
  • 5. Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse

    The Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse is a high-performance gaming mouse that offers precision, accuracy, and comfort for an enhanced gaming experience.

    Why we enjoy it: Ideal addition for gamers.

    Gaming has become the ultimate passion for numerous 17-year-old boys, leaving us clueless about the ideal accessories to invest in. Look no further than the remarkable Logitech G 502 Hero Gaming Mouse, equipped with cutting-edge optical sensors for unrivaled precision tracking and a hyper-fast scroll wheel that effortlessly enhances the gaming experience.

    Crafted exclusively for immersive gaming experiences, this extraordinary device boasts remarkable functionality. The inclusion of a sophisticated metal tensioning spring system in the left and right mouse buttons delivers a satisfyingly crisp and seamless clicking sensation, complete with swift click response. Moreover, its versatility extends to various operating systems, allowing gamers to personalize their setup to perfection.


  • Created specifically for gaming purposes.
  • Advanced optical sensors of the future.
  • Super-quick scroll wheel.
  • Sharp snapping sensation.
  • Compatible with a variety of operating systems.
  • 6. Stanley Legendary Classic 1.0L Thermos

    The Stanley Legendary Classic 1.0L Thermos is a highly regarded and iconic thermos known for its durability and exceptional heat retention capabilities.

    Why we love it: Excellent gift that is both practical and will stand the test of time.

    As a 17-year-old lad contemplates his future, he may find himself pondering the realm of employment or higher education. The remarkable Stanley Legendary Classic 1.0L Thermos proves to be an impeccable companion for ventures into the realm of work, educational lectures, globetrotting escapades, vigorous athletic endeavors, or even serene camping expeditions. Boasting FDA approval, rest assured that all contact surfaces are guaranteed to be unburdened by BPA, non-toxic substances, and utterly secure, promising an absence of any metallic aftertaste.

    The Stanley is a remarkable creation that can maintain the temperature of beverages for an impressive span of 24 hours, making it an impeccable and functional present for a 17-year-old lad. Regardless of his future endeavors, this item will accompany him throughout the years. Not only is it crafted sustainably, employing environmentally conscious manufacturing techniques, but the company is also dedicated to minimizing its carbon footprint. Bearing all these aspects in mind, the Stanley is designed to endure the test of time, embodying durability and an extraordinary lifetime guarantee, making it an extraordinary gift that will stand the test of time!


  • FDA approved.
  • Free from BPA and safe for use, without any toxic substances.
  • Maintains beverages at a high or low temperature for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Cons……………….tructed for long-term durability.
  • Environmentally conscious production techniques.
  • 7. Sophisticated Modern Dress Watch

    The Sophisticated Modern Dress Watch is a stylish and elegant timepiece that combines modern design with impeccable craftsmanship, making it the perfect accessory for any formal or professional occasion.

    The reason we adore it: An opulent memento that a young gentleman will proudly don on every significant milestone as he navigates the journey of life.

    As a 17-year-old young man prepares to embark on his college journey or step into the workforce, gifting him a mature timepiece can be an extraordinary idea. With upcoming interviews and professional gatherings, it becomes crucial for him to possess a watch that not only ensures punctuality but also accentuates his refined and sophisticated persona.

    This exquisite timepiece, created by the renowned luxury watch brand Bulova, showcases impeccable craftsmanship. The combination of chrome and gold-tone stainless steel on the bracelet beautifully contrasts with the deep blue dial. The minimalistic design of the dial features elegant hour markers and hands, allowing for effortless readability and a subtle sophistication. Boasting a precise quartz movement, this watch guarantees precise timekeeping, while its water resistance provides both durability and peace of mind for daily wear. With your thoughtful gift, he will always be punctual and fashionable.


  • Encourages self-assertion through fashion.
  • Enduring design for stylish durability.
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters.
  • Comes with a deluxe gift box.
  • Cons………………….

  • May feel too burdensome on petite wrists.
  • 8. Nike Toiletry Gym Bag

    The Nike Toiletry Gym Bag is a stylish and convenient accessory for all your gym essentials, designed to keep your toiletries organized and easily accessible during workouts or travel.

    Why we enjoy it: Beneficial present for self-reliant teenagers.

    As a 17-year-old matures and gains autonomy, it’s highly probable that they’ll venture further from home, embracing various experiences such as traveling, crashing at friends’ places, or eventually pursuing higher education. The Nike Toiletry Gym Bag serves as an impeccable companion, ensuring impeccable organization and easy accessibility of toiletries, whether it’s within the comforts of home or on exciting adventures.

    Crafted from resilient and hydrophobic fabric, the robust base ensures utmost dryness while accommodating abundant essentials with its capacious storage area. Perfectly suited for toting within a sports bag, the zippered partition provides an added layer of security. This item serves as an invaluable and pragmatic present for adolescents, aiding their burgeoning self-reliance.


  • Practical gift.
  • Perfect for travel or the gym.
  • Long-lasting, water-resistant material.
  • Zip compartments.
  • Well-liked sports label.
  • Cons………………….

  • Solely accessible in black.
  • 9. Paladone Xbox Lamp

    Paladone Xbox Lamp is a stylish and functional lamp designed specifically for Xbox enthusiasts, adding ambiance and a touch of gaming flair to any room.

    Why we enjoy it: Unique present for enthusiasts of Xbox.

    The Paladone Xbox lamp is a delightful and unconventional present for gaming enthusiasts. Its sleek and fashionable design, resembling the iconic Xbox logo, allows for versatile power options with mains USB or battery operation. This unique lamp can either stand freely with the detachable base or be mounted on the wall, making it adaptable to various settings. It would undoubtedly enhance the ambiance of a 17-year-old boy’s bedroom, adding a touch of charm.

    Rest assured, this Xbox product bears the official license, ensuring impeccable quality, while simultaneously infusing a touch of character into any living space. It serves as an extraordinary avenue to procure a present associated with the predilections of a teenage lad, eliminating uncertainty regarding his existing assortment of games and accessories.


  • Xbox product that is officially licensed.
  • USB operated or powered by batteries.
  • Can be standalone or attached to the wall.
  • Base that can be removed is included.
  • Ideal for the sleeping quarters.
  • Cons………………….

  • Batteries are not provided.
  • 10. Waboba Wingman Foldable Silicone Disc

    The Waboba Wingman Foldable Silicone Disc is a versatile and convenient flying disc that can be easily folded and carried anywhere you go, making it the perfect companion for outdoor activities and adventures.

    Why we enjoy it: A enjoyable method to maintain physical fitness.

    Fostering physical activity during adolescence holds immense significance as it not only enhances physical well-being but also nurtures mental health and overall welfare. If you’re searching for a gift for a 17-year-old boy who isn’t particularly interested in a specific sport or gym sessions, the Waboba Wingman Foldable Silicone Disk presents an entertaining solution to ensure he attains the necessary exercise.

    This incredible flying saucer is an absolute delight for engaging in playful escapades with pals amidst the verdant park or for enjoying jovial moments during familial gatherings. Crafted entirely from the finest silicone, the wingman possesses a velvety texture that ensures effortless soaring, guaranteeing the safety of all participants and safeguarding against any unfortunate mishaps. Its ingenious design empowers it to traverse vast distances of over 130 feet, making it a versatile choice for both indoor amusement and outdoor frisbee frolics.


  • There is a variety of diverse designs to choose from.
  • Promotes physical exercise.
  • Appropriate for individuals of all age groups.
  • Smooth and effortless to soar.
  • Can be utilized indoors or outdoors.
  • Cons………………….

  • Not appropriate for pool use; does not buoy.
  • 11. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow (2-Pack)

    11. Beckham Hotel Assortment Gel Cushion (2-Pack)

    Why we enjoy it: Excellent, encouraging cushions.

    Around the age of 17, numerous young lads embark on a journey to enhance the style and comfort of their bedroom. This endeavor holds great significance as it marks the beginning of their preparation for university or independent living. While the Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow 2-Pack may require a slightly hefty investment, these exquisite pillows are bound to outlast their inferior, budget-friendly alternatives.

    Indulge in the opulence of these hypoallergenic cushions, providing a lavish substitute to deluxe goose down pillows. The dense gel-fiber core tenderly cradles the head, promoting a harmonious posture that aligns the entire body. Crafted with durability in mind, these pillows are thoughtfully machine washable, ensuring convenience and longevity.


  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Comfortable.
  • Promotes a natural alignment of the body.
  • Built to endure.
  • Machine washable.
  • 12. Samsung T7 Touch 1 TB Portable SSD

    12. Samsung T7 Touch 1 Terabyte Portable Solid State Drive.

    Why we appreciate it: Ensure the safety and security of your data with this external storage device.

    A plethora of 17-year-old lads find themselves captivated by the realm of computers, indulging in the wonders of music, videos, and gaming. However, such multimedia adventures demand an extensive storage capacity. Enter the Samsung T7 Touch 1 TB Portable SSD, a remarkable remedy that boasts colossal storage capabilities and lightning-fast read/write speeds. Surpassing traditional external hard drives by up to 9 times in terms of speed, this innovative device offers unparalleled ease of use. With the added convenience of inclusive USB cables, it effortlessly connects to PCs, Macs, Androids, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles, opening a world of possibilities.

    This drive boasts top-notch security features through fingerprint encryption, all while maintaining a sleek and portable pocket-sized design for convenient transportation. Its durability is unmatched, with a shock-resistant aluminum housing and reinforced inner frame that safeguards against falls up to an impressive height of 6.5 ft. Furthermore, the lightning-fast transfer speeds of this SSD drive enable seamless transfer of massive files within mere seconds. Undoubtedly, this device presents itself as a valuable and practical gift choice for any tech-savvy 17-year-old enthusiast.


  • 1 terabyte capacity.
  • 9 times quicker than external hard drives.
  • Can link to a variety of devices.
  • Fingerprint encryption.
  • Sturdy aluminum casing that can withstand shocks.
  • Cons………………….

  • Requires devices that are compatible.
  • 13. Tortilla Wrap Socks

    Tortilla Wrap Socks are a fun and quirky accessory that resemble the shape and texture of tortilla wraps, making them a unique and creative addition to any outfit.

    Why we enjoy it: A enjoyable method to provide a useful present.

    Socks, the beloved and versatile present, offer a delightful opportunity for gifting when familiarity is limited but a small gesture is desired. The Tortilla Wrap Socks, ingeniously designed to resemble scrumptious tortilla wraps, offer a remarkable twist to a practical gift, making it both amusing and exceptional.

    These European-made socks are crafted from premium cotton and feature vibrant, trendy patterns. With their abundant cotton content, they offer a cool, plush, and cozy fit. Available in two sizes, these socks serve as an ideal present for both teenagers and adults.


  • Practical gift.
  • Fun presentation.
  • Manufactured in Europe.
  • High-quality cotton.
  • Offered in two different sizes.
  • Cons………………….

  • It is recommended to wash your hands.
  • 14. Philips Hue Play White and Color Ambiance Smart Light Bar

    14. Philips Hue Play Smart Light Bar with White and Color Ambiance.

    Why we enjoy it: Engage with illumination and shades and establish an ambiance with this Intelligent light bar.

    The Phillips Hue Play White and Color Ambiance Smart Light Bar is an ideal choice for technology enthusiasts, capable of captivating any environment and transforming its atmosphere. Offering an extensive palette of 16 million colors, its customization possibilities are boundless!

    Perfect for an adventurous 17-year-old lad who revels in the world of gaming and movies, this extraordinary present offers a mesmerizing experience. With the ability to seamlessly synchronize with both PCs and smart TVs, it effortlessly conjures up captivating lighting effects that perfectly complement the movie or game of the moment. The ingenious light bar goes above and beyond compatibility, effortlessly integrating with popular voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. This means that controlling the ambience with a simple voice command is now an enchanting reality.


  • 16 million hues.
  • Synchronizes with Personal Computer or Smart Television.
  • Generates visual effects according to films/entertainment software.
  • Works well with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.
  • Cons………………….

  • Smart control requires the Philips hue bridge (available for purchase separately).
  • 15. HyperX Wrist Rest

    The HyperX Wrist Rest is a comfortable accessory designed to provide support and comfort during long gaming sessions, allowing for enhanced wrist and hand positioning.

    Why we enjoy it: Cozy wrist support for effortless gaming.

    An excellent present for a 17-year-old lad who enjoys gaming or spends ample time on the computer could be a cozy wrist support. The HyperX Wrist Rest is thoughtfully crafted with gaming enthusiasts in mind, providing optimal comfort and ensuring the wrists are positioned neutrally while typing on the keyboard. This clever design aims to alleviate any potential strain caused by repetitive movements.

    Featuring a refreshing gel memory foam and a steadfast anti-slip grip, this remarkable creation ensures unparalleled comfort, while boasting remarkable longevity and exceptional durability. The wrist rest is thoughtfully designed with anti-fray stitching to maintain its pristine appearance and top-notch performance for countless years. An exceptional and pragmatic present for a seventeen-year-old.


  • Perfect for gaming.
  • Wrist support that provides neutral alignment.
  • Refreshing gel memory foam.
  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Durable.
  • 16. Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

    16. Sonic Explosive Extra Noisy Alarm Clock with Mattress Vibrator

    What makes us enjoy it: There’s no dozing off to this alert!

    The youthful population is often associated with the challenge of rising from slumber, a phenomenon that can be attributed to their ongoing physical and mental development, necessitating ample rest. Cons…………equently, if you are seeking a unique gift for a 17-year-old young man who encounters difficulties waking up in the morning, the Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker presents an excellent choice, adding a touch of novelty to the occasion.

    Experience the power of this remarkable creation – a product that lives up to its promises. Brace yourself for an astonishingly loud alarm clock, boasting an impressive 85 dB. Customize your waking experience by programming not just one, but two alarms to go off anywhere between 1 and 59 minutes. And if that’s not enough, we’ve got you covered with a snooze function. But wait, there’s more! This extraordinary alarm clock also comes with a cleverly designed shaker pad, strategically placed under your pillow, ensuring that no amount of sleep can withstand its relentless vibrations!


  • Display for low-light visibility.
  • Alarm reaching a maximum of 85 decibels.
  • 2 customizable alarms.
  • Snooze function.
  • Includes a shaking pad.
  • 17. Instant Table Tennis

    Instant Table Tennis is a portable and convenient game that allows you to play table tennis anytime and anywhere, providing hours of fun and entertainment for both beginners and experienced players.

    Why we enjoy it: Play Ping Pong on any surface!

    Table tennis becomes an enjoyable pastime for the 17-year-olds, offering them a chance to foster connections with fellow players while engaging in friendly banter. This ingenious set ingeniously enables you to partake in a thrilling match on practically any surface; its brilliant design effortlessly attaches the posts to any table’s edge, while a flexible net gracefully extends upon pulling.

    Instant Table Tennis is the ultimate companion for lively gatherings or delightful family affairs, igniting a sense of togetherness among people of various ages. This set includes a pair of top-notch paddles and balls, ensuring instant action and excitement.


  • Social hobby.
  • Play on any table surface.
  • Perfect for parties or events.
  • Includes 2 rackets and balls.
  • Cons………………….

  • Require ample space for movement and recreation.
  • 18. Makita Home Repair Kit (227 Pieces)

    18. Makita Household Fixing Set (227 Units)

    Why we enjoy it: Promote accountability and self-reliance with this useful present.

    As a young man on the brink of leaving his nest, it becomes crucial to foster a sense of accountability and self-reliance. This remarkable present embodies such ideals perfectly. The Makita home repair kit boasts an impressive assortment of 227 components, tailored for those miscellaneous tasks that arise within the household. Encased in a durable and refined container, this kit ensures effortless access to all the required tools and spare parts, enabling one to tackle any project with ease and convenience. Moreover, its compact design allows for seamless portability, making it an indispensable companion for any DIY enthusiast on the go.

    The versatility of this kit makes it an ideal present for a 17-year-old lad, serving him not only in his current journey of acquiring fundamental skills in home repairs but also in his future endeavors as he embarks on his independent journey away from home.


  • Practical gift.
  • Encourage independence.
  • 227 pieces.
  • High-quality carrying case.
  • Perfect for the future.
  • Cons………………….

  • Some projects may need extra equipment.
  • 19. Couchmaster CYCON² Couch Gaming Desk

    The Couchmaster CYCON² Couch Gaming Desk is designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, providing a dedicated space for gamers to enjoy their favorite games while lounging on their couch.

    Why we enjoy it: Unwind and play games from the coziness of the couch.

    Gaming is a popular pastime among countless 17-year-old boys, but the prolonged hours spent sitting at a desk can become rather tiresome. Enter the Couchmaster CYCON² Couch Gaming desk, a revolutionary solution that enables you to indulge in gaming bliss right from the cozy confines of your sofa. With an impressive array of 6 USB 3.0 ports, including a convenient quick charging port, this couch desk not only offers unparalleled comfort but also ensures seamless connectivity. Crafted meticulously using top-notch materials, it is a guarantee that maximum comfort will be achieved during your gaming sessions.

    With its memory foam side support cushions, this chair boasts an innovative ergonomic design that effortlessly promotes a comfortable yet poised posture. Adding a delightful touch, the cable management system ensures that your wires are neatly tucked away, while also providing an extra boost of power through the included supply unit. Furthermore, the company’s dedication to sustainability shines through with the support board crafted from top-notch recycled plastic material, making it both eco-friendly and of the highest quality.


  • Perfect for gaming enthusiasts.
  • Six USB ports.
  • Memory foam pillows.
  • Power source unit included.
  • Recycled plastic.
  • Cons………………….

  • Only USB 3.0 ports; not compatible with every device.
  • 20. Pick Your Poison Card Game

    Pick Your Poison Card Game is a hilarious and strategic party game where players choose between two equally outrageous scenarios, leading to hilarious debates and unpredictable outcomes.

    Why we enjoy it: Ignite entertaining discussions with this card game.

    The pick your poison card game is an extraordinary game that ignites delightful conversations; it essentially presents a choice between two options, with limitless possibilities. With a collection of over 300 ‘poison’ cards, there are countless combinations to explore. This game is crafted by the masterminds behind the beloved board games, the voting game and hot seat, and can be amplified with the NSFW edition for added amusement.

    Players are presented with two scenarios, compelling them to make a choice. This intriguing approach fosters deeper connections and sparks captivating dialogues. It’s the ideal companion for social gatherings and occasions, effectively shattering barriers!


  • Ignites enjoyable discussions.
  • Endless options.
  • Can be extended.
  • Ideal for gatherings and occasions.
  • Cons………………….

  • Requires the involvement of other players.
  • 21. Leather Refillable Travel Journal

    The Leather Refillable Travel Journal is a stylish and practical accessory for any traveler, allowing them to document their adventures and memories in a durable and long-lasting way.

    What makes it appealing: A considerate present that will enhance personal development and enhance mental well-being through the practice of writing in a journal.

    This leather journal is the perfect gift for a 17-year-old boy seeking a meaningful and versatile present. As he navigates through life, he can utilize this journal as a tool for self-reflection and recording his experiences. Whether he chooses to document his daily goals and achievements, organize his schedule, or capture his adventures while exploring the world, this journal will be his reliable companion. Crafted from full-grain leather, its appearance will only improve with time, making it a cherished possession for years to come. Additionally, the refillable design ensures that he will never have to worry about running out of space for his thoughts, as multiple notebooks can be stored inside.

    Journalling serves as a conduit for self-expression and personal evolution, while simultaneously fortifying one’s emotional acumen. Moreover, it enhances mental well-being by enabling the individual to eloquently articulate their concerns, emotions, and aspirations in a constructive manner. Such a precious offering will serve as a cherished memento, allowing him to reflect upon his remarkable progress on the path towards self-actualization.


  • Enhances emotional intelligence.
  • Enhances cognitive well-being.
  • Keepsake gift.
  • Refillable design.
  • Offered in three different dimensions.
  • Cons………………….

  • Notebook bindings do not lie flat.
  • 22. Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

    The Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort and support while traveling, ensuring a restful journey.

    The reason we enjoy it: Functional, helpful present, perfect for traveling.

    For a 17-year-old boy who frequently embarks on extended car rides, bus or train journeys, and possibly even international vacations with friends as he grows older, a travel pillow would be an excellent gift. The Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow stands out as a remarkable and functional present, as it adapts to various travel situations. With its unique patented design, this pillow effortlessly contours to the curvature of the neck, ensuring a comfortable head position at all times.

    With its ingenious snap strap, this travel pillow becomes an indispensable companion, allowing you to effortlessly suspend it wherever you venture. Whether it’s fastened to a trusty backpack or a stylish cabin bag, convenience knows no bounds. Moreover, its effortless cleaning process adds another layer of practicality, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Offering a trio of sizes and a kaleidoscope of colors, this travel pillow grants you the freedom to select the perfect fit and shade for the lucky 17-year-old lad receiving this thoughtful gift.


  • Variety of hues.
  • Intended for the purpose of traveling.
  • Changes shape.
  • Integrated snap strap.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Cons………………….

  • May be used only on rare occasions.
  • 23. Luxury Bolt Action Pen

    The Luxury Bolt Action Pen is a high-end writing instrument that exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for individuals who appreciate fine craftsmanship and style.

    Why we appreciate it: A top-notch carbon fiber pen with life-preserving characteristics, quite literally.

    Searching for an extraordinary gift for a 17-year-old lad who thrives on preparedness? Look no further! Feast your eyes upon this exquisite creation by Bastion – a pen that transcends the realms of mere writing utensils. Brace yourself, for it possesses the power to potentially rescue a life in dire circumstances. Unlike its counterparts in the realm of luxury pens, which boast a stainless steel exterior, this masterpiece is meticulously handcrafted from the mighty substance known as carbon fiber – a material far mightier than its stainless steel brethren. With a gentle yet purposeful application of force, this ingenious pen readily transforms into a formidable glass-shattering tool, ever-ready to tackle unexpected emergencies.

    Similar to a wristwatch, a pen serves as a powerful emblem of prestige, and this particular pen will boldly proclaim his unparalleled sense of style. Whether he’s jotting down notes in school or signing crucial documents at work, all eyes will be irresistibly drawn to its exquisite allure. Furthermore, with its ingenious bolt action nib retractor, he can bid farewell to the concern of ink spills tarnishing the interior of his bag or pockets.


  • Stylish design appropriate for a professional setting.
  • Cons……truction of the body using carbon fiber.
  • Reusable ink cartridges.
  • Also functions as a glass breaker for unexpected situations.
  • Cons………………….

  • Requires specialized replacement ink cartridges.
  • 24. Sidorenko Large Gaming Mouse Pad

    Sidorenko Large Gaming Mouse Pad provides a spacious and smooth surface for precise mouse movements, making it perfect for gamers who require precision and accuracy in their gameplay.

    Why we enjoy it: Excellent addition for gamers.

    Surprise the gaming enthusiast in your life with a remarkable present – a tailor-made mousepad designed to elevate their gaming experience. While it may appear detached, the truth is that a top-notch mousepad can significantly enhance gameplay, all while being a cost-effective alternative to other gaming accessories. Immerse them in the world of gaming with the Sidorenko Large Gaming Mousepad, boasting a colossal 90x40cm surface area.

    With an unwavering grip, the rubber base of this mat guarantees that it remains firmly in place, allowing the mouse to effortlessly glide across its surface with unparalleled precision during gaming sessions. Designed with utmost convenience in mind, this product can be easily cleaned and demands minimal maintenance. Its sturdy construction and resilient stitched edges ensure that it remains intact, preventing any fraying and ensuring that it retains its pristine appearance for years to come.


  • Perfect for gaming.
  • Supersized mat.
  • Anti-skid rubber foundation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Cons………………….

  • There are only two design choices available.
  • 25. Tabletop Billiards Game

    Tabletop Billiards Game is a miniature version of the popular game of billiards, designed to be played on a tabletop surface. It offers a fun and challenging way to enjoy the excitement of a full-sized billiards game in a smaller and more portable format.

    Why we love it: Perfect for gatherings and occasions, this collection is ideal for individuals of all age groups.

    Bring people of all ages together with the captivating game of billiards, making it the perfect addition to any gathering or family occasion. This Tabletop Billiard Game guarantees endless enjoyment for everyone, effortlessly transforming any flat surface into a thrilling playing field. With its lightweight design of just 4.4 lbs, it offers unmatched portability for endless fun on the go.

    The miniature game of pool or snooker includes a complete set of accessories, comprising of 2 cues, 16 petite balls, a triangle rack, and a chalk. It’s an ideal present for a socially inclined teenager, aged 17!


  • Ideal for gatherings and celebrations.
  • Suitable for individuals of all age groups.
  • Can be utilized on any level area.
  • Weighs only 2 pounds.
  • Includes all accessories.
  • Cons………………….

  • Non-standard equipment size.
  • 26. Tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag

    The Tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag is a stylish and functional accessory designed to protect and transport your laptop with ease and convenience.

    Why we love it: Ultra-lightweight laptop bag that makes the perfect practical present.

    The Tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag is an exceptional gift idea for a 17-year-old boy who undoubtedly requires a personal computer to conveniently transport to and from school, college, the library, or even to his friends’ places for an exciting gaming experience! With its lightweight design, this bag offers effortless and comfortable carrying options with both the handle and shoulder strap.

    With its multifunctional capabilities, this remarkable product can effortlessly transform into a sleek laptop sleeve, seamlessly fitting into any bag. Boasting the groundbreaking CornerArmor design, it provides unrivaled protection against impacts, ensuring that your valuable tech can withstand even the most active teenage lifestyle. Additionally, the inclusion of two front pockets offers a convenient storage solution for charger cables and various accessories.


  • Offered in various shades.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Handle or shoulder strap.
  • Can serve as a laptop cover.
  • Two front compartments for accessories.
  • 27. Bluelounge Cable Box Cable Management

    The Bluelounge Cable Box Cable Management is designed to declutter and organize your cables, providing a neat and tidy solution for your workspace or entertainment area.

    Why we enjoy it: The ideal solution for tangled wires.

    In the realm of tidy bedrooms, teenagers aren’t exactly renowned for their meticulous organization. However, fear not! We present to you a thoughtful gift that can steer a 17-year-old towards the path of cleanliness. Introducing the Bluelounge Cable Box Cable Management, the perfect solution for those pesky, messy cables that wreak havoc in their personal space.

    CableBox is ingeniously crafted with dual cable outlets, allowing it to effortlessly accommodate power strips of various sizes while effectively concealing excess cable length. Its fire retardant plastic construction ensures utmost safety, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom. This exceptional product serves as an extraordinary and practical gift for a tech-savvy 17-year-old, who possesses an array of electronic devices in their personal sanctuary.


  • Offered in black or white.
  • Tidies cables.
  • Accommodates nearly any size of power strip.
  • Stores extra cable length.
  • Fire-resistant materials.
  • Cons………………….

  • Restricted color choices.
  • 28. Fossil Men’s Machine Stainless Steel Watch

    28. Fossil Men’s Mechanism Stainless Steel Timepiece

    Why we love it: A timeless appearing timepiece that’s durable enough for a teenager.

    An exquisite and timeless timepiece serves as a splendid and distinctive present for a young lad of seventeen, for it possesses the remarkable ability to endure and be cherished for countless years ahead. The Fossil Men’s Machine Stainless Steel Watch, a tastefully understated analog marvel, showcases a sophisticated craftsmanship that shall accompany the boy throughout his teenage journey and seamlessly transition into his adult years.

    This watch is built to withstand water and its mineral glass dial window is exceptionally resilient against scratches, making it an ideal companion for everyday use that can also endure the adventures of a lively teenager! Furthermore, the wrist strap is easily interchangeable, allowing for replacement when necessary or for a fresh new appearance whenever desired.


  • Simple, sophisticated design.
  • Quartz movement with a chronograph feature.
  • Water-resistant up to 5 ATM.
  • Scratch-resistant glass.
  • Cons………………….

  • Requires specific battery replacement.
  • 29. Havit RGB Headphone Stand

    The Havit RGB Headphone Stand is a stylish and functional accessory for gamers and music enthusiasts, providing a convenient and organized way to display and store your headphones while adding a touch of vibrant lighting to your setup.

    Why we enjoy it: Perfect addition for adolescent gamers.

    Elevate your gaming experience with the Havit RGB Headphone Stand, a perfect resting place for your headphones or headsets. Not only does it keep them secure, but it also adds a touch of brilliance to your gaming setup. With its non-slip rubber base and mesmerizing light modes, this stand exudes a sleek and professional aura.

    With its array of lighting modes, this headphone stand allows you to immerse yourself in a captivating gaming ambiance or synchronize it flawlessly with your keyboard and other computer gear. Effortlessly toggle between different lighting modes or simply switch off the illumination with a single press of a button. Undoubtedly, this is the ultimate add-on for gaming enthusiasts, particularly cherished by 17-year-old boys, who relish in the world of gaming and priding themselves on a sleek gaming configuration.


  • Perfect for gaming enthusiasts.
  • Anti-skid rubber foundation.
  • Can be utilized to showcase headphones.
  • Appears sleek and professional.
  • Lights up.
  • Cons………………….

  • Earphones are not provided.
  • Final words

    Navigating the path towards adulthood, a 17-year-old lad should undoubtedly be supported in developing independence, responsibility, and lifelong skills. However, it is equally crucial to counterbalance this by fostering a sense of enjoyment, leisure, and pursuing hobbies. An excess of expectations can potentially trigger anxiety or depression, underscoring the significance of promoting a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

    In our quest to strike a perfect balance, we have curated a collection of gift suggestions for 17-year-old boys. While we do offer some pragmatic and mature options, we have also included items that cater to their passion for gaming, a favorite pastime among teenage boys. By selecting a gift aligned with his interests, you convey your appreciation for his enjoyment. Simultaneously, a practical gift signifies your recognition of his maturity and readiness for adulthood. We sincerely hope that this compilation assists you in finding a present that perfectly matches the personality of the 17-year-old boy you are seeking to impress.

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