35 Mischievously Fun & Best Bear Gifts

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Should you be our avid social media follower, you must already be acquainted with the fact that our humble abode in Asheville, North Carolina is graciously shared by a mischievous yet utterly charming clan of black bears.

Our plants are constantly overturned, trees become their personal scratching posts, and peering into our windows seems to be their favorite pastime. The feline residents are perpetually irate, prompting us to invest in bear-resistant garbage bins at an additional cost.

While venturing through Western North Carolina (WNC) and the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, brace yourself to cross paths with a handful of captivating black bears.

In honor of our furry friends and for our mountain travelers and residents, we are sharing the best gifts for bear lovers.

Discover bear-themed presents for grown-ups and the whole family, encompassing games, clothing, literature, glassware, blankets, socks, and mementos.

Not all of these gift ideas involving bears are limited to black bears. There are also spy polar bears, brown bears, and teddy bears.

And, purchase them all online. Let’s begin!

You may also find these enjoyable pieces of information about bears.

Browse through the finest bear presents offered by Asheville residents who adore bears.Pin
Shop for the best bear gifts from Asheville bear-loving locals.

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Bear Coasters

One of the finest bear presents for grown-ups, nearly everyone can admire a nice coaster.

After witnessing our young bears devouring acorns up close from the windows, their enormous paw imprints are truly unforgettable.

Preserve your memories of North Carolina travels with these adorable boating bears or log-rolling bear coasters.

Wine Bottle Holder

If you are familiar with us from our affiliated website, The Uncorked Librarian, you are aware that we have a fondness for our cocktails and wine.

For amusing bear presents, we choose this ornamental wine bottle holder.

Is that a bear or Christine?

Bear Drinking Glasses

Naturally, you can’t go astray with glassware featuring bear motifs. We particularly love bear coffee cups and alcoholic beverage glasses.

If you have loved ones who enjoy champagne, make sure to explore these champagne gift suggestions on our affiliated website.

Bear Slippers

Who can resist slippers, especially in the winter, when it comes to finding gifts for her (or him)?

Slippers reign as the unrivaled darlings of our various domains, captivating hearts and wallets alike. Their allure is such that we effortlessly glide through a minimum of twelve lunar cycles before finding ourselves in need of a fresh pair.

If you are in search of more eye-catching slippers, however, we recommend these amusing bear claw slippers.

Bear Hoodie & Sherpa

For adorable and cozy gifts, this bear hoodie is sure to keep you warm. Find bear hoodies for both adults and children.

Alternatively, transform this hoodie into a simple and convenient Halloween outfit when combined with the aforementioned bear paws.

If you are fully committed, give this complete bear outfit a try as well.

Gummy Bears

We cannot resist Gummy Bears. Did you know that you can make drunken gummy bears by soaking them in liquor? Even better.

Candy Jar

You might simply require a container to store those gummy bears, and we have the ideal one for you…

Campfire Black Bear Night-Light

Indulging in the delightful creation of s’mores is an absolute joy, yet we refrain from frolicking on the lush green lawn during the lively bear season. Although we delight in the act of sharing, we hold no fondness for unexpected visitors, no matter how adorable they may be.

Teddy bear presents don’t get any more delightful than this nightlight, ideal for visitor restrooms and sleeping quarters.

Black Bear Utensil Holder

Numerous residences in well-established neighborhoods in Asheville are of a more mature nature, encompassing regions such as Montford, Grove Park, and North Asheville.

The home chefs in your life would greatly appreciate bear-themed gifts like utensil holders, as they provide a practical solution to the constant need for more cabinet and kitchen space.

Black Bear Salt & Pepper Shaker

You frequently witness footage of bears trespassing into individuals’ cabins and snatching their belongings, which is dreadful for everyone involved.

However, this adorable salt and pepper shaker in the shape of a black bear is charming. Do you think he’ll surrender the items?

Floating Shelves

Whether you are adventurous bookworms like us or proud owners of a charming cabin, these whimsical bear shelves add a touch of magic to any living space.

They evoke memories of residing in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Oven Mitt Bear Paws

Another adorable and functional bear-themed present for the kitchen, these oven gloves are certain to bring joy to your culinary endeavors.

Just make sure not to ignite your claws.

Family Tumblers

Ensure your coffee stays piping hot during your exhilarating adventures to the frozen waterfalls of Asheville with these bespoke tumblers. It also serves as an exceptional present to celebrate the joyous occasion of Mother’s Day.

Wood Art Box

Safeguard your precious trinkets and exquisite jewelry within the confines of this intricately crafted bear box. Each unique artwork exudes an aura of authenticity, ensuring that no two boxes bear resemblance.

Bear Candles

Enhance the coziness of your home and evenings with these wildlife-inspired candles and candle holders.

Movies Featuring Bears

If you’re on the hunt for bear-themed presents that will delight the whole family, brace yourself for a captivating collection of bear movies and documentaries. Amongst them, the timeless tale of Paddington reigns supreme.

For residents of North Carolina, make sure to explore these movies shot throughout the state and the top films filmed in Wilmington.

Bears vs Babies Game

This game is not suitable for everyone, and a sense of humor is required.

Created by the same team behind Exploding Kittens, construct comical creatures that…Consume exceptionally misbehaving infants.

Explore our sister site to discover an array of captivating word board games and uproarious drinking board games designed exclusively for grown-ups, if you happen to relish the thrill of playing board games.

T-Shirts For Bear Lovers

If you’re in search of ideal presents tailored for him, these t-shirts are an absolute match, particularly if you intend to relish the myriad of hiking trails in Asheville.

Explore the option of acquiring a fantastic t-shirt that caters to the whole family. This particular piece of clothing is available in sizes for women, men, and youth, boasting an array of vibrant colors to choose from.

Long Flannel PJ Pants

These flannel teddy bear sleepwear bottoms are quite popular and are available in a variety of patterns.

Bear Pajama Shorts & Tanks

Go to sleep wearing these adorable bear pajamas.

Family Bear PJs

During the festive season, a collective adoration arises for coordinating sleepwear sets that encompass the whole family. Such ensembles prove to be exceptionally ideal for capturing timeless memories during your family’s holiday photo sessions.

Woodland Forest-Themed Socks

Do you ever feel like the fairy-tale character Snow White? We certainly do, especially residing in the mountainous region.

During the autumn season in Asheville, we frequently come across deer, wild turkeys, bobcats, raccoons, and bears.

We absolutely love these wildlife-themed socks as cute bear gifts for her.

Bear Leggings

If you are in search of comfortable attire for relaxation or vibrant yoga leggings, a few of them carry a significant message…

Bear Apparel For Kids & Babies

Don’t overlook the tiny bears in our lives with these adorable bear-themed pajamas, rompers, and swaddle blankets.

Glow-In-The-Dark Bear Throw

Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is an interesting destination for people of different ages.Output: The Oceanography Institute in Nha Trang is a fascinating spot for individuals of various age groups.Input: We just love our blankets, but our cats keep stealing them. You can never have enough throws, can you?Output: We absolutely adore our blankets, but our felines persistently pilfer them. One can never possess sufficient throws, can they?

Especially for children, give them a luminescent throw blanket.

Black Bear Fan Pull

As we witness our mother bear gracefully scaling a towering tree, reaching the pinnacle of our two-story abode, the authenticity of this bear-inspired fan chain becomes ever more apparent in our eyes.

Mom’s scratches cut into the tree, and we observed her glide down to the ground.

This is one of our preferred understated yet enjoyable presents for individuals who adore bears, particularly if you possess a cabin or cottage.

Surprise Bear Mug

As we settled into our new Asheville abode, an unexpected sensation enveloped us: astonishment! Whether it was a bear frolicking in our garden or a java-filled surprise in our coffee mug.

This mug is perfect for both coffee enthusiasts and bear lovers who are looking for bear-themed gifts.

Bear Yard Ornament

If you find garden gnomes unsettling and are familiar with the works of R.L. Stine, you may find this artwork intriguing.

Although black bears are gentle and large creatures, we adore this bear-themed present and garden decoration.

Bear Pillows

You must adore that amazing vacation sweater and a nice toss or accent cushion to enhance the sofa.

Additionally, we cannot rest without high-quality body cushions.

Bear Plush Toys

If you’re in search of cuddly teddy bears, renowned bear characters, and adorable plush toys, you’ll find these incredibly endearing. A few can even serve as versatile pillows or charming playthings for your furry friends.

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Inspirational Bears

Find inspiration from these bear sculptures ideal for bookshelves or a home office.

Bear Puzzles

Perfect for days when it’s raining, you can engage in LEGO building and solve a puzzle with a bear theme.

Bear Coloring Books

For adults and kids, coloring can be quite soothing and enjoyable. Just remember to purchase crayons and colored pencils as well.

Bear-Themed Gift Wrap

In one memorable year, we crafted charming hotel welcome kits for our beloved family and friends using adorable little gift bags featuring white polar bears. Our hearts were captivated by the whimsical woodland creature wrapping paper we chose to adorn these delightful presents.

If you are not a fan of online shopping, Target offers a variety of our preferred holiday wrapping paper, bows, name tags, and ribbon.

Bear-Themed Books For Children and Families

We grew up with The Berenstain Bears. For adults and kids alike, their stories promote strong values of family, giving, and love.

And, Mother Bruce is the utmost adorable. What are your preferred books about bears?

Explore these captivating reading lists featuring books set in the enchanting landscapes of Western North Carolina and the vibrant city of Asheville, perfect for surprising your loved ones with an abundance of literary treasures.

Save These Bear-Themed Gifts For Later:

Planning your visit to Asheville? Save these bear gifts for later.Output: Organizing your trip to Asheville? Reserve these bear souvenirs for a different time.Pin
Planning your visit to Asheville? Save these bear gifts for later.

What gifts for bear lovers do you recommend?

Greet one of our nearby bears.Pin
Say hello to one of our local bears.

What is the ultimate bear-themed present suggestion for the avid nature enthusiast in your existence? Share your thoughts in the comments section! By the way, our trusty spellcheck constantly tries to swap “bear” with “beer” because of our boozy blogging habits. It truly understands our preferences!

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